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This story originally appeared on the Secret Garden website and is archived here at the request of author Doug Rogers.

Johnny swung his tennis shoe clad foot over the edge of the boat and found his balance on the uneven, rocky surface of the shore. He was already doubting that this was the best idea Ted had ever had. The rocks were none too sure, and his crutches would have a hard time finding secure support. He reached for the aluminum rods, and slid his fore-arms into the housings.
Ted was returning to the boat to get the second, and last, load of gear for the overnight. "Just wait," he grinned. "This island is GREAT at night! You'll LOVE it!"
The island WAS beautiful. The rocky beach met the lakeside in a series of gentle rolling waves, whipped up by the ever-present breeze across the large body of water. The beach turned to grass about 15 yards up a slight incline, and the grass gave way to trees after another 20 yards. The grass was dotted everywhere with the daisies that had given the lake its name.
Ted grinned at Johnny again. It hadn't been easy convincing Johnny's mother that the week-long camping trip with his family would be good therapy. Nor had it been easy to convince HIS mother that the overnight on the island was the best of ideas. Only after his dad had checked the weather forecast did they say "OK." Two 16 year olds with a power boat was not the old man's fondest wish, but they had promised not to use the boat except to get to the island, and back the next morning.
"Time's wastin'," Ted said to Johnny. "There's plenty of driftwood here in this pile. Stack it up for a fire and get it started. I'll set up the pup tent and break out the 'dogs!"
Johnny nodded. At least that was something he COULD do. He set his crutches aside, and slowly lowered his stump to the ground, standing on its tip without much pain. He shifted his left leg to the front. A casual looker would have thought he was any other teen dropping to one knee to build a fire.
The wood was dry, and it caught fairly easily. It only took two matches to set it ablaze.

Ted was finished with the tent, and opened the cooler to get the hot dogs. "Want suds with your dogs?" he asked.
"Suds?" Johnny asked? "You've got beer?"
"Courtesy of the old man," he answered.
"And our butts are grass when he misses it!" Johnny answered.
"Nah... I stole it at home last week. He won't remember what was there when he gets back home... and if he does, he'll think Uncle Earl took it. The bastard steals us blind all the time anyway."
Johnny grinned as the cold Bud was tossed.
Sitting on round, almost polished stones, the boys roasted the weenies. By the time the meal was finished, the light was fading fast.
"Damn!", Ted swore. "No white gas in the lantern."
"Cute," Johnny answered. "Now we get to play cards in the dark."
"Dad'll have my ass if I try to use the boat at night to go get some."
"Well, we can get one round in before the light goes," said Johnny. "Let's at least play that."
Actually, by moving close to the fire, the guys got SIX rounds of poker in before the darkness and the heat of the fire drove them back to the rock seats they had found earlier.
"Wanna go swimming," Ted asked rather brightly.
"Sure," Johnny replied sarcastically. "In the dark. Without our swimming trunks."
"Sissy," Ted shot back. "There's nothing in that water to get in trouble over, and there's no one here to see us bare-assed."
Johnny said nothing.
"I'll take towels down to the water's edge. We can wear shoes down and back, and leave everything else here."
Johnny still said nothing.
"Oh, John?" Ted sang, "Anyone home?"
"Yeah, I'm here."
"I dunno, Ted..."
"What's the problem?"
"I just don't... well... I don't want you to look at my... stump... you know... my leg."
"Johnny... it's fucking DARK. Besides, I've been around you these four months since, well... you know."
"Since they cut it off!" Johnny filled in the blank.
Yes, Ted thought, since they cut it off. Since the botched hold up at the 7-11. Since that punk shot up the place. Since the bullet shattered Johnny's right knee. Since the almost immediate amputation. Since the physical therapy. He absently fingered the slight scar at his own shoulder where a bullet had grazed him, thinking how easily their roles could have been reversed.
"Come on tiger," he said brightly. "I can't see much, and don't care if I do. Let this be your coming out party."
Johnny was quiet a moment, then stood up.
"Well," he said," are you going to get the towels or not?"
Ted scrambled into the pup tent to get the towels, leaving his duds behind in the process. Then he got out, he looked back at the fire. John's clothes were there, but no Johnny.
"Down here," a voice called from half way down the beach. "I could use a hand."
Ted headed in the direction of the voice, and in a few paces spied his friend in the faint firelight.
"Well, just leave without me," Ted said.
"Just trying to get a head start," Johnny replied.
"Where are your crutches?"
"Back there. Too hard to use them on these rocks, and now I've decided, too hard to keep my balance hopping. Gimme a hand?"
"Sure," Ted answered. "What do I do?"
"Let me put an arm around your shoulders and you be my crutch!"
Ted stepped close to Johnny's right side, and the boys each put an arm around the other for support. Once at the water's edge, Ted dropped the towels, and they deposited the three shoes on top of one of them. Carefully, like kids in a three-legged race, they waded out until the water was almost waist deep.
It was Johnny who broke free. There in the water, the freedom he had sought was complete. He yelled "Race you to the boat!" and headed toward the craft with strong breast strokes. Ted smiled. It HAD been a good idea.
An hour or more of swimming and splashing brought the evening's chill. The boys agreed to get out and go back to the warmth of the campfire before it burned out. Ted again substituted for Johnny's missing crutches, and the two made it to camp easily.
Seated on the round rocks near the fire, they added more driftwood until the blaze was good insurance against the night chill. Still wearing only the towels, they sat gazing into the fire.
It was Ted who broke the silence.
"Ever see a girls bare pussy?" he asked.
Johnny laughed. "Lisa Stevens showed me hers when we were playing doctor at about 7. She thought mine was gross and I didn't get a very good look at hers." He laughed again. "How about you?"
"I finger fucked Janice Steadman once. But she wouldn't let me pull her panties down for a look."
Ted paused.
"Thank God for Playboy!"
They both laughed.
"God the hard-ons are terrible when I'm around her," Ted said.
"Or ANY girl with tits," Johnny chimed in.
"Right..." Ted paused. "Personal question. OK?"
"How big is yours hard?"
Johnny grinned at his friend. He debated a moment, deciding whether to tell the truth, lie or not answer. "Almost 7 inches," he replied. "And pretty thick."
"Like this?" Ted grinned, opening his towel, then dropping it. His cock stood at attention. He was quite proud of it. Last time he had measured, it was 6 5/8 inches long and almost half as thick. It also had a dark vein running down the top which he thought made it very sexy.
Johnny blushed. Then with a what the hell gesture, flipped the left side of his towel away, showing his own hard member. Almost without thinking he rose to his foot, and the towel slid away.
Ted walked toward Johnny until they were face to face. They both looked down, and Ted edged closer. Both boys' cock heads touched the other's pubes at the same time.
"Equal," Ted grinned.
"Pretty much," Johnny replied with a giggle. He looked back up at Ted, and realized that the other boy was still looking down. His eyes followed Ted's gaze to his amputated leg stump.
"Don't look..." he started.
Ted looked him in the eye. Johnny dropped his eyes, and then dropped to his stone, tucking the towel over the limb fragment.
Ted said nothing, but knelt in front of his friend. A tear ran down Johnny's right cheek, glistening in the fire light.
"John," Ted said evenly, "It's time you dealt with this."
"With what," Johnny said with a sniff.
"Not being able to have anyone see you. You're a hermit! And when you do go out, you won't get out of the car."
"YOU try it with only one leg!" he snapped back.
"It's not getting around stopping you," Ted said. "You do that great. You don't want anyone to SEE you!"
"Because I'm a fucking FREAK, Ted! I have only one leg!"
"And I don't want the whole city saying, oh look at the poor little crippled boy! I don't want to see everyone steal a quick look and then jerk their heads away like they didn't see me."
"And you think Lee has that problem?"
"Lee's different."
"Yeah, Lee has one arm. What's different?"
"Lee was BORN that way."
"What do you mean, yeah?"
"Lee goes around in short sleeve shirts, and uses that stump of his so well that no one realizes he's handicapped. Hell, I don't think LEE thinks he's handicapped!"
"So you think I ought to go around in shorts instead of jeans and shake my stump in everyone's face?"
"I didn't say that either. But the shorts would sure take away the mystery for everyone. I mean, yeah, John... I admit it. I wonder what your leg looks like now. I've never seen anyone whose lost a leg. Up close. And yes, I'd like to see it."
Johnny cocked an eyebrow at his friend.
"Hell, when I got back to school after the bandages came off my should wound, EVERYONE came up and wanted to see my scar! It was something different, and everyone is curious about things that are different."
Long pause.
"OK, Ted...", Johnny said. "You got it. Here it is."
He slowly dropped the towel to the ground.
Ted dropped his gaze from Johnny's eyes to his right leg. The fire light was plenty bright, and he could, indeed, see quite well. John's right leg ended just above the knee. The thigh seemed narrower than his left one, giving the whole appendage a slightly stretched, elongated look. Looking at the end, he could see a deep scar running from the outside edge, horizontally to the inside edge of the thigh.
"That's the closure scar," Johnny said, almost off-handedly.
"Can I touch it?" Ted asked?
"Yeah, but be easy. It's still sensitive."
Ted gingerly touched the end of the stump. He ran his finger from above the scar to the skin just below it. Johnny giggled.
"It feels kinda funny," he said. "When your finger is above the scar, it feels like you are on the front side of my leg. When you are below the scar, like you jumped around to the back."
Ted didn't quite know what to say. He wasn't repulsed by the sight. In fact, quite the opposite. It held considerable fascination for him. Yet, he did not want to offend his friend.
"How does it feel?" Ted asked. "Not having the rest of the leg, I mean?"
"That's the odd part of it," Johnny answered. "I still feel my leg and foot there. The doctors call it 'phantom sensations'. They warned me that it might hurt sometimes, but so far the only thing that hurts is the scar. And that hurts less all the time as the soreness goes away. I massage it a lot to help."
"Like this," Ted asked as he began to softly rub the end.
The boys eyes locked.
Both of their cocks had suddenly sprung to attention!
Ted dropped his hand from the stump, and returned to his own seat.
After a long silence, Ted got up. "Ready to turn in?" he asked. Johnny answered by rising, and hopping to the pup tent. Ted doused the fire and followed.

Neither Ted nor Johnny were asleep. Ted kept looking at the stars through the open flap of the tent. He was remembering the odd experience he'd had. The stump of Johnny's amputated leg had felt almost exactly like Janice Steadman's breast had felt when she'd let him cup it that night. Soft, yet firm. All gentle curves. It had made his cock spring to life immediately. But he could understand that. Feeling that feeling would do that to a guy. But why had Johnny's cock responded as well? He rubbed his knee, trying to imagine the feelings.
Johnny was thinking his own thoughts. What Ted had said about needing to get past his fear of people seeing "it" was bang on right. The shrink at rehab had been telling him the same thing... only the shrink had said he'd come to feel that way "when the time was right." Hell, maybe this WAS the time. Thinking about his shortened leg, he realized that there was some soreness left from the day. He reached down to massage it, and remembered getting hot when Ted had started to do it for him. "Weird..." he thought. He'd never gotten excited when someone else had rubbed it in the hospital. Why now? It HAD felt good. It was like Ted had accepted the way he was by wanting to help him... still.
Johnny realized Ted was watching him in the moonlight that streamed into the tent.
"Need a hand?" Ted asked slyly.
Johnny thought a minute. Ted's hand HAD felt good. But was this OK? Was he queer for Ted because of those feelings?
"Sorry... no offense meant," Ted said as he flipped over onto his stomach.
"I... I just don't know what to think..." Johnny stammered.
"About what?"
"About anything..." Johnny said. "About you being so interested in my leg. You didn't act like it's ugly to you."
"It's not," Ted answered simply.
"Did you get hot rubbing my leg tonight?"
"Whatdaya mean?" Ted asked, almost in a panic.
"I saw you go perpendicular when you were rubbing it."
"Hey... I saw it happen to you too! Don't say you didn't like it!"
The boys surveyed each other a long moment.
Johnny slowly raised the stump of his right leg, and nudged Ted's hand. In the bright moonlight, Ted again examined the aftermath of his friends' tragedy. He began to rub it gently. Johnny stopped him...
"Like this," he said, showing how to help the circulation.
Ted returned to his job, again noticing how the smooth skin felt almost like a girl's tit! God! His dick was rousing again!
Johnny was going out of his mind. The massage was a massage, but it was also another person stroking his thigh. His cock was hard, and getting harder! He wanted to jerk off in the worst way, but had never done it with another person around before. He wasn't sure what Ted would think. Still, Ted hadn't refused. Maybe he was interested in some jerk time too.
"I gotta stop," Ted finally said.
"OK," Johnny replied.
"I'll be back..." Ted said as he started to wriggle out of the tent.
"Where ya goin'?" Johnny asked slyly
"Just.. uh... out."
"To jack off?"
"Uh.. well..."
"Me too," Johnny said.
Ted looked at the other boy. "Why not?" he thought. It might be really wild to do it while someone else was doing it too. He wriggled back to his sleeping bag.
They sat Indian style, facing each other. They had not discussed this, they had just DONE it. Each was interested in watching what the other did... wondering if there was something they were missing... some trick that would add kick to cumming. As Ted felt his balls tighten, he shifted his position to his knees.
"Where ya going, man?" Johnny asked.
"Nowhere..." Ted sort of gasped. "I like to put my legs together to massage my balls while I jerk."
Johnny tried to assume to same position, but the lack of a right knee made him lopsided enough that he fell over. Laughing despite themselves, he got back on his left knee. The boys were facing each other... so close that their fists could touch if they timed their out strokes together. Johnny again lost his balance.
"Hey, Johnny... here. Let me help you. Like we did on the beach," Ted was saying. "I got an idea."
Johnny got back on his knee. Ted knee-walked until their bellies were touching. He guided John's prick to the right side of his balls, and let it stick between his sack and the side of his leg. Johnny got the idea, and moved his stump a bit to make a similar place for Ted's rigid shaft. Next, Ted put his arms around Johnny, and Johnny returned the embrace.
"Now..." Ted said, "this ought to be goddam close to a fuck!"
The two boys began to move back and forth against each other... being careful not to lose their contact. Johnny unconsciously was allowing his stump to flap in and out, creating feelings that Ted was trying to mimic, but had a hard time doing because both his legs were being used for support. It was unbelievable.
Both were breathing harder. Then, apparently forgetting who and where they were, Johnny firmly planted his mouth on Ted's, and gave his a long, passionate kiss. His tongue was matching his cock, stroke for stroke as it went into Ted's mouth. And Ted was past caring. He sucked at the intruder, licking it with his own, then taking turns returning the thrusts.
The hug that had started as support was about to crush both boys. Ted broke the kiss and gasped, "Gotta lay down..."
They rolled to the floor of the tent, breaking contact, and in a matter of seconds had each finished in spurts of boy-stuff that flew to the far end of the shelter.
Ted was about to drift off to sleep on his pink cloud when he heard Johnny.
"So does this mean we're gay?"
Ted thought a long minute. It HAD been sort of like gay sex. And it had been the best cum of his life.
"I dunno," Ted said. After a long pause he added "Do you still want to try that with a girl?"
Johnny laughed. "Yeah, I do. That is if I can find one willing to do it with a one-legged freak!"
"Well, I wanna try it in a cunt too. And let me give you a hint. Drop this freak shit. Go ahead and ask 'em out. If they accept, you sit where they can get a hand on that stub of yours. I guarantee if you rub that up her leg, she'll be ready to roll!"
"You think I dare?"
"Shit, Johnny. They forgot to tell you something at the hospital. You've got something HOT hanging down there. I mean it. It gets me hot feeling it. I mean, if I ever get hurt, I don't want them to try and save my leg. You've got a hot trigger there!"
"Believe me, tell them to save the leg if you can."
"Oh, hell... you get what I mean."
"Well, I guess I'll at least give it a chance," Johnny grinned. "I DID bring a pair of swimming trunks, just in case I got brave this trip. And that babe in the green bikini DID smile when she stared at me as we got out of the car at camp yesterday..."
"Yeah," Ted grinned..."She just might LIKE being your crutch down by the beach tomorrow afternoon."
"And there are lots of woods around here for an evening stroll," Johnny finished.
"Kiss me good night, you brute," Ted vamped.

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