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In/Exhale - Table of Contents

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**If you're new to the story, you might want to read the Introduction first, so you're not too confused as to what I'm doing here or why I use dates for each part!**

Season One:

Episode 1: August 21, 2000 - Part I - Meet Kai, Jon, and Renee for the first time.

Episode 2: August 21, 2000 - Part II - Meet Nikki, Kai's fuck buddy *sex scene

Episode 3: August 21 2000 - Part III - Get some insight into Jon's character

Episode 4: August 25, 2000 - Meet Renee's roomate, Diane; Kai and Nikki go to a party and things get... "fucked up" *sex scene

Episode 5: August 26, 2000 - Brotherly Bonding Time! - Get to know Jon & Kai better, with some insight into their pasts.

Episode 6: August 27, 2000 - Jon meets with his ex, Jenny, and we learn about Renee's past and why she's come to Iowa.

Episode 7: September 1, 2000 - Part I - Renee finds Kai after not seeing him for a week and they finally sit down for coffee together, and Kai is realizing hiding his past is going to be much harder than he realized.

Episode 8: September 1, 2000 - Part II - Kai tries to find consolation in pie (and Nikki), fearing that the attack he had earlier in the day may be a sign of trouble.

Episode 9: September 2, 2000 - Part I  - Kai is stressing about school and runs into Renee at her new job; he snags her telephone number, then meets an old friend, Jake, at the diner. Before Kai can meet up with Renee again, he gets a very unexpected telphone call.

Episode 10: September 2, 2000 - Part II  - Kai decides he wants to give a relationship with Renee a try and agrees to meet Becca. He also visits Nikki to break things off, but something unexpected happens. . . .

Episode 11: September 3, 2000 - The aftermath of the attack; Nikki stays with Kai and Kai and Jon have some brotherly bonding, but Jon is beginning to be concerned about his brother. . . .

Episode 12: September 4, 2000 - Part I - Kai and Renee study together; Jon gets a date. Kai and Renee kiss for the first time.

Episode 13: September 4, 2000 - Part II - Kai has a severe MLS attack.

Episode 14: September 8, 2000 - Part I - Kai sees his pulmonlogist, who's mystified by Kai's symptoms; Jon expresses his concern about his brother's mental health; Kai finally meets up with Becca

Episode 15: September 8, 2000 - Part II - Kai deals with the fall out of his meeting with Becca; Jon meets with an ASL tutor.

Episode 16: September 8, 2000 - Part III - Kai turns to Nikki for help in his crisis; Jon visits his parents grave and we learn of one of the Taylor family secrets that could have significance in Kai's life.

Episode 17: September 9, 2000 - Part I - Kai's nightmares grow worse; Nikki assesses her feelings for Kai; Kai pleas with Renee to give him another chance to explain himself.

Episode 18: September 9, 2000 - Part II - Kai has his first session with Dr. Miller, and goes to Nikki for comfort later.

Episode 19: September 9, 2000 - Part III - Kai has possibly his worst MLS attack ever, landing him in ICU and causing him to miss his meeting with Renee.

Episode 20: September 10, 2000 - Vicky takes care of Jon; Nikki visits Kai in ICU.

Episode 21: September 12, 2000 - Part I  - Kai is finally woken up, but his situation is still serious; Jon and Vicky share a moment.

Episode 22: September 12, 2000 - Part II - Kai freaks out; Nikki's past comes to get her.

Episode 23: September 13, 2000 - Part I - Kai gets some bad news about his legs; Jon deals with an difficult patient.

Episode 24: September 13, 2000 - Part II - Nikki goes back to some old habits; Jon sees an unexpected side of his brother; Nikki reflects on the first time she and Kai had sex. *sex scene

Episode 25: September 15, 2000 - Kai finally returns home and learns a bit about his mother; Renee renews her determination to find Kai.

Episode 26: September 18, 2000 - Kai's second session with Dr. Miller.

Episode 27: September 22, 2000 - Part I - Kai attempts to return to class, and he and Renee just miss each other.

Episode 28: September 22, 2000 - Part II - Nikki returns, and Jon and Vicky go to a party and have some fun. *sex scene

Episode 29: September 23, 2000 - Kai has a mental breakdown that brings him closer to Jon and helps him uncover the origin of one of his worst nightmares.

Episode 30: Interlude - from Kai's Journal #1 - Kai's POV: filling us in on what happens between Sept 23 and Oct 26 and gives us some insight into his head.

Episode 31: October 26, 2000 - Part 1 & Part 2 - "Season Finale" - Renee finally tracks down Kai and finally learns the truth about his disability.

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Season Two:

Episode 32: October 28, 2000 - Part 1 - ASL Story Hour at Lost Apple Books, with Kai interpreting; it's Renee's first exposure to Kai signing.

Episode 33: October 28, 2000 - Part 2 - Renee & Kai share lunch after story hour, and Kai teaches her some sign. Jon & Kai have a moment.

Episode 34: October 31, 2000 - Part 1 - Kai & Renee spend Halloween together, including a trip to County House. *sex scene

Episode 35: October 31, 2000 - Part 2 - Halloween continues as Kai has a blast from his past at the Jonesville Deaf Halloween Party.

Episode 36: November 2, 2000 - Kai has some potential health concerns & worries about his history midterm; David helps Kai study and Jon gets some good news.

Episode 37: November 3, 2000 - Kai survives his midterm and he and Re have a quiet night together.

Episode 38: November 4, 2000 - Re spends the night at Kai's apartment and learns a few of Kai's "secrets."

Episode 39: November 5, 2000 - Kai and Renee have their "first" (official) date and get to know each other a little better.

Episode 40: November 8, 2000 - Part 1 & Part 2 - Kai finds out his history midterm results and tells Renee about his transplant; Vicky gives Jon some life-changing news.

Episode 41: November 11, 2000  - Part 1 - Kai drops by Renee's for their movie night and gets grilled by Diane, then has a surprise.

Episode 42: November 11, 2000 - Part 2 - Vicky tries to talk to her mom about Jon; Kai and Renee finish their date and grow a little closer.

Episode 43: Flashback: June 15-21, 1996 - Flashback to four years ago, when Jon and Vicky were just getting to know each other and Jon and Kai reunite for their first time in twelve years.

Episode 44: November 17, 2000 - Part 1 - Kai's cleared to walk again, so he and Renee go to the movies together.

Episode 45: November 17, 2000 - Part 2 - Kai and Renee finish their date and decide to take their relationship to the next level. *sex scene

Episode 46: November 18, 2000 - Part 1 - The morning after. Kai takes Re to the airport. Jon joins Kai at the pool. *sex scene

Episode 47: November 18, 2000 - Part 2 - Kai and Jon swim together. Kai has a panic attack in public. Renee arrives in New Orleans. Megan confronts David about his relationship with Kai.

Episode 48: November 21, 2000 - Part 1 - Kai sees Dr. Miller again and admits some of his biggest fears. Jon makes his presentation to the transplant committee.

Episode 49: November 21, 2000 - Part 2 - Dr. J presents to the committee to Jon's devestation; Kai asks David to steal his mother's medical records; Jon and Kai fight.

Episode 50: November 23, 2000 - Part 1 - Thanksgiving begins with the brothers each struggling in the wake of their fight. Kai spends the morning at Walmart with David and runs into an unexpected person. In New Orleans, Renee and JP clash. *sex scene

Episode 51: November 23, 2000 - Part 2 & Part 3 - Thanksgiving continues. Jon is introduced to Vicky's enormous family and learns a secret about her past. Kai struggles keeping his sanity, and Jon comes to his rescue.

Episode 52: November 23, 2000 - Part 4 - Thanksgiving ends. Kai struggles with the events of earlier in the day, and Jon is unsure how to help. David decides to find Ann Taylor's files for Kai.

Episode 53: Flashback: June 26, 1996 - Kai's 18th birthday, and the brothers spend their first day together, though things don't go nearly as smoothly as Jon hoped.

Episode 54: November 24, 2000 - Part 1 & 2 - Kai continues to suffer from flashbacks that bring him to the brink, but a long session with Dr. Miller gives him hope.

Episode 55: November 24, 2000 - Part 3 & 4 - As Kai continues to battle his demons, he confesses to Jon why he chose the name "Fox"; Vicky makes a suggestion, and Kai and Renee have a momentous phone call.

Episode 56: November 25, 2000 - Season Finale - A light at the end of the tunnel? Both Kai and Renee make tough decisions about their futures.
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Season Three

Episode 57: Flashback: May 19, 1994 - Go back to when Kai was nearly 16 and David had aged out of the system. See how he handles losing his best friend.

Episode 58: January 26, 2001 - Part I - A sweet reunion: Two months after the end of Season 2, Renee and Kai finally have a day together.

Episode 59: January 26, 2001 - Part II - David teaches Renee some ASL. The trio plays some board games, and Renee finally tells Kai something very important. Renee witnesses her first of Kai's panic attacks.

Episode 60: January 26, 2001 - Part III - David accidentally reveals something upsetting about Kai to Renee. The mystery of Ann Taylor's medical finals comes up, and we see how the last few months have impacted the two brothers.

Episode 61: January 27, 2001 - Part I - David takes Kai to a Deaf bowling social to try to prepare him for the start of class.

Episode 62: January 27, 2001 - Part II - The bowling social continues, and Kai discovers something amazing about his relationship to the Deaf community. Jon and Kai resolve their previous disagreement.

Episode 63: January 29, 2001 - Part I - Kai braves his first day of class with Renee's help.

Episode 64: January 29, 2001 - Part II - The first day of class continues, with a revelation that could potentially change Kai's life forever.

Episode 65: January 30, 2001 - Part I - Kai sees Dr. Miller to resolve some of his feelings regarding his hearing loss. Then he starts off a day of testing by having his blood drawn, but things don't go as smoothly as they should.

Episode 66: January 30, 2001 - Part II - Kai sees his dermatologist for his anniversary check-up and things don't go so smoothly. Jon confesses his fears and concerns to Vicky.

Episode 67: January 30, 2001 - Part III - Kai has a consult with a psych resident to determine his fate.

Episode 68: Flashback: December 24, 2000 - Part I & II - Fresh out of the hospital due to his GI infection, Kai agrees to spend Christmas Eve with Jon at Vicky's house.

Episode 69: January 31, 2001 - Part I & II - Renee visits Kai in the hospital and he tells her about his hearing loss. Megan experiences her first medical emergency interpreting situation. Vicky's good intentions go array when she takes Kai home with her.

Episode 70: February 1, 2001 - Part I - Jon and Kai get into a fight and Kai swims through his session with Dr. Miller. Vicky and Jon find out the sex of their baby. Kai spends some more time with Steve, then Martin.

Episode 71: February 1, 2001 - Part II - Kai reveals some of his past to Martin. David has an important job interview that doesn't go exactly as he'd practiced it would due to an unforeseen complication.

Episode 72: February 1, 2001 - Part III - Kai talks to Martin about his time pre- and post transplant in a way he never has with anyone before. Vicky calls her sister for consolation after an upsetting day, and Jon surprises her. *sex scene

Episode 73: February 2, 2001 - Part I - Kai heads back to school with the weight of his fight with Jon and all the stress of the past week, combined with a lack of sleep, all coming to a head. His anger bleeds out to those he cares about, but he decides to meet with his advisor to plan out his academic future.

Episode 74: February 2, 2001 - Part II - Kai struggles through the rest of the school day, relapsing on his self-harm behavior and running into feelings of desperation, isolation, and hopelessness that threaten to drive him and Renee apart. Feeling a gulf between her Kai, Renee reluctantly confides in someone. *sex scene

Episode 75: February 2, 2001 - Part III - The ASL class. Kai slips his mask back on and into teacher mode, meeting and bonding with Steve's cousin. Meanwhile, Renee has her doubts about her future with Kai, and David reassures her.

Episode 76: February 2, 2001 - Part IV - The long day comes to a close and while Renee learns of something that could potentially change Jonesville forever, she's determined to stand up for herself and demand Kai communicate with her.

Episode 77: February 3, 2001 - Part I - Kai's make-up session with Dr. Miller covers a lot of ground, including his self harming, his doubts about his future and ability to recover, and more. Dr. Miller gives him hope that maybe he can move forward after all.

Episode 78: February 3, 2001 - Part II & III - Kai finally tells David about his hearing loss. His honesty extends to Renee, and the two reforge their relationship into something stronger, determined as long as they're together, they can survive anything.

Episode 79: February 3, 2001 - Part IV - Jon and Vicky face her parents with the news of her pregnancy. Jon finally calls his adoptive father, and he and Kai make amends.

Episode 80: Flashback: August 9, 1982 - Bryan takes Jon and Kai to the park, and they spend some rare time together.

Episode 81: February 6, 2001 - Part I - Jon has a mostly solo session with Dr. Miller in which he explores some of his issues of guilt and worry. The two brothers arrive at a solution to their living situation.

Episode 82: February 6, 2001 - Part II - Kai sees the ENT and audiologist and finds out how extensive his inner ear damage is, and whether or not it's permanent.

Episode 83: February 6, 2001 - Part III - Kai deals with his emotions after learning his hearing loss is permanent, but he and Jon ultimately become closer and face their future together.


Episode 84: February 7, 2001 - Part I - Kai faces his first day of class with his new hearing aids.

Episode 85: February 7, 2001 - Part II - Kai's day continues. He braves interpreting, takes a leap toward an education major despite his anxiety.

Episode 86: February 7, 2001 - Part III - Kai's pumped after his ed class and buys his books, then runs into Steve and binges on Oreos. He crashes and burns, and thankfully Renee is there to pick up the pieces.

Episode 87: February 8, 2001 - Part I - The morning after, Jon grills Renee on Kai's strange behavior, and continues to reassure Kai she'll always be there for him.

Episode 88: February 8, 2001 - Part II - Renee accompanies Kai to his session with Dr. Miller, who is concerned about Kai's erratic moods and suicidal thoughts. After, Kai has his appointment with his nutritionist, who confronts him about his poor eating habits.

Episode 89: February 8, 2001 - Part III - Kai meets with his brain doc and gets some encouraging news. He attempts to distract himself from his bad thoughts, but it's easier said than done. When he ends up at Lost Apple, Art takes him on an eye-opening field trip.

Episode 90: February 8, 2001 - Part IV - Kai realizes that Art has been more of a presence in his life than he realized. He spends some time with Martin and reunites with someone from his past.

Episode 91: February 8, 2001 - Part V - Kai has dinner with the Gomezes. Martin has a crisis. Kai spends the night with Renee.

Episode 92: February 9, 2001 - Part I - Kai wakes up to a horrible nightmare and struggles to let Renee in, but eventually tells her about his donor and his feelings about how he doesn't deserve his new lungs. They spend the morning together. Jon consoles Inez and reassures her that Martin will be OK and he may have a second chance at a transplant after all.

Episode 93: February 9, 2001 - Part II - Kai experiences his first interpreted psych class and spends the afternoon with Steve before he's pulled away to help Martin.

Episode 94: February 9, 2001 - Part III - Kai rushes to help Martin, and in the process encounters someone surprising from his past that pushes him to the brink.

Episode 95: February 9, 2001 - Part IV - Kai drives around town in an attempt to outrun his demons, and ends up at the Hitchhiker, where alcohol and drugs mix in dangerous ways. Fortunately, an old friend shows up to help.

Episode 96: February 10, 2001 - Part I - Kai deals with the aftermath of his blackout as he and Jon head to Omaha to visit Harbinger Clinic. Renee expresses her fears to Diane, who gives her advice.

Episode 97: February 10, 2001 - Part II - Kai and Jon's visit to Harbinger begins.

Episode 98: February 10, 2001 - Part III - Kai and Jon's tour of Harbinger continues. Kai struggles against his lust, depression, and anxiety.

Episode 99: February 10, 2001 - Part IV - Dr. Miller finally learns the truth of Kai's past. Jon attempts to cheer Kai up after the long day at Harbinger.

Episode 100: February 11, 2001 - Part I - Kai has a difficult morning recovering from his visit to Harbinger. Jon becomes increasingly concerned about Kai's wellbeing, as his own health begins to suffer.

Episode 101: February 11, 2001 - Part II - Kai and Renee reunite and she helps him with his anxiety about the upcoming dinner. Jon uncovers the tape of their mother and watches it, discovering it reveals details about Ann Taylor that horrify Jon.

Episode 102: February 11, 2001 - Part III - Kai attends dinner at Frankie's and uncovers something shocking that throws him even farther off course.

Episode 103: February 11, 2001 - Part IV - Kai reacts to his overwhelming emotions and makes some potentially catastrophic decisions that will have far-reaching impacts.

Episode 104: Flashback: September 28, 1988 - Cathy Evans and Art Meyer help Kai through his first surgery after being recovered from his aunt's house. Art makes a vow.

Episode 105: February 12, 2001 - Part I - Nikki texts David to come get Kai after he wakes up in a flashback. Afraid Kai tried to overdose the night before, David asks Renee to stay with Kai until he returns from his job interview.

Episode 106: February 12, 2001 - Part II - David's job interview. Renee and Kai grow closer, and yet more apart. Kai makes David's job of keeping him safe difficult.

Episode 107: February 12, 2001 - Part III - Kai is forced to speak to Patrias about missing his assignment and his upcoming hospitalization. He struggles through his emotional and physical pain, but ultimately apologizes to Renee for his behavior earlier that day. However, he lashes out at Jon, who is comforted by Vicky.

Episode 108: February 13, 2001 - Part I - Kai's day starts early and roughly, but his session with Dr. Miller breaks new ground that helps Kai go into his Valentine's Day with a new perspective. Despite a hitch, Renee and Kai's morning draws them closer together.

Episode 109: February 13, 2001 - Part II - Kai & Renee's Valentine's Day festivities continue with a scavenger hunt that leads them to revisit memories and places from their courtship, including watching Hamlet and visiting Nancy's Cafe, where they shared their first kiss.

Episode 110: February 13, 2001 - Part III - Valentine's Day continues as Kai and Renee face the aftermath of what happened at Nancy's. The two become closer and more intimate as the day progresses.*sex scene

Episode: 111: February 13, 2001 - Part IV - Valentine's Day comes to a close as Kai realizes something important. Jon struggles to make it through his long shift despite his anxiety and stress. A late-night phone call threatens to destroy everything.

-End Season 3-
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Season 4 - Coming Mid to Late 2019

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