Thursday, December 1, 2005

INK: Chapter Four

I spend the entire flight back replaying the most magical night of my life over and over in my head.

Just as predicted, I’m hounded to death by the girls yet somehow manage to keep my night tightly under wraps to everyone except Jenna.

I can tell this gets under their skin because they're so used to my usually boisterous self, pretty unrestrained with details, yet somehow I manage to skirt around all the questions which makes them all the more intrigued.

"Sounds like you really did find the man of your dreams," Jenna confirms, once we are in a place for me to reveal the details of my date.

This spot happens to be the only private place on the airplane aside from the lavs--the bunks upstairs, where we take our crew rest.

We always try to synchronize our breaks together when we fly so we can at least do a bit of catching up without interruption from passenger call bells or other nosy crew members.

I nod enthusiastically as I kick my shoes off and lay down. "Oh, You have no idea. This guy brings out feelings in me that I didn't even know existed."

"Wow, that's a big statement. Does he have a brother and even more important--does he look like him?" she jokes, also removing her heels. She plops down on her bunk which runs parallel with mine so we’re both propped on our elbows facing each other.

I laugh. "You  know, I pretty much know nothing about him aside from the fact that he my makes my lust meter skyrocket like no one else," I fess up.

"Not even Brad?" She asks.

"Not even Brad."

"Yeah, Jason's way hotter."

"Brad was hot too, but I don't disagree with what you're saying."

"Jason just seems a lot more independent."

"He doesn't seem,  he is more independent. But it's two different injury levels so it's not really fair to compare."

"Huh. Still sticking up for him even after he broke your heart."

I dart my eyes away from her, not quite sure how to respond to that. She catches on and is quick to fix the moment with an observation. "All I will say is you always seem to get the hottest wheelers on the planet."

I laugh. "I guess I do! They have to  leave a scorched trail in their path from those sizzling wheels!"

Jenna and I were friends when I was dating Brad, but we were based in different cities so we were not as close as we are now. She met him a couple of times and he even invited her to go to a Bulls game with us when she had a layover once.

Like I previously mentioned, Jenna and Steph are the only two female friends that know about my penchant for wheelers. This enables me to have more honest conversations with them than with anyone else.

I fessed up one night when we were just starting out. I remember exactly because we were on a Boston layover on St Patrick’s Day and it involved quite a few pubs and way too much beer and apparently honest revelations.

I have not regretted my decision to this day; letting them in on my secret has led to some pretty insightful and interesting conversations over the years.

We land in Newark and I catch the Olympia Trails bus back into the city with Jenna. We split a cab out of Penn Station with her getting dropped off a few blocks before me.  

Once in my apartment, I can't get undressed and in bed fast enough. I'm always exhausted flying back home, but more so today from the excitement of the previous night. I'm out the minute my head hits the pillow.

When the ringing phone wakes me up, I’m not sure how long I've been out. I'm always a bit disoriented coming out of a deep sleep -- another occupational hazard!-- and I fumble as I reach towards the nightstand.

"Hello?" My voice is soft and hoarse.

"Hey, babe -- I've woken you up, haven't I?" That incredibly sexy accent gives me flutters in my stomach all over again.

"No worries. You’re worth waking up for anytime."

"I just wanted to say goodnight to you, since I'll be heading off to bed in a few minutes." I look over at the clock:  4pm here, 9pm there.

"Yeah, it's late for you," I stretch out a bit. "I'm so ready to come back tomorrow. I miss you," I tell him.

"I miss you too. Maybe I should let you get on with your sleep."

"I'll be fine. I'm just bit tired because the most incredibly hot guy kept me up all night," I say, barely above a whisper.

His laugh is even sexier than I recall.

With our lengthy phone conversation, I find out he's an assistant rugby coach for a high school right down the street from where he lives. Also a few more details are revealed, like his last name is Prescott and that he just turned thirty a couple of months ago. I know--a bit backwards.

I learn he's also a part time fitness trainer at his local recreation center and seasonally coaches a wheelchair basketball team. I feel like a serious underachiever by comparison, but then again, most people probably would.

With a job like mine, it's often easy to forget what day of the week it is, but our conversation reminds me today is Sunday and he's returning to work tomorrow when school resumes.

Nevertheless, he doesn't have anything on his calendar for Tuesday, the day I’ll arrive. He’ll meet me at my hotel at six, just like the last time.

"Are you going to let me take you somewhere proper for dinner this time?"

It only takes a split second to make my decision. "No."


"Call me selfish, but you belong in my hotel room. I need you all to myself."

"Who am I to argue with that? I'll just bring take away," he says. I've been in the UK enough now to know that means take out.

We say goodbyes. Mere seconds after hanging up, I immediately start counting down the minutes of when I will see the incredibly hot Jason Prescott once again.


I land in London the next day after my flight. My excitement has been building up; even though I'm usually beyond exhausted, I can barely sleep when I get to the hotel.

Once the alarm goes off, I hit the shower and turn on the radio while getting dressed. I decide on jeans and a v neck tee-shirt since I have no intention of heading out into the cold and leaving the comforts of the hotel room.

I'm ready with minutes to spare. When I hear the quiet knock at the door, my stomach does a flip. I almost drop the Marie Claire magazine I had been mindlessly flipping through.

Adrenaline runs through me as I bolt to the door and fling it open.  The all too familiar synchronized butterflies in my stomach flutter even more when I'm met by his beautiful smile just looking up at me.

My impulse is to jump him and throw my arms around his neck; except that on his lap sits a six-pack of Harp on top of a bag containing styrofoam containers.

Unless I want to sit on a pile of stuff, I have to settle for moving out of the way as he rolls in. Once inside, I take the items off his lap and put them on the desk.

Then I waste no time pouncing on him: kissing those luscious lips and touching that chest I've been dreaming about for two days.

But before we hit the bed I am so proud to share something with him.

"Look," I say walking to the bathroom, willing him to follow me.

"Ta-da!" I say, opening the door exposing a fully accessible bathroom complete with wide door, elevated toilet with handles, and roll in shower.

"Splendid. Now I won't have to subject you to watching me remove my cath," he jokes, but the look of surprise and  gratitude makes all my efforts worthwhile.

The hotels typically block the same rooms for crew members which we rotate through in between cleanings, so I really threw the front desk for a loop when I asked them for an accessible room. I was forced to explain that my boyfriend, who is in a wheelchair, will be staying with me.

Then they had to see if there was one available and switch all my information linked with the airline which took some time, keeping me in the lobby well after the rest of the crew had gone upstairs.

The front desk employees were very kind to swap rooms for me because technically they didn't have to go through all the trouble of accommodating my request.

After all, accessible rooms are not  in our contract since I can pretty much guarantee you won't be seeing a flight attendant or pilot in a wheelchair anytime soon.

"Be my guest.You know where I'll be," I smile suggestively.

I leave him to go get myself undressed and in bed to wait for him.

For some reason nervousness rises in me once again, probably having to do with the fact that I'm stone cold sober this time around.

He comes out in his t-shirt and boxers and it's the first time I get to see the definition in his arm muscles as he pushes his way towards me. My insides sizzle with desire - watching the way he moves.

I study him and if there's any degree of nervousness inside him, he doesn't expose it in the least.

He transfers in and immediately draws me near, placing his soft lips on mine. Whatever tension I had ebbs as that languorous warmth slides through my veins all over again.

I'm already completely naked so I patiently wait for him to pull off his shirt and boxers.

The shirt comes off fast; I consider helping him with the boxers to expedite the process. Not to mention the fact I would find it really sexy in helping with this particular task.

But I also realize that I have tread carefully, making sure not to overstep my boundaries since they're still not clear at this point.

So I wait as he pulls them off from a laying down position. He pulls his legs to the side with the opposite hand, sort of rolling his hip off the bed while tugging the lifted side of his boxers with the other.

He maneuvers them the rest of the way down. My reward for waiting is undeniable as I climb on him and straddle his hips, leaning forward to feel the rush of his bare skin against mine.

He grabs my shoulder with one hand pulling me in further to him. His other hand settles on my cheek, which he tilts away just enough to bury his face in my neck. As he begins to kiss his way down, I continue the incline of my head so I can offer him as much skin as possible, wanting his touch so very much.

"Oh, Brynn," he murmurs once he arrives at my ear, a sound that runs through me like water, causing my arousal to coat the inside of my thighs.

This makes his entrance into me all the easier and I don't think I last more than a couple of minutes before that indescribable sensation conquers my consciousness once again.

My eyes slowly shut as I sink into that familiar ecstasy I've been craving the last two days.

I lay on him, silently recovering a few minutes when whispers my name.“Brynn?”


"I just wasn't sure if you were awake."

"I am. Just in deep thought, is all."

"Oh? Care to share what about? I mean, I hope it's good and all considering what we just finished."

I laugh. "As a matter of fact, I was just thinking how happiness is laying in your arms. This just feels right."

"Yes, I will agree this is quite nice and well worth the wait," he says leaning his head down and kissing my forehead, a very sweet gesture that I'm sure is prompted by my last comment.

"I think I've worked up quite a thirst. How about you?" I ask.

"Absolutely. Shall we have a beer?"

"We shall," I say, "but first close your eyes. I feel a bit shy walking around naked in front of you."

This must seem so out of character for me, but I really do have body issues. I’m apprehensive about letting him see me naked with the lights on. Maybe I’d feel different if I lost a few pounds and got a bit of sun, but the last thing I want to do right now is flaunt my pasty white butt.

He gives me a look like he doesn't believe me but complies by putting his hand over his eyes. I jump up and grab his white tee shirt which conveniently is laying on the floor right next to me and throw it on.

"I just captured your t-shirt. But don't worry, your old one is in my bag. And you're free to look now," I make my way over to the abandoned food and beers, picking up the containers and bringing them back to the bed.

As I'm doing this, he pulls himself to a sitting position. I notice he winces a bit as he does. "Would you mind throwing me the pillows off the other bed?" he asks.

"Where do you want them?" I ask once I've grabbed them.

"Just behind me is fine."  I place them between his back and headboard and he leans back slowly onto them, another obvious expression of pain quickly flashing  across his face.

He looks inside the cardboard beer holder, slides his fingers along the side and pulls out a metal bottle opener.

"Pretty impressive, you thought of everything," I say as he pops two open and passes me one.
"Do you want me to rub your back?" I offer.

"It's okay; it should lessen shortly. Come here." He puts his beer on the nightstand and extends his arms out to me. I wrap my arms around him, finding myself straddling his body once again.

"This helps for sure," he softly whispers in my ear, making the hair on my neck stand and that warm, fuzzy feeling course through my body once again.

We are both still for a minute just caressing each others bodies. Even though I have his shirt on now, I'm still not wearing undies so I can feel his semi hardness pressing against me.

I close my eyes and focus on the feel of his mouth moving over my throat. I can smell the sweet scent of the peanut sauce as the light heat of his breath is punctuated by soft kisses.

Then suddenly his mouth is on mine once again, unyielding. I press my chest against his as I feel his fingers weaving through my hair once again. Another slow, deliberate kiss steals the moment.

But a kiss of his magnitude and intensity leaves you breathless and thirsty, so we break apart enough so we can grab our beers and take a well deserved drink.

I also grab one of the containers off the bed, holding it between us after passing him a plastic fork. I don't remember ever eating in such an intimate position.

"I can't believe both times you've been here I've not let you had a decent meal. Do you fly back to the States tomorrow and come right back?"

I calculate in my head for a minute. "Yes, I fly back out here Thursday which puts me here all day Friday."

"Too bad it's not Saturday, when I have the day off. Would you like to come to my house anyway? I know you land early morning so I can pick you up from the airport and bring you to my house where you can sleep all day while I'm at work."

"I would love nothing more! You sure you don't mind picking me up at o'dark thirty?" I say, excitedly in between bites.

"Knowing that you'll be there when I get home is the best incentive I can think of," he says, scooping up noodles onto his fork.

"This isn't bad," I tell him with a mouthful of noodles.

"Probably would have been really good two hours ago," he laughs chewing.

We finish about half of our food and drink our beers.  I ask him if he wants another.

"I shouldn't because I'm thinking I should drive back tonight since I have work in the morning."

My heart sinks. "No! Can't you drive back early in the morning?"

"I suppose I could but I'll already be missing my workout Friday and Saturday when you're here."

"What? How many days do you work out?" I ask, moving the container out of the way and then laying my head on his lap facing up to him. The bed is just a double so there is not exactly a lot of room to sprawl out since his legs are already stretched out in front of him, so I'm sort of diagonal with my knees bent to the ceiling.

He plays with a lock of my hair while looking down at my face. "Dunno. Probably five or six."

"Wow! So will you stay here with me tonight? Pleeease? I'll take a cab to your house Friday so you can work out and not worry about picking me up."

"I wouldn't make you do that. I'll stay, but you'll have to convince me with a kiss."

I pull myself up on my elbows and tilt my chin up - my lips meet his and then fall right back to his comfortable lap.

"So I guess I can have another beer then," he says opening two more off the nightstand and passing one to me. I roll over to my stomach to take a drink, resting my chin on his thigh.

I have to admit that I love the way his legs feel. Instinctively, I reach out and touch it with my fingertips, caressing it lightly while he watches. I take in every detail: the lack of muscle tone throughout, the way his hips appear so narrow for this very reason. He obviously doesn't have any glutes, so his butt lacks muscle tone and is pretty bony and not nearly as round as it should be.

And yet the dichotomy between the two halves is so striking and beautiful to me, making me want him all the more.

I wrap my hands around his thigh. It's soft and the circumference so thin I'm certain that if my fingers were just a little longer they could completely enclose it. I pull it slightly towards me then reach over to kiss the inside.

Slowly I move my lips upward, my fingers trailing softly behind my mouth, inch by inch until I arrive at the best part.

As I'm wrapping my hands around his length, a thought pops into my head. "Wait.You said you can't climax?"

"Never have."

"Never?" I ask, unable to hide the  astonishment from my face.

"Not since my accident. Before that, of course I did -- all the time."

I cringe a bit hearing these words. I'm sure he was no angel, a guy this hot could get any girl he set eyes on -- but hearing about it doesn't help.

I'm certain he was only trying to clarify the difference before and after his accident and wouldn't have said that had he thought that it would upset me.

And yet I can't help thinking about  the last woman who's pleasured his body. I have to put my jealousy in check, so my focus turns into taking him into my mouth, totally up for the challenge.

Just to be clear, I may not like receiving oral sex but I have to admit that I have perfected the craft of being on the giving end over the years.

Wow, does he ever put it to the test. I end up using every technique ever learned but after at least fifteen minutes I'm a bit discouraged because I haven't accomplished much else aside from teeter tottering between a pretty full erection and semi hard.

I decide not to give up and give it 110%.   I continue a good rhythm using my mouth and hands.The fact that he is watching me so intently is encouraging yet I can tell he can't feel anything by the underwhelming physical response I'm getting.

I think I start to mentally give up when I start to feel and see a slight pulsating in his shaft and then I actually feel some quivering down into his legs. I am encouraged that something must be stirring within his body so I rev up the intensity, creating such a strong suction with my mouth as my hands glide up and down tightly. They slide effortlessly from the wetness of my mouth which makes the path smoother up and  down his shaft.

His legs start shaking more and more until they become full on spasms. To my surprise, he starts to physically throb in my mouth as anyone else would.

I then watch triumphantly as the pulsating rhythm continues and marvel as the hot sticky liquid releases. And guessing from the intensity and amount released, I am willing to bet it has been stored up for a decade.

I look up at him and smile, not believing I actually accomplished this. Then I note by the look on his face he is as equally stunned as me, if not more.

"Wow," is all that comes out of his mouth.

"Was it good?" I ask hopefully.

"I loved watching it so please don't get me wrong. It's like watching a movie. I can imagine and remember what it feels's so hard to explain."

"So you can't feel any of it?" my shoulders slump and smile fades, unable to hide my utter disappointment.

"Afraid not." He sees my crestfallen expression and quickly adds, "But like I said, I truly enjoyed every minute of it. Plus the fact you actually got me there is an incredible feat, never accomplished by anyone since my accident. Now please get up here and kiss me."

I do, and when my lips meet his everything is good with the world once again. I jump up and grab him a fistful of tissues from the bathroom which he readily accepts with a broad grin.

"Okay, I'm going to cath then set my alarm for five; I hope you don't mind, " he says, still busying himself with the last of the wiping.

"I could care less, I'm just glad you're staying."

"Yeah, well, at this rate I don't know if I'll be getting any sleep."

"Really? Are you complaining?" I ask narrowing my eyes at him.

"Never," he says. "I just can't believe your libido. I am impressed--and damn lucky, if anything."

I work on cleaning up the bottles and containers while he's in the bathroom. I get done with plenty of time to spare and lay back down and wait for him.

As I'm laying there, I try to reflect a bit on our relationship. I'm not oblivious to the fact that I probably shouldn't have hopped in bed with him right off the start and should have let our relationship start at a slower pace.

Then again, who could blame me? A guy like this only comes around once in a lifetime.

Refraining from him would have been the ultimate torture.

Although I am elated that the relationship seems to be progressing, I couldn't have been certain that it would have from the beginning.

All I knew for sure is that I would always have one amazing night in my memory, which made the risk worth it.

I try to not think of the old saying about relationships that start on a physical level will never evolve to emotional, or however the stupid thing goes.

The truth is that I do honestly believe that he must like me on an emotional level, but unfortunately the way our relationship started I have no way of finding out for sure now.

I'm not nearly done with mentally torturing myself when I hear the bathroom door open.

We swap spots and I shut myself in the bathroom to wash up. The fear that I've screwed this up grips me like nothing before. Unable to bury it, I come out and lay down next to him trying to figure out how to bring it up.


"Yes?" he says quietly as I settle in, pressing myself against him as we both lay on our sides facing each other.

"I want you to know that I don't go around hopping in bed with passengers. I've never claimed to be Mother Teresa by any stretch of the imagination, but I’m never this forward. It's just that... well, you bring it out in me."

"What brought this on? Is this because of what I said earlier about your libido?" He laughs.

"No. Well... maybe a bit? I mean, maybe it got me thinking and I know I haven't done anything to help you form a great impression of me."

"Okay, stop. I have a great impression of you. I think you're a wonderful girl and even though we don't know each other well yet I know enough about you that I know I want to know more," he says.

He sounds so sincere that I want to believe him and I decide I will press him no further. Not tonight, anyway.

We both quickly drift off and I sleep all the way up to his alarm chiming at five. He hits the snooze twice, buying me a few minutes of lying up against him before he has to get up.

At some point he does, but I drift back out and don't awake until I feel him running his fingers through my hair, softly whispering my name. I open my eyes to find him sitting in his chair beside me, dressed and ready to head out.

"Just wanted to say goodbye... I'll see you Friday."

I sit up and hug him, but find myself in an awkward angle with his chair. I crawl on his lap and lay my head on his shoulder. "I'll miss you," I finally whisper.

I'm going to wilt without seeing him for three days.

He strokes my hair. "I'll call you tonight. We'll make our plans for Friday."

After he leaves, I think about last night’s conversation. Despite his reassurance, a gnawing feeling inside me still wonders if I should have done things differently.


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