Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It Starts So Quietly (Part Three)

Content Warning: This section involves rape. These characters are not real people and are not meant to represent real people, so please remember that as you read.

The next morning the last thing Jared wanted to do was get up, but he had to pee. He looked at the distance between himself and the bathroom. It really wasn’t that far. Still, with Courtney asleep beside him, it was tempting to try to find a cup or something within reach to use. A quick survey of the bedside table and no such luck.

Jared used his arms to push himself up to sitting and leaned over his plastered leg to ease it slowly off the pillows and onto the floor. The blood rushed back down the limb and into his toes, sending off sparks of uncomfortable tingles. Jared cringed and gripped the side of the bed, trying not to make noise and wake his girlfriend.

In such a small space as the hotel room, Jared left the crutches against the wall. He pushed himself up from the bed and steadied himself against the headboard. Then he shuffled awkwardly towards the bathroom, gripping whatever furniture he could to help him balance and drag the heavy weight of his broken leg behind him.

His toes kept bumping against things like the wall and the side of a chair. He tried not to cry out when it happened so he wouldn’t wake Courtney. She was sleeping like the dead, anyway.

Jared made it to the bathroom and pulled himself through the doorway, but found he couldn’t get his whole body into the tiny room, so he ended up shifting himself around to mostly be facing the toilet and pulling his dick from his boxer shorts with the door still open.

He hung onto the towel rack with one hand and his penis with the other. He almost buckled with relief as he let out a stream of urine.  When it was finally finished, he leaned against the wall and closed his eyes for a moment. He wasn’t looking forward to trying to get back to bed.

Already his toes were pulsing with the blood rushing down into them, pushing against the cast.

He tried to figure out how to turn around, but the space was far too narrow. Jared sighed and started backing his way out, sliding his immobile leg along the ground behind him. He was using muscles now that hadn’t gotten a work out…well, maybe ever.

Inch by inch, rug burn itching across his exposed toes, Jared hobbled his way back to the bed. He collapsed back onto it with a sigh and his head hit Courtney’s back. She looked groggily at him and swatted at his face.

Jared was only part way to his goal, though. Both his legs were still on the ground beside the bed. He gripped the edge and pulled himself back up to sitting, then shifted his body around until he was facing the right way and heaved his heavy plaster-covered leg back up onto its pillows.

The ends of his toes were bright red from rug burn and blood pooling. They itched, but he couldn’t quite reach them. He wiggled them anxiously, hoping it would alleviate the itch, but it didn’t do much.

“Courtney,” he hissed.

“Mrmph,” she said without opening her eyes.

“Will you scratch my toes for me?”

She lifted her head and raised an eyebrow. “Gross,” she said.

“Look, I wouldn’t ask if I didn’t have to,” Jared said. “They’re killing me.”

She sighed. “Fine.” She sat up, her boobs falling forward against the thin silk of her top and Jared could clearly see the outline of her nipples as she leaned over him.

She covered her fingers in a corner of the bed sheets and rubbed them over his toes. Jared fell back, his head arching and a groan escaping his lips. It felt so good he thought he might burst.  “Please don’t stop, baby,” he groaned.

His dick was actually getting hard from this. It hadn’t escaped Courtney’s notice.

She smiled a lazy morning smile and inched her way up to his boxers. She sprung loose his dick from the flap of cloth and lowered her mouth over it. Jared began to shake and the muscles tightening in pleasure all over his body caused pain in his injured leg.

He cried out and he wasn’t even sure himself if it was more from bliss or from pain. Each moment of delicious moist mouth against his skin brought with it spasms of pain, not just in his leg but all over where he had been bruised and battered by his encounter with the tree.

As good as a morning blow job was, Jared just couldn’t take it. He grabbed Courtney’s hair in his hands and gasped, “Stop, please.”

But she only moved faster straining against his fingers tangled in her curls.

“Oh God,” Jared cried. “Stop, stop, please.” He begged louder and louder as she moved faster and faster, his penis solid as granite in her soft wet mouth.

He itched and shifted but he could barely move at all. Every muscle in his body seemed to be screaming in pain.

That’s when he came, hard and fast, right into her mouth. It felt like a volcano erupting out of him. He went limp as a ragdoll and whimpered while Courtney jumped up and started getting dressed for the day.

When she was dressed to go, Courtney said, “Want to come downstairs and hang out in the lounge while I ski?”

“No, I’m good,” Jared managed. There was no way he was going to move for the next seven or eight hours.

“Suit yourself,” Courtney said and bounded out the door.


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