Friday, October 1, 2010

It Starts So Quietly (Part One)

Hi, guys! I want to post a story for you from a friend of mine. Evelyn writes a bit differently than I. Her stuff can get pretty dark, but I think it’s hot!  -Ruth

Happy to be here. Disclaimer before you read any of my stuff: I’m into fantasy not reality. It might not be realistic and it sure isn’t anything I’d want to happen to someone in real life. These aren’t real people; these are fictional characters. This is pure sexual fantasy and that’s it. Don’t expect a social conscience.

I don’t know how often I’ll update, but I see this being a long and rambling tale of suffering. It starts with cast stuff, but it's likely to move on eventually to amputee and maybe other disabilities.

It Starts So Quietly
Part One

By Evelyn Rae

Jared eyed the slope. Okay, it was a little…ambitious…to be skiing a black diamond when he hadn’t actually been on skis since he was eleven. But Courtney was an experienced skier and no way was Jared going to pussy around on the little mound of beginner’s snow while she was off in another part of the resort. They were here to be together. Plus he didn’t want her thinking he wasn’t brave enough to just go for it.

So here he was, at the top of a course that was way too advanced for him. It didn’t look that bad, though. He could handle this.

Courtney grinned beside him and said, “You look hot in that outfit.” Then she pushed off and was whizzing down the mountain.

Jared took off after her.

He didn’t catch up. Instead he was navigating fast turns all alone. His senses were hyper aware and his heart pounded hard against his throat. Bits of cold stung against his nose. This was harder than he remembered. A lot harder.

Trees and turns came at him so quickly he had no chance to process getting around one before another was in front of him.

Never again, Jared thought. It had been a mistake to let Courtney talk him into this trip. What had happened to his suggestion to go hiking? He couldn’t remember anymore how he had agreed to go skiing. Courtney had that kind of power over him. He still forgot that he wasn’t the geeky pudgy kid anymore. He was buff now. Well, buffer anyway. But he still couldn’t help feeling like Courtney was way too good for him and it made him want to prove his worth at every moment.

It only took that second of ruminating to distract Jared from his task and ensure that he wouldn’t be making it to the bottom in the usual fashion.

The tip of one ski clipped a tree and spun him out of control. He tried to shriek like a little girl but the cold air in his throat let no sound out. He spun several times and then slammed into another tree and he could hear his leg crack as it bent entirely the wrong way.

He was prone, lying in the snow, staring up at the bright sky while pain pulsed across his vision. Who would even find him? Would Courtney realize something was wrong and send someone to look for him? How long would it take? Would he get frost bite and die first? Pull it together, dude, Jared thought to himself. You’re the cool guy now.

It was just before peak season and there weren’t that many other people on the slopes, but even though Jared was now off the path and in the sparse woods, another skier saw him and pulled over expertly, slicing with his skis.

Before long an EMT crew was there getting Jared up and carrying him off the slopes. He groaned with every jostle as they hurried him to the ambulance. There he got some kind of pain medication and he drifted off into a drugged dream.

He woke again in a hospital room, instantly recognizable by the smell and the sounds; beeps and pages and shoes scuffling up and down the hallway. Jared felt sore all over.  He tried to stretch and that’s when he realized that his left leg was heavy with a huge plaster cast all the way from his upper thigh down his foot, leaving only his toes exposed. It was lifted in some kind of sling while the rest of his body was lying flat.

Wow. He blinked in surprise. So much for their vacation. He’d never broken a bone before.  Damn Courtney, talking him into this stupid shit. Why did he let her do it? He was building up a good head of steam when Courtney appeared in the doorway and her remorseful face melted Jared’s anger.

 “I feel so terrible that this happened,” Courtney said, rushing over. “Oh babe. You poor thing. But don’t worry. I’ll take really good care of you and you’re still going to enjoy the rest of our vacation.”

A little later a doctor arrived to explain the various breaks, the healing time, and let them know Jared could go back to the resort in the morning with a pair of crutches. “Try to keep the leg elevated as much as possible,” the doctor said in parting.

Since he’d never used crutches before, a male nurse came by to help him figure it out and make sure he could handle them. While Courtney sat in a chair in the corner of the room, the nurse lowered Jared’s leg to the bed, then gently helped him to sit up with an arm around his back.

Jared grimaced at the aches throughout his body.

“All good?” the nurse said.

“Yeah,” Jared muttered, “I’m fine.”

Jared gripped the bed while the nurse rotated him, slowly lowering the heavy casted leg to the tile floor. Leaning heavily on the other man, Jared heaved himself up onto his good leg and swayed for a moment. The nurse held out two wooden crutches and adjusted their height until they fit snuggly under Jared’s arms.

Jared leaned forward on them and gave a test hop. The casted leg swung a little too wide and smacked into the crutch on Jared’s left side and he would have hit the floor if the nurse hadn’t caught him. Good thing they sent a strong guy for this task.

Courtney was silent and Jared was grateful. Knowing her, he had expected some giggling at his expense.

Jared straightened up and tried again. After a little while he was able to get the rhythm of it, but he was surprised by how exhausting it was. He was worn out after ten minutes and his head was starting to swim. Blood was pulsing in the toes of his casted leg too. It felt like all his blood was pooling in that foot and trying to break the cast apart.

“I think that’s enough for now,” the nurse noted.  

Jared hobbled back to the bed with every ounce of concentration he had. He sat down with relief on the edge, but lacked the strength to get his broken leg back up onto the mattress. The nurse took over and Jared gratefully collapsed, letting him do it.

Breathing heavily, Jared closed his eyes and felt the blood start to flow back into the rest of his body.  Six weeks of this torture? He couldn’t imagine how he was going to get through it.


  1. Great beginning.
    i hope to see more story soon!

  2. Nice, casts are definitely fun to think about, one of my fetishes! Let's see how Jared is going to make it for the next six weeks...:-)

  3. Fabulous beginning. Hope we read more about the nurse and helping over the next six weeks or more