Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hot Summer - Part 3

The first night

A loud ring made her jump. She almost fell off the couch. Clinging one hand to the back of it, Summer found her balance. The phone on the table turned in little circles, sending out white flashes into the dark room. The noise made her head hurt. Quickly she grabbed it and found the right key to answer the call. ".. yeah, it's Summer?" Her voice sounded sleepy even to herself. "Hey, can you open up the door please?" "Sure, one second." Click, he had hung up. The display claimed it was 1:03. Where the hell was she after all? Summer put down the mobile and tried to find the right pace to get up without getting too dizzy.

While stumbling through the room, trying to figure out why the light was switched off, she was slowly becoming conscious again. Of course she was still in the house of Vince's father at the lakeside. He had been gone to meet his friends. She must have had fallen asleep while waiting for him. Finally her fingers found the light switch. She pressed it but nothing happened. Mumbling a curse, she tried to remember where the front door had been. The dim moonlight that feel through the trees only scarcely did not make it much easier. When she finally found and opened the door to the porch, she was blinded for a second. Right, Vince had lights on the chair. She blinked, gave herself three seconds to look into the mirror on the wall to her left and fix her hair. Deciding that luckily it was too gloomy to see any details anyway Summer opened the door.

Vince grinned at her impishly. "Did you try to hide the house from me?" Trying to figure out what he meant while ignoring that tingle in her stomach by looking at him, she stepped aside to let him pass. He must have sensed her confusion and said "I mean because you switched off all the lights. I could barely find my way back here." Oh, that's what he was talking of. "I'm afraid we have a blackout. Do you know where the fuse block is?" It was right in the porch, next to her. While Vince was turning into the right spot to give her some light he chatted away in a way indicating he was not completely sober anymore. Summer hid a smile and took a look at the fuses. Having grown up on the farm of her parents in the country-side she considered to be proficient enough to state "I hate to say that but these are all okay. Guess we just don't have any electricity for now." Vince did not seem to mind so much. Instead he pointed to a drawer on the opposite side of the room, telling her to check for some candles.

Indeed, she found some long candles and now finally could make use of the lovely seven-branched candelabrum that had caught her eye when she first had stepped into the house. With every candle she lit, the sphere of light grew a little larger. Vince was standing behind her now. She turned around and looked at him. It was easy to tell from the way he looked at her he had had a fair amount of alcohol. His long, crooked fingers were placed on his thin legs. She would soon need to help him to get to bed. He was drunk. He probably wouldn't mind her giving him a little relaxing massage? The excitement of that thought was followed by a sense of guilt. Summer tried to shake the thought off, reminding herself of why she was here. It was her job to help him. She realized she had been staring blankly at him for at least half a minute. "Umm, so you want to go to bed now?" He blinked and focused his eyes on her. Had he been looking at her chest? While he put some effort in nodding and bubbling an affirmation, Summer realized she would not be able to see this as just another job. The shame it filled her with was not nearly as big as the excitement she felt when taking out a candle and following Vince to the bathroom.

The alcohol seemed to kick in now, as he had even more trouble to lift his hands than before and his words sounded quite slurred "Can you please hand me the toothbrush and lift up my arm on the sink?" She stood right behind him, leaning over him, she took the toothbrush and placed it gently in his hand. With the other hand she took his limp elbow and put it up on the sink so he could reach his mouth with the hand, casually caressing his arm. A weird mix of guilt and pleasure made her twitch. She was observing him while he brushed his teeth. His shoulders looked like they literally craved for a massage. Summer had to put her hands behind her back so she would not accidentally give in to her fantasies. Vince spat and just dropped the toothbrush into the sink. He was clearly exhausted.

He headed to the bedroom and Summer followed, taking the candleholder with her. The wheelchair stopped in front of the bed. Time for transfer. She remembered what John had shown her. First she unlocked Vince's seatbelt. Then she knelt down, took his arms and gently placed them around her shoulders, ensuring he had a tight grip. His body was leaning against hers, his head placed on her shoulder. Summer could feel his warm breath against her own neck. She could not help but letting her hands slide down his back slowly, feeling how it moved with every breath he took. Something inside her cringed. Her fingers had found the waistband and she gripped it tightly. He was much lighter than she expected, making it not much of an effort to pick him up. She enjoyed the weight of his body pressing him against her while turning around to seat him on the edge of the bed carefully.

Vince took a while before he seemed to sit more or less secure. In contrary to the wheelchair there were no arm rests to support him, he used his arms instead to support his body on each side. "Now, you can remove my shirt. But be careful, don't take my arm up without holding me!" Of course she already figured that. Summer sat next to him, hugging him so he would not fall to one side, while she unbuttoned his shirt. The excitement of finally being so close to him while undressing him made her breath faster. She was carefully removing the shirt completely and savored the view. His body was crooked , the stomach stood out and was twisted to the side. His skin was smooth and tan, covered with thick dark hair on his chest. Holding him gave her the opportunity to casually streak along his arms, him being too drunk to really realize what she did. Summer felt a small wet spot in her panties.

"Okay, you can now lay me on the back. Just put one hand under my legs and the other behind my back. Then you can turn me around on my buttocks." She did as she was told. His leg contracture was very obvious, she could barely stretch them at all. Now Vince was lying there, Summer climbed a little over him to be able to remove his pants. "Oh, I keep my underwear for the night by the way." That was a slight disappointment but finally being able to touch his legs made up for that. She pulled down his jeans, revealing that his legs were even thinner than she had imagined. He had a quite a lot of body hair on them, the same dark color as the hair on his head. He was wearing grey boxers. Summer bowed over him, trying to get as close as possible without becoming too obvious for even his drunk state. "What now?" She tried giving him a seductive smile and hated herself for it in the same moment. He did not really seem to notice and said "I need to pee. Can you please bring me the urine bottle?" She did and placed it between his legs. When he made no attempt to act any further, she turned around a bit to give him some privacy.

"FUCK! Oh god damn it!" She turned around to see that the full bottle had slipped from his hand, leaving a little puddle on his stomach and a big wet spot on his boxers. He continued cursing. Summer felt helpless, her desire and excitement almost overwhelming her while she tried to calm him down. "It's okay Vince, don't worry about it! Let me bring that bottle to the bathroom and I will help you clean that up." "Yeah. Shit! Look at that mess! Bring a new boxer from my rucksack, will you? And a washing cloth, please." She could hear the embarrassment from his voice and felt even more ashamed of the fact how wet she had become by just thinking of washing him. She resisted to touch herself and instead hurried to get the requested things to the bedroom.

She again climbed on the bed, coming as close as she could to Vince. She bent over him a little and slid her hand into the washing cloth. He still looked miserable and she kept comforting him with words while slowly cleaning his stomach. The closer she came to the grey fabric of his underwear, she more sensually her moves got. Summer realized she did not even know if he could get a boner but from her knowledge about his disease it should be possible. "I will remove that now, okay?" He mumbled an agreement and she carefully pulled down the boxers. His penis was uncut and she could already see that not only her predictions had been right but also her efforts were showing the first results. He was definitely not limp anymore. Like a hot pain the guilt was back. She was totally taking advantage of him. But Summer could not stop herself from going on.

Gently, she moved the cloth in small circles closer to his penis, pretending to be extra diligent in cleaning him. She could watch how it grew larger. His pubic hair was trimmed but just as coarse and dark as the rest of his hair. Her hand had now reached the shaft of his half-erected penis. "Summer... I'm.. I'm sorry, I don't mean to..." He was looking so confused. Summer mustered the most reassuring and supporting smile she had and bowing down to him she whispered "That's okay Vince, let me handle that." He did not object anymore when she continued. While she cleaned him, he got fully hard. She continued stroking him with the washing cloth and turned a little towards him, seeing he now had his eyes half closed and was breathing fast. She matched the speed of her hand to his weak body movements. Vince opened his mouth to say something but Summer took her free hand and put her index finger gently on his mouth "Shhh, it's okay..." He came with a soft moan.

She cleaned him again and put the fresh boxers on. Then she put the blanket over him and blew out the candles. All the time he did not look at her and neither of them spoke a word. Summer decided to leave any thinking for the next day. Instead she went to the other bedroom to take care of her own pleasure.


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