Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hot Summer - Part 4


Summer felt like the main actor in a bad movie. The whole day had been just awkward. Vince had slept until noon. When he finally woke up he was extremely short. He kept even more distance than before, never directly looking at Summer. But it felt like whenever she turned away, he was gazing at her. None of them spoke a single word about last night. Even if she would have had the courage to, Summer could not even imagine what to say.

Vince had been brooding all day, most of the time just sitting in a corner of the garden, in the shadow of the large trees, either reading a book or listening to music. He kept interaction to a minimum. She tried to blame it on him having a bad hangover. Maybe he did not even remember anything. But still she felt incredibly ashamed. Trying to distract herself, she took a look around.

In the late afternoon sun she could see a swarm of insects over the swimming pool. The house and especially the garden were fascinating. It was clearly visible how much effort the owner had put into making it not just a nice place but actually more of an island of calmness and beauty in the middle of nowhere. For all she could tell, there were no neighbors anywhere around. The lake where Vince had met his friends last night was almost ten minutes on foot away. The only sounds she had heard since the taxi left were animals, the wooden beams of the house, wind in the trees - and the sounds of the electric wheelchair of course. She realized how close they were and turned her head.

"Summer?" It was the first time he had addressed her directly today. She hid her confusion and gave him a light smile. "I would like to swim. Do you think we can do that?" He explained to her how the water would support him, allowing him to move much more freely than he could in his wheelchair. Still he would need her support of course. She would need to stay close to him, sometimes maybe helping him to keep his balance. And of course carry him in and out of the pool. Trying to ignore her excitement, she nodded. He was now looking right at her again and something was different about it. Summer did not really get what it was though. Had he been watching her all the time? She shrugged off the thoughts and went inside to get her swimsuit.


With a slight satisfaction she realized him mustering her when she stepped outside. Summer was proud of her body and she knew about the impression she made when wearing a tight swimsuit, revealing a lot of skin and showing her female curves. Suppressing the impulse to give him a little show by walking towards him extra slowly, she just knelt down next to him so he could see her face better. His gaze found her eyes. "Okay, I'm ready - how do we do that now?" Vince explained. She first took him out of the wheelchair. The procedure was becoming more smooth. Still she enjoyed his body being so close to hers, turning it into an almost intimate moment when she placed him on the hammock next to the pool.

She brought his swimming trunks from inside. This morning he had seemed anxious to avoid her seeing his private parts, so Summer was very careful to make him feel more comfortable. She first took off his shirt. While undressing him, he told her how his father had built the swimming pool. He had dug out a big hole in the garden with the help of some friends to make it accessible from ground level. Summer could imagine a much younger Vince with his father, playing in the water. The thought was so gorgeous and made her feel a little tingly, knowing it would now be her to be in there with him. She went on to gently remove his pants and boxers.

He seemed to be much more comfortable now. Even though he was now lying naked in the hammock, his atrophied limbs loosely placed beside him, he kept smiling at her and continued the conversation about his father and the pool. He made no attempt to cover himself or turn away from her like in the morning. The edge of a large tree combined with the warming sun rays cast slowly moving shadows on his tan body.

Summer wondered whether he realized what her looks meant. She felt guilty again and realized he was waiting for her to help him put on his trunks now. Just as she bent down to grab them, he said "Umm, I was just thinking. There is nobody around to see anyway. I would actually love to just stay like that. If that is okay for you?" She looked in his face. He was serious. It was hard to not sound too excited when assuring him that it was absolutely okay for her.

It turned out that it was a bit harder to figure out how to carry him now as there was no trousers to hold on. She had to help him folding his arms around her neck, slip one of her hands under his legs and take the other to support his back. After a few attempts she finally found a position that felt secure for both of them. His head was resting on her chest, only separated by the thin fabric of her swimsuit. The fact that he was completely naked in her arms made Summer shiver a little while she carefully walked towards the pool. As it was really big, there were convenient steps making it easy for her to just walk in while carrying Vince. The water was cold but refreshing, with every step rising higher along her legs.

She could feel how the water took away the weight from her arms, embracing Vince and supporting him. Still she made sure to keep holding him and watching for his head to stay over the surface all the time. She moved her grip a little to allow him to shift into an upright position. "Okay, you can let go now." She slowly retreated her hands, holding herself ready to grab him anytime. Since he could not stretch out his arms or legs and the pool was too deep even for her to stand, he had tilted his head to the back to keep it over the surface. She could see in his eyes how much he enjoyed his new freedom to move. "It's okay, you don't have to stand that close. Just keep an eye on me, if my head stays under water for a while, you might want to help me with that." He gave her one of his cute, crooked grins.

Summer made sure to always stay close enough to Vince to reach him within a few seconds but far enough to give him some space. The moves he made were far from what she would have called actual swimming but he could move pretty well with his technique. He mostly moved the water with just movements of his hands and pedaling his feet. He gave her a little shock when even diving for a few moments but just as she was about to pull him out, he came back to the surface, winking at her. Reminding herself he would not drown if she looked away for a second, she actually started to enjoy the refreshing water on her own. She laid back, watching Vince with half closed eyes and embraced the moment.


It must have been at close to half an hour after entering the pool. He had been sitting on the stairs already for a while, clearly a bit exhausted, chatting with her about his family. Now he finally decided he had had enough. With a slight disappointment Summer realized she had not found any excuse to get rid of her own clothing or even come any closer to the naked Vince in the pool. But now it was her time to carry him out again. She swam up to him and helped him putting his hands around her neck. This time it was even harder to find the right position to grab him. Taking care that his wet body would not slip out of her hands, Summer slowly climbed out of the pool and was glad she could place him on the hammock without any accident.

Even though it was still very warm the wind was creating a freezing sensation on her wet skin. She could also see goose flesh on Vince's arms and legs. Still he insisted on her drying up first. Afterwards she took the big white towel that he had told her to bring earlier. She wrapped his upper body in a part of the towel to protect him from the wind and then proceeded to dry his short hair and face. She realized she had to take both hands, one for drying and the other to support his head as he could not hold it in place when she was rubbing. She then proceeded to dry his arms and legs, secretly admiring their slenderness. They were not completely still of course and she could sense how he always made little supportive moves but they would never have been enough to lift the limb.

Gently unwrapping his body exposed his chest and the dark, coarse hair once again to her. Taking a dry end of the towel, she started rubbing his front. He did look at her with a light smile on his face but was staying silent. Summer took her second hand to support and let her moves slowly wander down his body, making sure to apply some light pressure to give him a good sensation. She made little circles on his belly and moved further down. "You've either worked as a masseuse before or you are really enjoying that..." Caught red-handed, Summer glanced at him. He had a mischievous grin on his face. She tried to say something but somehow could not put together a full sentence. She could feel herself blushing. He laughed kindly and gave her an apologizing smile. "No offense, I was just pulling your leg. But I think that's dry enough for the moment. I would actually like to relax a little here in the sun, how about you get yourself something dry to wear and figure out what we could have for dinner today?" Summer could only nod.


  1. You unwrap your story nicely, revealing a bit at a time, and build the sexual tension in a well-paced way.

  2. So far you've got an awesome story! I love the plot and you're divulging details at the perfect pace. My only complaint is that you haven't updated in a while! ;)

  3. Mmmmmmm . . . a very yummy scene, indeed!