Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hot Summer - Part 5

The second night

He took slow sips from his glass, always interrupting his story with little moments for her to think about what he was saying. She eventually figured he was doing it on purpose, thoughtfully choosing just the right moment to leave her with a little cliffhanger or emphasizing a point. The darkness had embraced them an hour ago and but the heat of the day was fading only slowly. His eyes had been flashing in the dark as his confidence blew away the awkwardness that Summer had felt during the day. She was somehow sure that Vince had chosen the topic on purpose - he was talking of his perception of sexuality.

Summer emptied her glass while silently listening to his soft voice and almost philosophical explanations. It was too dark to see more of him than a mere silhouette. The small candle on the table between them was flickering. She felt an almost physical tension between them - was it the topic? The situation? Her fantasies? The wine made the questions and doubts in her head more and more irrelevant. "... it must be scary or very complicated at times - I understand that. I think it is very hard for a woman to be with a guy who is in a wheelchair. " Another sip. Summer realized she had not said anything for several minutes . This was her time to step in: "Well, I think that depends a whole lot on the woman, doesn't it?"

It seemed the alcohol had done his job well and she had sounded much more suggestive than she intended to as Vince was baffled for half a second. She didn't mind anymore. Leave the thinking for tomorrow. Keeping her eyes on him, she reached for the wine bottle.  In the darkness she felt something soft and realized  it was Vince's hand. Had he been putting it there on purpose? He gave her a weak squeeze and she could feel the softness of his tender fingers, sending a little shiver through her body. "I guess so...", he said and was giving her this stare again. It seemed to reach right down her to her soul, exposing all her secrets to him. Summer felt naked but very safe - she knew he would not use anything he found in her eyes against her.

Something changed in his face. He looked determined when he asked "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, right?" Summer nodded as his fingers were caressing the back of her hand. The candle flickered again and the flame grew smaller. He had a little smile on his lips. She returned his touch, feeling the coarse body hair on his skin, letting her fingers run up his wrist slowly. The light died and only a few stars illuminated the scene. His hand closed around hers and pulled her ever-so-softly towards him.

She stood up and took a slow step to be right next to him. The rational side in her mind screamed to stop but she didn't care about it anymore. She tenderly removed her hand from his and put both of her hands on his head to let them run down behind his ears. His short hair brushed against her fingertips until she found his jaw bone. Vince had put one hand on her hip and displayed a confident smile. Summer put her left leg over his feet, she could feel the warmth of his body. While bowing down, she took his face into her hands, directing his head to tilt back a little.

When their lips met, something inside her broke free. It was like a wild animal that had been raging in a cage for ages, finally released of its chains. Her kiss turned from tender to intense, she pressed against him, sucked on his lips. She felt like she had been wandering through the desert, gagging for a drink, and finally having found an oasis. Her tongue nudged his lips and her hand ran down his neck. She could feel his grip around her hip becoming more determined, even despite his lack of physical strength pulling her in closer. They continued to share a fierce and lustful kiss and time seemed to stand still. When Summer finally pulled back, she could not tell if it had been thirty seconds or ten minutes. Vince was breathing a bit heavier and for a moment she was a bit concerned that she might have put too much of her body weight onto him. But the smug grin and sparkle in his eyes hushed her. She still let her index finger run down his nose and his grin got wider.

"Wow, that was intense... Seems you had been wanting to do that for a while?" Summer could only grin coyly. Something inside her wanted to question it, make an excuse, explain - but she did not allow the thought to ruin the moment. Vince had lifted his hand to her shoulder and started to draw a little line from there towards her neck. She realized that if she would straighten up, he could no longer reach her. Instead she bowed down a little more and felt that it was much easier for him this way. His touch sent more shivers down her spine. His hand had reached the back of Summers head and she felt a little tug. A warm feeling of acceptance rushed through her as she realized that Vince wanted to kiss her again. She gave in to her passion.


The white linen of the bed was reflecting the dim moonlight that fell in through the window. The half-naked, crooked body on the bed was creating a surreal atmosphere. Summer was panting heavily. His intense kisses had driven her passion to unknown extent. Her heart was beating hard and fast. She could feel her sore neck where he had given her several love bites, each making her want him just the more. And there he was, lying on his back and with visible strain trying to look at her. He could not lift his head a single centimeter. She took a step closer so he could see her better while she undid her bra.

Summer lowered herself onto the bed next to Vince. "I'm impressed..." he said, while weakly moving his arm towards her chest. She gave him a thankful smile. His left arm was not as strong so she climbed a little over him, supporting herself with her own arms. His gentle touch streaked her breast and she could feel how her nipples got hard. The voice in the back of her head was back - what was she doing there? It was one of her darkest fantasies, something she never would even picture fully but just push away as highly inappropriate and here she was, seducing the wheeler that she was supposed to help. Actually, he was seducing her. His hand indicated her to come closer and she felt a soft but determined kiss on her chest. Her excitement blew the doubts away.

Looking down on her body, she could see his slender, crooked fingers on the thin hands caressing her naked skin. She noticed that her jeans displayed a large dark spot between her legs and was surprised for a moment. Vince noticed her gaze and his white teeth blinked in the spooky moonlight as he put on his smug grin. She punished him with a kiss. Gently she took one his hands and applied a bit of force to push it down on the bed next to his head. Immediately she felt a little shock - did she maybe take it too roughly? She checked his face for a reaction but he didn't seem to mind her taking over control. Summer took his other hand and gently forced it next to his head as well. She took one leg and placed it on the other side of his body. Now Vince was trapped under her, his hands locked down and her kneeling over his body. Summer realized how short his body was compared to hers. She had to bend her back to be able to kiss him.

Without letting go of his hands, she started kissing a line down his chest. His soft moans made her kiss a little harder. When she reached his pants, she stopped and looked up. Vince had his eyes half closed and his mouth open. His head lay on the side and looked at bit uncomfortable. She let go of his hands and took the pillow, putting it next to his head to make it easier for him to support the weight. He reached out with his hand but could not lift it up enough to reach her. "Help me. I want to put my arms around your neck and kiss you." Summer carefully picked up his fragile arms and placed them on her shoulders. At first he almost slipped but when she supported his elbow, he found a grip and pulled her down. His kisses got greedier and Summer's body responded. She got as close to him as she could, feeling his body against hers, while trying to fumble open her jeans. Eventually she succeeded and tried to find a position where she could half lay on Vince while support her weight with her elbows. "Tell me if I am hurting you, okay?" He replied with nibbling on her lower lip.


As her fingers finally found the condom packing in his rucksack, half of her was wondering if he had planned this. Could it be? Or maybe he was just one of these guys that like to be prepared for everything. Why else would he take condoms to a vacation trip where he'd meet friends. Her glance met the naked Vince that was still lying in the same position, unable to move but eagerly waiting for her. His breathless voice reached her: "I want you to do something..." I sound like he was up to something. Summer came closer. "I have a brown scarf in my rucksack. Bring that to me." She was a little confused but did as he told her. The scarf was soft and smooth in her hands while she stood naked next to the bed.

"Tie my hands." Her mouth turned dry. The dark passion inside of her was rearing up. The shame was back, more than ever. "I... no... Vince, that's not..." she stumbled while trying to fight back her desire. It just wasn't right! "Shhh... Summer, I want you to come over here." Every part of her mind screamed to stop, to end it here, it had gone far enough. Yet her feet took her closer, her knees gave in and she sunk on the bed next to Vince. Her head followed his hand and let his kiss embrace her lips. It was, while physically weak, full of passionate strength and determination. There was no need for words. She took his hands, placed them over his head and carefully wrapped the scarf around it. She realized one of his arms were in a weird angle and took her jeans, folding it and placing it under it so he could support his arm.

There he was. Naked, fragile, lying under her. The fire in his eyes engulfed her. He told her what to do. He kissed her body all over as she adjusted her position to help him reach the most intimate spaces. Eventually he told her to help him put the condom on. And then, there was no more time and space, only a wild ride of emotions and impressions.


  1. Wow--that was super-charged and superb! Thanks so much for coming back to finish their lovely encounter.

  2. oh my god!!!! that was awesome.

  3. That was so beautiful !