Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Broken Toys

by One Pony

In a shadowy corner of the room, where the dulled light from around the curtains softly illuminates, sits a dusty trunk rarely opened by the girls who live here. No, this heavy wooden box is the home for so many toys that have seen better days. Days when they were accepted equally among all the regular toys. Most days meant playing, entertaining and making some girl feel special. Ah, but within each toy's personal story something tragic went wrong - maybe they fell from a high-shelf, maybe some other accident that broke, or shattered, something vital, causing them to be put away in this chest of broken dreams. Really, no one knows exactly what to do with them. They're not so bad as to throw them out, but really most girls can't imagine playing with them either. It's much easier to not see them. And so, the trunk it is!

However, despite the gloom of this seldom used the face of being locked away forever, comes a noise from the door. Is this a little girl coming back to explore the forbidden toys? Many dreams have been dashed before, so most of the broken toys have learned to never get too excited. Expectations can be a loser's game! Besides, it's just a doorknob that seems to be turning - nothing more! But as the door opens slightly, exposing the room to a stream of sunlight that quickly cuts through the thick air the, now peeking from the chest, toys are hopeful, yet remain still - not sure what to think! Maybe this girl will turn and run. Hey, it's happened before! Maybe she will start to play, then decide it's too different - not normal. Maybe her dad will get mad at her for even coming in here; then there's her girlfriends that would never play with damaged toys. She could be laughed at, or the focus of much gossip. No one will understand, really, not even her sometimes.

But maybe, just maybe this girl is different, too! Maybe she feels closer to these broken toys than the shiny, perfectly functioning beautiful dolls. Maybe she wants to be needed, loved...profoundly found - more than the working toys could ever make her feel. Maybe...just maybe she wants to fix them. Maybe she finds the toy that makes her feel whole!


  1. With the right girl, making each other 'feel special' is what it is all about. You write well with great imagery.

  2. Wonderfully written. I hope you extend these thoughts and write some more.