Monday, February 27, 2012

California Dreaming - Part 13

Kelly slowly woke up around 9, Alex had been up and to the bathroom already.  He said very gently, “hey.”  She looked at her shirt and looked at him and said, “hey.”  They just looked at each other for what felt like half of an hour. 
Kelly puckered her mouth as it was very dry, she said, “excuse me,” and got up and went to the bathroom. She came back and honestly did not know what to do, she was feeling very shy.  She sat at the bottom of the bed and Alex said, “if you want me to go.” Kelly interrupted and said, “oh my god no, I am just taking this all in.” Alex shook his head.  He could not tell what she was thinking.  He felt like he needed to take the lead, but he did not want to make a mistake. 
Kelly said, “wow.” 
“Kelly maybe I should go, we can get together later, I understand, last night was crazy.”  She did not say anything and he went to prop himself up, and she said, “no.”
Alex said, “what?”
 Kelly took a deep breath and said, “no.”   She went over to where she slept, “ if you leave here, I may never see you again.”
“Kel no we can have lunch or dinner.”
 Interrupting him she said, “I did this once, you I mean we are here now, I am not letting you go.  Pause Alex, there is so much I want to say but right now the words are not there.”  They just looked at each other, tears welling up for all the time that had passed and everything that had been forgotten. 
Abruptly Kelly said, “I am going for it,” and kissed him.
Alex got himself sitting upright and grabbed her head and pulled her towards him.  He brought her to his chest and held her so tight he could feel her tears.  “Kelly if you let me I will do better this time.”
Kelly sat up and straddled him and he wiped her tears with his gentle hands, she kissed the palm of his hand and put it on her heart, she honestly could not have talked if she knew what to say.  She put her hands through his hair and she said, “I don’t have the words but I know what to do.”
They made crazy passionate love, it was amazing, when they were done she lay beside him and said, “I can’t move,” Alex let out a laugh and she said, “oh jeezz.” 
“I just, I just have never done anything like that and I thought we had done it all but wow that might have been worth the wait.”  He grabbed her hand and held it. 
Kelly found her nook and he said, “you fit like a puzzle piece.”
Alex kissed her head. 
Kelly got up to go to the bathroom; he watched her naked body scurry across the room. 
She came out and said, “I have a test.”
“I hope I pass.”
Kelly grabbed her/his shirt and he pulled her close and he looked at her breast and saw the small scar and kissed it.  She kissed his lips.  “That was not the test but that was extra credit.”
“OK, I am ready.”
“Where is your wallet?”
Looking very confused he said, “what?”
“Trust me where is it?”
“Check in the bag on the back of my chair.”
Kelly pulled out his wallet and said, “everything lies on this one thing,” with a shitty grin.
She sat on his chair and Alex said, “I have no clue what you are doing, but I feel like I am in 10th grade calculus.”
 She opened it, and looked in the money area and said, “crap,” with a frown.
“What Kel?”
“You use to have a picture of us here and I always thought as long as you had that there then you still loved me.”
“Give me that.”
Kelly handed it to him.  “It’s OK it has been almost 3 years that is silly for me to think.”
Interrupting her Alex said,   “give me that.”
Alex pulled something out of the secret compartment behind the credit card part and there it was that same picture folded up.  He said, “I think I will die with this in my wallet.”
Kelly leaned down and kissed him long and hard. 
He said, “I never knew you knew about that.”
“I needed your insurance card once and you were asleep.”
Alex shook his head and said, “as a side note you sitting in my chair naked, holy shit that is like soft porn.”  “You like that?”
Alex pulled her down to him and kissed her again.  “Alex I am naked.”
“Yeah you are!”
Kelly grabbed her/his t-shirt and went to put it on and he said, “when you pulled that out last night I knew this might be really happening.”
Kelly said, “my head,” with a pout.
“I bet, you partied like a rock star last night Kel.”
She went to the kitchen and got water and advil. 
Kelly sat Indian style in the bed next to him.  She said, “I am still having trouble knowing what to say.”
“I know the feeling, I am afraid to mess this up.  I do have a question.”
With a serious tone, and looking into her eyes he said, “have I done my penitence?”
“What does that mean?”
“Kelly I want you more than anything in the world probably as much as I want to walk, but I just need to know you forgive me and I am not going to be punished for the rest of my life.”
“Oh Alex, it was not all you and, it takes two and I did my part.”
“Well I was the key player, I know that.”
“Well, I am letting you off on good behavior, time already served.”
Alex said, “Thank you, thank you,” and had tear rolling down his face. 
“Christ Alex, I am sorry, so sorry,”  and wiped his tear.  “Dare I ask what happens now?”
“I don’t know, taking it slow seems smart but silly, jumping in and rushing seems irrational.”
She said, “part of me feels like you never left and part of me feels like I missed so much.”
“I know, I guess just see where it takes us.” 
Without making eye contact Kelly said, “how long are you here for?”  
“I have to go to Colorado for some doctor stuff this week but I will be back.  If I did not have to go I swear I wouldn’t.   My flights in the morning.”
“Everything OK?”
“I am sure you have noticed, I have been more spastic, I have had issues with UTI’s, Mom wants me to see my urologist from home.”
“Are you worried?” 
“Worried, no, curious and anxious for whatever it is to be resolved, yes.”
“It does not matter; I have to be in New York for a few days.” 
Alex insisted they get out of bed and go get something to eat.  She took him to Nick’s to get his stuff.  The trip was uneventful, he was not impressed by her convertible.  After trying to get him and his chair in the small BMW convertible, he said, “well this is a great car,” with tons of sarcasm. 
Kelly said, “yes Alex of course I should have gotten a sedan or van because god knows the streets of San Francisco are lined with guys in chairs just waiting to date me,” she was equally frustrated. 
Lightening the moment Alex looked at Kelly and laughed and kissed her hand.
They went and got something to eat, they were both still recovering from the night before and wanted to just go back and spend the evening in bed together.  Once they were back at Kelly’s, Alex did some stretching out, Kelly was in her room packing and realized how normal all this felt.  When she was done, she went out and got on her knees and kissed him, he said, “hey you.” 
Kelly said, “done yet?” with a pout. 
With a big smile, “he said give me 10 minutes and I will meet you in bed.” 
Kelly shook her head and went and got ready for bed.  She watched from the doorway as Alex, moved his legs that were shaking even after all that stretching, and carefully pulled himself back into his chair.  Something that would have freaked her out at one time, now gave her a tingly feeling.  She appreciated him so much more now.  Not wanting him to catch her watching, she went into the bathroom.  Once they were settled in bed, Kelly put her head on his shoulder and said. “oh Alex what are we doing?”
Alex replied while kissing her forehead, “the only thing we know how to do, love each other.”
There was a pause.  One of those pauses where nothing but everything that needed to be said was said and heard.
Alex turned and looked her in the eye and said, “I will never hurt you again, I will never hurt you again.”  Kelly could not keep her hands off him, she let loose and he embraced every ounce of her.  They made crazy love, and afterward just laid there and said nothing.  He kissed her hand and she said, “I have always loved you, even before I knew you, even when I did not think you loved me I still loved you but had no idea what to do with it.  Since the moment that we met, there has never been a time where I did not love you. You need to know that and believe that.  Kelly when I found out you had breast cancer and kept that from me, I was very certain you did not love me and I needed to let you go.  That destroyed me.  Kel you know would have been right there with you, I would never have let you go through that alone.”
Taking all that he said in she shook her head and said, “I knew that, and I knew you would be here but I would never have wanted you to come back because I was sick.”
“Kelly do you know how crazy that sounds.”
“I know, I know.  You are here now just hold me.”
Kelly fell asleep and he carefully got up and went to the bathroom.  When he came back he sat and watched her for a few minutes.  He could not believe he was there; he did not want the night to end.  He got back in bed, and she must have heard him because she curled right up with him and he felt like he had everything he needed. 
Throughout the night he had a lot of spasms which frustrated him and he knew it had to be annoying Kelly.  She pretended not to mind, but she did think they were worse than usual but that was also 3 years ago. 
The alarm went off at 6 AM.  Kelly woke up kissed him and said, “I am going to get ready, make yourself at home, there is milk and cereal and other stuff in the kitchen.” 
Kelly told Alex to use the other bathroom.  He went in and began to cath and noticed a little blood, he figured it was another UTI.  One of the reasons he was going home to have a study done to see why he kept getting such frequent UTI’s.  He had at least one a month for the last year. 
Kelly finished up her last minute packing and wore a pair of shorts and a short sleeved shirt as she had a long flight ahead of her.  She was packed and ready and in the kitchen before him.  She made him some toast and a couple eggs.  Alex came in and she said, “good morning.” It was not awkward anymore. 
“Sorry I flopped around so much last night.”
“I hardly noticed.”
“You are an awful liar.”
“I have a UTI coming on, I know it.”
“Do you need anything?”
“No I will be at the urologist tomorrow.”
“Well that is convenient.”
Their flights were about a half hour apart so they shared a cab.  Once they were at the airport and it was time to part Kelly said, “I hate this part.”
“Kel, its not goodbye, you are not getting rid of me.” 
Looking in her eyes he said, “Kelly, I am playing for keeps.”
“God I hope you mean that.”
 Alex pulled her to his lap and kissed her, she got a tear in her eye and he told her not to do that. 
Kelly got up and wiped her face and said, “this is silly.”  She put her hands on his legs, looked right in his eyes and kissed him hard.”
“I know you don’t believe me but you will see me again, and very soon, this is not over its just beginning,” he said with confidence.
She kissed the top of his head and walked away. 
Alex hated that he knew she had no faith in him.  He meant it, he had no clue how but he was going to win her back.  Kelly cried for a few minutes then tried to put it out of her mind.  It was a weekend thing with an ex lover that is it, she refused to get her hopes up although she was so hoping he was serious.  She slept most of the flight as she was exhausted.  She checked email and facebooked and the 5 hour flight went pretty fast.  His flight was pretty short, and annoying as always. 
Alex’s brother Mike picked him up, he told him about the weekend and his brother said, “wow, so what does all that mean?”
 Alex said he did not know but he was going to figure out how to move back to LA and sweep her off her feet for good this time, his brother simply said,” good luck.” 
“How does she look, still hot as hell?”
“Might have been hotter, honestly not much has changed, once I peeled back her toughness she was the same sweet girl, wanting to be swept off her feet.” 
“Does she want you back?”
“I think but she had no faith in me, and I don’t blame her for that.  If she was not going to New York I would have stayed.”
“Mom would have kicked your ass for missing your appointment.”
“I know but it would have been worth it.”
“Enough of that how is the baby?”
“Great, everyone’s excited for the party.”
 Kelly got to New York late of course, and had to get checked in and changed for a 3 PM meeting, she had a tight schedule which was good because she did not want to think about Alex too much. 
Alex to his parents and they were not home, he unpacked and checked email and facebook and took a nap, he was beat.  He did not wake up till about and his parents were holding dinner for him.  He told them it was a long weekend.
“So you won’t believe who was at the wedding?”
His Dad said while taking a bite of his sandwich, “who?”
“Kelly was the maid of honor.”
His Mom quickly said, “you had no idea she was going to be there?”
“I thought she might be there, but I did not know they had become such great friends.”
“How was it?”
Casually Alex said, “great, we ended up spending the weekend together.” 
His Dad said, “wow, what does all that mean?”
“I am going to go back to LA and prove to her that I am serious.”
“Quitting your job?”
“In due time Dad all in due time.”
“Is that what she wants?”
“Yes, but she does not think I will do it, and has no faith in me.” 
“Oh, Alex, why do you always have to take the long route,” his mother said in her concerned Mother voice.
“I do that a lot, but I am going to marry her, I am not letting her go, I love who I am when I am with her.  She makes me feel like a man.  Kelly see’s me and I have looked I can’t find anyone that even comes close to that.  I would have stayed but she had to go to New York, it was so hard leave her in tears again, so hard.”
“Well, we are leaving early in the morning, you have a long day of tests.”
“I know, I think I have a UTI starting now, so the timing is perfect.”
 She said, “Dr. Roberts better get to the bottom of this, this is ridiculous.”
“Tell me about it, I spasmed like crazy last night.” 
His brother and Nicki brought the baby over and Alex could not believe how big he was, they skyped but he could not believe it.  He picked him up and put him on his lap and said, “hey buddy.”  He was actually a little sad, he missed so much.  Another reason to move closer, he really missed his family.  They let Aiden run around out back, it was surreal for Alex to watch.  He wanted so bad to play with him.  But he got a lot of pleasure from watching him. 
He texted Kelly, “did you get there in one piece.”
“Yes, thanks for checking.” 
“How is the time change?”
“Sucks but I slept a lot on the plane.”
Alex replied, “I took a 5 hour nap today,” with a wink. 
“I wore you out did I.” 
“Yes, and thank you for that.” 
“How is your family?”
Alex took a picture of Aiden and texted, “wonderful, I am so glad to be home.” 
“That is great, he is so cute, looks like your Dad.”
“The only thing that would make it better would be if you were here.”
She paused and did not know what to say.  “Alex, my last trip to Colorado was awful.”
“Give it a second chance.”
“I swore I would not ever step foot there again.”
“Well that is a tad harsh.”
“Speak for yourself.”  He paused.  He thought wanted to get her there.  “What are you doing?”
“Getting ready for dinner.”
Kelly answered, “that was fast.”
“I hate text.”
“I know.  But you are much better at it.”
Alex laughed.  “So what is it going to take to get you here?”
“That is ridiculous Alex, out of the question.”
Stuttering Kelly said, “because, stop it, I am not talking about it.”
“OK,” with a pause. 
My cab is here, I have to go, I will call you tonight.”


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