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California Dreaming - Part 5

California Dreaming - Part 5

The next morning she woke up and to his surprise she did OK.  She popped up went to the bathroom and came back and made love to him, it was not crazy but a nice wake up call.  Kelly apologized for being a pain and he said it was fine, he was glad she had fun and made some friends. 
Kelly said “now those are girls I can talk to, these ones that stalk you around here are not my type”
Alex said “well that’s good and I don’t think they stalk me.” 
She picked up his phone and said look at this, and he had missed 3 calls all from Rachel and his other groupies.  He said “I know, you are right but we graduate in a week and go our separate ways, why rock the boat.”
Aggravated she said “whatever.” Alex and got up and put a t-shirt on.  She asked him what his last week of law school had in store for him.  He said “actually not a lot.  A few more exams a couple meetings with professors and I am done.”  She asked when his family was coming and he said Friday afternoon.  Kelly said her boss was coming in on Wednesday and Leaving Friday.  She told him he wanted to meet him.  Confused Alex said “what?”  
“He thinks of me as a daughter and well he wants to meet you. 
Quickly he said “OK.”
“I know you are busy this week but maybe you could come to dinner with us.
“Anything for you Kelly.” 
They got up and she helped herself to cereal.  She had become very comfortable around him, and he with her.  She made him dinner on Sunday like always and then Monday rolled around.  The week was more of the same, they did not see all that much of each other as she was busy with work and he was wrapping school up.  They did manage to have dinner with her boss on Wednesday, he took them to a great place  and they had a good time.  He really liked Alex; Alex could carry a conversation with anyone he had more life experience than anyone she had ever met.  He did peace corp. type work when he was younger, he traveled, he was fluent in several languages, he was very on top of politics and was Ok with people who felt different, she had boyfriends in the past she would not dare take out with her boss the CEO of a billion dollar company.   So after dinner he came to her place because with his family in town he would not get to sleep with her.  That was fine; she loved waking up next to him.  He asked when they could meet up Friday as he wanted his parents to meet her.  She said she was dropping her boss off at the airport at 6 with traffic and everything it would be ish.  He said to call and he would tell her where they were, they were going out to dinner but may be done by then. 

His parents, his brother and his fiancé arrived around 2, he loved his family, and they always had a great time together.  His brother’s fiancé Amy was his high school sweet heart so she was like one of the family.  They all caught up and went out to dinner, they asked if Kelly would be joining and Alex said she would be over later she had to get her boss to the airport.  She called him at almost 8 and said traffic sucked and she was almost in town he said to just come to his place as they were hanging out there.  She was so nervous, she still had her work clothes on so she felt very over dressed but there was no time to change.  She was glad she already had met his brother as that gave her s a little comfort.  She pulled up and went in and they were all just sitting around it looked nice.  Alex came over and said almost in a whisper “hey, you look great.” Kelly said “I know I did not have time to change sorry.”  He grabbed her hand and kissed it and then introduced her to his parents they both hugged her and were so nice, Amy was also very nice. Mike hugged her as well and said it was nice to see her again.  They were all so nice, that must be where he gets it she thought. His Mom was a little petite women with auburn hair.  She had on Jeans and a UCLA shirt.  His Dad was tall like Mike and had on khakis and a polo shirt.  She sat down on the couch next to his Dad and asked how their trip was; they said it was uneventful which was great.  Alex offered her a beer and she took him up on it.  He told his family about how busy she had been at work, and how he met her boss and how he wished all bosses were like that.  She admitted that she had a great boss and that he sometimes thought of her more like a daughter.   Kelly got up to go to the bathroom and when she came back Alex pulled her to his lap and put his arm around her, which she found comforting.  His Mom said how proud she was of Alex that this was so big for their family. 
Kelly joked “I am lucky he told her when graduation was.” 
His Mom said “why?”
 “Well he did not tell me when the bar was he just told me at dinner one night that he took it that day.” 
His mom said while rolling her eyes “Alex has always been like that, and for the life of me I don’t know why, he likes to have this secret side, it was always annoying.” 
Kelly said with a chuckle “I would not be surprised if he was valedictorian.” and it got quiet and she looked at Alex and said “are you valedictorian?
 Alex winced and said “no but I am graduating with summa cum laud.” 
Kelly said with a very sharp tone not even trying to hide her annoyance “why in the world would you not want me to know that?”  Right in front of his parents she scolded him.  She had gotten up and walked a few feet away from him. 
Alex waited a second and then quickly said “I did not want you to make a big deal about it.”
“Well why would I, you are just graduating at the top of your class  in one of the best law  schools in the country.  She said I swear sometimes I could strangle you.”
Everyone San laughed; Mike said “I told you he has met his match.”  She was genuinely angry and maybe even hurt, she shot him a look and he said “Kelly I am sorry I just forgot.”  She said while rolling her eyes “ow stop, before you dig yourself deeper.”  

Someone changed the subject thankfully. The conversation was not limited, they all talked for hours.  She asked Amy all about the wedding.  Alex was not surprised that they all got along so well, he knew they would like Kelly.  They asked about her family and his Mom said the picture of Mia and Alex did her heart proud, she knew he had it in him.  He told her that he had no idea kids were so cool. She said she was glad she got to meet everyone but she was going to head home, they made plans to leave Alex’s place at 10 AM as graduation started at 11.  Amy asked how she was dressing and Kelly said “well its inside so black pants or a skirt and a nice shirt.”  Amy said she was thinking the same thing.  Alex walked her to her car and she said “you know Alex I can’t believe you did that.”  It’s not even that you did not tell me but I found out in front of your family.”  He said “I am sorry” and kept his head down.   “You are so lucky this is your weekend or else I would seriously kick your disabled ass.”  Alex laughed and said he loved her and she said the same. 

She was really starting to wonder why he kept such things from her but his Mom said he had always done it so maybe it had nothing to do with her.  She got up and got ready, it was a nice day so she went with a black sleeth dress and cardigan with the pearl necklace he had gotten her.  She met up with his family and headed over to graduation.  Everyone teared up when he rolled across stage, Kelly had a couple tears herself.  He looked so good and so proud.  After graduation they went outside for some pictures.  She gave him a huge hug and kiss.  She took some pictures of him and his family.  She had turned around to ask Amy something and when she turned back he was standing up against a tree and said he wanted a picture standing up his brother and dad had apparently helped him, she had never seen him erect before, it was weird.  She took the picture and then he said he wanted one with her.  She said sure, he was leaning on his dad and brother for support so she just replaced his brother and his dad backed away.  He was leaning on her heavy; he kissed her on the head and whispered “I love you.”Kelly said “ditto” she was still a little taken back.  When she reviewed the pictures again she just thought it looked weird, but to him it was important.  A bunch of his friends kept coming over so there were lots of pictures being taken.  Then Rachel stopped over, she apparently knew his family as they all hugged her, Kelly thought she was going to be sick.  She got her picture with Alex.  They told her to stop by later, and Kelly just knew she would, his friend Dana did the same thing.  Amy actually whispered in her ear “do you just want to punch her in the head?”  Kelly replied in a hush turning her head towards Amy’s ear “you have no idea.”  Amy said “I am not dating him and I want to punch them for you.”  They laughed.    His brother heard and told them to stop that.  A bunch of families were meeting up at a local restaurant so they all went.  They had their own table and although it was hectic it was nice, Alex was so happy.  He sat next to her and kept grabbing her hand.  When he was mingling she talked with his family like she had known them forever.  They were leaving Sunday and Kelly wanted them to have time together.  When things were wrapping up Alex asked if she was coming back and Kelly said “only for a minute” she said she had something for him.  So she went back to his place and brought in her gift.  His parents had given him a few sentimental things.
“Its nothing very exciting just something I thought you could use.”  He opened it and said “wow Kel its awesome.”
 “Do you know what it is?”  Feeling nervous that she may have crossed some line and he was going to have it out with her yet again.
“Yeah its for my chair.”
  “Yep and it should fit perfect, we measured it, I thought for work you could class it up a bit.” 
He hugged her and said “how did you measure it?”
 “I am still not 100% sure I tried to one night and nearly killed herself in the dark but when you came to work Kristy got what we needed.”  He said loved it, his Mom said that she would have never thought of that and she just said that’s what the girlfriend is for.  His birthday was in a couple weeks so she had to come up with something else. 
Kelly said she was heading out so they could spend time together and they said for her to stay and she said no way she had Alex all to herself all the time, they could have him for a day or two with a grin.  They all said how nice it was to meet her and hugged and she said she would see them soon for the wedding.  Alex walked her out and said “Thanks again.”  Kelly sat on his lap for a minute and said how happy and proud she was of him and said he was a big nerd.  She told him to enjoy his family and she would catch up with him tomorrow. 

Alex loved that she was not needy, she was not the clingy girl and that was great.  His Mom and Dad loved her and agreed that he had met his match.  His Dad told him that if he had to imagine someone for him that would be pretty damn close.  He told them he thought she might be the one, and his mom got teary, she just wanted her baby to be happy.  He told them he just did not have a clue how logistically it was going to work.  His Dad said that from his experience, if you want it happen you will figure out a way, Alex said he hopped so.  They asked him what he was leaning to as far as a job, he said he really thought Government but that may mean moving to Washington or god knows where and that would be out of his comfort zone.  His Dad told him the world was his and he never let anything scare him off before so why start now.  His parents wanted to get some hiking and site seeing in, they were leaving Sunday morning. 

Kelly was exhausted, she had a great day could not imagine liking his family more.  She loved that he came from a solid family and she liked that he treated his mom like gold, which is always a good sign.  She thought they liked her but you never know, they seemed like Alex just very nice people.  The thing about graduation was, she knew it meant Alex no longer had to be in San Francisco.  She knew he was staying and perhaps she knew he was doing it just for her or them.  But it really put a crunch on things.  He did not go to San law school and work that hard to not follow his dreams.  She saw the way he lit up when talking politics, he would be good for the government and she knew deep down, and somehow they had to figure out a way for him to get what he wanted and for her to also be happy.  She was really starting to love San Francisco, he showed her a new side of it, and she was very comfortable there, but she was not ready to make a decision at least until he did.  Her head was spinning, she needed a good run, she had not been running nearly as much, which was probably a good thing, she was a tad obsessed.  She texted a few of her running friends to see if anyone was up for going out.  Two texted back a great big yes.    She was up early Sunday and got a run in, she thought she would go and try to catch Alex’s parents before they left.  She texted Alex but he did not reply.  She figured she would head over anyway.  As she pulled up she saw his Dad packing the car.  He seemed happy to see her.  She said she wanted to say goodbye.  He put his arm around her and they headed in the apartment.  Alex said “well there is a sight for sore eyes” and came over and she leaned in for a kiss.  She said “I texted you” and he said his phone was plugged in, but he was glad she came.  His parents said they better get going, they said their goodbyes and that was that.  Alex pulled Kelly to his lap and said
“have I told you how much I love you”
 “no but I have an idea.” 
They kissed and she said “what is on your agenda”
“A lot of nothing.” 
“Let’s go shopping?” 
He looked at her like she had 5 heads.  “Ow come on.”  His mom did his grocery shopping so he was good.  She said “never mind” as she could tell he was not up for it.  Just then there was a knock at the door, it was Rachel she came to say goodbye as she was headed home.  They hugged and Kelly thought she was a little teary, Alex said they would talk soon.  Kelly could tell that Rachel was annoyed by her presence, Kelly went over to hug Rachel she felt bad for her, she did not blame her for having a crush on Alex.  Rachel was surprised by Kelly’s kindness, Kelly was very confident in her relationship with Alex.   It did not bother Kelly, why would it she was leaving.  Alex looked at Kelly and said with sarcasm “don’t look so happy” and she said “whatever Alex I think I was pretty damn nice.”  Alex said he really wanted a nap, and she said well I will go shopping and bring back lunch how does that sound.  He said great, he did not want to shop and she wanted to. 

She had a meeting in NY that week and Alex was starting his externship.  She made him dinner after his first day, he said he had worked there before and this was much more responsibility but it was no big deal.  Secretly Kelly wanted him to love it and want to work there forever but she could tell it was not going to be enough.  Neither of them ever wanted to talk about the obvious, deep down they both had no idea how it was going to work and neither wanted to ask the other to make huge scarifies for the other.  Alex’s birthday was coming and Kelly had noticed he could use a new suit or two so she snuck over to his place when he was at work one day, as they had exchanged keys a few weeks prior and got his measurements and went and got two very nice suits made for him.  Next two weeks went by in they were back in their normal rythym.

She had asked him to come over for dinner on a Monday night.  She had not heard from him all day, she texted him once “dinner my place, love you.”  He did not text her back but she did not think much of it, he could be in court.  He was starting to do more case work, which she thought he enjoyed.  She went for a quick run and then started dinner.  She hoped he got the message, she called and he answered and sounded like he was annoyed, she said “did you get my message” and he said “yes Kelly yes I got your message.”   
Kelly said “OK so” with a pause and he said “I am not sure, I have some stuff to get caught up on”
“Alex is everything OK.” 
“OK well dinner is here if you are hungry.” 
He said again with very little enthusiasm “great thanks.”  
“Alex did I do something?”  
“No Kelly, everything is fine.” 
“OK bye.”
 She was not sure if she was mad at him or worried that something was really wrong, he never was that way with her.  She went about making dinner 6 came and went, she figured he was not coming which annoyed her but she thought whatever, he may to work late.  She went and got a shower.  When she got out she thought she heard the TV, so she put a towel on her head and grabbed her robe.  She went out and Alex was watching TV and having a beer. 
Kelly said “hey.”
 He replied with a quiet “hey.” and looked mad as hell. 
She said “what’s up?”
 Kelly said “OK”  while trying her best not to loose her cool, something was going on here, and she knew to handle it with kitten gloves.
“He said go get dressed I am not going anywhere.”
“Well help yourself to dinner.”
 “Aren’t you going to eat?”
“Alex its nearly .”
“Ow, I guess it is.” 
“Are you sure I did not do something?”
 He said snapped back “no.” 
“I am going to go get dressed I hope when I come back you are in a better mood.”  
He said nothing.  She went and started to get ready and thought he was being an ass but she remembered how her ex always told her that he could not have sunshine flying out of his ass 24 hours a day, she figured it was a moody guy thing.  About 20 minutes later he rolled back to her room and said “hey.”
 Kelly said a hesitant “Hey.”
 Looking like a sad toddler he said “sorry babe I had a bad day.”
“I figured that much.  Wanna talk about it or just stay mad and mean?”
He half smiled and said “I just need a hug.”
 She said “that I can do.”  She hugged him and kissed him and said “all better”
 “Yeah all better actually.” She sat on his lap and said “dare I ask what happened?”
 He said “nothing, I don’t want to get into it.” 
“OK, let me fix you something to eat.”
Quietly he replied “thanks Kel.”  She finished getting ready and made him a plate and sat with him at the table.  He did not say much, she said “how was work?” And laughed  and he looked at her like she was an ass and she said “I am joking jeezzz.”  She was cleaning up and he said out of the blue “I was pulled off a case today.”
 Knowing she had to tread lightly she said “ow why?” 
“Apparently the client was not comfortable with me.”
 Looking confused she said “what” and
“Apparently I make them uncomfortable” and then she got it. 
“Ow honey, I am sorry, I can’t believe they would tell you that.”
 “They tried not to but I figured it out, and I am a big boy I can handle it, I am just annoyed, I was totally into it.  I should be use to this and I am sure I will be up against this shit forever it just sucks.  Garrett will be on it now he is such a piss ant.  Now they probably won’t even put me on the big cases.”
 “That is crazy Alex and you should know that is against the law.” 
“It does not work like that in corporate law it’s all about money and these people are paying their bills.” 
Not knowing which way to go she said “well we can do 2 things, we can sit here and talk about how much this sucks and feel bad for you or we can logically realize that this stuff would happen to you no matter what.”
Alex  looked at her funny she said “seriously Alex think about it you are young they could want you off the case because you look like you are 16 sometimes, again not your fault but it happens, or because you are barely out of law school and they think you are not seasoned enough, or Christ because the wife can’t stop thinking about how she wants to have mad passionate sex in the court room with you all day.” 
He again looked at her like she was nuts and she said “ow I bet it will happen, I know I would have trouble working with you” with a smile.
“I don’t feel bad for myself Kelly”
“Yes you do and so do I but all you can do is your best.”
 “That is the cheesiest thing you have ever said.” 
“Alex do you think I don’t run into this stuff all the time, maybe it’s not comparable but being a young women has not made things easy for me in the business world.  I have been patted on the ass, told to go home and get married and make babies, treated like I was a moron, you just have to try harder and never accept it.”
 “You think I don’t know that, but this is different.”
She paused he did not need her to harp on it, she just needed to be his girlfriend.  She went over and sat on his lap and said “forget all of that, I love you and I am sorry you had a bad day.”
Alex said a soft “thanks” and buried his head in her chest.  She was rubbing the back of his head and said “perhaps I can ensure you have a good night.”  There was a long pause hesitantly and knowing she would regret saying it when she heard his response “you don’t want to do this kind of work do you?”
 After taking a deep breath and looking right into her gorgeous blue eyes he said “ I can’t imagine doing it forever.”
She took a deep breath and just said what she was thinking “you need to be somewhere where you can influence change.”  He kissed her.  She said follow me and they went back to her room and she took his shirt off, and seduced him like never before.  She whispered in his ear that there was no one sexier or smarter than him and that no one has ever turned her on like him.  Then the proceeded to make crazy love, when they were done he said “now if I could have just had that at the end of every bad day for the past 30 years.”  She kissed him, and said “I don’t know about the last 30 but I intend to be around for the next 30.”  He said “nothing would make me happier.”  He got up and hopped into his chair and said he would be back, she got up and said “I need to check my email.”  So they both went about their business.  She put on some pajamas and he retreated to the bathroom.  When he was done he put the TV on for a bit and yelled for her to come to bed and she eventually made her way back, and brought her lap  top and they together played on facebook.  She kissed him and he said “even my worst days are some of my happiest since meeting you.” She said “I could not have said it better myself.”
Kelly, was busy with work and Alex had thrown himself into another project, thankfully they the upcoming wedding trip to look forward to as they both needed a break.  Kelly, was supposed to run a ½ marathon, but she was not remotely ready for it, Alex told her to do it anyway.  She really hated to quit and thought she would give it a try, she tried to get a few long runs in over the next few days but with Alex and work it was tough.  When it came time to do it she just was not into it.  Alex gave her flack and she said “Alex, running is not my boyfriend anymore, you are.”  She said “I have neglected the other and it’s not what it used to be.”  She said honestly it was not worth her time.  She had little free time with work and she did not want to have to worry about getting a run in and stressing over her performance.  For the first time in 5 years her feet resembled a tiny bit of femininity.  She backed out, Alex told her for all the shit he had given her he was actually proud of her, now if he could just get her to sit down and eat a steak dinner then he would feel that they came full circle.  She said “if a cupcake is involved then maybe.”  He told her no matter what he was her biggest fan and she said she loved him and that now she could not stop thinking about that cupcake.  He said “let’s go!” 
Kelly said with a smirk “imagine what I will be like when I am pregnant?”
Alex said with some obvious hesitation “I would rather not.” 
“What does that mean?” 
Alex said “I don’t want to imagine you pregnant that’s all.” 
“Well someday I will be.”
 Knowing he wanted to leave this conversation and fast, he replied politely “I am sure you will.”
 “Alex Miller you are about 5 seconds from hurting my feelings.”
 “Then I will stop while I am ahead.”  She dropped the subject because truthfully she knew it would not end well and she wanted to enjoy the rest of the day. 

His birthday fell on a Saturday so she had him stay at her place and she made him breakfast in bed.  Oddly he seemed super crabby.  She ignored it; she leaned in that afternoon to kiss him and realized he was very warm.  She asked him “are you feeling OK?”  Alex said softly “not really.”  He thought he might have a UTI as he saw some blood in his urine this morning and she scolded him for not saying anything.
 He said “if I drink a lot it may pass.” 
“Why don’t we go to the doctor and get you on something.” 
“This happens a lot, let’s just wait and see.  She told him he they could not go out and actually took his temperature and it was nearly 104 and she told him that this was ridiculous and she was taking him to the ER.  He did not like that and he tried to treat her like she had no idea what was going on, but something was not right.  He was extremely spastic and she made him drink something and said “please Alex let me take you to get seen, this is scaring me.”  He said no but he was going to head home and Kelly quite loudly  said ‘No you are staying here” and gave him some Tylenol for the fever.  He fell asleep and she made soup.  She hated he was sick for his birthday and really was worried, but maybe he was right she did not know a lot about how this stuff correlated with his condition.  He slept most of the afternoon, he did not want to eat and he looked like he was worse.  She took his temperature again and it was still 104.  Kelly said with a sharp tone  “that is it, lets go.” 
“No Kel I will see my doctor Monday if its not better”
“Alex Miller, don’t make me pick you up and carry you, I am freakishly strong you know.”  He very reluctantly agreed, when he went to sit up she thought he was going to pass out so she helped him to his chair, and he said as they were leaving, she was probably right something felt odd.  She helped him into the car and put his chair in the trunk as she had no idea how he usually did it.  He looked pathetic, she wondered how he got sick so fast, and he said he had not been feeling 100% for a few days, she thought about it and he was sleeping a lot.  She looked over and realized he had a little accident.  She did not say a word as he would see it soon enough.  He told her which hospital to go to.  He fell asleep for a little while, she was very worried.  He had told her once that when a part of his body was hurt that he could not feel it threw everything else out of whack.  He was still very spastic.  They got there and he woke up.  She parked in the handicapped spot, and went to get his chair and he had realized he peed and said softly “Kel I am sorry” and she said “stop it, that is why I have leather.”  He really did not get anything on the car and she just helped him up and she actually pushed him in, he had never let her do so much for him.  This scared her even more. 

They went up and checked him in, they said they were not too busy and he would be seen soon.  He told her he really did not want her to do all this, she was not supposed to take care of him, and she said “if you think I am letting some other brood take care of you, you are nuts, trust me your turn will come, I get the freaking stomach flu every year and it is awful.”  He said “ewww Kel.”  He felt so bad he did not have it in him to argue with her.  She asked if wanted her to come with him, and he said “it’s up to you.” Without any hesitation she said “well then of course.”  He was on fire again.  Kelly said “why don’t I try to get you some scrubs?” as his pants were wet and they had a weird smell.  They called him back and she asked the nurse if they had any scrubs as she wanted him to get out of his shorts.  She said she would get him something and that he should put a gown on anyway.  They talked to the nurse a bit and she took his temperature and it was still 104 and he said he thought it was a bad UTI.  She gave him Tylenol for the fever and she also gave him some pain medication, Alex said just because he did not feel the pain did not mean it was not there.  Kelly helped him get out of his clothes and as she was pulling off his wet shorts he looked at her and said “thank you”.  She said “don’t mention it” and kissed him.  The doctor came in and they got him in the bed and he did an exam, Kelly tried to not look when they were looking at his penis area.  Alex was starting to feel better as the pain meds helped with the spasms and his fever was coming down.  The doctor thought he might have a bladder or kidney infection as this seemed a little more than your average UTI.  So he ordered blood work and a urinalysis and said they would start him on a strong IV antibiotic just to try to play catch up with whatever it was.  She left while they did the cath, she just thought it was the right thing to do.  She went and got a diet coke.  He was drinking cranberry juice when she returned and looked better; he said it was probably the pain meds.  Kelly gently kissed him and he said “thanks for making me come.”  She smiled and said “someone has to be the brains in this operation.”  They watched TV for a while and he fell asleep for a bit, she held his hand. 

When the doctor came in he said he was right it was a UTI gone bad and it was now in his kidneys.  But with the IV antibiotics, some pain meds and a long course of antibiotics he should be fine.  Which was good news, he said had he waited another day or so it could have been much worse and he should not mess with this stuff and Alex said he was right and honestly he was not feeling well enough to make sound decisions, and the doctor said “well your wife seems to know what she is doing.” Simultaneously they said “ow we are not married.” The doctor shrugged and said “ow you just seemed to have that rhythm that a husband and wife do.”   When he left Kelly asked the nurse for the scrubs and started to get Alex ready to go, he did more for himself as he was feeling a little better.  They got the prescriptions and headed out. 

She reminded him that she made him some soup and she thought he should stay with her for at least the night and he agreed.  She went by his place and he asked her to get him a few things, he did not have the energy to get out and in of the car again.  She grabbed some stuff and noticed he had hung a picture of them from graduation on his refrigerator, she had not printed hers yet but it was the one with him standing and honestly she did not like it.  She grabbed his lap top to too, she figured they could both be on the computer then, she hated sharing her computer.  He was out cold when she got to the car.  She went to fill his prescriptions, but needed his insurance so she went in his wallet and saw a picture of them in there.  He was much more sentimental than she thought, which made her feel good.  She went in and while she was waiting he called her and asked if she needed anything and she nope I have it under control and she would be right out.  They went back to her condo and she put him on the couch and asked if he needed anything.  He said soup would be good and she made him lunch.  He ate and fell asleep watching sport center.  When he woke up he looked so much better.  Kelly said “hey guess what, it is still your birthday!”  Alex said in a hushed tone “ow I totally forgot.”  Kelly said she  made him some jello and they could pretend it was cake.  He looked at his phone and realized he had missed a lot of calls.

He called his Mom and told her about the kidney infection, she said she was glad he was OK she was not a hovering mom, she knew he would be OK.  He was still running a fever but seemed to be on the mend, the pain pills seemed to really help.  He headed into her bathroom to catherize himself she thought it might hurt so she went in her room to listen in case he needed her.  It was strange seeing this vulnerable side of Alex, even though he had obvious limitations she considered him to be the strongest man she knew as he was so very independent probably more so than most men she knew.  She heard lots of choice words coming from the bathroom, and she yelled in and asked if he needed anything and he asked to grab the cream he had brought home from the hospital, they had given him a numbing cream upon his request.  She said sure and went and grabbed it, she walked in and tried very hard not to stare as she knew how he cathed but never actually saw it, she also saw there was some blood in his urine and he looked like he was in some discomfort.  He said thanks and you could tell he wanted to be alone.  He came out a while later and said he was going to lay down in her room for a while and she said that was a good idea and to yell if he needed anything.  She kissed his forehead and told him she loved him and he said the same.  She caught up on some work, washed his shorts and before she knew it was almost and he was still asleep.  His phone rang and she saw it was his mom, so she answered and his mom said she called to check in on the birthday boy.  She told her she thought he turned a corner but he was very tired and she said that might be some of the pain meds.  She told her she made him a cake out of jello and she laughed and told her she was glad they had each other and Kelly said “isn’t that the truth.”  She said she would have Alex call her later and she said only if he wants.  She could hear him in the bathroom again so she went in asked if he needed anything and he snapped back with a big “No, I am fine.”  She ignored his tone and went in the other room.  She did not realize he had an accident in his sleep.  When she went to pull the sheets up and make the bed she noticed and she thought she would not say a word and change them before he came out.  It was not much anyway.  She put his clean shorts on the bed and walked out.  When he came out he saw the bed was changed and the clean shorts, he teared up, he loved her so much.   He loved that she did not baby him the way most girls did, he knew she would not bring it up and it was water under the bridge.  He came out and said, “thanks.” Kelly said “for what and walked away.”  He went up and kissed her hand and she felt his head and said “god you are still so warm.”  Alex said he was feeling better though and could go for something to drink.  She offered him a plethora of things he said water.  She asked if he was hungry and he wanted to try the soup again.  So they had a bowl together.  They did not talk much, she showed him the jello cake and he laughed and said he could go for a piece and she was happy to oblige.  Then she remembered she had a gift for him. 

She went and got a very nicely wrapped couple of boxes and told him to have at it.  He read the card first and teared a little, it was a romantic card and she wrote a note that said she is so grateful for the day he was born.  Then there was a picture from graduation that she had framed,  he said he had not seen that one and she said “because I was saving it duhh.”  It was a sweet picture of her on his lap like always, a candid shot that his Dad must have gotten with her camera.  He said he could not imagine what was in the boxes, she said its nothing “special” but something she thought he needed.  He saw the boxes were from Nordstrom’s her favorite department store.  He opened the first and saw a gorgeous suit with a shirt and tie and everything.  
Alex said “wow Kel this is amazing, you have great taste. You did not have to do all this.”   
“You said you were going to get some and honestly I knew I could do a better job picking them out for you, seeing how you love to shop and all.” 
He laughed and said “are they tailored?” As he saw the hems.
“Yep, I took one of your old suits without you knowing” with a wink “and had it tailored to match.”
With a grin Alex said “impressive.”  He knew she made a nice salary so he did worry that she must have spent a pretty penny. 
Kelly said “it’s not romantic but”  and he stopped her and said “its amazing as always thank you.” 
She said “lets go sit on the balcony.”
 With enthusiasm he said “that  is a great idea.”   They sat out and talked for a while and when he seemed exhausted they went to bed.  They realized in the morning that he had another accident and they actually just laughed about it.  He looked a million times better and she suggested they spend Sunday just relaxing and he liked that.  He thought by Monday he would be back to his old self.  She commented how she really liked the way her place looked with him in it.  He said “you know we would make good roommates” and winked.  It got silent and she knew they were both thinking the same thing, what was going to happen in the very near future.  She did not want to talk about it and neither did he but they needed to and soon. 

She was off to Boston the next week and was working on his big case so they would not see much of each other.  His brother’s wedding was in a few weeks plans had changed a little as they were going to fly in together but he was going to stay home for a week and she was going to meet up with her family in Hilton Head, she hinted around to see if he wanted to go but she got the impression that he wanted to visit home and she could not blame him he had not been home in a while. 

She went to Boston twice in the next two weeks.  She had ran into Phil a couple times but nothing out of the ordinary.  She was trying to wrap a lot of the paperwork up before she went on vacation.  He had sent flowers to her at one point to say he missed her in San Francisco.  She did miss him, but she was really looking forward to the wedding.  She wanted to get a hotel room but his family insisted she stay at the house with them.  She wondered how that would go.  Alex was working nights occasionally and she could tell he liked the job but it was not what he wanted.  One night over dinner she said she was going to address the elephant in the room and he said “what?”
 Kelly said without hesitation “what are we doing?”
 “Having dinner” and then said “I know,I know.”
“Alex what do you want.”
 “To be with you obviously.”
 She politely responded “as do I”.  Then she asked what he was seeing in the job search.  Alex said “there are things that interest me but I am not sure how to make it all work.”  “Kel if I could not stay in San Francisco, is there anywhere besides Cleveland you could go?”
“I could go anywhere.”
“I know you can but with your job, I am not going to ask you to give up your job so I can try something out.”
“Alex I am not saying I would but you need to talk to me so maybe we can meet come to some decision together.” 
“I know I just don’t like to give a problem without a solution and lets be honest you make a lot of money and have a great job, I could never ask you to give that up so that I could take a job where I may not make all the much in the beginning or ever.”
“Alex give me some credit I could find another job if I had to.  I know you are super independent and that is one of your best qualities but at some point you have to let me in and trust me.”
“I do trust you.”
Kelly stared at him for a minute and said “do you?”
 “You are being ridiculous, of course I do.”
“Well then back to my question where are we going?”
He kept saying there were things he was looking into but would not give her specifics.  She asked for an example of something he was interested in and said there are a few jobs in Washington at the UN and some other stuff. 
Kelly said with wide eyes “so that is where you are leaning?”
“Well, there is also stuff in San Francisco Kelly its not so cut and dry, you know that.” 
“Maybe it is, I can look and see if there is anything in Washington.”
“No you should not have to.” 
“Alex its not the end of the world if I have to find a new job, I have worked hard, if I choose you that is my choice.”
 He said that was not kosher with him, he thought there had to work it out they just had not found it yet.  She made him promise to keep her in the loop and she said she would start looking at her options.  She said she was excited for the wedding and he said he was too and he was so glad to have a date, because then he may not look so pathetic.  She knew what he meant and told him to “shut up.”

She started looking and even if she was willing to get a new job she could not find a thing anywhere near Washington, which really freaked her out.  One night she mentioned to Alex that she was looking for something and she said there was not anything popping up but she had some feelers out.  He changed the subject pretty fast.  She had a conference call that evening and she did it from his place, as always he was impressed with how she did not take anything from anyone.  She was close to being done with the Boston merger and he had his eye on a job in Washington but had no idea how to broach the subject with her.  He did not think it was worth upsetting or worrying her if he did not get it anyway.  He wished he could be forward like her and just say it but it was not his nature and he did not want to lose her and honestly if that meant saying in San Francisco then so be it, he never dreamed he could be this happy and he could see them having a life together in fact he wanted that life.  He was starting to think about maybe asking her to marry him, that might help things, but it had only been 5 months, he knew she did not jump into things.  He figured he would get through the wedding then they would just have to have a serious talk.  She got back from quick trip to Boston just in time to pack up for Colorado.  She loved the dress she had bought it was strapless with a nice little cardigan should she need it although Alex told her be prepared it could be very hot.  She had a sundress for the Rehearsal dinner and was actually excited to go away with Alex.  She also loved Hilton head and could not wait to see her family.  Her brother was mad Alex was not coming but she understood and really the beach was not his favorite place, but it was her favorite so she was going no matter what. 


  1. You have good plot flow. Nice job. I am enjoying this story very much.

  2. You're getting better at writing but one thing you need to work on is editing work before you post it. Putting quotation marks over the right part of a sentence, i.e, the things they actually say- Kelly said "i like your hair."
    He replied, "thank you." That kind of thing... Also fullstops are important or your sentences just run into each other. (Not that i'm a grammar whiz, I just noticed a few things)
    The last thing I will say is PLEASE use 'Oh' instead of 'ow'! I keep thinking they've either hurt themselves or are ghetto az bro! (If you are going for the latter then, sweet az!)
    P.s. You're doing great though!

  3. Kelly- I think you've got a good story here, but it still needs some editing. (Not to say that I don't have issues in my posts because I know I do.) Would you mind if I took a swing at editing it a bit and then emailing it to you?

    1. Eleanore- if you could even edit a small part so I could see what it should look like....that would help, I make changes and think I am improving it but clearly that would be great! You would never believe that I wrote a 150 page masters thesis for and got an A.....10 years and a few kids and I am all thumbs. Thanks!

    2. I've edited a little bit of the first section. I'll email it to you in word with "track changes" on, so you can see what I've done.
      You are getting better, but you just need to break things up a little more.
      You can send me your email address to eleanorejune at gmail dot com.

  4. I agree with the others, Kelly. It could be a really good story, but needs some editing for grammar. It's very hard to read as is.

  5. I'm really enjoying the story. Alex and Kelly are so believeable as a couple. I love the way you show Alex as strong and smart, and you also show his vulnerable side. I like the little tender moments when he lets his guard down and let's Kelly help him. Very sweet.

    Don't let the editing issues deter you from writing more, it really is a great story.

    1. YES! Please don't let the editing hold you back. Keep sharing your story!

    2. I am just trying to learn as I go here...I will keep sharing maybe in smaller sections so I can comb through it all a little better....we will would not believe it but at one point the whole thing all 120+ pages was pretty much one sentence....I never intended to share it....saw this and thought why not? I too LOVE Kelly and Alex. Thanks again Eleanore! Thanks everyone for reading it....I will work it all out promise :-)

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    it's great that you are so open to hear from others and that you are willing to improve your writing style. I'm really impressed. Good work, girl!