Monday, February 6, 2012

Paradox the book - Available on Kindle

The Paradox book, gathered from authors at Paradevo, is now available in eBook.

And it will even be available for FREE Tuesday February 7 to Saturday February 11th! After that it will return to the price of $2.99 (Pretty awesome deal for 400 pages of stories!)

Description from Amazon:

"A diverse collection of romantic short stories featuring men with disabilities from a variety of dev authors such as Annabelle Costa, Ruth Madison, Amy Ahn, and Sakura Sakuran. Including an introduction by the famed reviewer, DevoGirl.

Tokyo Story - Sumiko has feelings for her friend Hiroki, a congenital amputee, but can their friendship develop into something more?

Knight in Shining Metal - After an unsuccessful night out on the town, paraplegic Ricky meets an unexpected woman and learns there’s more than one kind of damsel in distress

The Best Friend - Two friends: one gorgeous and the other cute, kind, but in a wheelchair. Libby is so busy pursuing the first, will she ever realize the feelings she has for the other are more than just friendship?

The Surgeon - Joel was a promising surgeon with a career on the rise when an accident left him a low-level quad with limited use of his hands. His confidence shattered, he can't see the real motives of the two women who are interested in him.

...and more.

140K words (approximately 400 pages)."

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