Saturday, March 31, 2012

California Dreaming (part 2)

Kelly headed to the airport mid morning and smiled when she got a sweet text that said “have a good trip and try to enjoy New York, can’t wait for you to get back.”  She texted back “thank you, ditto.”  Alex longed to see her naked and wondered what it would be like.  His equipment worked he did not necessarily feel it all but the mind allows you feel things that are not even there.  It had been some times since a girl looked at him the way she did.  He had been far from celibate since his accident, there are always curious girls around and he loved sex, it made him feel useful and normal and it felt good, he rarely turned it down.  He thought her attitude toward the disability was something different it was refreshing but also concerning.  She was not hanging around out of curiosity or that nurturing pity crap.  He also remembered that she has a background in psychology so that may have something to do with her ease.  Regardless, he was falling for her and falling hard. 

Once she got to NY she checked in her hotel and left to meet her boss for a working dinner to go over the severance and some other details before they had to start the firing brigade in the morning.  He was impressed with her work but wondered where this smile was coming from.  Kelly mentioned casually that she had met someone but was not sure where it was going.  Steve was happy for her, he did think of her as a daughter and wanted her to be happy, he had moved her up very quickly and often wondered if that was not such a good thing.  He really thought San Francisco would be good for her.  Kelly went to try and get some sleep and wanted to get up early for a run in central park.  When she got back she got a text that said "are you busy".  Kelly replied "just got back, nope."  Alex called and said he wanted to make sure her trip was OK and stuff of that nature.  Kelly said it was fine, she was looking forward to 24 hours from now when the bad part was over.  He felt bad but knew this was her job.  They chit chatted and said good night.  She glad he called. 

She did the dreaded firing, the first was better than the last but that is how it goes.  At dinner that night she had a big martini and her boss did the same.  She barely ate so she was feeling a nice buzz.  They had one more day in NY and not much business so she could shop and do some other fun stuff.  When she got back to her room she thought she would call him.  So she did, he answered and asked how it went Kelly said "it went and now its over."  He could tell she was in a much better mood.  Kelly asked him what he was doing and he said "watching basketball and said how about you" and she said "I am just talking with my very hot San Francisco boyfriend."  Alex laughed and said “what’s he like” she said “hot and smart you know the total package.”  They both chuckled; he had a big exam in the morning.  She was excited because she did not have much work left and was going to meet up with an old friend Melissa for lunch and then some shopping.  Her plane did not leave JFK till almost , which was nice for the free time but she would not get to San Francisco till about midnight San Francisco time and she hated the time change.  Kelly could tell he was having trouble focusing on her and basketball which would usually annoy her but she was in a very good mood.  Alex said he felt like he had not seen her in a month and she said she agreed but that was weird because they had only known each other for barely two weeks.  She told him she dreaded when the novelty wore off, and he asked what she meant and she said you know when we are not counting the hours till we get to see each other again.  He said he could not imagine such a time.  Alex casually asked her if she wanted him to come over to her place tomorrow night and she said no, it will be so late and god knows she would be delayed JFK was notorious for delays.  She said she would catch up with him Friday at some point.  Kelly mentioned that she needed to go into the office for a bit on Friday and, also needed to get a good run in as she had the race on Saturday.  Alex told her she was crazy and Kelly agreed but said she was a creature of habit.  They chatted a bit longer and before they knew it two hours had passed, they said goodnight.  When Alex hung up he was not sure what it was but he was in a nice place for the first time in a while.   Alex needed to figure out what to do after graduation, his plan was to go home and work or to go to Washington and work for the UN but now, although it was premature he just wanted to see where this was going.  But then what if come fall Kelly had to move back to Ohio.  He knew it was way too early to discuss such things but it was starting to weigh on his mind. 

Kelly was up early the next morning and took a nice run through central park.  She packed up, thankfully Christy had arranged for a late check out because she was not leaving till later that evening and she wanted to be able to change again before heading to the airport.  She got dressed and headed to the NY office where she finished some paperwork and made a few phone calls and touched base with Christy.  Her boss had left the early that morning.  Kelly went back put on some jeans and met her friend from College Missy at a great little bistro for lunch.  She missed going out with her girl friends, Missy was a crazy girl, she was pretty much lived her life as if she were in an episode of Sex and the City.  Missy was a little off base but she was very happy.  Missy also had trouble finding someone and worried time was running out.  Kelly did not go into much detail as it was all still so new, but she said she had kind of ran into someone at a coffee shop and they were starting to date, but who knows where it would go.  She did not tell her about the wheelchair, but to her it was insignificant and she did not feel like discussing it, Kelly did not want Missy to judge Alex based on that, because you have to see him to realize that the disability is really just a small part of who he is, when she saw him all she saw was his gorgeous eyes and she loved the way he looked at her.  She also was not sure about the etiquette, do you tell or do you just assume it does not matter?  So after lunch they did some shopping, Kelly bought a cute shirt to wear out on Friday and some new shoes and she went to a great running store and got fitted for a custom pair of running shoes, they were pricey but she made a very nice living and had nothing to really spend her money on and she definitely indulged in shopping.  As expected her flight was delayed, she really hoped to get some sleep on the plane as her Friday was going to be very busy.  Kelly had no idea when she would see Alex.  While at the airport she got a text from Alex asking if she had taken off yet.  She texted of course not and gave him a call.  He was headed off to a bar exam study group class thing, he told her to call when she got in and of course she said she would but knew she would not, it was going to be late  and she knew she would be in a bad mood from the traveling. 

Alex had the bar exam in a couple of weeks, he was a very smart guy but the bar exam was perhaps the most important test he would ever take.  Kelly definitely was a distraction but a welcome distraction.  So when she was away he threw himself into his studies.  Alex hoped she would call but knew she would not.  He still, hung out with his friends from law school as they were forever studying, but he definitely was pulling away.  He was realizing Kelly was a tad moody at times, but thought what girls isn’t.  He had an aid that came a couple times a week to help with laundry, cleaning and some of his care.  He was happy that he had the help but it was not something he bragged about.  Alex wondered what Kelly would think of that, his aid was an older women that he adored.  Kim his aid came that evening and got caught up on all his laundry and cleaning which was nice.  His brother was due in the next morning, he was excited to see him, they were not close growing up but after the accident Mike had really stepped up and Alex saw a side of him that he never knew existed, they had become close friends.  Mike was getting married that summer to his high school sweet heart, although Mike was Alex’s little brother, it sometimes felt the opposite.  They had a great time together so he knew they would have fun Saturday night and he was really looking forward to showing Kelly off.  Alex had never dated anyone like her before and he knew Mike would be surprised and impressed.  His family always thought Alex dated strange girls but they always supported him.  The girls he had dated in the past were very free spirits, new age and were not always pretty they could have been pretty but for instance the last one did not seem very clean and she did not believe in deodorant.  Alex tended to look inward and see the good in people and because of his disability tended to settle, which was not the case this time.  He talked to his Mom briefly, he did not go into much but said he had met someone, she said that was great and asked for some details but he did not give too much information because he was still a little guarded as it was all so new.  His Mom was a very sweet women, she was kind and gentle but after raising two boys she had become a little hardened.  She could whip those boys into shape with a wave of her finger.  Alex was her baby, his accident shook her to her core.   They had lived in Colorado their whole lives and had nice home on a few acres.  His Dad was the superintendent of the school district and loved by all.  Alex’s parents had given them all they had to give over the years, when Alex had his accident he had to move home and he needed them to all but raise him again, they moved all over the country taking him from rehab program to rehab program all promising to make him walk again.  At some point he decided it was time to go out on his own and that is what lead him to California.
Kelly got up early the next morning and got a good run in, and headed into the office to tie up some loosed ends.  She was tiered and swore she was going to bed early that night, she wanted to do well at this race.  She texted Alex in the morning to say she had gotten in late and would talk with him later that evening.  He appreciated that she touched base, but really wanted to see her.  But he did not want to push, he needed to be cool.  She wanted to see him but felt very overwhelmed, she had more work to do at the office than anticipated.  Before she knew it was .  Kelly knew if she talked to Alex they would try to get together, but she needed some rest and eat some serious carbs, she wanted to place  in this race.  She was torn.  She continued about her day and thought maybe he would call, but remembered his brother was coming in and she did not want to seem like that type of girl friend.  By the time she picked up dinner and got home it was almost .  She was so ready to call it a night.  To Kelly’s surprise he had called and somehow she missed it, which was not like her.  She called him back and he said “Hi stranger.”  Kelly briefly went into how her day quickly spun out of control.  His brother had just gotten there and they were going to stay in and watch basketball.  Alex casually invited her over, but she said “ow we can catch up tomorrow, I am beat and I really want to perform well in the morning.”  Alex of course understood but was disappointed.  Secretly she hoped he would show up at the finish line again, but figured that was a long shot.  He figured he would show up at the race, she genuinely seemed to be happy last weekend, he hoped for a repeat. 

Kelly was up early and ready to rock, she headed to the site and met up with her running buddies.  Feeling great she had her favorite ensemble on and thought she had a chance at the top 5.  While traveling she put together a new play list, she loved escaping into her ipod.  She loved music all kinds, she had metal, pop, oldies and country.  Alex arrived just after the race started, he had trouble figuring out where this particular park was.  He stayed back about 20 yards from the finish line, he wanted to actually see her run in.  He loved running and was definitely jealous but, understood her commitment and honestly it was a turn on.  He figured they would be coming in soon, some crazy running dude crossed the finish line first then this other women and a minute or so later  he saw her coming, she looked great, great form and she was moving as third place was almost hers.  Kelly had someone on her tail but he thought she could do it; he gave her a cheer as she crossed the line and was very happy for her.  Kelly did not see him at first, she was happy with her performance, her friends all came in soon after and she waited for them while she grabbed water.  She then scanned the place hoping he was there, and there he was.  She was smiling from ear to ear.  She walked over; she was very sweaty and probably quite red in the face.  She said "hey you" and he said "you were awesome."  She said she was happy he came, he said an "invitation would have been nice" and she said she loved the surprise.  Kelly said she would hug him but she was gross, he said he did not come just to look at her he wanted a kiss and he loved that she was a hot mess.  She leaned over and kissed him on the lips.  She went over to get her award and ribbon.  She won about $200 which she gave back to the charity, she did not need the money and she always gave it back.  She walked back over to Alex and sat down on the pavement and “I dread taking my shoes off” and he said “why” and she said “look” pointing at her feet.  Alex said “ow my god what happened” and she told him about her never ending runners toe.  He said “well I am thinking your feet need a break” she gave him a strange look and he knew not to go there again.  He asked if it hurt and she said not really just feels like I cut my toe nails too short.  She said “I know its gross” and he said “ow trust me I would never think less of you" and winked.  She said “so you will notice I don’t wear sandals much.”  He laughed and she said its not funny and hit him playfully.  Kelly asked if his brother had gotten in and he said yes but he was lazy and was sleeping in.  She asked what their plans were and he said they were going with a few friends to watch the game at a bar close to his place.  Just then the girls came over to confirm they would pick her up at 6.  They said hello to Alex and off they went.  He thought they seemed nice enough, they were a little older and had that mom look to them.  So he said “you still think we can meet up tonight” and Kelly said “definitely looking forward to it" she said they would just drop her off wherever he was and he said that sounded good.  Kelly said she could just take a cab home or something and he said ow we will figure something out.  So with that they headed to the parking lot. Kelly was was very happy that he came and he knew he got points for going so all was well. 

Kelly went home and did her best to salvage her poor feet, it looked worse than it was.  She knew that tonight might be the big night with Alex but did not want to get her hopes up.  She decided to go get a pedicure and maybe a Brazilian wax, just in case.  So off to her favorite spa she went.  She got home just in time to get ready.  Kelly wore her new black low cut  shirt and some sexy skinny jeans and of course ballet flats as her toes still were not up to par.  The girls picked her up and they were off to bistro 66.  She indulged with the ladies in a few martinis.  Meeting Alex’s brother had her a little nervous but excited as this was a good step.  Kelly had a nice dinner and had a good buzz going, this was going to be a good night.

Alex and his brother spent the day watching sports and catching up.  That evening a bunch of his friends decided to go to a local sports bar to watch basketball  Alex was excited for his brother and friends to meet his new lady, he knew they would be impressed as he still was pretty impressed himself.  He texted her where they would be and said see you when I see you as to not put any pressure on her, he knew she did not have a ton of San Francisco friends so it was important for her to have a girls night. 
After dinner she was feeling good, and not very nervous anymore thanks to her friend the pomegranate martini.  Jen drove and although the ladies had to get home to their families she appreciated that they drove out of their way to drop her off at what looked to be a very casual sports bar.  Kelly knew she was over dressed but that was fine by her, she wanted to look good when meeting Alex’s brother.  It was about and Alex had a few beers in him so his nerves were calmed and he was trying to play it cool as he had no idea when she would come.  When Kelly walked in she saw a large  group of people in sitting around a big table cheering on what seemed to be a basketball game.  She thought someone noticed her, but she put her finger up to her mouth as to say shhh….  She went up behind Alex and tickled the back of his neck and he looked up with a huge smile and said “there you are.”  Kelly bent down and kissed him as she was very happy to see him.  Alex sort of put his arm around her waist and on her bum, which did not bother her at all.  He went around the table and introduced her she was awful with names but she did recognize many of the faces from facebook.  They seemed nice enough.  There was a girl sitting next to him named Rachel that she knew he was tight with, so she was going to keep her eye on that one.  His Mike brother came up and shook her hand and asked what she wanted to drink and she said she would like a light beer.  There were not any seats open around Alex so she pulled up a chair and kind of made her way next to him.  They chatted about her dinner and what not for a minute, he told her she looked amazing and she said he looked great.

 His brother handed her a beer and she said “thanks you did not have to do that” and Mike said “it was nothing.”  Kelly said she could see the resemblance and they chatted a bit.  They were all very into the game, which was fine, but Kelly was not a very big sports buff.  His friend Nick asked her if she had any sisters in the area, he had a dry sense of humor and was very nice but he was had a dorkieness to him.  Kelly said no and the one she had was a full time job and not to mention she was across the country.  Alex seemed proud to have her by his side and she seemed to warm up to his friends, it was going good.  His brother had gone to get more beers and she asked where the ladies room was.  On her way to the bathroom room a random guy asked her if he could buy her a drink and she said no thank you and he said let me ask you something, “what is a girl like you doing with him.”  Kelly said “what” while looking preoccupied and he said “you should be with me I have everything you need.”  He was clearly drunk and a pompous jerk.  Kelly took a deep breath and said “wow, well if I have to pick between your disability and his I pick him every day and twice on Sunday, because what you have is much worse” and he said “what are you talking about” and she quite frankly said “you are ugly and I would much rather be hot and in wheelchair then have to walk around ugly for my entire life.”  He called her a bitch and she said “nice meeting you” with a sarcastic tone and walked away, she was not sure if Alex’s brother had heard the conversation or not as he was just a few people away.  Mike had in fact heard it and thought yep she is the one and from that point on he adored her almost as much as Alex.  Kelly did not think much of it, she got hit on a lot but found most guys to be after one thing and she was looking for the one.  You don’t meet your soul mate in a bar. 

When Kelly returned Mike handed her another beer. Kelly said “wow you are in for a treat if I continue to drink like this.“ Alex San laughed and said “you are not driving have fun.”  Mike put his arm around her and whispered in her ear “want me to deck that guy” and she said “no I can handle myself" and he said "apparently.”  Mike was this big guy you could tell he worked outdoors, he could have knocked that guy out with a look.  Alex grabbed her waist and pulled her to his San lap.  Kelly giggled and his kissed her neck gently.  He said “where have you been all my life?”  She said I could ask you the same thing Alex Miller.”  He put his hand on her back to feel for a bra and she said in his ear “you can ask if you want to know.”  He blushed and said “what?” she said “just ask me?”  He said all the while blushing “are they?” and she said “what do you think?” and he said “wow!” 
Alex was off talking with his brother and Nick.  It was getting late and people were slowly departing.  His friend Rachel was talking with him, she could tell Rachel liked him, but he truly seemed to just be her friend.  How could she not like him, wowza, those eyes sparkled.  So Kelly went over and butted in the conversation, obviously annoying Rachel.  Rachel was nice enough but did not have much to say to her.  When she walked away Alex said “so what’s it going to take to get you to come home with me?”  She said “ow Alex, your brother is here” and he said “so what, he will be out like a light in no time and he really likes you.”  Kelly said "I want to, I just don’t want you or him to think any less of me” and he cut her off and said "that could not happen trust me.”  He pulled her close and said "come on" and she said "OK."  She played coy but all along that was her plan, she could hardly contain herself she wanted him so bad.  At that moment she found herself wondering what if he can’t perform, she thought no there is no way he would have said something.  She thought well there is one way to find out.

Rachel and Nick walked back with them as Rachel lived on campus and Nick’s car was at Alex’s.  They all came in for a minute, Kelly again went to the bathroom and Nick gave Alex the thumbs up and said “man you are lucky she seems all but perfect.”  Rachel ignored the comment and headed out Nick said he would drive her home and Alex said she should not walk alone it was too late.  By the time she got out of the bathroom they were all but gone.  Alex then excused himself and she sat and talked with his brother.  She asked about the wedding and his fiancé.  He said he was marrying his best friend which melted Kelly's heart.  He teased her about Cleveland and she teased right back.  Alex was in the bathroom for what felt like forever.  She hoped he was not sick as that would put a damper on things.  She took her shoes off and made herself comfortable on the couch.  His brother called his fiancé and a few minutes later Alex appeared and motioned her to follow him.  She hopped up and said goodnight to his brother.  She did overhear him say “she is perfect for Alex.” which made her happy.  Alex took her back to his room, it was a typical guy room, but it had some medical equipment in it.  Not a ton, but some.  There was a bathroom right off of it, she figured that was fitted for him.  She asked if he was sick and he said “ow no, sorry I should have told you it takes me a while to pee it’s a long story I will fill you in sometime.”  He would not even consider having that particular conversation now.  Then he grabbed her by the waist and she thought game on.  Kelly sat on his lap spread eagle and began to kiss him, she whispered in his ear that she had been waiting for this for what felt like forever.  She was not nervous, he was a little as he knew it would not be as easy as she thought, but he was in complete aw of her passion.  She said “I am asking” and he said “OK” she said “can you?” and he said “yes it won’t be text book but it works.”  Kelly said with a huge grin “that is all I needed to know, but I need you to talk me through it as needed and if I am hurting you please tell me.”  She said “I have to warn you I can be a little overzealous" and he said “I have been waiting for you my entire life.”  Then they kissed again and she put his hands on her sides but under her shirt and he began to lift her shirt off, she cut to the chase and threw it on the floor.  She put her bossum in his face and he was a happy boy.  At that moment she could feel his excitement and she whispered "ow yea it works."  He said "every time I am anywhere near you it works" she laughed and put her chest near his lips and he had some fun.  She told him to hold her and he did.  She motioned him to hop in bed.  She knew he could not undress her the way most men would so she took her pants off and was standing there in her underwear, he told her she was stunning and she was a little shy as she did not love her body but she knew she looked good.  When Alex got on the bed Kelly took his shirt off and ran her fingers down to take his pants off, he did not seem to flinch but he said “it’s going to feel odd, they are pretty lifeless” he began to spasm a little and she could tell he was embarrassed and she kept going, she did not want him to think it bothered her, because honestly it did not.  Kelly got his pants off and said “commando I see” and he said “its easier” she said “I like that.”  Alex put his legs in bed and she seduced him the best she could and he said “condom” and she said “I am on the pill but if you think we should” and he said yes because he gets UTI’s very easily.  Kelly said “sure” and he pointed to the dresser and he asked if she could he was a little shaky and once that was out of the way, she made love to him, it was hot and steamy, she was a talker and insisted that he hold on to her tight.  Alex was the opposite he was quiet, he said “ow my god” a few times and moaned a little, Kelly was very passionate, he had never imagined it would be this good although he could not feel it, he found himself so caught up that he felt something amazing.   She must have told him a thousand times that he was so hot.  Once they were done, she jumped up and said her cure for a UTI was to pee so she went to his bathroom that was clearly fitted for him the toilet had handles but she did not care she cleaned up and went back in.  He was sitting up and she said “did I hurt you I know I can get carried away.”  She asked if he had a t-shirt she could wear and he pointed to a drawer full, she put on one and he said she never looked so hot.  He motioned for her to come back to bed and he said “you were amazing and I am absolutely speechless.”  He said “I hope I did not disappoint you too much” she said “I had very little expectation as I did not know if you even could and when I say you exceeded them that is an understatement.”  Alex was glad, they sat silent for a minute.  He laid down and pulled her close and she buried her head in his chest and said “I fit perfect” and he said "that you do, that you do.”  Alex kissed her head and she kissed his chest and without much more talk they fell fast asleep.  A few times she felt some spasms but she was so tiered she rolled over and honestly passed out, she was very comfortable in his bed, it felt so good to just not be alone.  He watched her, he hated that he flailed that way but loved that she did not seem to notice.  He fell asleep as well.  At one point Kelly got up to get a glass of water, he woke up and she offered him some. He said no and she then again fell asleep on his chest.  Once morning came Alex was as tight as could be as he had not used some of those muscles in a long time.  Kelly was still pretty sacked out so he quietly got up and went to use the bathroom before she woke up.  It was processes so he wanted get it out of the way.  He then snuck out quietly as he figured his brother would be headed out soon.

Mike looked at him and said “you stud!”  Alex replied “holly shit she is amazing dude.”  Mike said” I have to agree she is very cool girl, nice job.”  Alex said “I am glad you like her, I was worried she is not like the girls I usually date”  Mike said “thank god for that.”  He asked how it was and Alex said like nothing I could have prepared for.  Alex said “the chair really does not seem to hinder her at all.”  Mike said “I know” and Alex said “what do you mean” wondering how he came to that.  Mike said “it’s something she said” Alex wanted to know what he was talking about.  Mike told him about the guy that hit on her and Alex was speechless.  His brother said “she is a cool girl Alex don’t screw it up.”  Alex was still speechless, no one had ever done that, he ran into jerks from time to time and he took it with a grain of salt that is probably why he hung with girls mostly, guys did not know what to make of him.  He just said “wow. “ His brother took off as he had a long drive ahead. 

Once Mike was gone, he saw her peek out in just his t-shirt and Alex said “its OK it’s just me.”  Kelly came out and looked a little rough, she said “I slept like a log, your bed is amazing.”   He said "only the best."  She said "Mike took off" he said "yeah he said bye."  He motioned her over and pulled her to his lap, he had basketball shorts and a t-shirt on and looked adorable.  He kissed her and said “my brother told me what happened” and she said “what” not sure what he was talking about.  Then it  hit Kelly and she said “ow that guy was an ass.”  He said “even so” and got a little tear in his eye, she said “Ow Alex I am sorry” not knowing if he was mad, embarrassed or sad.  He said “no, I have never  had someone do that and I am overcome.”  She said "Alex he was a jerk, I meet jerks all the time.”  He told her to stop and he pulled her close and buried his head in her chest.  She kissed the top his head and said, “Alex I am falling for you.”  He said “I fell for you the day I met you.”  Gently Kelly wiped that one tear away and said “no one messes with my boyfriend” and he laughed.  He said “you are hot and guys are going to hit on you, I know that but it’s good to know you can hold your own.”  Kelly said “trust me I can.”  She said “honestly I get so wrapped up in you I forget” and stopped Alex said “what that I can’t walk.”  She said “yea.”  Alex said “we really have not had to deal with it yet, so far things have been planned there will come a time when it frustrates you, trust me and I won’t take it personally.”  He said “I should have told you that in order for me to urinate I have to catheterize myself, do you know what that is?” Kelly said “I think” with an uncomfortable look on her face. Alex said “seeing how I don’t have the strongest or most steady hands it can take a while.  So if I disappear that is probably what I am doing.”  He said “the other I do a few times a week alone and you won’t be the wiser.”  She said “OK, I wondered where you went, I thought maybe you were cleaning you room or you were sick.”  Alex said “honestly I did not want to pee on you, and if I ever do, I apologize now, I wish I had more control but I do have accidents, not too often though.”  She did not know what to say what do you say to a grown man that is telling you he has accidents.  She just listened, and rubbed the back of his head.  They kissed and she wanted to change the conversation and said “I hope you don’t mind I stole some mouth wash” and he said she could use whatever she wanted.  He asked if she was hungry and she was but she wasn’t so she said no but a glass of water would be great.  He got her a tall glass of water and she said she drank too much.  Alex said she was fun and he hoped she liked his friends and she said ow of course.  Kelly said “I don’t think Rachel was too impressed with me”  Alex replied “I am not sure what’s up her ass these days.”  She said “I think I know” and he said “what”  Kelly said “its obvious she likes you.”   He said “that would never happen and she has never really tried.”   Kelly shook her head and said “well I am thinking she liked having you all to herself.”  He dropped that subject, which let her know he got it.  She sat on his couch and he put on sports center and asked if she minded and she said “no.” 

Kelly said “I probably should get home soon” and he said “of course I will drive you.”  It was Sunday and she said” if you are not busy I would love to make you dinner again.”  Alex quickly said “that sounded great.”  Rachel was supposed to come over to study but he could cancel that and given what Kelly said he probably should.  Kelly inquired if he liked fish and he said “of course.”  She said “great.”  She bent over and kissed him and said “thank you for one of the best night I have had in a very long time” and  Alex said nothing as he was speechless.  She went back to his room to try to assemble herself.  She yelled out to ask if she could wear the t-shirt home and he said of course.  She put her jeans back on and tried to make sense of her hair and put on some lip gloss and figured that was as good as it was going to get, he of course looked great as usual.  He led her to his car and drove her home, they talked about the week ahead and he said he needed to get some bar exam review stuff out of the way.  When the pulled up he told her he wanted to spend as much time as possible with her and she said that sounded good to her.  Which it did but Kelly knew it could not take over her life.  But it felt great to be with someone and not so alone.  Kelly loved that he had a soft side and Alex loved that she was tough, because to be with him you would have to be tough. 

Kelly got a shower and ran to the market to get stuff for dinner, she loved to cook.  He had a glow about him all day.  Alex went on facebook and changed his status to in a relationship.  Which of course led to a lot of emails and comments. as he had over 700 friends and everyone wanted to know who the lucky girl was. He ignored the comments and kept it a secret, Nick wrote congrats she is amazing.  Alex thought he could put who he was in a relationship with but he did not.  Kelly logged on later and saw that he changed to in a relationship and commented, who ever she is, she is one lucky girl.  Then changed her status as well.  Which did not set off such commotion but everyone liked it.  Her brother John wrote when did this happen, please call home.  So she did and she filled him in and told him how they met and John said “well that is a story.”  He was a doctor so he asked about his disability and she really did not know much, based on what she said he figured he was a quadriplegic and that he was high functioning.  John warned her that it can be a lot and she should not take it lightly or ignore it.  She said “whatever, I can handle it.”  She got dressed she just wore a t-shirt and jeans.  She made turbo with spinach and garlic. 

Alex canceled his plans with Rachel which did not make her happy, but he did not care, she would come around.  He headed over with flowers again around 5.  She told him he did not have to bring flowers every time he came over.  They were daisies and they were very pretty.  Alex  said it smelled good.  Kelly said she was sticking with water and ice tea today but he was welcome to anything and he said “ow no water sounds about right.”  Alex went over and pulled her to his lap and said "have I told you that you are amazing."  Kelly said "not recently with a smile."  He said "well you are" and kissed her arm.  She said “you are going to make me mess dinner up, now stop it.”  They sat down and ate, he really enjoyed it and liked that she was eating, which probably meant she was getting more comfortable with him.  Kelly made brownies for dessert and she told him he was taking them home with him.  He said “no problem.”  They cleared the table and headed into the TV area.  He put sports center on and she did not mind she loved how the condo looked with him in it.  He hopped on the couch and she nestled into the nook of chest. He put his arm around her.  He soon realized Kelly had fallen asleep.  He gently kissed her to wake her up, she woke up and they began to kiss and she said “can we” and he said “no need to ask ever.”  He said there were condoms in his bag so she went over and he told her were they were.  So right there on her couch they made love, there was some spasms but she ignored it and kept going.  It was awkward maneuvering around him as he could not make accommodations for her.  She thought about suggesting they take it to the bedroom but did not want to draw attention to it.  When they were done Kelly  had a permanent smile on her face and went to the bathroom to clean up.  When she got back she said “on second thought a brownie would top the night off perfectly.”  She told him he was welcome to stay and he said he would love nothing more but his aid was coming in the morning.  She looked confused and said “I did not know you had an aid” and he said “I guess I had not mentioned it, sorry.”  He explained that a few times a week a women comes and helps him with his bowl routine and laundry and such.  Kelly said “ow” and tried desperately not to looked as shocked as he was.   Alex said “ask questions Kel, I know you have to have questions.”  She said "I don’t feel like its my business” and he said “I want take that back I need you to be comfortable with this, otherwise it will overwhelm you and you won’t want to be with me, trust me.”  She said she did not even know what to ask, she said “why do you need help” and  then said “what does she do?”  Alex said “I don’t need her I did it by myself for a long time, but it is very cumbersome and it takes me about triple the time it takes you to do most of my daily activities.”  He said “its not what you think, I am not slow per sea but imagine trying to load laundry from where I sit, and cleaning well let’s just say if I had to do it all I wouldn’t.”  He said “she does not really do my care as much as help me with day to day stuff.”  Alex then said “what are you thinking” as Kelly had gotten very quiet and had a pretty blank expression on her face.   Kelly said “I did not realize” and he said “of course not, I don’t complain, it is the way my life is.”  She said “Alex if you ever need my help, please don’t hesitate” he stopped her and said “you will not take care of me” and she went to say something and he said with a matter of fact tone “Kelly you will not take care of me.”  She looked stunned by his tone.  Alex said “you can’t be my girl friend and my care taker, it won’t work.”   Kelly said “ow I don’t want to but if I am there and you need something please ask me.”  He said “I know, you don’t realize it but you casually do help me without even knowing.”  He said  “as long as you promise to always just ask questions and be open with me, I don’t want to  lose you because of this, pointing to his legs if I lose you I want it to be because I am an asshole not because I am an asshole in a wheelchair, does that make sense?”  Kelly asked what he could feel and he said below the armpits was a crap shoot, as that is where the injury level is.  She said “so you would not know if I was hurting you” and he said “my body would react in other ways, spasms, pain elsewhere, and trust me you can’t hurt me.”  Kelly said ”I have a question” and he said “fire away” she knew she had mellow things out, she said “this aid you speak of, is she hot, does she see you naked?”  He said “she reminds me of my mother.”  She said “I don’t know if I believe you, I bet she is a Swedish model that you claim is your aid.”  He laughed and said “you can come meet her if that will put your mind at ease” and then he kissed her on her forehead.  

Kelly said “ow my Mom called today and she is coming to visit in a few weeks and I am trying to get  her to bring my niece Mia.”  He said” is she the older one” and she said “she is 3 and a handful but it would be so fun to have her here for a few days.  My mom is worried it will be too much, but I said I would take off and help, so I am hoping she gives in and brings her.”  Alex said “I have never been around small kids really” she said “ow you will love Mia, she is the best.”  He really had not been around kids and honestly sort of wrote them off as he could not imagine himself as a Dad.  But he could tell that Kelly wanted kids.  He figured for the right girl he would do anything.  Then he realized he would meet her mom soon and he was excited but nervous.  He went over and grabbed her Ipod while she was in the kitchen and thought he would check out what she listens to.  He was taken back as this girl listened to the strangest array of music.  There was everything, gangster rap, oldies, pop, alternative and a lot of country.  Who was he dating.  He said your “ipod is a bit crazy don’t you think?”  She went in and said well “mr. nosey, I like it all. “ He said “country, really.”  She said “don’t knock it till you tried it.”  Alex said “figuring you out is not that easy” and she said “I know and winked.” Kelly said “Mr. Miller you are dating a Yankee card carrying republican country music fan.”  He laughed and said and “I think I am falling in love with her.”  She blushed.  He said "how strong is this Republican nonsense.”  She said “ow, no you won’t change my mind on that stuff.”   He said there will never be a shortage of conversation that’s obvious.  She winked at him.  He casually mentioned that his dream job was to work for the government.  So with that she packed up the extra brownies and sent him on his way. 

On the way home he thought about how in a million years he never saw himself with a republican.  He was a very hard core democrat, he was a big Obama supporter.  He firmly believed that the science was there to get him out of that chair and he worried that by the time the government released the funding and science it would be too late for him.  He did not love that she was a Republican but he respected that she could stand on her own feet, there was nothing more annoying than someone who could not defend their beliefs, it actually turned him on a bit.”  He could see some heated arguments in their future.  He actually looked forward to it.  Alex started to wonder what he was going to do, he only a couple months till graduation and the bar then he would have to decide where to go.  Even before Kelly came he was not sure what to do.  He loved San Francisco because of the accessibility, weather and friends he had made over the past 5 years but longed to be back in Colorado, he had done an internship in there last  summer and thought he could see himself there but he also knew he wanted to get into government affairs.  He did not like Washington but if he could get a job in advocacy or international affairs that would amazing.  Although they had only dated a couple weeks, he did not want to make any decisions until he knew where it was going, was she even going to stay in San Francisco, in a few months would he or she be willing to follow the other.  He could not imagine her giving up her job, she must make six figures and seemed to genuinely like it.  He tried not to think about it too much but he was concerned.

She cleaned up and thought that they covered a lot of territory that night.  She was surprised at his interest in working in government but thought he would be good at it.  She thought she might ask soon where he saw himself going after graduation, it was early but she was curious, she still did not know if she would stay in San Francisco, but she was committed through the summer, was he?  Kelly called her mom to try to get her to bring Mia again, she thought she would bring her but was still hesitant.  Kelly said she would have Kristy make the arrangements in the morning and that she would get a car seat and it would be very easy.  She reminded her that she was going to meet up with some people she and her Dad use to work with and she would have to watch Mia and of course Kelly did not mind.  Her Dad died when she very young. Her mom adored him and she dated a little but he was the love of her life.  She went to bed and got ready for her Monday routine.


  1. A wonderful story, I really like Kelly and Alex and can't wait to hear what happens next. Hope you will update soon!

  2. I like the story but the huge blocks of text is a little tiresome. Maybe if you put the dialogs in a diferent format could be less fatiguing. Just a thought.

    Keep it up! Love Alex!