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California Dreaming - Part 3

California Dreaming - Part 3

When Kelly got into work Monday she put Kristy on the task of arranging her Mom’s and Mia’s travel plans.  She figured she would pick up a carseat sometime that week.  She was very excited to see Alex with Mia, she loved kids and knew she wanted a family someday and someday soon.  She could tell he had not been around kids much but Mia was hard not to like, she was the cutest thing ever.  She called Melanie her sister in law to see what other things Mia might need, she said she could sleep in a normal bed now and really the car seat and she imagined the stroller would come with them as it would be hard to navigate an airport with Mia on foot.  She told her she ate whatever and that Mia was super excited and she could tell Melanie was excited for the break, having two kids under 3 and a husband that worked a lot was hard.  Kelly was very excited.  She stared to look at her new merger in Boston and knew it was going to be a lot of work.  Which usually was a good thing, but now she had other things in her life, so this was going to be a juggling act.  Just as she was getting ready to head home she called Alex to see how his day was.  He was happy to hear from her, he said he had to finish a paper and crack down on the bar as it was coming fast.  He told her he had a reception to attend at the law firm he interned for and hoped to maybe extern for this summer while he did his job search but he wondered if she would go with him.  She said she would love to, he said its tomorrow night and she said wow, he said he was sorry he forgot about it.  She said no problem. 

Alex was thinking a lot about the summer and how he really wanted to give this a chance but he did not want to ask Kelly to make any commitments or decisions yet.  So he thought he could wrap up school and possibly extern for the summer with the firm he worked for one semester.  They liked him a lot and he knew it was not what he wanted to do but the experience would be good and honestly he had no idea what he wanted maybe then he could figure it out.  He called one of the partners and they liked the idea and said maybe something could be worked out and encouraged him to come mingle with the partners at the reception.  He one wanted to take Kelly to show her off but it would also show a commitment and hopefully could seal the deal.  He was glad he had a plan for the time being.  Kelly mentioned that Mia was coming and he was happy for her.  He said he had never babysat before and she said she would show him the ropes.  They were only coming for four days, but it would be great.  With work piling up it was going to be tough but she could work from home if she needed to.  He knew kids actually handled the chair better than most adults but really he had not been around many.  She said she was going to get a good run in since she was going to have to take tomorrow night off, he said “sorry” and Kelly said “no, it’s nice to have a distraction.”  Alex said he would pick her up around six and she said that would work. 

Kelly went home and looked through her closet to make sure she had something to wear and she did she had a great black sleath dress that would be perfect.  She got dressed and went for a 10 mile run, it felt great.  She ate dinner and talked with some friends from home, facebooked and went to bed.  Alex had not been on facebook much but she figured he was like her, a peeker.  He studied and finished his paper, Rachel came over to study, they had been studying together for some time, he could tell things were changing with them but he did not have time to deal with it.  Or he did not want to deal with it.  He adored Rachel but if nothing had happened in two years it never was going to.  He noticed Rachel was a little more dressed up than her usual sweats, but did not make anything of it.  Alex asked her what she thought of Kelly and
Rachel said “she is alright, nothing I would have ever put you with but she seems OK I guess.” 
Stunned he replied “well I did not see that coming, what’s there not to like”
 “Alex I am not gay so just because she is good looking does nothing for me.” 
Again stunned he said rather sharply “so you think I am dating her because she is hot”   “well, it’s obvious”
“Rachel I am not sure what to make of that”
“Alex if you are happy I am happy” she did not want to piss him off because then she would never see him. 
Alex said “that is more like it” and pretended to punch her in the shoulder. 

Kelly called and asked how the studying was going and he said it was going, Kelly could hear Rachel in the background she said “study date?” 
He said “what’s that  mean?”
Kelly laughed and said “I did not realize you had company, we can talk later.”  
Nervously he replied “OK we are just wrapping up”
Promptly she replied “whatever” trying to be very cool. 
When he hung up he thought she might be a little pissed, Rachel asked if that was Kelly and he said “yep, so are we good to go”
Rachel said “I guess, as good as its going to get tonight” with obvious sarcasm
With some angst he replied “what does that mean you girls are crazy tonight.” 
She told him she would see him the following day.  Once he got everything cleaned up he called Kelly and there was no answer which either meant she was pissed or asleep.  He went to bed.  Kelly was pissed but she knew she had no reason to be, she was just being silly, she thought it was best that she go to bed and wake up with a new attitude. 

She scooted out of work a little early to get ready and he was right on time picking her up.  She looked great, the dress was short but not too short and it was black and tactful, she wore her pearls and he had never seen a women so well put together.  He knew he could take her anywhere and she would be able to hold her own and fit in. 
He touched the top of her leg and said “wow your hot.”  She thought he looked fabulous in a tie responding with her eyes looking at her date “Well, you clean up nice Mr. Miller” 

He told her the firm was back near his place, she said she could have met him and he said no way.  He was so glad to have someone with him, he always went alone to this stuff, and he was use to it but it was very unnerving.  Nearly ten years later the stares still bothered him and he always felt like people pitied him.  Kelly had asked what the reception was for, and he said he was thinking about externing there this summer while he figured out what he wanted to do and so they were having a reception to mingle with all the potential intern and externs.  He said it was sort of an interview but without the pressure.  She thought, she really wanted him here this summer so by golly she was going to get him this externship. He parked and she waited for him to get out.  The firm was nice there were lots of people and other law students.  He was the best looking and she was a firm believer that you have to like the cover if you are going to buy the book so he had that going for him.  One partner Mr. Everton came right up and shook his hand and introduced himself.  Kelly turned it on, and carried a nice conversation with him; Alex was impressed at how comfortable she was.  It turned out that the attorney that worked with her on a lot of the mergers use to work there as a junior associate years ago.  She thought worst case she would have Carson make a call as he had done very well for himself and owed her a favor as she got him a lot of business over the years. 

They drank some wine and mingled for a couple hours, Alex thought he did not even need to go, she was on a roll.  She would keep her hand on his neck as to show some affection.  He was very turned on by her.  He knew a few of the students at one point her let he go on her own and chatted with them.  He realized why she probably did not date much, a lot of men would be intimidated by her especially this side of her, but he quite frankly found it to be one of her best qualities.  One guy commented on how hot his date was, and he said “I have to agree with you.”  When Kelly walked back over to him she overheard him saying that he hoped to get into government one day but he really liked working with that firm.  Once all was said and done they said their goodbyes and Mr. Everton told Alex he would be in touch and patted him on the back as they shook hands.  He also shook Kelly’s hand and hugged her lightly.  It was not uncommon in the business world for men to patronize women.  In fact, she expected it, she figured as long as she got what she wanted who cares. 

When they got to the car, as Alex was loading himself in
Kelly said “think that went well.” 
He said “yea I think I am in  and wow, I had no idea just how good you were, no wonder you are so high in the rankings for your age.” 
With a smirk she replied “I have to do this stuff all the time.” 
“they liked you more than me” and she said no she got the impression they liked him a lot.  He said “Everton liked you”
“ow he is just a dirty old man, no harm no fowl there” He did not know what to make of Kelly broke the awkward silence and asked “What do you have in the morning”
“Nothing till 10”  
“is the sweed coming over?”
With a chuckle Alex said “no and she is not a model trust me.” 
“Then stay at my place.” 
I thought you would never ask?
He would be out of his element but it was time.  He kept a supply of catheters and any necessary personal items with him so there was no need to run home.

 He parked in the handicapped space which she honestly thought was convenient.  She waited while he got out and thought wow that would get old.  They went up and she was very happy to take her heels off.  Alex casually mentioned “I never thought about that I bet your feet hurt”
she said “it’s part of the deal.”  He went over and put his hands on her thighs and said “thanks for coming, I am still in awe of how you can work a room, it was a big turn on.”  With a wicked tone she said “I am about to show you how I can work another room” and with that he was all hers.  She asked if he wanted anything and he said no he was fine. 

He followed her to her bedroom.  He pulled her down and kissed her.  Before they knew it they were half naked.  She realized her bed was a little high, it had high bed posts and a pillow top and he, he could see the panic
Alex said “not to worry.” 
Kelly tried to think fast and said “screw it and said lets try something new. “
He was interested.  She said “let’s christen the chair.” 
With a skeptical look he replied “it may look more fun than it is”
“so I would not be the first”
“I plead the 5th.” 
Kelly said “I am going to take that as a challenge.” She began to undress him and could not keep his hands off of her. She helped him get her dress off, while she worked on his shirt he enjoyed her breasts. 
She whispered in his ear “get ready for the ride of his life” he still was shocked at how wild she was. 
She said “OK talk me through it”
“I will but I doubt you need me to tell you how to do this.”  She grabbed a condom out of his bag and got it on.  He spasmed a little but he seemed to calm right down.  She then said “OK Alex Miller now you are going to see how flexible I really am.” 
She needed no direction from him, he at one point Alex said “Kelly don’t hurt yourself.”  She thought it was an adventure, trying something new with her new man.  However she secretly agreed that the thought of having sex in his chair was better than the reality, she was going to be sore.  When they were done she was very pleased he was lasting longer and longer and she was panting.  Right there in his chair he held her sweaty body against his and was speechless. 
She whispered in his ear “please don’t break my heart” and kissed him. 
He whispered in her ear “never.” 

When she came back out of the bathroom, she watched him struggle to get into her bed it broke her heart.  They laid there in silence and fell asleep, something about him put her so at ease.  He knew he had better go to the bathroom before he had an embarrassing accident.  He hated to do it, but he had to get up.  He tried not to wake her but she did, she asked if he needed help and he said he may, he was not sure how he got up there probably adrenaline.  He hated it but honestly he thought it would go a lot better if she helped. 
She said “one second happy to help” and went and put a night shirt on. 
Trying to sound confident and not concerned she said “tell me what to do”
he told her to just stand up and let him grab on to her shoulders for balance and support and prepared her that he was heavy, since his injury was incomplete he was able to use some muscles and could stand with lots of support. It did not go all that smoothly he sort of fell in the chair and
Kelly said “ow shit Alex I am sorry”
Not wanting this to be a big deal and feeling embarrassed he said“no its cool, I should have gone about this differently.” 
She said” I did not know what to expect.”  She felt awful for him, she knew she was getting a new bed ASAP.  He said he actually could walk with assistance for a couple steps, she said “ow yea.” 
“I dedicated a few years to doing everything in my power to walk again, I made some progress but it was not going to happen, it consumed my life, I choose to live my life,  I still work out and try to maintain what I did gain, but it was very tough, I know now I made the right decision.” 
He asked her if she needed the bathroom and she said no and off he went.  She asked if he needed anything and he said no, this will be fine, he said “god your bathroom is huge and that tub.”  She loved her bathroom.  She went out to the kitchen to get some water and she changed into some proper PJ’s and waited for him.  It took a good minutes but he came out and asked if she still had his shirt and she said of course and handed it to him. 
Alex said “if you want me to stay I think I may need your help, I have no idea how I made it up there.” 
“sure, but give me some better direction this time.” 
 “OK I am going to grab around your neck if you hold my waist and support me while you stand up and get me to the edge of the bed I will take it from there.” 
She nodded.  He really just wanted to go home, he hated her seeing all this, but he knew it would upset her and he needed to just put pride aside for the time being.  He grabbed around her neck, and said “now remember I am not light”
she said “no shit” and began to stand up and his head was in the nook of her neck,
he said with a softer tense voice “we are not close enough so you need to step towards the bed” and she did and she had no idea how heavy he was. 
He put one hand on the bed and he said “OK give me a second” and he said to hold on to his waist and she did and he got himself on the bed. 
Kelly said “whew”
“it’s not easy is it”
“I am in shape and no sir that is not.” 
He said “sorry”
“don’t apologize, please don’t, I am so happy to do it, it makes me feel more a part of your world.”  She sat next to him and he said “yea?”  
Kelly said “well you know, you trusted me, that means something.” 
He leaned over and kissed her.  She said “and so does that.” 
After a few tender moments she said “I will get better at it”
Alex said “I will figure out a way to get in this bed, don’t worry, I don’t want you doing that regularly.”  She curled up next to him and said goodnight, he followed and then she said it without thinking and without care she said “I love you” and he paused but repeated.  She fell asleep in his arms.  She woke up once to some spasms but it passed, she thought he might have actually slept though them. 

She was up early with her alarm.  She kissed him and said “I am so sore, I think I used muscles I did not even know existed”
“I tried to warn you” and after a pause said “my god its early” and she said she is very routine.  He told her she was nuts.  He watched her zip around and get ready, it was very entertaining actually.  She looked hot in her suit.  She helped him up and made them breakfast.  He used her other bathroom while she finished get ready.  She helped him up like she had done it her whole life and it did not phase either of them.  She told him she loved having him there he said he liked being there.  By they were out the door, he went his way and she went hers. 

She was in la la land all morning.  She went to work and over her lunch she went to a bedding store and got a new mattress and bedsprings that was much lower to the ground.  She figured she would make it a surprise and hoped he would not be upset.  She honestly did not like her bed as it too was rented now she actually owned something.  It was being delivered the next evening, which made her happy.  They did not talk till that evening and it was just casual conversation, he was busy with school and she was catching up with work.  Kelly said “hey can you sleep over tomorrow night” and he hesitated.  But he would have said yes to anything she wanted he just wanted to make her happy.  She asked if he liked sushi and he said yes so she said “then it’s a date I will bring home some sushi and we can have a slumber party.”  He thought it was odd but whatever.  The bed was delivered as scheduled and she even got a new comforter and sheets for it, it was nice to have something be hers.  She got a quick run in and picked up a plethora of sushi.  She was very happy to see him when he got there she hopped in is lap and kissed him he said “wow did not expect that welcome.”  He was impressed with the selection of sushi.  They ate and drank a beer, which was out of character for her but she thought it sounded good.  They watched a little TV and she caught up on her magazines, she had a passion for the gossip magazines,
Alex said “I can’t believe you read that stuff”
“I can’t believe Kate Gosselin thinks that her hair looks good”  he rolled his eyes.  She was tired so she said “lets hit the hay.” He followed her to her room and said “what’s different and he said ow you got a new comforter” she said “yep” and went in the bathroom.  She looked in and saw him wipe a tear from his eye.  She did not say a word and neither did he.  He went to the other bathroom and she was waiting for him when he returned.  He hopped in to bed with ease and she smiled, they still said nothing about it.  They made love and before she could fall asleep he whispered in her ear “thank you, I am overwhelmed.”  She kissed him and went to sleep.  This was the real thing. 


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