Thursday, March 29, 2012

California Dreaming - Part 4

The next couple weeks passed, she would go over to his place he came to hers, it was harmony.  The awkwardness had passed.  He got the externship, they went out to celebrate she was thrilled he was staying. 
She said “this should be a great summer.”
 Alex quickly replied “speaking of which will you go to my brother’s wedding?” 
“I thought you would never ask. 
“Great I will make the arrangements this week”
 “why don’t we let Kristy do it, I have more miles than anyone my age should, seriously Alex let her do it.”  She told him to stop by the office and he could give the details to Kristy and she could also clear her schedule.  He had not gone to her office yet, but really wanted to.  He knew where it was but had never gone.  The wedding was about 3 months away thankfully she had some time to find something to wear. 

Alex had the bar that week and he was nervous but excited to get it out of the way.  He did not want her to make a big deal of it so he did not tell her exactly when it was.  She needed to go get a car seat she had mentioned it to Alex and he said he would go with if she would take him grocery shopping.  Weird request but she said sure.  He explained that he hated grocery shopping and then she thought about it and said “ow of course.”  She scolded him for not asking sooner or giving her a list as she goes about three times a week.  He said “that is a lot for someone who barely eats” and she said “shut up.”  When they went she critiqued his purchases and even helped him to pick out some healthy things.  For the first time she noticed people staring, it bothered her, but perhaps before she would have been one of them.  It did not seem to faze him, but it definitely annoyed her. 

Her Mom and Niece arrived on a Thursday morning.  She had taken the day off and went to pick them up.  She knew the time change would screw Mia up so she did not plan anything for that day.  Mia had grown so much, she was so happy to see them that she got a little teary.  She gathered them up, put Mia in her new car seat, which she was impressed with.  Mia fell asleep on the way to the condo and her and her mom got all caught up.  Her Mom had plans on Friday Night so Alex and Kelly were babysitting.  They got settled and went down to the beach to show Mia, and she loved it.  They relaxed and decided to order a pizza it was so nice to hang with her family.  She talked with Alex briefly and confirmed that he would come over Friday night and babysit with her.  He said of course but was nervous to say the least. 

She worked a little Friday and then met up with Mia and her Mom for lunch and some shopping.  Her Mom was almost out the door and Alex came, she introduced them and it went very smoothly.  Mia was very curious about Alex.  He said “hi” awkwardly and tried to shake her hand.  It was weird.  Kelly was going to make dinner while they got acquainted; pasta was one of the five things Mia ate so that was on the menu.  It was quiet in the other room then she heard Mia say, “did you get a boo-boo.” 
Alex said “what do you mean?” 
“well your legs have boo-boos right?”
Alex said with some surprise“well I guess they do,  but don’t worry they don’t hurt."  
With the innocence of a child her age she said “when I get a boo-boo I need a band aid” Feeling suddenly more relaxed he replied “sometimes I do too.” 
 “is that chair funest?”  
he laughed and said “well sometimes it is” 
Again with a completely innocent tone she said  “I wish I had one”
He quickly replied “no way your too pretty to sit in a chair all day.” 
Kelly’s heart was melting.  Mia asked if he slept in it and he said no I sleep in a bed just like you.  Mia said “good because I hate sitting down for long times, Mommy says I never just sit.” 
He laughed and said “you are smart.” 
She said “I go to school you know.”
He said with his eyes wide open and hands up “well excuse me.” 
She asked him to put on Dora and he said he would try Kelly yelled out the channel and he said thanks.  He watched Dora and asked her questions to the point where she said “Mr. Alex I am watching my show.” 
He came in the kitchen and said “seriously could she be any cutier.”
 Kelly said” I am glad you are getting along” 
“I was nervous at first but she is much easier than most adults.”  She kissed him and said he knew how to charm all the ladies and rolled her eyes. 

Dinner was ready, they sat down, Mia did not eat much but that was usually the case.  She asked Alex more questions about his eyes and his Mom and his school. 
Then casually Alex said “I took the bar today.” 
Kelly dropped her fork and said “what, seriously?” 
Casually while not making eye contact he said “yep”
Kelly said with a harsh tone “what’s wrong with you?” 
 “Don’t freak out I did not want you to make a big deal about it.” 
She said “Alex, I don’t like that.” 
“I know I am sorry, but I was nervous enough and I knew you make a big deal.”  He said he felt good about it and she said that was good and that she thought he was shady. 
Mia said “Alex you are in trouble and Aunt Kelly should put you in time out.”  He put his head down and leaned over to tickle Mia, she said firmly “Alex we are not joking”.

Kelly cleaned up and Alex and Mia went in the other room.  He took her for a ride, she heard her giggling, and it was music to her ears.  Kelly said its time for a bath and pj’s.  Alex said “you are on your own for that.”
Kelly hit him and said” just watch sports center” and he did.  They came back in and Mia had her night gown on and Alex said “well aren’t you pretty”
and Mia said “I am gorgeous.”  Alex was on the couch and Mia said with some concern in her voice “hey why aren’t you in your chair?”
 “because it’s not fun right now.” 
She said “did it hurt you” he said “a little” thinking it was not far from the truth, sitting for too long hurt in more ways than one. 
Mia hit the chair and said “don’t hurt my Alex” and she climbed up on the couch next to him. He put on a show for her before long she was asleep on his lap.  Kelly went to get her and he said “no leave her” Kelly grabbed her camera because nothing had ever been so sweet.  He fell asleep as well and she got a shot of that too.  Kelly then got Mia and put her to bed in her room. 

Kelly went in and kissed Alex till he woke up and he said he never imagined he liked kids.  He said “she was so sweet and innocent.” 
Kelly said “you are a natural” She told him he looked exhausted, probably for lying  about the bar, he said “you are not going to let this go.”   She gave him a funny look.  She was mad, but she sort of understood, but hated that he did not share that with her.  She let it go, with dig every now and again.  Before she knew four days had passed and it was time for them to go.  They were packing up and Alex stopped by to say goodbye.  He brought Mia a stuffed animal.  He helped them get packed in the car.  Her Mom told her that he was a very nice young man; she hoped she knew what she was getting into.  She said she had a pretty good idea.  She had told Alex that she expected him to come to Cleveland this summer or fall and he said “definitely.”  Mia gave him a kiss on the cheek and they were on their way. 

Alex realized that it was not likely that Kelly would ever be happy in San Francisco; she missed her family more than he thought and maybe more than she realized.  He understood he definitely could not see himself in San Francisco forever but more and more he found himself torn on how to make this work long term.  He tried not to think about it, he got the externship so he could stay for the summer and make some money and try to figure out where this was going.  He had this feeling that she was the one.  Graduation was just around the corner and his entire family would be in town.  He was excited for his parents to meet Kelly, they would like her.  Mike had told them a little about her.  She stopped by his place on the way back from the airport, he could tell she had been crying.  She said she missed her Mommy.  He pulled her to his San lap and said, he was sorry and asked what he could do.  She said “nothing.”  He had seen her mad but never really sad.  He asked her if she was hungry and she said no, she thought she would head out.  He said really, and she said yeah I have a big week.  I have to go to Boston for a couple days to get an idea what I am in for with this next merger.  She asked if he was ready to graduate.  He said “ow yea.”  She asked when he started the externship and he said the Monday after graduation, provided I passed the bar and winked.  She shot him a glare and he said “let it go.” 
She said well “I guess the million dollar question is what happens after summer, or when you decide what you want to do.” 
Alex did not say anything; Kelly said by September she needed to figure things out too.  She knew they were not going to keep her there on this free ride after this, if she was staying she was staying. 
He asked hesitantly “what are you thinking?”
Kelly said “honestly if I had to decide today as long as you were here I would stay, I want to see where this is going.  But knowing that you could be leaving changes things, I don’t fault you for that, but facts are facts.” 
He said he knew, he said the good news was they had some time, not a lot but some.  He told her he wanted to spend as much time with her as possible.  This conversation put her in even more of a slump.  She said she was going and headed towards her car. 
He said rather sharply “Kelly, why are you leaving, I have hardly seen you and your not leaving here upset.” 
She responded without making eye contact “there is nothing you can do.”
He said with a smirk “well stay for a while, hang out, don’t go home and sit around sad.  Be sad here with me.” 
With a pathetic pout Kelly replied “no you don’t want to be around me today, I get like this sometimes, no need to bring you down.” 
 “Kelly, you are not bringing me down, but this is me, if you can’t be yourself with me who can you be.” 
She said “it’s not that, it’s just” and trailed off
he said “what?” 
Kelly got snippy and said “I just need to be alone.”
Without hesitation Alex replied “OK but switch this situation around and you would be up my ass and not leaving me alone.” 
“You’re right, she said you are so right.”   
He said of course “I am” and she laughed. 
He said “you always fix me let me fix you”
she said “it’s not going to be nearly as easy.” 
“I know something that would help, come on let’s get out of here.”  He took her for ice cream; it actually made her feel a little better.  They spent the day watching TV and talking.  She knew he wanted to go to Colorado he just wouldn’t say it because there was nothing there for her. 

Graduation was in two weeks and she thought she knew what she wanted to get him but she had to get some help from Kristy.  He had this old backpack that he carried on the back of his chair, she really was not sure what was all in there, but it was always there.  She thought it was not appropriate for when he started working.  So she decided to have a nice leather briefcase type thing made that had his name on it with esq next to it.  Kristy found someone who could do it but they needed to know some measurements and the make of his chair.  She thought this was not going to be easy and as always there was a crunch for time.  He was coming over for dinner that night so she thought if he stayed she could get something.  He usually stayed a few nights a week and she would stay weekends at his place as there was more to do on that side of town.  When he fell asleep she tried to sneak and get some measurements but it was dark and she was a klutz.  She gave up and in the morning asked him to come to the office to give Kristy the info for the wedding.  He said that sounded good, he would bring her lunch, she said that would be a nice treat.  She figured Kristy could give it a go. 

Alex was excited to go see where she worked.  He knew she was important and had a great job but it would be nice to see it.  Arriving promptly as always, Kristy was so happy he was coming in, she wanted to see him for herself.  He was charming as always, and looked great.  Wearing khakis and a pale pink button up shirt, Kristy adored him.  Her office was amazing it had glass all around the one side and she had quite a view.  She also had a leather couch and a very big desk.  She said it was an old VP’s office and it was hers temporarily.  He was impressed, but she was always a class act.  They had lunch in her office and he gave Kristy the necessary information and he said there were certain seats they gave him.  She said not to worry she would take care of it and she would, if she could she would pack for them both, she was amazing.  Somehow someway she got what she needed for the bag.  Kelly told him she was taking off very early in the morning so she would call him from Boston.  He wanted to know if she would be up for going out on Friday night dinner and then meet up with some of his friends.  She said sure.  Kelly wondered what was up, but they had not really had a date in some time so it would be nice regardless. 

She was up and on her way to Boston by 7 AM.  Hoping she could get done what she needed to in two days, but that meant it was going to be busy.  She went straight to their offices in Boston and met up their Human Resources director Phil.  He was a very handsome guy, about her age.  He was great; he gave her what she needed and was extremely helpful.  She thought she was getting signals from him and honestly hoped she wasn’t, he seemed nice and she did not want to have to be mean.  Just as she was leaving Phil said “do you have plans for dinner?”, he knew she was out of town and he also knew her boss was not coming till the morning.  Kelly did not respond right away. 
He said “well I was thinking we could cover some more of this over dinner and try to get you out of here early tomorrow.” 
Now that she liked, maybe she was wrong he could be married for all she knew.  She said “that sounds great.”  He said he would pick her up at her hotel at 6 and she said no just tell me where and I will meet you, she insisted and he said fine.  He said he knew a place where they could work and get a great meal.  Whatever, she wanted to get back to San Francisco; she was obsessing over what was going to happen with Alex.  She was way too type A for all this uncertainty.  She could not imagine loosing Alex. 

When she got back to her room, she called Alex.  He sounded busy.  Graduation was coming, so she knew he had a lot on his plate.  He said he missed her.  She told him how she thought she may even get home early. 
He said “how did you finagle that?” 
She quickly replied “well Phil the HR director here is going to work with me on some of the stuff tonight.” 
Just as quick Alex asked “what?” 
She did not like his tone, he said “tonight Kelly?” 
“Ow Alex, he just suggested that we work tonight and I want to get out of here to see you silly.” 
He said “who is this Phil?”
she said “the HR director here.”
he said “No who is he, how old is he?” 
Sounding confused and distracted she replied “I don’t know maybe close to our age.”
Sounding very annoyed Alex said “yea I bet he wants to have dinner with you.” 
She had no idea what got into him, she should have never said anything.  She said “Alex I think you are way off but even if you are not I am a big girl, trust me I can handle it.”   
Alex said “I know but don’t be naive, that guy wants one thing.” 
With a sharp tone Kelly said “I am not naive Alex.” 
He did not know why this bothered him, it was one thing when guys would hit on her right in front of him, and come to think of it she is a little naive, but the idea of her being so far away and fully knowing that this guy wanted in her pants, enraged him. 
She said “seriously Alex, we talked so little that I could not tell you anything about him, he could be married with 8 kids for all I know.” 
Then she said “I cannot believe you are acting like this.” 
Alex said “you’re right I am sorry, I just know how hot you are and well your mine.” 
Kelly said “Alex, if I can trust you with all your little coed girls that hang on your every word, you can trust me with some dork of an HR director in Boston.” 
He said “you know I have eyes for only you.”
Kelly said in a softer tone “yes but I know Rachel and Cara have big eyes for you.”  She said “I should not have said anything”
Again sounding annoyed he replied “maybe you should not have.” 
Kelly said “Alex” with a screech in her voice.  He was not happy.  If she was being honest she would admit she liked the jealousy.  She did not want to end the conversation like this so she asked about their date and he said it was top secret.
Trying to keep things light Kelly asked”what in the world are you up to.” 
He said sounding slightly more relaxed “nothing you need to worry about, just promise me you will call me when you get in tonight.”
She said “I would have no matter what you lunatic.”  She said she loved him and hung up. 

She met Phil for dinner and was a little curious if he was after her.  She wore jeans and button up shirt and he was casual as well.  She said she had been in the suit for like 12 hours and she needed to be comfortable.  He told her she looked great.  She said thanks and changed the subject.  He suggested ordering and then working.  She got her usual chicken salad and ice tea.  He tried to be chatty and she was polite but did not encourage it.  She felt like Alex was watching her on some hidden video on his computer in San Francisco.  It turned out he was a bachelor.  When he inquired about her status she said she was dating a lawyer in San Francisco.  He asked if he was the one and she said “god I hope so.”  Once he realized she was in a relationship, he backed down big time.  So they worked and by about ten they were wrapping things up.  While working she found some mistakes in his work and realized she may not get out early after all.  He was mortified, but she told him it happens all the time, and that is why she was there.  When they left the restaurant Phil said “if you were single I would be all over you.”  She said “but I am not.” They parted ways. 

She got back and took a shower, she was so tiered.  Kelly called Alex and said “hello psycho.”  He said “so was I right” and she thought should I be honest or just tell him he is married and end the whole thing.  She was honest because she was an awful liar.  She said “you were right, but once I told him I was dating a hot lawyer in San Francisco he backed down immediately.”  Alex called him an ass hole and she said “Alex stop it, you are a piece of work tonight and if I did not feel like my eyes weighed a thousand pounds I would give you a piece of my mind.”  He said “so I am saved by exhaustion.”  She said pretty much and she said good night.

She met up with her boss Steve the next morning and gave him the run down and her thoughts, she thought there was a definite possible merger.  She said it would be more work than she anticipated but very doable.  He took her to lunch and asked how things were and if she had given any thought to staying in San Francisco.  She briefly told him her situation.  He said “well you have till September then I need to give you roots somewhere.”  He told her he had really hoped San Francisco would be a perfect fit.  Kelly said “it maybe, it is right now.” 
He said he felt like he should meet this Alex.  She said ow that is not necessary. 
Steve said “yes it is.” 
Kelly hesitated and said “next time you are in town you can meet him.” 
He said” the secretary’s all say he is very attractive.” 
Kelly said “that he is.”  She told him if he wanted this merger to happen this fiscal year then she needed to get busy.  He told her to get to it.  So she went back and worked like a dog.  She had to stay one more night, there was no way around it.  She texted Alex that she was staying another night as her boss gave her the go ahead.  He did not reply which meant he was mad.  She was getting annoyed with his behavior.  She worked through dinner and when she got back she called Alex, she was wondering why he had not called her at all.  He did not answer, that’s had never happened before.  So about an hour later she called again, no answer.  She texted him, and got a text back that said “how is Phil?”  She wrote back “seriously.”  She was furious.  He had gone out with Nick and was pretty drunk.  He convinced himself that she was staying to be with this Phil guy.  She could not believe Alex was acting this way still.  She wrote back “you need to get a grip, this is crazy.”  She said “Good night.”  She was mad.  She logged on to facebook to see if it said anything.  Alex had something about freaking basketball but nothing out of the ordinary.  She had a friend request from Phil but dear god she would not dare accept it, which was very silly in her opinion but why make things worse.  She figured she would deal with Alex when she got back. 

Rachel had stopped by and talked with Alex a bit, he told her about Kelly’s trip and Phil.  Rachel did not help as she said he definitely had reason to worry.  Alex again said “what do you have against her. “ She did not answer.  He passed out in his chair and had one of his rare accidents.  Kelly tied up a few loose ends and Kristy managed to get her out of Boston by .  When she got back it was about 3 in the afternoon.  She wondered if she should go to the office or to Alex’s.  When she got off the plane she saw she missed a call from him.  He texted “call me please.”  She decided to have this conversation in person.  She drove to his place not knowing if he had class or not.  He was not there, but his aid Martha was there.  She was a very sweet women maybe in her mid 40’s.  She said Alex would be back soon, he had to go sell some books back.  She said she would wait.  They chatted while Kelly returned some emails from her Iphone.  About 40 minutes later Alex came in, he saw her car so he knew she was there and he did not know what to say.  He knew he was out of line, but he also knew about her temper.  This was not going to be their first real fight; this would just be the first time he was completely to blame.  He looked like hell so that was actually in his favor. 

When he came in, she looked up from her phone and said “hey you look awful”
He replied rather pathetically “I feel awful” just then Martha took off. 
Alex said “you look pissed”
Kelly said” I am not sure if I am mad at you or if I feel bad for you.” 
He said “the later would work best for me.” 
She gave him a glare and said “so who was that last night.” 
“I was pissed you were not coming home”
She said “sorry Alex that is my job.”
He said “let me finish.”  Alex said he went out with Nick to watch the game and he definitely drank way too much, he said I was very jealous and I created this idea that you were sleeping with him in some hotel in Boston texting me to cover your ass. 
She looked flabbergasted, he went on and said “I know I was wrong, I do trust you, I just sometimes still wonder why you are with me, you could have anyone and given how loose our plans are.” 
Kelly interrupted and nearly yelled “now that is enough, I was very honest with you and when I say nothing happened that is an understatement, she said I found all kinds of flaws in his work and he was so worried I was going to have him fired he did not give me another look the whole trip.  Which I would have told you but you were too busy being a child, I had no idea you felt this way.”  She paused and continued “you know you are crazy right?”
Alex said “I guess.” 
Kelly kept going and said “absolutely everything I have done since we met has had something to do with you.  You are all I think about, you are where I want to be, you mean more to me than any other man I have ever been with.  I thought you knew that”
Alex said “I do I just am a jerk, I was not thinking and I am so sorry, it will never happen again.” 
She reiterated that she thought there was a double standard going on, she reminded him of his 600 female friends on facebook and all the visits from girls and calls.
Kelly she said “I have bitten my tongue so many times because I trust you completely, I know you are with me and I hate that you don’t have that same trust.” 
After a short pause he said while looking down at his lap almost looking like a child “cut me some flack, I have some insecurities that you don’t have to contend with “ 
Kelly quickly said “don’t give me that shit.” 
He said “you still refuse to admit that I am different.” 
She rolled her eyes.  He said “don’t do that”
Still annoyed and not backing down Kelly said “I am very well aware that this is different, but I don’t know why you can’t get that it does not bother me.  I feel like you want me to tell you that it bothers me and I am not sure if I want to be with you because you get around in a chair and pee on a schedule.  You meet all of my needs, you would do anything for me, you make me feel so special, you are crazy hot, you meet all my needs, you’re the smartest guy I have ever met, you’re a lawyer, you could have a ton of girls but you choose me, I can be me around you, you meet all of my needs, I love you but this is a Alex issue, not a Kelly issue.” 
Alex paused and then said “Kelly I have never met anyone like you, you look at me in a way that one else does.” 
Kelly said “please Alex I am not up to have the same fight over and over.” 
He said “I honestly believe that you sometimes forget I can’t walk or do a million other everyday things, but I worry that you are ignoring it and hoping it will go away and it’s not.” 
Kelly sat back and threw her hands up and said “are you kidding me?”
Alex said “Kelly I am just being honest this stuff worries me, I don’t want to lose you because one day we can’t get into a restaurant because there are stairs and it finally hits you, I have lost too much already I don’t want to lose you.”  
She told him to shut up.  He went to say something and she said “shut up, if you think I am that self centered and that I am not completely aware then you are crazy and we should not be together because I am not going to spend the rest of my life trying to prove something to you.  You are right I honestly rarely think of you as disabled, you make it easy, it really has not affected all that much.  When I tell people about you I don’t tell them you are in a chair and not because I am ashamed or embarrassed because I forget.” 
Alex said “ but Kel it is a huge part of who I am.” 
Quickly she replied” Alex it does not define you and it does not define us.”    
He took a deep breath and said “I love you so much, you are right this is my issue and I do trust you.” 
With a hush in her tone said “I don’t know about that.”  There was a silence and then Kelly said “you know I have never cheated on anyone.” 
He said “that does not surprise me.”  He came over and said “forgive me, please forgive me. I just wish I could erase the whole thing, it was stupid and I am a fool.” 
 “Don’t patronize me Alex Miller.” 
Alex said “I am not I just want to wake up and forget it happened.” 
Kelly said “of course but from now on just be honest with me, don’t act out like this.”  He said “you are the only thing that matters to me right now, and that scares the shit out of me." 
She said “ditto” and they kissed. 
She said “well the last fight we had we did the whole make up sex thing and I am not doing that this time, one because I don’t reward negative behavior (smirking)  and more importantly you look kind of gross.”  “I am going to go, I need to drop t his stuff off at the office and get home.” 
He said “I am going to bed just as soon as you leave.” 
She said “are we still on for tomorrow?” 
Alex said “definitely, I will pick you up at 7.” 

She went home from work the following day and realized she had no idea where they were going, she texted him and said how should I dress he said casual which made her very happy, she put on jeans and very pretty pink silk halter top.  As usual he was right on time, except he came up to her door which was weird.  He came in and she said “well you look better.” 
Alex said “I still feel pretty bad about doing that to you.” 
She said “well Kristy and I came to the conclusion that you are a guy and you were bound to screw up sometime.” 
He pulled her onto his lap like he always did and said “I promise it will never happen again” he said he needed to give her more credit as she was not like anyone he had ever met and there was no excuse for his behavior. 
Kelly said “OK, I am over it promise.”  He kissed her.  She actually felt bad for him, because she was really over it. 
She said “you could have told me that in the car.”
Alex said “no there is one more thing” and he pulled out a box and said “don’t panic its not that box.”  He said “give or take a few days tonight is the 3 month anniversary of our fist date.”  She had no idea.  He said “I just wanted to thank you for the 3 best months of my life.”  She was overwhelmed.  He said “this is just a small token of my affection.”  It was a gorgeous necklace with a pearl pendent.  He said “I know you are not big on jewelry but you almost always have your pearls on, so this is so you can switch it up.”  She loved it and loved how much thought he put in it.  He was right; she always had her pearl earrings in and wore her necklace whenever she could.  She said “thank you, thank you so much.”  They both had little tears in their eyes.  She said she felt the same and hoped it was just the beginning.  As always wanted to break the silence, she said ”Alex” and he said “what” she said “I am starving” and he said “my bad sorry lets go” with a grin that melted her heart.
He took her back to where they had their first date.  She was happy because a margarita sounded fabulous after this week.  She had two margaritas in her before dinner and she was feeling good.  He said he would take one for the team tonight, she said “I bet you will.”  Kelly noticed he was spasming a little more than usual, and she asked if he was OK and he said yea last night was wreaking havoc on his body still.
She said “do you want to go”
Alex said “no, no I feel great, my body just has not gotten the message yet.” 
She said “that is interesting”
he said “what?”
Kelly said it is like “you and your body are separate entities sometimes.” 
Alex said with a smirk “yea, we have not been on the same page for a long time.” 
Kelly put her hand over his and said “you  know we are a team and if something is bothering you I want you to let me be there for you as much as you think I turn a blind eye to all this, I am very aware.  I see every grimace, I know when your pride is crushed, I know you are so annoyed sometimes you want to scream, I am so aware Alex, but it does not do you any good if I feel bad for you or baby you, that is not what you want, but maybe I could do a better job of making sure you know I am here for you.” 
He paused and then said “I know you know I see it in your eyes, and I love that you don’t let this define me or us.”  Then she like always she felt the need to switch it up and said she saw a speech Obama had made about health care and they started to debate that oddly there were pretty much on the same page.  They ate and he said “I promised a bunch of people I would stop by and provided that we are graduating and I may never see them again, I would like to stop” and she said “I am up for anything.”  Kelly said ”I am so excited for graduation he said “you know so am I.” 

They went to a dressed up campus bar.  It was nice but not too nice.  In the back there was a large group of what looked to be young adults so they headed back.  It was pretty packed which frustrated Alex, but he trudged through.  It was not too bad once they got to the back.  They were all happy to see Alex and he introduced her and she knew she would not remember one name.  Some random guy asked them what they wanted, Alex said what the heck and got a beer and she did the same.  Kelly struck up a great conversation with a very nice group of girls.  They told her they all adored Alex and thought he was one of the nicest guys around and she said you know and he is wonderful in bed and then apologized as the margaritas had caught up with her, but they all laughed and said she would fit right in.  They talked fashion, Kelly was in heaven as she never finds anyone who cares about the same stuff she does. Alex came over and they said Alex where have you been hiding her and he said under a bridge and winked.  He asked if she needed anything and she said no she was good.  She did shots with the girls and Alex sat back and loved seeing her so happy.  She went over and sat on Alex’s lap and whispered in his ear that he was the sexiest man in the entire bar and she was going to have her way with him.  He teased her for being so drunk and kissed her.  She was in her very happy place and Alex knew it was time to go. 

When they go to the car she said “Alex, I told the girls you are good in bed I hope that is OK.” 
When he got in the car he said “what did you say?”
 She said “well they said how nice you were and all that and I said and he is amazing in bed.” 
He laughed and said “that is why I love you.” 
Kelly sort of slurred “because I think you are good in bed.” 
He said with a huge grin “yes and then some.”   
Alex said you are “staying at my place.”
Kelly said “OK whatever.” 
He knew she was going to pass out soon.  When they got back he gave her a glass of water and took her to his room.  She got up on the bed and passed out on his side of the bed, which was fine.  He had never seen her like this so he thought it was a treat.  He threw a blanket on her and took her shoes off and watched some sports center and went to bed. 

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  1. Great episode. You never let us down. Thanks.