Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Aurora - Part 19

Despite Doc’s well-meant intervention of the day before, Garran still hadn’t shown his face. Aurra was back on one of her inspection rounds, contemplating what to do about the situation. Somehow she needed to get him out of this funk. Apart from the fact that she was back to stolen naps here and there while piloting the craft on her own, she just simply missed his company—while right now he was probably still sleeping off the effects of half a bottle of single-malt on an empty stomach.

What a frustrating situation—but she did have an idea what was keeping him trapped in his cabin. His whole world hat tilted on its axis and he didn’t know how to right it again. What a strange thing hope was. Before Doc’s last prognosis, he had dealt with his inability to walk well enough. He had been frustrated by it for sure, but he hadn’t let himself be held back by it. Was there a way to help him find something new, some new strength inside himself that would make him hope again?

Hope for what? That was really the crux of the matter. DF’s words came back to her. Would it really be enough to tell him that he didn’t need two whole legs and the ability to walk to meet her muster? Would he think her condescending if she told him? “Arrgh.” Aurra banged her fist on the wall next to the porthole she had been staring out of. She really had to break this recent habit of staring into space—literally. 

Mila stuck her head out of a service crawlspace nearby. “Hi Captain. Is everything okay?”

“Mila” Aurra acknowledged her environmental engineer. “Yes—no—yes. It’s complicated.”

The younger woman pulled herself out of the narrow crawlspace and smiled shyly. “So it seems. Well, I need to go find a spare seal—since I have pulled one of the auxiliary air scrubbers apart in there.” She pointed her thumb back over her shoulder at the open hatch. “But, if you ever want to talk—you know—girl talk, let me know.” She blushed, seemingly embarrassed for having made the offer to her Captain, turned and walked away from Aurra without waiting for a response.

Mila was relatively new to the crew, too. Brent had brought her along four months earlier after a whirlwind romance and shotgun wedding and Aurra realized that trapped by her own depression over Bryn’s death she hadn’t really made an effort to get to know Mila.

To rectify the situation, she decided to make a point of engaging more with the quiet and shy young woman in the future. Engaging more—like with Garran. If nothing else, the man needed to talk. With her! Now!

With new resolve she set out along the corridor, to the lift which she took up to the crew deck. When she arrived in front of Garran’s door, her fist raised to knock, her resolve faltered again. Dammit. She wasn’t usually this indecisive. But her feelings for Garran, his disability included, was not something she found easy to talk about.

Furiously she balled both hands into fists and stomped off into the direction of her own cabin. What was this man doing to her? No man had ever thrown her so completely off balance. Tired and upset now with her own lack of willpower she opened her cabin door and threw herself onto her bed giving her pillow a good punch.

Doc had said that Garran usually faced situations head-on, always finding opportunities, bringing the best out in people, excelling where other were bound to fail. Why not now? She understood grief and depression, but it had gotten her exactly nowhere. And she missed Garran’s company, his smirk, and most of all the sizzling sexual tension between them. It made her feel alive in ways she hadn’t felt in months. She would show him! She would show him that hiding was not the answer. She would show him right now how desirable he was.

She jumped up and stormed out of her cabin and straight into Garran’s before her courage left her again. “Garran…”

He was naked. He came wheeling out of the bathroom and came to a dead stop when Aurra burst into his room. With only a towel around his neck, Aurra had a prime view of his marvelous physique. His handsome face framed by the dark, spiky wet hair, broad shoulders and defined chest and stomach, still glistening from a recent shower—Aurra’s heart skipped in her chest. A line of dark hair trailed down from his navel to widen into a dark patch of pubic hair framing his cock which even in its relaxed state was nothing short of impressive. His thighs were still strongly muscled, but she knew that would change over time. The stump of his left leg was also bare and the sight of all these things together made Aurra’s insides go all fluttery and needy, her pelvic muscles tensing, starting the exquisite feeling of growing sexual arousal. She couldn’t remember having ever seen an image as beautiful, erotic and enticing.

Obviously Garran didn’t share her assessment.

“What the …” He caught himself before voicing the expletive out loud. “Turn around!” It was a command, not a request.

Aurra complied, unsure of how to proceed at this point; her momentary hesitation had cost her the advantage. She heard a few noises including the bed creaking and she concluded that Garran had transferred into the bed and pulled up a sheet. Certain that it was ‘safe’, she turned around and faced him.

His head propped against the bulkhead wall he stared at her, the sheet covering his legs and pulled up to his chest under his crossed arms. “I thought this cabin was private.”

“It would be if you would leave it every once in a few days. I have a responsibility to ensure that my crew is all right.”

“And that entails breaking and entering?”

“I didn’t break anything, but this is my ship and you are in breach of our agreement.” This was so not where Aurra wanted the discussion to be going. She took a deep breath to steady herself and steer the conversation into the right direction.

“So fire me.”

“Hell no.” Thank you for that opening.

“Hell no? What the fuck do you want from me? There won’t be any treatment over the next six months. I’m fucking stuck in his fucking chair for the rest of my life.” He shouted at her, storm clouds of emotion passing over his face.

Aurra turned away from him and her gaze caught the bottle of single-malt still standing half-full on the sideboard across from the bed. So he had withstood the temptation. Taking it as a good sign, she turned back to face him, resisting the temptation to cross her arms, too. Instead she extended her arms forward, palms up in a questioning gesture “So what?”

His mouth dropped open. Before he had the chance to gather his thoughts and demand she leave him alone, Aurra pressed ahead. “You really need to get out of this bed, Garran. Lying around sulking isn’t going to change your situation one bit.”


“Getting out of this bed and not sulking isn’t going to change the situation either. That’s the problem.” Garran’s voice was heavy with sarcasm.

Aurra sat down at the end of the bed and pulled back the sheet exposing his foot.

Garran stared at her mutinously. “What the hell are you doing?”

Aurra was unperturbed. She pushed her hand under his heel, lifted his foot up and scooted closer, placing his foot in her lap. “I am massaging your foot. Your tendons are contracting. That’s not good.”

Garran watched as she started to massage the sole of his foot, stretched and flexed his toes then his ankle. “And your point is?” He grunted. Despite his misgivings he found that he was enthralled watching her massage his foot. He imagined he could feel her hands, warm and soft as they moved over his skin. He felt his blood rush to his groin, his libido once again asserting itself. And he could certainly feel that. Aurra’s hands moved up to his calf. For a moment he wished she would massage the stump of his other leg, too. That realization shocked him like he had been doused with cold water. He jerked up and pulled himself closer against the bulkhead wall, effectively pulling his leg out of her lap. “Enough!” He shouted hoarsely. “I don’t need a nurse!”

Aurra got up and stood in front of the bed, hands on her hips. “No, what you need is a proper ass-whipping.” Color was staining her cheeks, her big dark eyes boring into him.

“How lucky that my ass is only half-numb then. Otherwise your effort would be entirely wasted. Shall I roll over now?” Garran snarled, trying to stare her down. Damn the woman’s sass. Damn the fact that he had to look up at her. Torn between wanting her gone from his cabin and wanting her on top of him right this second he remained seated against the top of the bed, but uncrossed his arms and dropped his hands into his lap when in his peripheral vision caught the unmistakable movement of the sheet tenting. Damn his traitorous body for having a mind of its own.

He saw the brief flash of triumph in her eyes before she composed her features again, but a slow smile spread across her face. By Horlus, she was more beautiful in this state of controlled fury than ever before.


“Yes, what?” Garran realized that he had completely lost his train of thought.

“Yes, roll over now.” Something else flashed in her eyes and if he weren’t so certain that he must be completely mistaken he would have said that it was unbridled desire.

Damn—damn—damn! He had never lost a staring-down contest before. This woman was something else. His brain scrambled to come up with the right course of action, but for some reason he was completely lost, unable to move.

She took a step towards him. Like in slow motion she reached out a hand to take hold of the sheet as his mouth went dry and still his brain could not form a single coherent thought.

She grabbed the sheet in her fist and yanked hard. It slid off him and onto the floor, exposing his paralyzed leg and stump while his manhood stood at glorious attention. His arms fell to his sides, leaving him completely exposed. Her gaze raked over him and he swore he could feel the trail of her gaze even on his legs. She took another step and sat sideways on the edge of his bed.

“Aurra…” A whisper was all his frazzled brain was able to produce.

Then she leaned across his legs and forward, sliding her tongue in a slow circle over her lips. Garran’s breath hitched. She opened her mouth slightly and placed it on top of his glans, slowly pushing down. She flicked her tongue across his slit before sliding it over the bottom edge and then pushing it against the underside of the glans while her lips opened around him and she took him deeper, blowing his testosterone-flooded mind. 

Aurora - Part 20


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