Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Devoted -- it's here!

Ever wondered how Jules and Jeff felt that first spark in Swimming to the Surface? Looking forward to reading Diary of an Ugly Girl on your Kindle or iPhone? How about some BRAND SPANKING NEW stories from talented writers like Ruth Madison?

Devoted is finally available! Check it out on Amazon (paperback coming soon) or Smashwords (downloadable in nearly any e-format, including HTML and PDF).

Important note for Smashwords: unless you're logged in and have turned this feature off, their "adult filter" will be automatically in the ON position and you won't be able to find it using the search.

A HUGE thanks to Lee and Ruth for getting this together -- it looks great so far, and I am beyond tickled at reading my own work in this form for the first time :)


  1. Yay! Just bought it! I'm so excited to read it!

  2. Thanks to Ruth for your helping putting this together!

  3. Oh, I should try to turn that adult filter thing off. The adult content isn't that strong!

  4. I bought it thinking that SttS would be in the book in its entirety. Sadly, no. :(

  5. Hey, that was all I'd written by that point -- I never actually intended to do anything more, but some of you convinced me otherwise :)