Wednesday, June 20, 2012

After the Game

So here is my first attempt to write a story.
It's a shorty, little erotic story.

Hope you like it :)

After the Game

Euphoric from the hard earned tennis victory, you come back home. Looking really sweaty, testosterone still boiling in your veins, I don't think I have seen you looking this sexy. I start laughing seeing your child-like behaviour doing wheelies. Dropping your bag on the floor you pull me in your lap and I give you a kiss, but just as soon you take a lead and kiss me hard, but somehow gentle at the same time, our tongues melting into one, fireworks exploding around us. Letting out a little sight of contentment is all I can manage. It is a kiss that would make my knees weak, if I wouldn't be sitting in your lap. I wriggle my backside comfortably between your skinny legs. When we come up for air I nuzzle your neck, muscular sent filling my head and getting me wet just from that. The thrilling feeling of your hot body holding my shoulders in contrast of the cold chrome of your wheels against my legs.  

You arrange me in your lap and wheel us to the bedroom, where a big bed is waiting for us. With a few experienced move you remove all our clothing and throw them on the floor. You take my earlobe between your teeth and pull it gently and start nuzzle down my neck, placing soft kisses on my skin, that feels just like butterfly wings flapping against my skin. You haven't shaved last few days and you beard is tickling my neck, sending incredible vibes through my body from my neck to my toes. I grip harder on your shoulders, my fingernails tugging into you skin, leaving imprints.

I circle your waist with my legs, allowing our bodies as much skin-to-skin contact as possible. You take my one nipple into your mouth and play with it, teasing sensitive skin. At the same time your hand is moving lower, making small circles on my belly and upper thighs. This is one rare occasions you get an erection and I can feel your length touching my wet pussy just for few moments, but I can already feel how it grows bigger and harder. I reach my one hand from your shoulder to your chest, slowly teasing your flesh and playing with the hair. I move my hand lower and cup your balls gently massaging them, I know what that does do you, and keep on going, feeling you get even bigger and stronger.

You pull yourself higher on bed, your lifeless legs tangling down the bed, I straddle your lap again, lean close to your heavily muscled chest and shoulders, from years of using them to get around and we kiss, I pull my hand up higher and run my hand to your buttocks, squeezing it. What a sexy buttock it is, after all this time. I move my other hand to the other buttock and suddenly tug my fingers hard in them, even though you can't feel it, it drives me crazy. I move over you and sit in your lap, your entire length filling me completely. First I do not move just stay there, letting us get used to the feeling. Slowly you move your hands on my hips and start moving your hands in slow motion, lifting me up and down, I clench my inner walls hard around you and you fasten your movement. It is hard to control what is happening, so we leave that behind and just for few minutes we live in the moment, enjoining life greatest pleasure possible. 

Some time later, both covered with sweat, we collapse in total exhaustion back to the pillows. You pull me close and I rest my head on your shoulder. You stroke my back and I play with the hair on your chest. I have a great view of your lifeless legs, tangled with blankets. From just looking at you I can start feeling little itch between my legs, it doesn't mater that we came just minutes ago. But I know the affect it has had on your body, I rearrange myself, lifting my leg between your skinny legs and settle in and drift of to sleep, being constantly happy. I know that I am in a right place next to you. I look up to your face and smile when I hear a little snore.    


  1. This is such a sweet little vignette! I love the sense of contentment that this couple expresses in their relationship. It's really lovely -- we don't get a lot of those types of stories here; it's always new-relationship drama ;)

    I hope you'll keep writing!

  2. This is a wonderful piece. Your descriptions are lovely. If I might make one suggestion: In your line,
    " . . . lean close to your heavily muscled chest and shoulders, from years of using them to get around and we kiss"

    I might have said,
    . . . lean close to your chest, heavily muscled from years of using them to get around, and we kiss
    I think you did a great job on this. Thanks.