Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Aurora - Part 11

When Garran woke up he was still lying on the operating table in Doc’s medical bay but he was covered with a blanket. Everything was quiet except for the muffled humming of the engines which could be heard throughout the ship. Garran opened his eyes carefully, looking at the ceiling above him. The light panes were set to give the impression of a sunny day with occasional wispy clouds moving in front of the artificial sun. It was soothing.

His arms were no longer restrained he realized, but when Garran tried to push himself into a sitting position, he couldn’t. Panic squeezed his heart and he felt like he was about to black out again.

“Relax.” Aurra’s voice came from somewhere to the right. “It’s just a chest strap. Doc didn’t want you to fall off the table.”

Garran turned his head and saw Aurra get up out of his wheelchair parked against the wall. She walked up to him and folded the blanket back. “See?” She undid the Velcro closure that was holding him down while Garran watched her, still slightly disoriented.

“What are you doing here?” He finally found his voice.

“Watching over you while Doc gets cleaned up, a cup of coffee and a bite to eat. DF is really showing some talent, by the way.”

“Am I allowed to get up?”

“Yes, sure, unless you feel dizzy?” She stepped back toward the foot end of the table to give him space.

Garran pushed himself into a sitting position and carefully shook his head. “No, I’m fine.” He felt discreetly under the blanket and was relived to find that he seemed to be wearing a pair of sweatpants. No danger of embarrassing himself in front of Aurra for the second time in one day.

“Doc said you had quite a close call. The failsafe was triggered remotely, not by the surgery. He had asked Jason to monitor all incoming data traffic and see if he could block the signal, but since Jason didn’t know what he was looking for, he didn’t find it. But he caught the nasty little bugger’s acknowledgement loud and clear.”

Garran pulled the blanket away and found another strap across his thighs. He undid it and pushing a hand under his right knee, he pulled his leg over the edge of the table. “I thought I was dead there for a moment.” Garran mumbled in acknowledgement. He shuffled himself around so that he was now sitting sideways on the table, his right lower leg hanging down, but the stump of the other didn’t flex. It stuck out straight, the empty pant leg dangling off the end. Garran cringed at the sight. So much for not embarrassing himself in front of Aurra. He was about to reach for his stump to tuck it down, when Aurra’s hand landed softly just above his left knee. Not that he could feel it, but that’s what it looked like.

“I’m glad you’re not dead.”  Aurra said quietly.

Garran could see her flexing her fingers to apply pressure. Then she turned away and taking her hand with her, went to retrieve his wheelchair. Garran’s eyes were riveted to the spot Aurra had just touched. He hadn’t been able to feel her hand, but damn if the sight of her hand on his crippled leg hadn’t made his heart jump hard in his chest. The wheelchair appeared in his field of vision and he forced his attention back to Aurra’s face and his heartbeat to slow. She smiled at him.

 “Your steed, Sir Galahad.”

He forgot about trying to get his heartbeat under control. Like earlier, the warmth that flooded her eyes and relaxed her normally stern features undid him. He found himself wondering what it would take to return that smile to her face permanently. “Thank you, Milady, but, um, maybe you could…”

“Feeling shy, Commander?” She turned away so she wasn’t looking at him. “It seems to me that you’re the blushing maiden, not me.” She teased him.

“It’s not that.” Garran mumbled while he felt the heat crawl all the way up to his earlobes. “I … I can’t get down on my own.” There—he’d said it. Humiliation suffused him, but the distance in height was just too big and he didn’t relish the thought of falling flat on his face and tearing whatever artery Doc had just patched.

“Oh.” Aurra turned back to him. “I could help you. What should I do?”

“I appreciate your offer. I really do, but Doc was already struggling with my weight to get me up on the table earlier. Please rather call him? I would feel terrible if I crushed you if both of us ended up in a heap on the floor.”

Seemingly aware of his embarrassment she nodded. “Asking for help shows me how strong you are. I admire that. I wish I had your strength.” She bowed nonchalantly at the waist. “Not to worry, Sir Galahad, your groom shall attend you and your horse, shortly.” She walked toward the automatic door and turned into the corridor, but before she disappeared she gave him another one of those mind-blowing smiles.

Damn. Did she just say she admired him?


Aurra went in search of Doc and found him in the common room chatting with DF who was busy serving him a plate of food. It smelled delicious and made Aurra’s mouth water. Maybe later she would have some herself, but now she needed to get back to the cockpit and check that everything was okay. She quickly relayed Garran’s request to Doc and both Doc and DF made their way to the medical bay to rescue Garran from his predicament.

Aurra made her way to her station and started to read through the last half an hour of status messages she had missed. Above a certain level of criticality the messages would automatically copy to her phone, so she knew nothing serious was amiss, but you prevented serious issues by taking the not so serious ones seriously. Another one of Bryn’s lessons.

Bryn—she had hardly thought of him ever since Garran Raulsten had come on board. Again she felt the pang of guilt as her growing infatuation with the handsome Commander pushed her husband to the back of her mind. “Oh, Bryn. I miss you so much. Why did you let your buddies talk you into that stupid race?” She whispered to herself.

Enough, she called herself to order. She had to get on with life. Bryn wasn’t coming back. But to lose her heart to Garran Raulsten would only mean more heartache when he left again in a little less than two weeks. She let out a long sigh.
She could do this. She could be friendly and even flirt with him as long as she didn’t touch him she decided, thinking back to the moment in the medical bay when she had placed her hand on Garran’s leg, just above the knee below which his leg ended in a short rounded stump. Her knees had wanted to give way as a powerful surge of sexual energy brought her body alive. She had seen the aggravated look on his face when he realized that his left knee wasn’t flexing, the stump sticking out straight over the side of the table and it was all she could do to squeeze his leg and make herself turn away to hide the flaring desire in her eyes and before her hand moved of its own volition, below his knee, cupping the stump. At least he hadn’t been able to feel how hard her hand had been trembling.

As she stared at the console in front of her with unseeing eyes, reliving the moment in her fantasy and doing what she hadn’t dared doing in reality, she felt herself grow wet between her legs, the delicious early tingle of an orgasm starting to fill her. She closed her eyes, rocked her pelvis back and pressed the tips of her fingers against the bottom of her pubic bone. That alone was enough, pushing her across the threshold to trigger the orgasm. Brief, but delicious none the less. Keeping her eyes closed she rode it out to the last second.

Realizing where she was and that anyone of her crew could be walking in on her at any moment she moved her hand from its incriminating position and reached for the console to scroll down another page of status messages. She was halfway down the page when she heard Garran’s wheels approaching from behind. She turned to smile at him; silently thanking him for the sexual release he wasn’t even aware of providing.

Garran had changed back into the clothes he had worn during the meeting in the crew lounge and Aurra watched him transfer into the copilot chair and stow the wheelchair.  She had to admire the fluidity with which he was starting to move. His ample upper body strength certainly was a great advantage in his situation.

“Captain?” He addressed her.

“Yes, Commander?”

“I know you are due for a break now, so I would like to ask you something. You don’t have to answer right away, but maybe think about it while you are off duty?”

“Sure go ahead.”

“Did Doc tell you what he discovered about my injuries?”

Aurra shook her head. “No, even here we respect doctor patient privilege. He only told me about the failsafe because any explosive device, however small, has a bearing on the safety of the ship and crew.”

Garran nodded. “Well, my injury is not as straightforward as I had hoped it would be. It looks like it will take about six months until movement and sensation in my legs has been completely restored. I am not sure if you are aware of this, but Doc, your crew doctor, is a capacity in this field. In fact he’s the best there is.”

Aurra had perked up, a worried frown on her face. “I didn’t know that. I hope you are not asking me if you can approach Doc and ask him to leave with you.”

“No, that’s not it.” Garran smiled. “Nor do I think that such a proposal would be successful. No, what I would like you to consider is letting me stay on as your copilot for the next six months. While I’m here he can supervise my treatment.”

Stunned Aurra struggled out of her seat. Putting a steadying hand on the backrest she looked squarely at Garran. “You’ve got the helm, Commander. I will consider your rather unexpected request.” Then she walked out of the cockpit on shaky legs.

Aurora - Part 12


  1. Wowww! This is a top-notch story. Thanks so much for continuing so soon.

  2. Well, that's an interesting development, especially how it might fit - or not - into the political/military mission that got Garran into this mess in the first place.
    I'm really enjoying all the inter-weaving plot elements...not to mention, of course, the tummysquishie factor!

  3. You know what I love about this story? The complex and intricate plot. I LOVE all the stories that are posted on here, but a lot of them are driven purely by romantic plot (my own included). This is almost a little breath of fresh air. :-) Ceating a storyline like this with such great and interesting characters is a great undertaking; you're doing great so far!

    I love Aurra's parts and thoughts. Can't wait to learn more about Brynn's and Garran himself. I hope you keep it going because I look forward to each and every update!