Sunday, June 17, 2012

Aurora - Table of Contents

Part 1: Garran Raulsten on Trial
Part 2: Introducing Aurra MacCowan
Part 3: Introducing Doc
Part 4: Garran Meets DF 
Part 5: Aurra Buys Garran
Part 6: Ready for Take-Off; Introducing Flavia
Part 7: Garran's New Job
Part 8: Garran Meets Doc
Part 9: Doc's Surprise
Part 10: Not So Fail-Safe 
Part 11: Garran's Proposal
Part 12: Aurra's Musings
Part 13: The Alternate - Introducing Tyr
Part 14: Aurra's Decision
Part 15: Tyr Wakes Up
Part 16: The Diagnosis
Part 17: Indecision
Part 18: Tyr's First Fight
Part 19: Aurra's Decision Renewed
Part 20: Tyr Finds a Friend
Part 21: The Kiss
Part 22: The Message
Part 23: Tyr's Second Fight
Part 24: The Riddle
Part 25: Preparations
Part 26:


  1. I miss your writing and your terrific story. I sure hope you find some time and inspiration soon to finish this project.

  2. Same as Pepper... no matter how much time has passed, I am still wishing to read the end of this amazing story. I love it. Hope you can "grab the pen" soon.