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A Date to Remember - Chapter 3

Chapter 3
After the kiss under the moonlight of the local park things between Melissa and Damon flourished, they had been on two more dates and both parties were completely smitten. After their fifth date Melissa started to wonder how Damon became a quadriplegic, he had never broached the subject so until he did she decided just to let it slide, guessing that he would tell her all in good time. In more immediate matters and while watching a movie one night Melissa decided to propose a meeting. "I'd really love for you to meet my best friend Shelley. I want to show you off" bubbled Melissa. "Sure. No worries" replied Damon knowing now they had been on 6 dates and it was probably time to start meeting each other's significant people in their lives. It was arranged for 7pm at Melissa's house and she couldn't wait. "Your going to love him. He's so warm and intelligent" gushed Melissa to Shelley as they waited for his arrival. Shelley stood there a bit concerned over how quickly Melissa had fallen for this man but knew this was important to her friend. Soon enough they heard a van pull up in the driveway."He's here" giggled Melissa. She walked outside and out to meet them, opening up the sliding door and seeing Damon sitting inside. "Hey beautiful" he expressed at the sight of his intended. "Hey you!" she replied happy to see her man again. She hopped back of the way and Damon made his way out of the van down the ramp that had been laid out. As they all got settled to come in Shelley was waiting at the front door, she had never seen a quadriplegic before and was astounded by how truly paralyzed he was in person, she also noticed a woman with her and had no idea who she was.
"Who's that woman?" Shelley asked.

"That's Lydia. Damon's nurse" replied Melissa

"How often is she around?"

"All the time. Damon is a vent dependant quadriplegic, he needs someone with him 24/7"

"Even when he is asleep?"

"Yup. Well in the vicinity at least in case something goes wrong"

Shelley had no experience with any of this and it was all spinning her out. As she stood there a little surprised by it all she turned around to see Damon. "Hi how are you? I'm Shelley" she introduced before putting her hand out without thinking.

"Well hello Shelley.Great to meet you. I'd love to shake your hand but I kinda can't" said Damon

"Oh god sorry. I wasn't thinking" replied Shelley embarrassed at her mistake.

They all moved into the loungeroom, Damon manouevering his bulky black beast of a chair into a vacant part of the room, luckily most of Melissa's doors were doubles so it made it easy for him to get through them. "Anyone feel like a drink?" asked Melissa.

"Yes I will have a coffee thanks" piped up Lydia.

"I'll have a vodka sunrise" ordered Shelley.

Melissa then looked at her man."Do you want anything babe?"

"Umm just a water will do thanks"

Melissa headed into the kitchen to fix the drinks leaving Shelley with Damon and his nurse who felt a bit uncomfortable about all of this.

"So how long have you and Melissa been friends?" asked Damon

"A while now" replied Shelley briefly.

"She's a great woman" gushed Damon a little.

"Yes she is, best friend I've ever had"

The conversation continued on for a few more minutes very slow and stilted until Melissa came back in with the drinks. She passed them all out before announcing "Hope you all got to know each other a bit more while I was out getting the drinks"
"Yeah. Like we have known each other all our lives" joked Damon. It was at this point she put Damon's drink up to his lips, he had a straw so that he could suck it up rather than risk spills by trying to tip it in his mouth, once again Shelley went a bit funny, not believing that someone in Damon's position would want to live. She gulped down her vodka sunrise and quickly asked for another.
"Already?" exclaimed Melissa

"All good. I will go in and get it myself, you all talk"

The three of them all continued to talk while Shelley went into the kitchen, to deal with all of this she poured herself a straight vodka and sculled it in one hit before pouring herself another, as she sunk another drink Melissa came in. "So what do you think?"

"What do you mean?" replied a now inebriated Shelley.

"Damon of course!!"

"He's ok" she mumbled

"Ok? You don't like him do you? I know the fact he is a quad takes a little getting used to but he's so kind and just truly an amazing guy" bubbled Melissa

"Well if he makes you happy it doesn't matter what I think"

That answer made Melissa a little sad as she wanted her to like him, she guessed over time they would become friends though. Soon enough they found themselves back in the lounge room. "What were you girls whispering about?" teased Damon

"We weren't whispering!" smiled Melissa as she sat down.

All of a sudden there was a sound of something dripping. "What the hell is that?" yelled Shelley now quite drunk.

"That's Damon's cath bag, he has no control of his bladder so he needs a catheter and it filters into a bag near his left calf" explained Lydia.

"Oh shit seriously??" That's pretty fucked up" exclaimed Shelley in quite an insensitive manner.

"What is wrong with you tonight Shelley??" replied Melissa unhappy with her friend's comment.

"Nothing's wrong. We are all having a good time aren't we?" Shelley slurred before polishing off another drink.

"I think you have had enough" announced Melissa before grabbing her glass. "Time for you to get a taxi home"

"I'm good" protested Shelley.

"No your not good. Your disgracing yourself" chastised Melissa very unhappy with her friend.
A taxi was called and soon Shelley was barrelled into it and off home. After she left Melissa came back inside to see Damon and Lydia getting ready to leave. "Your going already??"
"Yeah I'm a bit tired and think it might be time to go" replied Damon

"Oh i'm sorry about Shelley. I've got no idea what got into her" explained Melissa hoping to change their minds.

"Well yeah I wouldn't say it was a great night per se but all good" said a polite Damon.

"Ok well i will ring you in the morning then"

"Sounds good"

With that said Damon received a kiss to remember from Melissa and he was loaded into the van and headed off back home. Melissa flopped on the couch and was upset the night didn't go to plan, she thought Shelley would love Damon but clearly not, all night she was weird about it all and who knew why, as she relaxed on the couch she decided no point asking why, she was now a bit sleepy too and headed to bed.

The next day Melissa rang Damon to see how he was, he replied that while he wasn't overly keen on ever seeing Shelley again he just chalked it up to "one of those nights" and in time he hoped the two would be friends. After dealing with all of that Damon told Melissa he had a special treat for her.
"What is it?" asked an expectant Melissa.

"Just have to wait and see!" giggled Damon, his vent interrupting him a little. "Just make sure you put on a pair of heels and your best outfit" he added before they got off the phone.

After hanging up Melissa couldn't help but get excited, even though she had no idea what it was she guessed it had to be good, otherwise why else would she have to get so dressed up? As she had that thought she then started to fret over what to wear, she tended to not go out that much so she didn't have too many "going out" outfits. As she scoured through her wardrobe she finally came upon a majestic blue gown with a long train she had bought a couple of years ago, Melissa doubted she would ever wear it but guessed this was as good a time as any, she tried it on and thought it looked ok, low on self confidence Melissa was never one to really think she looked overly good in something but the gown made her feel a little special, she now just needed shoes. Melissa had a look at her shoes already out and they were mainly just flats or work shoes, they wouldn't be appropriate so she decided to go have a look in her wardrobe, as soon as she walked in she could see some ribbon weave pumps she had only worn once so decided they would do the trick, the gown was so long no-one would even see her shoes anyway but she would know, she wiggled her feet into them before heading over to do her makeup. Once that was done she had one last look in the mirror. "All looks ok" she gestured to herself then moved over to the front door to see if Damon had arrived yet. He wasn't here yet so she paced up and down the hallway of her home, nervous over what they would be doing, she then started to freak out and worried she might be too overdressed, sure he had told her to wear her best outfit but what if she had gone overboard? It was at this point she heard the van pull up. She walked outside to meet them, holding the bottom of her dress up so that it didn't get dirty as she pulled back the sliding door she got a nice surprise as she saw Damon in a tuxedo. "Wow. Looking very dapper I have to say!" remarked Melissa. Damon was too busy admiring Melissa to even respond, even though he had no breath of his own Melissa look so incredible he nearly lost his vent induced breaths too. "I can't believe it" he finally managed to get out.

"Can't believe what?"

"I didn't think it was even possible but you look even more beautiful" gushed Damon.

"Don't be silly I'm nothing special" replied Melissa still not used to men complimenting her and meaning it.

"That's where your wrong because you are special. Truly special"

Upon hearing this further praise Melissa started to blush, while they had only been on a handful of dates she was really falling hard for Damon. "So where are we going?"

"Have to wait and see" I guess teased Damon.

The van pulled out of the driveway and they took off, after hitting the road Melissa picked up Damon's hand and held it, Damon may not have been able to move or feel it but it still filled him with a sense of happiness while experienced Melissa comfort and security in his touch. Soon enough they came up to a well known building. "We are here" smiled Damon. Melissa looked up and could see it was the Metropolitan Opera, commonly known as the Met and got quite excited.
"We are going to see some opera!!?" she asked exuberantly at what was to come.

"You got it" replied Damon happy at Melissa's excitement.

"That's fantastic. What are we seeing??" bubbled Melissa

"Don Giovanni"

"Are you serious?? I've wanted to see this for ages. You are a truly wonderful man" thanked Melissa before landing a passionate blow on Damon's lips.

They entered the Opera, it all looked so majestic and Melissa was glad she wore her fancy gown, she couldn't help but get over how Damon looked, dressed to the nines in his tuxedo, smelling amazing as usual and looking super cute. Once they got inside where their show would be playing Melissa wondered where they would be sitting. "I have one more surprise" hinted Damon.

"Really? What?"

"We don't have to worry about anyone sitting next to us as I booked us a private balcony to watch the performance. It will just be you, me and Don Giovanni. Oh and Lydia of course!!" laughed Damon. Lydia naturally on hand in case anything went wrong.

"Wow you have thought of everything!" replied Melissa wondering if this day could get any better before landing another kiss, this time on Damon's cheek. She loved how his face always beamed when she kissed him, knowing he was feeling what she was.

After a few minutes the show started, once again Melissa taking Damon's hand in hers. The show was majestic and both parties marvelled at how skilled and talented the people in Don Giovanni were. Hours passed and the performance grew to a halt. "Melissa can do me a favour?" asked Damon.

"Of course"

"Give them a standing ovation for me"

Melissa just smiled knowing he was joking but that he had enjoyed the performance. Soon enough they were all loaded up into the van and heading back to Melissa's place. Once there Damon looked a little pale, it had been a big day and it was suggested by Lydia that he better stay in the van and head back home. Melissa looked at him and couldn't hide her feelings for him. "I had such a good time today. I can't get over how happy you make me, it's just ridiculous!" she poured out. "The feeling is more than mutual" he replied. Melissa gave him one last kiss then exited the van, she waved to them as they backed out of the driveway and thought this could be it, someone to share her life with. Who knew what lay ahead though..

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