Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Date to Remember - Chapter 5

Chapter 5
After the revelation of the previous night Damon worried he had blown things with Melissa, his fears were unfounded though as the next day he had a visitor. "Melissa!" he remarked as she appeared in his lounge room.

"Hey you! Lydia let me in" she smiled.

"So good to see you. I know it was only last night but I was worried it might have been too heavy"

"Well yeah to be honest it was quite a bombshell. I looked at both sides of the story though and I know in all reality you couldn't tell me any earlier than what you did" reasoned Melissa. "No more things I need to know though right?"

"No that's it. For sure and certain. How about you?"

"Nothing that needs to be dealt with here and now" replied Melissa cryptically.

"Hmm.. that's a strange thing to say" replied Damon curiously.

"Well I'm a strange girl, get used to it!" laughed Melissa.

After a bit more talk Damon made comment on what Melissa was wearing. "Have to say those jeans are definitely agreeing with you"

"Really? I always stress over what to wear when I go out but I thought they looked alright"

"Well they are a definite winner. I'd give that cute bum of yours a pinch but I'm just too lazy" joked Damon.

"Oh would you now!!??" remarked Melissa enjoying this bit of flirting. "Have to say no fair though, I haven't seen your bum, you keep hiding it in that chair!"

"Well anytime you want to see it just ask" smirked Damon.

They both looked at each other, smiles as wide as the Golden Gate Bridge and knew they made each other happy. After a couple more hours of kisses, flirting and talking there was a knock on the door. "Oh that must be my parents, I can hear them talking outside" informed Damon.

"Are you serious??? I'm not ready to meet them yet. I'm only wearing a t-shirt and jeans!!" worried Melissa.

"Don't worry you will be fine. My parents are pretty cool"

Melissa quickly fixed up her hair and readied for them to come in. Lydia opened the door and soon they were in the lounge room.
"Oh hello" remarked Grace, Damon's mother upon seeing Melissa.

"Hello Mrs Rivers I'm Melissa, how are you?" replied a nervous Melissa.

"I'm very well dear. So your the Melissa my son has been raving about" addressed Grace.

With this said Melissa looked over at Damon a bit embarrassed before his Dad came over. "Hello. Bill Rivers" he said before enthusiastically pushing out his hand to shake.
"Hey Mr Rivers I'm Melissa"
"Please. Call me Bill" offered Damon's father.
"Ok Bill!" gleamed Melissa.
Once all the formalities were out of the way they all settled down on the couch to get to know each other, Melissa's hands almost shaking while she nervously looked at Damon's parents. "So what were you two up to before we turned up?" asked Grace to start off conversation again.
Melissa looked at Damon to answer it but with his position in the room he could only see her out the corner of his eye. "Oh we were just talking and stuff" replied Melissa after a pause. "How about you? What plans have you got for today?"

"Oh we were thinking of spending the whole day with you two" informed Grace.

Upon hearing this Melissa's face went almost white."Oh... ok"

"Ha ha. I was only teasing" laughed Grace. "We just wanted to check up on Damon, we will head off in a few minutes and let you two have your alone time"

"Oh you don't have to head off on my account" worried Melissa that she was now keeping them from her son.

"No it's all good. I'm just glad I met you. I haven't seen my son smile this much in a long time"

"Well he makes me smile a lot too" gushed Melissa.

"So Melissa what do you do for work?" asked Bill, Damon's father.

"I work at the nursing home. You know the one on Fletcher Street" replied Melissa.

"That's a very honourable and underrated job Melissa. The elderly need good care just like everyone else" praised Grace.

"Yeah they are great down at the home. Always telling funny stories about their life and that" commented Melissa feeling a little more comfortable.

"Anyway I can see Damon is well so we'll be off now. Great to meet you Melissa and I'm sure we will be seeing a bit of each other if things go well" announced Grace. "Take good care of Damon for me"

"I will"

"Ok bye"

With goodbyes said Damon's parents left the house. "See that wasn't too bad was it?"

"No it was ok. God my palms are so sweaty though. Haven't met a boyfriend's parents in a while" remarked Melissa.

"So we are official now? I'm your boyfriend?"

"Yeah for sure" answered Melissa both with her voice and her mouth as she landed a juicy kiss on Damon's lips before eventually heading home.
The next night Melissa made her way to Damon's place again, after Melissa fed Damon a bit of dinner they moved into the lounge room to watch a bit of TV, as they did this Damon noticed Melissa looking at him like she wanted something. "Damon can we go to your bed?" she asked.

"My bed??"


Damon worried knowing that normally means one thing, something he couldn't give Melissa. "I'm sorry but I can't ..well.. you know"

"Haha did you think I meant sex?? No I just want to cuddle, we can't do that while your in your chair!"

"Oh ok. I can definitely cuddle. Well be cuddled anyway!" replied a relieved Damon.

They moved into Damon's bedroom and with the help of the nurse relieving Lydia he was strapped into the lift and lowered into bed, it was the first time Melissa had seen Damon placed in bed and she was sure it wouldn't be the last, even making herself useful by holding Damon's head while he was in motion being swung into place, while Damon was quite strong in the mind she could see a lot of fear in his eyes at the transfer, an uncomfortable part of being a quadriplegic. Soon Damon was set up in his bed, they planned to watch a bit of tv in his room as well so he reclined his bed up to about a 90 degree angle. "Oooh this is a different kind of mattress" Melissa noticed as she kicked her shoes off and hopped on.

"Yeah it's a special air mattress. Helps prevent pressure sores" replied Damon.

"Well it's definitely comfy. I like it" enthused Melissa.

Once Damon was settled Melissa moved over closer and placed her head on Damon's chest, just to the side of the vent hose hurtling down his chest. "This is nice" she mused. As she got more comfortable she started to run her bare foot down Damon's paralyzed and atrophied lower limbs, while Damon was over the moon with how things were going with Melissa he wished he could feel her foot caressing his legs, or her head on his heart. "Do you think it will be an issue later on?" asked Damon.


"Sex, and the lack there of"

"Not really. Not at the moment anyway. Sex is overrated, I'm in complete bliss just lying next to you cuddling. I don't need anymore"

"Are you just staying that?" worried Damon.

"No I really mean it. I couldn't be happier or more at peace in this present moment" assured Melissa.

Hearing this made Damon feel a lot better, if Melissa didn't need sex then why was he stressing out then. "Just when I think you can't get any more amazing you do"

"Yeah I am pretty amazing" replied Melissa before they both just looked at each other and started laughing.

As the night wore on two of them got very heavy eyes before Melissa fell asleep. She was only awoken a couple of hours later by the arrival of Lydia. "Sorry I have to come in and turn Damon. He needs to have it done every 3 or 4 hours to make sure he doesn't get a pressure sore"

"I thought the mattress prevented that" replied a sleepy Melissa.

"Well yes it does to a degree but you can never be too careful"

Melissa hopped off the bed and decided to make herself useful by helping Lydia turn Damon. "Gee he's heavy" remarked Melissa. How on earth do you do this by yourself?"

"Oh it's just practice. Sometimes his family or the relief nurse might be here so they help"

As they rolled him over Melissa caught sight of Damon's bum. "Nice" she whispered into Damon's ear causing him to smile.

After that was done Melissa took up residence back on the bed, morning soon arrived though and time for Damon's usual morning routine. As Lydia moved in and checked Damon's catheter and his body for pressure sores Melissa just stood there taking it all in, as she continued to watch Lydia came in and washed his face and body, after a few more checks and what have you Damon was finally ready to be dressed and placed in his wheelchair, Melissa looked at her watch and couldn't believe how long it all took. "Wow two hours. Is that the same very morning?" she asked Lydia.
"Yeah normally. Once you get into a routine it's not that hard though" replied Lydia.
As that was said Damon was lowered into his wheelchair, once again Melissa could see this exercise was uncomfortable for Damon, she knew it was essential though as even though Damon didn't necessarily have anywhere to go, he still needed to get out of bed and out and about a bit for his mental health. Sure enough Damon was ready to be on his way and they all moved into the kitchen.
Upon arrival In the kitchen Melissa made a bit of toast which she quickly wolfed down before making up a bit of porridge, once again feeding Damon. "Your going to put me out of a job soon" joked Lydia.

"Haha. Doubt it. Can't watch him 24/7!!" replied Melissa. "I would like to learn more about his care though if that's ok"

"Yeah sure. No worries"

Hearing this made Damon feel like this was finally it, a definite start to a fresh new life..


  1. Good handling of the dialogue. Fantastic episode.
    Then again, I've always been partial to a good snuggle. . .

  2. I hope you update very soon :)
    I'm very in love with this story; I've also got quite a soft spot for snuggly quads :)

    Can't wait to read more!