Friday, July 6, 2012

A Date to Remember - Chapter 7

Chapter 7
Over the course of the next twelve months Melissa and Damon's relationship flourished, the longer the time they spent together the more Melissa's worries about her past subsided, Damon always lending an ear when she needed to talk. Melissa was now almost a 2nd nurse for Damon behind Lydia and the three of them all worked in tandem with each other, all parties were happy with how things were going and it made Damon think about asking the most important question in a man's life when it comes to a woman. A marriage proposal.
With help from Lydia, Damon headed into town to check out rings, while he worried that Melissa might not like his choice of ring he knew it could always be exchanged, plus he had to buy one as proposing without a ring didn't have the same effect, Melissa had given him a second chance of happiness and she deserved the best. After sorting out the ring Damon wondered how he would pop the question, obviously being on bended knee was out of the question but that was no big deal, there were plenty of other ways it could be done, he just had to come up with it. After a good deal of thought he decided on a way to do it and set the wheels in motion for it to happen.
The day after the ring was purchased Damon was quite nervous, sure he knew that Melissa was in love with him but that was still no certainty for marriage, he was glad that she didn't seem to know anything about it though and it would be a surprise, hopefully a good one.
With a bit of lunch under their belts Damon decided to propose a walk to the local park, it had been a place they had gone a bit lately, just watching people play football or run around with their dogs, just enjoying the sun and the simple things life has to offer. As they got to the middle of the park they could hear a plane roaring overhead.
"Gee that plane is noisy" gestured Melissa.
"I guess" replied Damon.
As the plane continued to fly up above they noticed that it started to write out a name. "Hey that plane is writing out my name" laughed Melissa in almost disbelief at the sight of her name in the sky.
"Yeah I see it. He hasn't finished yet it seems" hinted Damon
As the skywriter continued to spell out words Melissa suddenly put her hand to her mouth stunned by what was now being written, the words "Melissa will you marry me?" now there for the world to see.
"Oh my god Damon is this for real?" she squealed as she looked around at her man.
"You better believe it" replied Damon. "Check my top pocket"
Melissa checked the top pocket of his shirt and in there was a small felt box, in it a ring that sparkled brighter than the morning sun. "It's wonderful" cried Melissa putting it on straight away then almost bowling Damon over in his wheelchair in a strong embrace.
"So that's a yes?" asked Damon making sure
"Yes, yes. Of course yes!!! A thousand times yes!!!" beamed Melissa.
As they continued to embrace the other people in the park had now stopped to congratulate the happy couple hopelessly in love. While neither of them had experienced the smoothest of lives that didn't matter one bit now, they had each other.
After the excitement of the engagement Melissa feverishly prepared for the wedding, spending hours on end in bridal shops and arranging everything else, Damon just sitting back and watching what would soon be his happy bride doing her business. After that was all sorted she had to work out a bridesmaid, there was only one choice for bridesmaid though, her best friend Shelley. Naturally enough she said yes and the marriage of Damon and Melissa was finally scheduled.
The day of the weeding arrived and it was a glamorous affair, there was ice sculptures and a harmonic orchestra not to mention the array of stunning flowers, rather than being held in a church it was held on Damon's spacious back lawn, the chairs were all set up and everyone in Damon's family naturally turned up to see their relation be wed. At first Melissa worried no-one from her family would be there but she then got an unexpected surprise. "Hello dear" said a voice behind Melissa before she went to walk down the aisle. She turned around to see it was her last remaining relative alive, the relative she had lost touch with. "Oh my god Aunty June!!" she cried as she laid eyes on her before rushing up to hug in her long flowing white dress. "I can't believe your here" she remarked.
"Well I couldn't miss this could I?" replied Aunty June pleased to see Melissa so happy.
"Oh you have just made this day even more wonderful"
After the reunion with her Aunty, Melissa prepared to walk down the aisle, she couldn't wait to see Damon in his wheelchair and tux at the end of it looking all hot and dapper, Melissa didn't have her own father to walk her down the aisle but that didn't worry her one bit as she had become close to Damon's father, he offered his arm and they walked arm in arm down the aisle, waiting at the end was Damon and as soon as he saw Melissa he started to tear up, she just looked so beautiful that he almost couldn't believe it. The feeling was mutual was though.
"You just look amazing" gushed Melissa upon seeing her beau.
"Eclipsed by your beauty though that's for sure" replied Damon not believing this was all happening.
They both took up there spots facing one another and the priest started. "Ladies and Gentleman, we are gathered here today to celebrate the union of these two fine people". As the priest continued to talk there was barely a dry eye in the crowd or between Damon and Melissa. Soon enough it came time to put the rings on one another, Damon's little 12 year old niece walking over with them, Melissa picked up Damon's hand and slid it on before putting on her own ring. As the service came to a close the priest finally announced that famous phrase "I now declare you husband and wife. You may kiss your bride"

Upon hearing this Damon moved his wheelchair forward and Melissa planted the sweetest of kisses on his expectant lips, they stayed in lip lock for many a second while everyone cheered them on wildly. They eventually made their way down the aisle and into a waiting van, Damon's exit taking a little longer than most newlywed grooms but no-one cared, least of all Damon who was just in extreme bliss. Before loading up into the van Melissa threw her bouquet, after a tight tussle it was won by her best friend Shelley, very pleased with her efforts.
Soon they pulled away from Damon's place where the wedding was held and set out on their honeymoon, it would be a retreat on the East Coast and was sure to be a lot of fun with wheelchair accessibility not to be a problem. After the honeymoon they would come back to live at Damon's and lead the happiest and most fruitful life possible. For Melissa she found the love she always wanted and craved and Damon heart was filled again, brimming full of Melissa's love..And everyone couldn't be happier for them..


  1. A very sweet ending.

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  3. Nicely tied up. A very sweet story. Thank you for posting it.