Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Daniel - Part 6

We went back to my flat and he looked around.  “Your flat is so much more lived it but I certainly don’t hate it.   It is much more cluttered than mine but sooo much  more lived it.  I really like it.  It has got so much ... character.  You have a lot of style babes” he said holding his arms out to me.

“How many bedrooms does this have?”

“Three” I answered.  “It is quite large isn’t it” My father gave my sister and me money when he semi-retired.  She spent hers on her wedding and I spent it on a deposit for this flat.”

“Does someone else live here” he asked looking around.  As he came through the front door he may have seen a leather jacket and a few other items that couldn’t have possibily been mine.

“Yes” I answered.  “I have a flat mate called Mike.  I think he is out at the moment though”.

He looked at me.  “Has anything ever happened between you two?”

“Doubtfully” I answered.  “Number one I grew up with Mike and number two, I think you will find that he is hopelessly in love with DAVE.  In other words, yes, he is undoubably GAY”.

I could see Dan relax slightly.  I came and sat with him.  “You do not have to worry about anything like that.  Now, let me pack some things.  What shall I wear tomorrow to see your parents.  What will we do in the country”.

“Well sometimes we could go for long walks in the woods.  I have a special outdoor chair and a hand bike but tomorrow I thought we could just, I don’t know walk around the village, my mother will make lunch and don’t worry, she has a kosher supply of meat courtesy of my aunt who is also kosher.  I will warn her in advance”.

“What happens if they hate me?” I asked. 

“What happens if your parents hate me.  What happens if they say “what does she see in this cripple?” “

“They can’t, they arranged this” I replied.

“They can.  I don’t think your mother realised either.  Did you hear her voice?”

“Possibly” I agreed “but she can’t do anything about it now.  The deed is done but what about your parents”.

“Of course they are going to like you.  What do you think.  You are gorgeous, intelligent, sexy, in love with me.  What else would they want.”

“Someone Christian?” I asked.  “What happens if your father would prefer you to marry someone Christian?”

“Well he doesn’t care about that type of thing.  They are not what you think.  Just because he is English, lives in the country, he is not a squire or a church deacon or anything like that.  My parents are very, well” he searched for the right type of words.  “They are quite “off the wall type of people.  Like, well aging hippies really.  Not like their kids who are really rather conventional, especially my sister’s husband.  You are in for a treat NOT if he is around.  Pompous shit”.

I had never heard Dan say anything derogatory about anyone or anything so far, but then I had only known him for nearly a day.

“What he would like is for my parents to retire to Florida or somewhere further and he can take over the house and turn himself into a squire and walk around in tweed all day carrying a rifle.  What Samara sees in that twat I don’t know”.

“So you like them do you?” I said smiling.  “Samara is a really lovely name though.  What is your brother’s name?” Daniel had already told me that he had a twin brother.  “His name is Rafael” he answered.

“Oh” I said.  “Your parents chose such amazing names.”
“Yes I suppose they did but it was okay for me but not for Sammy and Raf.  We grew up in a world of Peters, Janes and Williams and I think they felt a bit different.  We all did really”.

“How?” I asked.

“Well in the day my father had a totally conventional job but at the weekend, who knew who would be at our house.  Depending on who was there, there could have been concerts in the garden, naked weekends, all sorts of things.  I didn’t ever invite anyone back from school to visit.  I was always embarrassed and then I learned years later that everyone thought my parents were really “cool” and so much better than their boring parents”.

“Hold on” I said “this weekend, they aren’t going to be walking around naked are they because as much as I want to meet them, I’m not ready for this I’m really sorry”.

“No, don’t worry I promise” he said hugging me.  Even though I promise you I am not exaggerating about them I really guarantee that the only person who will be walking around naked will be you to take a shower or bath, okay?????  Will you still come”.

“You know I will don’t worry”.  I hugged him.  “I just want everything to be great between us.”

“It will.  It is.  It WILL be we just have to ..... give us time.  You will meet my parents, I will meet your parents.  So much will happen in a week and then we will see where we are”.

“You know” I replied, people have arranged marriages, you know meet and decide that they want to get married.  Like each others ideas, morals, etc.  That is considered acceptable.  That is like us.  We met, liked each other a lot and then well who knows”.

“Exactly” he said “but I just want to ask you one question”.

“Ok” I consented “but just come into the kitchen so that I can make coffee.  What you will discover is that coffee is a very big part of my life and I don’t like just instant.  In fact the smell makes me heave.  I like good old fashioned Espresso.”

We moved into the kitchen which was a small, narrow cabin kitchen.  Dan fitted in, just and we just looked at each other.  “You see, things are often difficult for me.  This is nothing, stuck in a narrow space but sometimes I need help, feel vulnerable, get back pain.  It is a lot to ask but do you think you can handle that?”

“Was that what you wanted to ask me or did you change it because you feel claustrophobic in my kitchen?”

“It’s not just that and you know it.  I am just trying to point out ..”

I came and sat on this lap and kissed him “and I have told you that if I mind about those types of things then what type of person am I.  I am not even going to think about this.  When certain situations arise, we can deal with them and that’s it.  If you feel vulnerable, I will understand.  I will try and help and if I don’t, GET RID OF ME”

He looked at me.,

“Please don’t” I asked quietly.  “I am only joking.  I don’t know what to say when you say things like that.  I don’t really know how I would deal with a big problem.  I just hope it would be okay.  I hope, I would expect that I would be supportive but how would I know?  I am a nice person you know but I’m sorry I’ve never been in a position like this before. “

“I know” he said “I’m sorry I just don’t want to let my self open up to you and you can’t cope with the situation, other people’s attitudes, even I don’t know”.

“What were you going to ask me before this though Danny please tell me”.

“Well” he continued “I was going to ask if you would see me exclusively and no one else.  You don’t need to say yes now.”

“Are you asking if I would be your girlfriend” I said in a little girl’s voice.

“I thought you realised when I said I loved you that there was no way in hell that I would see anyone else”.

He hugged me.

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