Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Daniel - Part 7

That afternoon I packed a few things into my large suitcase.  In fact I packed quite a few things including the coffee, because as I have said earlier, it really is a big part of my life.

That night for the first time I introduced Dan to some of my friends.  One friend in particular, Lisa was someone who I suppose I would have called my best friend if I was six.  What she was actually was my friend, critic, therapist, shopping assistant and a variety of other things.

She was one of those friends that hadn’t been my friend for ever but once we had become friends was there for good,  probably a bit like Dan.

Quite a few friends of mine were supposed to be meeting up anyway that evening and I asked Dan if he wanted to come.  The thing is, in the past if I had a new boyfriend, I would have kept it private and secret.  If and when I knew that he liked me, I may have introduced him to my friends, but usually, none of my friends would ever meet my boyfriends.

As it was, we were all going out to eat and I supposed it seemed a good way to introduce him to my friends.  Whilst he was in the bathroom that afternoon showering I found time to call Lisa and started to explain about Dan.

“Wait, let’s get it straight.  You went to meet him and they didn’t even tell you that he couldn’t walk.  I can’t believe they did that to you, either of you.  Is he hot at least”?

“He is amazing I said.  I don’t care at all”.

Silence down the phone.  “Wait.  You stayed last night with him.  You must like him.  You never do that.  You slept together?” he asked hurriedly keeping me on the roll of information.

“I did ... so what?”

“Nothing ..... So ...”

“Yes” I said “it was amazing. Just leave it okay.  I’m happy.  Not another word.”  Not another word was spoken.

“What is Lisa like?” asked Dan appearing suddenly from the bathroom draped in towels.  “I kind of think this is worse than meeting your parents.  Your parents actually want you to find someone but best friends?  This can be touch and go in our relationship don’t you think?”

“Are you joking?” I asked and then saw that he was.

“Well she is a nice girl.  Engaged to the same guy for years and then suddenly left him and married in six weeks.  His name is Simon.  You will meet him later.  Nice guy but a bit drippy.  Computer nerd.  Boring but excellent for fixing virus laden lap tops if that is what you have.  So boring though.  And another thing” I said.  “She is only 5 foot 2 and always says that she is slimmer than me.  The thing is she takes a size 12 and I take a size 14.  So what” I cried “I am eight inches taller than her”.

“So in other words, with all these issues she is still your best friend?”

“Yes she is actually and Dan, I won’t have a word said against her.  She has seen me through some hell and sat with me and talked for hours and I would be always willing to do that for her”>

“Of course.  I understand I have a friend like that who I hope you will meet very soon”.

“What “hell” if you don’t mind me asking” he asked.

“Oh nothing, just my engagement crap.  Nothing”.

“It can’t be nothing though.  Do you want to tell me about it?”

“Oh Daniel.  I will tonight may be.  I’m just not in the mood”.

“Do you still think about him?  Are you still hung up on him”?

“It was eight years ago so the answer is no and even if I was, there would be absolutely no point in that”.

“Why?” he asked.

“He is gay” I said briefly “and I didn’t even realise it at the time”.

He started drying himself off.  “I was nearly engaged you know”.

I looked at him.  “You didn’t say”.

“Yes it was a couple of years ago.  Her name was Bella and we saw each other for a couple of years.  She was Italian.”

“What happened?”

“Well nothing much was going on and she wanted to get married and have kids and I couldn’t commit”

“Aren’t you the commitment type” I asked.

“Who said I wasn’t?”

“I just wondered that’s all”.

“I do want commitment so don’t start with me.  It just wasn’t going to happen with her that’s all.  I think I wanted her to prove to myself that I could still get someone.  I did want you.  I wanted you the moment I saw your photo, the moment I saw you in person”.

“Oh baby” I said cuddling him.  “I wanted you from the moment I saw you.  If you hadn’t been the one I was supposed to be meeting, I would have chosen you anyway”.

“I love you” he said hugging me”.

The next morning I woke up next to him in the bed.  His body was draped over mine and I kissed his neck to wake him up.

“Wake up” I said.  “Remember we are going to your parents”.

“Just another five minutes” he said “you go in the shower before me or make some coffee.  Let me sleep”.

I wandered into the kitchen.  This time I had made sure that the kitchen was full of food.  I made Dan come with to the Tescos Express after meeting my friends the night before.

Actually the evening went well.  Dan was as charming as ever.  He spent a while talking to everyone including Lisa’s boring husband who has promised to pop in one evening in the week to look at his lap top.  I offered to cook dinner.  It all seems so, well, settled.

I cooked some eggs, made a pot of coffee and buttered some toast and put it on the table.  I went to wake him up again.

With one arm, he reached up, put his arm around my waist and pulled me into bed.  He pulled me closer to him and kissed me firmly on the mouth.  As our bodies touched I could feel a warm prickly feeling inside.  I sat gently on his hips and started kissing his nipples, twisting and turning my tongue around the tips.  He cried out in delight as I moved my mouth higher and higher up his torso until I reached his right ear, twisting and turning my tongue until he cried out and relaxed.

He lied there, exhausted, happy, spent.  “No one has ever managed to do that for so long” he admitted.  “I really love you, not because of that, because of everything, you know don’t you?”

“Of course I do”.  I replied “I just want to make you happy”.


  1. Wow! That was fantastic! Thanks for the great new chapter so soon.

  2. Loved all three of these new parts. Keep writing, please.

    Want to find out more about what happens.