Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Monthly Moderator Post

Due to popular request, I'm going to be doing a monthly moderator post, where I'm going to update you on any changes to the blog and new stories that have been posted.  I'll make the posts mid-month (on the 15th or so).  Since this is the first post, I'll cover the entire summer.


Now if you look at the list of stories, there is also a list of authors.  If you click on an authors name, it will bring you to the first chapter of each of their stories.

If you are an author and I left you off the list of authors, you can either let me know, or you can label the first part only of your story with *Author Yourname.


Short stories:

Blue Moon by Ruth Madison

Coworker Crush by Ruth Madison

Meet the Kid by Jamie

New multi-part stories:

A Date to Remember by Sean Lawson

Amore by ei manushe

Daniel by Sam Weeks

Hollywood Rehab by Aloha

Little Bird by Jane Wheeler

Margaret's Chance by EJ

Simon's Search by Max

Recently updated multi-part stories:

Aurora by RyooT

California Dreaming by Kelly

Parking Lot Desperation by EJ

Sam and Lucy by Vivian

Swimming to the Surface by Jane Wheeler

Recently completed multi-part stories:

Loserville by Aloha

Wow, you people have been busy.  If anyone wants to provide summaries of these stories in the comments, that would be great.

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