Monday, September 17, 2012

2 More Moderator Updates

First, after careful discussion and deliberation, I think it would be a shame to completely eliminate the option to comment anonymously.  However, since there has been some pretty bad trolling recently, I've decided that all comments will be moderated.

Therefore you can still comment anonymously if you'd like.  You can make positive comments or constructive negative comments.  If your comment is mean-spirited, it will be deleted without the author seeing it.  And believe me, you won't hurt my feelings with your comment, so don't waste your time.

Second, lately there's been a string of revisions on the blog.  While I think it's great that people want to revise their stories and make them better, I ask that you not clutter the main page with multiple updates about revisions of multi-part stories.  When you have completed all your revisions, you may make a single post alerting readers to this fact.


  1. I don't know if it has to do anything with comments as I didn't see any yet, but I would really love to see Sean Lawsons vampire story back and continued. I was intrigued to read it and now I cannot find it anymore on the page. Sean, if you read this, it was a promising start and such an interesting combination (for a True Blood fan:)), please post more!

  2. Lee, I really appreciate all the work you have done (and continue to do) to make this blog not only user-friendly, but reader-friendly as well. THANK YOU!!!

    1. FYI, Lucretia, I added a Table of Contents for my story (Swimming to the Surface) -- it's the first post when you click on the title in the menu at right. Does this format look good to you?