Sunday, October 14, 2012

Monthly Moderator Post


1) Beta Readers: Thanks to Chie Aleman for assembling a set of beta readers, who have volunteered to look at any new writing for grammar and other advice prior to posting.  Click on this link for more information.

2) Revisions: While I encourage everyone to revise their writing to make it as good as possible, I'd like to keep the main page from getting clogged with posts about revisions and just reserve it for new stories.  So if you have a multi-part story that you've revised, you may make ONE announcement about the entire story's revisions after they have been completed.

3) Anonymous commenting: Due to some trolling, all anonymous comments will now require moderator approval.  You'll be happy to know that since this new rule has been implemented about a month ago, I have not had to censor even one comment.

4) Table of Contents: Several authors have now added a table of contents for their stories.  This seems to be helpful to readers and I encourage everyone to add one, either as a separate post at the beginning of their story, or at the beginning of the first chapter.

5) Writing Group: Members of the Paradevo forum are now doing a monthly writing group.  Updates will appear on the forum about the meetings.

As usual, if you have any suggestions, or feedback, please let us know.


Part 23

Campus Hook-up
Part 1

Hollywood Rehab
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
Chapter 12
Chapter 13

Hot Summer
Chapter 5  (conclusion)

August 26, 2000
August 27, 2000
September 1, 2000 - Part I

Little Bird
Part 2

My Brother Reed

Swimming to the Surface
Chapter 18
Chapter 19

Tales of a Sick & Twisted Devotee
Chapter 1
Chapter 2


  1. Thanks again for doing these updates. It is really helpful.

    1. Yes, I have to agree. I think these posts are great and very helpful!