Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Need Help With Your Writing? Introducing the Beta Reader Program

After some discussion over at the PD message board, several of us with some more writing and editing experience decided to get together and start a "beta reader" program for the fiction blog.

Now that we've had so many new authors posting on the board, we thought we'd offer the opportunity for any of you who might be uncertain of your work, or who might want some help or advice to have a friendly, constructive group of readers from the dev community to read and give you feedback on your stories before you post.

This program is entirely voluntary, but you can trust that our small group of readers will do their best to give you constructive feedback to help you improve your writing - whether it's simply grammar you struggle with or something larger, we're here to help if you want/need it!

If you'd like a beta reader to read your work, simply contact us at the following email address:

One of our readers will read through your piece and give you written feedback to help you get on track.

If there is a particular aspect of your writing you need help with, be sure to mention it in your email.

Please allow our readers some time to go through your work, but we'll do our best to get back to you as promptly as we can.


  1. Thanks for doing this. The email is also posted under "rules for posting stories".

  2. Thanks very much - will definitely be taking up this opportunity in the future!