Wednesday, November 7, 2012

On the Chair

Story by Black & White

Kevin sits in his wheelchair, helplessly waiting for Zoe, his girlfriend, to come back. She moved his arm away from the controller on the armrest of his wheelchair, and his arms are way too weak to put back to the armrest. Kevin sits there helplessly and anxiously waiting for Zoe to come back in to the room.
They are going to have sex for the first time tonight, and it is the very first time for Kevin.
He has been in wheelchair for his entire life because of spinal muscular atrophy. It makes his muscle weak, so weak that he has never been able to walk, and his arms are getting weaker now so that he is only able to move a few fingers.
Sitting in the chair with his legs spread and hanging, Kevin is helpless but excited. Even though he can’t move most parts of his body, and his body is terribly skinny, he can feel every part of it. And now, he can feel his penis not only hard, but burning with the blood flowing in it. It’s hard in between his legs, waiting for Zoe, the love of his life. 
Doors open, and there she is, in the underwear that they bought together.
The black lace barely covers her breasts. They are round and soft. Kevin remembers the first time she took his hand and put it on her breast. The little lace dress just hangs on her body. She doesn’t wear anything down there.
Unable to move his head, Kevin can only try his best to fix his eyes on her.
“God, you look stunning,” Kevin says, feeling his penis grow even harder.
“Do you like it?” Zoe asks, turning around to show her perfectly rounded butt.
“I love it! Come here, let me touch you.”
Zoe walks toward him, looking at him, and places her hands on Kevin’s thigh.
Kevin is lying naked on his chair with his arms and legs hanging. His whole body is skinny and twisted. His upper body is shorter than a normal grown man’s, which makes his arms and legs look longer. His whole body is skinny except his penis.
It is so large and long and beautiful. Zoe can see the vein in it, and sense how hard it must be only by the sight of it. She can also feel the itchiness in her lower abdomen, and the warmness between her legs. She wants him, she wants him in her.
“Awww… you are so beautiful.”
Kevin bursts out in a sigh when Zoe’s hands lie on his inner thigh. He wants her so bad that he wishes he could raise his arms and hold her tightly.
Zoe lifts her right leg and sits on Kevin’s lap, facing him. She is now sitting in his wheelchair with him, and his burning penis lies right in between her legs.
She can feel his lower abdomen move a little bit, but not much. He is trying his best to get close to her.
Zoe grabs Kevin’s arms and places his hands on her breasts. Slowly, she leads his hands over her body. She uses his hands to remove her dress, and then places his arms on her waist.
“Oh my God, I want you so bad.”
Kevin pushes his penis toward her, but the only movement he can make is a little up and down of his lower abdomen.
Kevin wants to satisfy her first, even though he can feel his penis burning.
“Help me sit up a little bit, and go sit on the bed. I want to eat your pussy first.”
Zoe puts Kevin’s hand on the controller. Now he gets all the power back.
Kevin lifts the back of his chair up, and lowers the whole chair to the level that his mouth can reach Zoe’s pussy.
Zoe sits on the bed, spreading her legs wide open, lifting her hips up.
Kevin has been dreaming about this. She loves him, even though she knows he isn’t able to satisfy her like her ex-lovers because he has such limited movement. One thing he can do better than other men is satisfy her with his tongue. 
With Zoe’s legs spread, he can see her pussy already wet, opened with lust. The clit is right there, waiting to be licked.
Zoe closes her eyes once Kevin’s tongue touches the spot, and feels the thrill coming from the clit.
The tip of Kevin’s tongue is playing around Zoe’s clit. Up and down, right and left, pressing around it…and she can feel him sucking in and out, just to stimulate more and more pleasure for her.
“Oh, yes…do that again…yes, yes…harder…harder…”
He is getting to her. Zoe can’t help moving her hips up and down. Now they are in the rhythm that creates the strongest stimulation for her.
Kevin’s tongue is moving faster and faster around Zoe’s clit. He can feel her moving with him; she is close.
“Yes, uhhh… uhhh….”
“Baby, put my finger in you,” Kevin says.
Zoe places Kevin’s hand on her pussy. Kevin moves his index and middle fingers, and inserts them into her vagina.
“Uhhh…that feels good.” Zoe lies back a little bit, and feels Kevin’s fingers move up to rub the inside of her vagina.
Kevin’s tongue licks her clit, while he moves his fingers inside of her.
He can feel that her vagina is getting tighter, as if it were trying to push his fingers out.
“Oh, oh…faster, faster….”
He presses his tongue hard on her clit, moving around it so fast.
“I’m coming.…I’m coming.…Oh, yes….Oh, yes.”
She moves her hip up and down and then stays up. Kevin can feel the muscles of her vagina pushing his fingers out so hard. Then he feels the stream of warm juice.
Zoe moans in relief, and finally rests.
“That was amazing.” Zoe gives Kevin a glimpse of a smile.
“I love you so much, you know?” Kevin says.
“Yes, I know. I love you, too.” Zoe says, and lifts Kevin’s arm away from the controller.
“Now, it’s my turn,” Zoe says, smiling.
“I’m all yours.” Kevin lies back; again, without his hand on the controller, he can’t do anything. He is all hers now.
Zoe sits back on Kevin’s lap. Lowers the back of Kevin’s chair, spreads his legs open.
She rubs his penis with her pussy, while kissing him with the strongest passion.
This surely isn’t her first time doing it. She’s had a few lovers, and she lost her virginity a long time ago. But this is Kevin’s first; she wants it to be perfect for him.
“Awww…please let me in,” Kevin moans with hunger. He can feel his penis is harder than before.
He’s never been proud of his body. He knows that he is weak and twisted, but the only part of his body that he is proud of is his penis.
He knows it’s larger and longer than most men, at least according to those pornos. Maybe it’s because he was never able to use his hand to masturbate, he learned how to move his penis, and rub it with the little movement of his legs. Since he has to rely on his nurse to move him, bathe him, and lift him, he literally has no privacy whatsoever. He’d feel embarrassed if the nurse found out that he came in his boxers. So he holds the come in every time he masturbates. It isn’t easy, but he has been doing it for years, so it gets easier every time. But everything changed when he met her.
Since he met her, he has been fantasying about her. The sight of her makes the orgasm stronger than before, and he can barely control the come.
And now, for the first time, he is able to let it all out. He wants her so bad. He wants her.
Zoe slides her hand down to Kevin’s penis. She holds it tight, and moves up and down.
“Oh, God!” Kevin can’t help but burst out.
“Ah…ah...” Kevin frowns and closes his eyes, feeling Zoe’s hand moving up and down on his most sensitive part.
After teasing him with her hand, Zoe puts the tip of his penis in her vagina, and sits on it.
“Yes, oh…you are so tight.”
He is in her completely now.
Zoe starts to move up and down, pressing herself toward Kevin’s lower abdomen.
“Umm…right there…umm….yes…”
“Push….push…yes…” Zoe says to Kevin, and feels him try to push as hard as he can.
“Oh…harder, push harder…” Kevin can feel the heat growing strongly when she presses into his abdomen.
“I’m ready…” Kevin says; he wants this orgasm to be for both of them.
“OK, I’m ready, too…” Zoe smiles and kisses Kevin.
“Oh,…umm…” Kevin moans, and pushes his abdomen as fast as he can.
“Yes! Oh, Yes!”
Kevin screams with relief, then he comes inside of her. It is the best orgasm ever. He can feel every part of his body scream in joy.
Zoe keeps him inside of her while lying on him. She feels he is getting softer. She kisses him, and says, “I love you.”
“I love you, too.” Kevin says with the greatest satisfaction.
The End


  1. That was beautiful. I enjoyed reading your words.

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  3. That was fuckin steamy. I've never been into sma, but I may have to rethink that...

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