Monday, June 3, 2013

Devo Diary Update

Thanks for all the great comments!

Here is the third installment. Actually this is the original Devo Diary post I put up on Paradevo 10 years ago, about meeting a blind guy. If you were around back then you may remember it. I rewrote it a little to fit the continuity better, but for the most part it's unchanged.

You all have been saying you like it raw and honest, so here it is, extra raw. I've done some bad things. Some of you may judge me for this, so go ahead, judge away.

Chapter Three: The Guitar Player


  1. Is it only for me that the link goes to a page with a header but no text?

    1. The link works fine for me, not sure what the problem is. Try navigating directly there--go to the blog archive on the right side of the page and go down to December 2010.

    2. (Different Anonymous..) still can't get it to work..

    3. I changed the formatting, so it should work now. Please try again.