Monday, August 12, 2013

In/Exhale Continues

So, originally, I wasn't going to post this week's episode. I planned to jump straight from where we left off on September 9, with Kai in ICU and Renee confused as to why he stood her up, to September 12, a few days later.

However, the more I looked at September 10 - which I had intended to keep for myself - the more I realized it set things up for future developments in the story, and I might end up leaving you all feeling a bit cheated with some events that happen later.

Since it was short--and I couldn't resist a cliffhanger--I decided to post it anyway.


September 10, 2000

I'll be back next week with more, so stay tuned, and keep commenting! I love reading what you guys have to say and it keeps me motivated to keep sharing the story.


Table of Contents (updated, if you need to catch up or you're just joining us)

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