Tuesday, August 27, 2013

In/Exhale: I Promise

Dear Readers,

This isn't an update in the traditional sense. But I wanted to write you a note, from me to you before the next episode goes up.

I know you guys are getting impatient to see Re and Kai finally have their talk. I promise it is coming, and I promise that it will likely be your absolute favorite part of In/Exhale. It will be deliciously devy and angsty and lovely.

I am putting the final touches on that day right now and it will definitely make all the waiting worth it.


As I warned you all in the introduction, I/E can get melodramatic at times. That's just what it is. I know you want to see Re and Kai together finally, but please trust me that all that's happening until then is essential to when the moment finally occurs.

There's a reason that I say I could never take I/E commercial (that is, publish it), and it's because I let myself linger and explore all the side stories of the other characters, etc. I realize this style is very different from most other things published here, or even from my other fiction, but it is what it is. And it's one of the reasons I call it a soap.

The moment in which Renee finally learns about Kai's MLS is one of the most important parts of the entire I/E timeline (which runs from ~1996 through the present, nearly 20 years!), and so I need to lay the groundwork for it.

Everything is leading up to that moment.

Think of it as a season finale, if you will. The pinnacle point that every single episode has been leading you towards until you're at the edge of your seat, heart pumping, crying, shouting, seeing how all those little, seemingly insignificant moments brought you to that wonderful climax.

My plan has always been to explore everything that builds toward that moment, then leave you marinating in it for a while as I figure out how next to take you through this epic story.

Thank you all for bearing with me.

If you'd like to read a sample of my "commercial" fiction, I've posted the first chapter of my novel UnConventional on my blog, http://chiealeman.com.

I'll be back in a few days with the next episode.



  1. I think you could take this and make it commercial. You would have people clawing to get this. Its a drama, not a soap. It has real human emotions and fears. Even with the character jumps and exploration like it is, people would STILL love it. In any case, I would be a fan of the commercial version. Just a little positive feedback.

    1. Thank you so much... that... that means a lot to me. I honestly am not sure how I would commercialize I/E, but... thank you.

    2. Even if it just stays in this form, you have me hooked either way.I will keep coming back. Your characters are real so i want to keep coming back to learn more, to see how they're doing. Corny, I know.

      -a.k.a. (time to start signing these... too lazy to make an account!)

  2. tanks tanks tanks... i too have a story that i´m doing in my mind for 13 years...thanks for sharing this epic story with us

  3. I know we are an impatient lot, but your writing is awesome and so are your characters! I'm sure one day we will appreciate how well developed they are. I checked out unconventional, it's awesome, I hope you post more!!

  4. Thank you so much for keeping us informed - it's great to know that there is something really good (i.e the part that I am really waiting for!) coming up soon. I don't care that the style of this story is different from many others - it works and I love it. Just as an aside, I do wonder if Kai is managing to keep up his studies? If he is not making it to classes, are his tutors not concerned that one of their students is showing up?

    1. Thank you. :)

      That's actually something that will be addressed before the end of the season...

      (Although, at a large college in the US, especially with low-level classes, it's likely most professors wouldn't notice a student or two missing. Attendance isn't usually mandatory.)

  5. *whimper* a few days should not come out to a week. That's two weeks without kei.this is just torture. *cries*


  6. I can't wait to read the season finalle this story is beautiful I really thank you for sharing it... There's a possibility I might be hopelessly in love with kai... This story is just great and profound in so many leves... Thanks again