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Cambridge Connections: Table of Contents

Last updated 03.08.2014

Chapter One - Connection - Sam and Alex meet in the UL cafe.

Chapter Two - Development - Sam watches Alex leave...

Chapter Three - Cramps and Champagne - Alex is so surprised, he makes one or two silly decisions that have some consequences...

Chapter Four - Surprise Encounter - Sam realises Alex uses a chair, and the two of them have coffee. 

Chapter Five - Connection Interrupted - Sam receives some bad news from home and cancels on Alex.

Chapter Six - The Silver Screen - The two of them inch ever closer to each other.

Chapter Seven - Connections Past - Someone from Alex's past reminds him of an old connection, while Sam deals with an old 'connection' of her own. 

Chapter Eight (Part I) - Outdoor Adventures - Their adventure begins, and they enjoy each other's company.

Chapter Eight (Part II) - Outdoor Adventures - The conclusion of their date, and there's a bit of reassurance for both of them. 

Chapter Nine - Taekwondo - Sam kicks ass and spends some time thinking about Alex

Chapter Ten - Rachel - An old flame of Alex's suddenly reappears, seeking reconnection...

Chapter Eleven - Dark Nights and Stage Lights - Sam is taken to London, spends some quality time with Dan, and gets closer to her date with Alex

Chapter Twelve - Dorks and Mutants - Sam and Alex spend an afternoon together, and take a halting step closer...

Chapter Thirteen - Interlude - a little glimpse of brotherly life, and possible romance for Will? Sam and Dan cook for his parents, and she has to discuss Alex with them.

Chapter Fourteen (Part I) - The Secret of Life - Sam meets Alex for drinks and goes back to his for dinner, where more things than the curry get hot.

Chapter Fourteen (Part II) - The Secret of Life (II) - the conclusion of Alex and Sam's evening.

Chapter Fifteen - Tall Grass, True Tales - Sam shares her past with Alex, and he shares one or two things with her as well.

Chapter Sixteen - Encounter, Relief - Sam and Alex make their way back to his apartment, and they meet someone along the way...

Chapter Seventeen - Graduation - Sam graduates, and breaks the news about Alex to her parents.

Chapter Eighteen - O Absence, what torment... - Sam begins her internship in London, and Alex begins to realise he'll have to face Rachel soon.

Chapter Nineteen - Push me/Pull you - Sam returns to Cambridge for a weekend with Alex, and the two get a little bit closer.

Chapter Twenty - Boardwalk Adventure - Alex's little trip has to happen a little differently from how he'd planned, but as usual, the two of them still manage to have some fun.

Chapter Twenty One - Spaces in Between - A snapshot of a weekend in between events for Sam and Alex. With a phone call with Rachel thrown in for good measure...

Chapter Twenty Two - Rain Clouds and Release - Sam journeys back from London for her Taekwondo grading, and both she and Alex make a bit of a personal breakthrough.

Chapter Twenty Three - (Re)new Acquaintances - Rachel makes a proper appearance, presenting Alex with some ghosts of the past, Doyle takes Sam out in London, Sam begins to think in earnest about her quest for Canada, and Alex prepares to head to Sam's parents' house by the sea for a long weekend. 

Chapter Twenty Four - Sam's interview for Canada, and there is a small incident on her trip home to her parents' house with Alex...

Chapter Twenty Five - We meet a few of Alex's friends, and Sam gets more than she bargains for when she surprises Alex with an early visit... 

Chapter Twenty Six - Aftermath - Alex and Sam meet to discuss the possibility of a peace treaty...

Chapter Twenty Seven - The Passage of Time - Sam's eight months in Canada change her, and Alex changes too.

Chapter Twenty Eight - A Letter from Home - Sam receives a letter from home that might just be a game-changer.

Chapter Twenty Nine - Arrival and Departure - Sam and Alex are reunited.

Bonus Chapter *sex scene*


  1. Sam is SO like the freak I am! :O

  2. And Hello Mr. Alex Rochester! :D

  3. Rose... I am reading it again (I had left it in chapter 7) and now I am in chapter 15 and I am so into it that I'm worried that there are not more chapters available.
    I am really... really enjoying your story. Perhaps is the geek in me... or the martial artist! jaja... I really love it. Please, keep on writing!!

    1. Do you mean that the links aren't working for you, or that I just haven't written enough chapters yet? There should be 28 functioning links now, with one more official chapter to go. Glad you're re-reading it though.

      You're a martial artist? What do you do? Like Sam, I do taekwondo, so I'd love to hear about your sport.

    2. I didn't explain myself correctly. I can access to all the chapters but I use to check if there are more chapters before I finish what I am reading! (yeah... my bad).
      You can say "I used to be" a martial artist. Since a knee surgery I had to leave it. I practiced Kung Fu and Sipalki Do (kinda heavy stuff). I love it but I had to make a choice. My kid is practicing Taekwon-do.
      Again, thank you for the story...