Thursday, September 5, 2013

In/Exhale Continues

Sorry for the long break since the last post, but I'm definitely going to need the extra time to make sure I can keep posting regularly. My class is incredible, but really intense, and takes up a lot of time, and I like to let episodes sit for a little while before I post them so I can make sure they're the best they can be for you guys. So that means more time. I'm sorry for the added wait.

Anyway, we continue on September 12, the day Kai wakes up in the hospital. Jon and Vicky finally had their first kiss last episode (aww!), and Nikki was there when Kai woke up.

But, of course, things are still rocky for Kai, and part of Nikki's past that she's been running from and struggling to keep hidden for years suddenly reasserts itself, potentially changing everything. . . .

September 12, 2000 - Part II

Please keep those comments coming, as they really are sometimes what get me through a dark day when I'm doubting my writing or sharing the storyline. You guys have been wonderful, and I'm glad that you all are enjoying my quirky little story.

I also have a couple short (under 5000K) short stories in the works I hope to be able to share with you all soon. :)


PS - Check out the updated Table of Contents in case you need a refresher or you're just joining the story!

PPS - I'm working on an episode (September 18), in which Kai goes back to Dr. Miller again. I haven't decided whether or not to post that, or just skip ahead as I know you guys are getting really impatient for the season finale. Is this something you'd like to see? Or would you rather we keep chugging along?


  1. Show us what you're got! Any and all of kai is good

  2. Reading this story feels as if someone just read my mind and turn into words my deepest devo fantasies... thank u thank u tahnk u... i love it ;)

  3. You say that readers' comments keep you going on a dark day - your story gets me through my dark days, and I can't tell you the excitement I get when I see "In/Exhale continues"...

    I'm sure we'd all love you to share more of your stories on here (as well as K and R - don't ever give up on them please!!)

    1. Thank you... (all of you)... I'm so glad you enjoy Kai's story. There is plenty more to come. :)

  4. I check this website every day specifically hoping that there's a new update of your story :)