Sunday, September 22, 2013

Update - Cambridge Connections, Chapter Four

Thanks for your comments so far - really helpful, and I hope I've cleared a few things up in this chapter. There's supposed to be a bit of mystery about Alex and Will's relationship - the reasons will be revealed in a later chapter. 

I was in two minds about whether to post Alex's point of view in this one, and I did include it, so forgive me if it feels a bit clunky... 

Also, I've put this in the story, but I'll put it here too. There's a bit of slang that probably ought to be glossed here:

“Natisci” is short-hand in Cambridge for the Natural Sciences course. “Mathmo” is the term for someone who studies mathematics. And finally, “Caius” is short for “Gonville and Caius”, one of the really pretty old colleges in town, and is pronounced “Keys”. Let me know if there's anything else I've forgotten. 

Anyway, here's Chapter Four. Thoughts - either positive or negative (be nice though please...!) are always welcome. 

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