Tuesday, October 8, 2013

In/Exhale Continues

Wow, thank you guys for the feedback last week (positive and negative). I really appreciate it.

This week's episode is the first part of two... I would really have liked to post this entire day together, but it was impossible. I know I'll probably get some flak from some of you for this first part seeming to be "formulaic," but it's setting up for part II, which has some really big WOW moments that will have huge repercussions for our characters.

After this, just a couple more episodes until the big finale.  I *may* take a short break in between seasons (I'll just have to see how things are going), but I promise, it won't be long.


September 22, 2000 - Part I

Keep the comments coming; I really do appreciate them, and read all of them.


PS - Oh, and the Table of Contents has been updated, as always.

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