Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Update - Cambridge Connections, Chapter Seven

So it’s been a while – ­things have settled down a bit now here in London, but I still might not be able to post on a weekly basis. Anyway, here’s a nice long chunk of Sam and Alex for you which I’ve been sitting on for quite a while now.

We meet Sam’s housemates, get to know Sam’s best friend Dan a little better, and Alex goes to the gym… We’re also introduced to some rivals for each of their hearts – an old flame for Alex, and a six foot, university rower for Sam. There’s also a little ‘snapshot’ into the accident.

I should probably say that it contains a couple of scenes of a mildly sexual nature, and there’s a potential trigger warning for abuse.

As ever, thank you for your comments and gentle criticism; it’s very helpful, and much appreciated. Sam’s character is very close to my heart, and we’ve been through the same stuff, so it’s nice to find that people seem to like the way I tell her story.

Some of you might like to ‘Google map’ Cambridge to see the higgledy-piggledy layout of the city – it’s not all regular like American towns, trust me! This image is really beautiful and captures the kind of essence of the mad little city. The great big building with the rows of buttresses in the middle is King’s College Chapel (more like the size of a cathedral because it was started by King Henry VI and took a couple more Henrys before it was complete). The street to the right of it is King’s Parade, and is the closest thing to a high street that the city has. 

Anyway, that’s enough waffle and rubbish from me,

Read Chapter Seven here.

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