Monday, October 21, 2013

Update: Hands On: Chapter Nine

Hello Everyone,
Sorry for the delay this week...Lot's going on, and my schedule's been getting the best of me these days.  Thanks so much for your comments and feedback. I was very moved by some of your last comments, really inspired. It is rewarding to have readers like you! I'm happy so many of you like the story and are enjoying Paige and Madison. I'm enjoying them too, and since I basically write without much of a formal outline I learn how things turn out right along with you. Sometimes I get a little nervous about the pace, wondering if things should be happening faster/slower but I try to let things happen as they do. Although I promise I do know where we're headed, I'm just not always sure how we get there, and from time to time the characters totally surprise me. Anyways, enough of my preamble. Chapter Nine is a bit shorter, and I hope it provides a nice transition as I believe the story's near the half-way point.

Warmest regards to everyone, Adele.

Chapter Nine     

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