Sunday, December 29, 2013

Devo Diary Is Back!

That's right, Devo Girl here back after a long hiatus with Devo Diary. Sorry to leave you all hanging, but life was super busy for a while. But you know I would never leave a story unfinished.

If you're new to Devo Diary, it's the 100% true story of my life as a dev. Names and identifying details have been changed. When we left off, I was still not over being dumped by Patrick the fireman. But there's a lot more than that--this chapter isn't the best jumping on point for new readers. Get caught up here:
Table of Contents

Enjoy the latest installment of bad decision making and poor relationship choices:

Chapter 13: Doug

Thanks to everyone for all the positive comments on earlier chapters. I really appreciate each one. And if you like my writing, please buy my book!

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