Wednesday, December 18, 2013

In/Exhale Continues

Last week, In/Exhale returned as we got a chance to see Kai in his element as he read to the kids for ASL story hour at Lost Apple. Today, we'll see the second half of that day, which means more K & R along with a scene with Jon at the end.

October 28, 2000 - Part II

Thanks to everyone for your feedback on the episode and the video. I should have more soon :).

And thanks again to Rose for checking the signing for me. Hope it's understandable and doesn't bog everyone down!

Next week, we'll see the first part of one of my favorite days of the season, Halloween (just in time for Christmas, lol)!

Oh, and the Table of Contents has been updated as usual.

Please keep your comments coming. I always read every single one, usually more than once! They motivate me to keep sharing the story with all of you.


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