Tuesday, December 10, 2013

In/Exhale Is Back!

Hey, everyone! I hope you all have been well. I've missed you bunches, but I've got tons more of Kai & Co. to share with you, so I hope you're ready!

The best thing about Season Two is it's a great place to start if you're new to the story! That's right, even if you haven't read about Kai's exploits before, you can jump right in here and you shouldn't feel too lost. (But I included a very brief summary of the season below to help catch you up a bit anyway! Plus you can always check out the Table of Contents for summaries of each episode.)

For those of you who felt S1 was a bit repetitive, I'm hoping you'll find S2 very different. We'll see Renee and Kai's relationship blossom (with plenty of devvy "sandwich moments"), along with some interesting developments for Jon, and some new characters will join the group. We'll also get some more backstory on the brothers, including getting a bit more from Kai's own lips.

This season picks up a few days after the epic season finale. It's ASL Story Hour at Lost Apple Books, pushing both Renee and Kai together.

Check out a short video I made teaching you some ASL featured in the first two episodes of Season Two (October 28, 2000)! I'm not a professional, but I hope you enjoy it anyway and it gives you a feel for what some of the signs look like. Maybe you'll even learn something!


October 28, 2000 - Part I

Thank you all again for your comments and support. They really mean a lot to me. I hope you guys really enjoy S2!


Season One Summary (in extreme brevity): Set in the fictional town of Jonesville, Iowa. Kai Fox is a twenty-two-year-old double-lung transplant patient who also suffers from a (fictional) congenital neuromuscular disease called MLS (he also was mute as a child and grew up in the Deaf community, with ASL as his first language). He's attempting to have a normal life by attending college, but things aren't always so simple. His relationship with his classmate Renee Poche is put in jeopardy when his ex-girlfriend shows up, and then when his MLS puts him in danger and he severely injures his right quads. Ultimately, Renee (ever persistent) tracks Kai down and they reunite. He also struggles with the ghosts of his past, including growing up in a group home for disabled kids and a brief but abusive foster home situation. He initially thought he might have a more than sexual connection to a girl named Nikki, but when her past confronts her, she decides Kai is better off without her and leaves Jonesville.

Meanwhile, Kai's awkward and often overprotective older brother, whom he shares an apartment with, is starting his first year as an attending pulmonologist at Jonesville Memorial Hospital. He ends a stagnant relationship with his would-be fiancé and ultimately pursues a new one with his friend and co-worker, pulmonary outpatient office manager Vicky Gregory. Over the course of the season, he improves his ASL with a tutor and Kai and he become closer.

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