Friday, January 31, 2014

No Strings Attached - Final Chapter (35) Part One

Jason faces the first night at home and Ariana is right there. Still struggling with insecurity he is nervous about the whole situation and worried having to share his bed with a woman again after such a long time. As they forget about all the worries and the hard times of the past weeks Jason and Ariana experience each other in the closest way yet and realize once again how much they love each other.

Jason made his way to his bedroom and felt tired and exhausted. Glancing into his bedroom he saw some of Ariana’s things piled in a corner and knew she was planning on sleeping in the same room with him. There was one extra bedroom in the trailer, it did have a twin size bed in it, but it didn’t seem like Ariana was planning on sleeping in a separate room. Jason’s bed was a full size bed and it looked like Ariana had already laid claim on one side of it, he saw a pair of her jeans on the bed. He knew he couldn’t expect her to sleep in another room and inside his mind he slapped himself for even considering it.

The rope was still dangling from the pull up bars on Jason’s bedroom door frame so he could transfer into the smaller wheelchair inside his room. It was still sitting right next to the door like it always had been. The smaller chair was similar to a transport chair but with larger wheels and rims so he could push himself. It wasn’t very practical at all to wheel around in and he only used it to get from his door to his bed. He usually didn’t even place his feet on the flimsy foot rests but just wheeled backward and his feet dragging on the floor. He wished so much the door frame was wider but about two inches took away the freedom of wheeling into his bedroom in his own TiLite wheelchair. He had never spent a whole lot of time in his bedroom anyways, really just for sleeping and there had been times when he actually ended up sleeping on the couch in the living room. Lots of times Darryl would get whatever Jason needed from his room so he didn’t have to make the transfer. Jason glanced over to the kitchen where Ariana was cleaning up still. He didn’t want her to see him make the switch from his wheelchair to the smaller chair. He felt silly in it and it didn’t help heighten his confidence level very much.  

Jason saw his back pack sitting in his room. Darryl must have taken it into the room earlier when they had come home. He moved his chair as close as he could to the door frame and then reached for the other chair to pull it closer. He glanced up at the rope and he really didn’t feel like doing the transfer but he had to get into his room. With both hands he reached for the rope and pulled himself up, then swung himself over to the smaller chair and slowly let himself down into it. It was definitely an arm work out every time and he had to breathe heavy and his arms were shaky. He then put his hands on the rims and pushed himself over with difficulties to get his sweat pants and also a pair of incontinence briefs from his dresser. The whole time he was hoping that Ariana would not show up in his room.

Once he had the things he pushed himself back over to the door and threw the items over into his regular chair and transferred back into it the same way and plopped onto the items in his wheelchair. He pulled out the sweat pants and briefs from under him. It was all such a hassle and he hated it. Ariana was still busy in the kitchen and Jason made his way into his bathroom. It looked like Darryl had cleaned and straightened it. Jason pulled the curtain behind him. Now with Ariana there he really wished there would be a door and when he looked around he saw some of Ariana’s things in his bathroom too. He really didn’t know how it was all going to be and it made him very nervous.

He really felt the exhaustion now but he had to manage to get out of his clothes, cath again, slip into the briefs and sweat pants and brush his teeth. He paused for a moment, looking at himself in the mirror and talking softly to himself, “You can do this man. Pull it together.”

With his motivational self-talk he somewhat wobbly pulled his right leg up on his lap, untied his laces and took his sneaker and sock off, then gently let the leg back down and did the same thing with his other leg. His shoes and socks were off. He pulled his T-Shirt over his head and threw it over to the chair in the corner, then he unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans and with a wiggling from side to side he eventually got the jeans over his butt and was able to pull them down. He was breathing heavy and he could feel how weak he was. He leaned his head on his arms on the sink, catching his breath and cursing lowly. Then he sat there in his boxers and after a moment repeated the same process with pulling his boxers off until he sat there naked. He glanced over to the curtain hoping Ariana wouldn’t come in.

Wheeling over to the toilet he got all his catheter supplies to drain his bladder again. As he held the tubing into the toilet his head was resting on his other arm on the counter just watching the urine flow into the toilet. He felt his eyes heavy and even when there was no more urine he just sat there.

He thought about Ariana outside in the kitchen and he really didn’t know how he could keep this up. As happy as he was to have her there now, with him all the time, he couldn’t hide from her when he didn’t feel good or when he was tired and exhausted. He couldn’t always pretend to be fit and strong when sometimes he really wasn’t. He had just gotten released from the hospital after weeks of serious health issues and his body having gone through so much, it was no wonder he was extremely exhausted after this stressful day. He lifted his head from his arm and with shaky hands pulled out the catheter and disposed of all the supplies. He washed his hands over the sink and then brushed his teeth. The last thing was to pull on the incontinence briefs and his sweat pants. He really barely made it and once he was done he was too tired to pick up his jeans or slide his sneakers out of the way, he just wanted to get to his bed, leaving some clothes strewn on the floor in the bathroom. 

When he wheeled up to his room he was surprised to find Ariana sitting on the bed going through her bag.
She looked up at Jason and she saw how tired he looked, “Hey baby, I am done in the kitchen for tonight. I will finish the rest tomorrow.”

He sat there outside his room in front of the doorframe and she admired his naked upper body, now without sticky sensors and just plain sexy, his naked feet on the foot rests only wearing his sweat pants and she smiled at him.

Jason really didn’t want her to witness the whole transfer hassle into the other chair but Ariana said, “Your dad explained the door frame situation to me, it really sucks that you can’t get your regular chair through it and can’t widen the door.”
Jason nodded insecurely, “Yeah, it sucks big time. It is either this or I get out of my chair and pull myself across the floor to get into my bed.”
Ariana got up, “Is there any way I can help you babe?”
Jason shook his head and thought about his next move.
Ariana walked over to him and grabbed the rope and looked at it, “You look very tired Jason. Are you o.k. to make it?”
“Yeah, I am good….”

He wanted to ask Ariana to leave but he knew he really couldn’t and fortunately Ariana turned around and walked over to the bed, took her bag and her things off the bed and pulled the blanket and sheets back and Jason took that opportunity to quickly pull himself over into his smaller chair and Ariana then turned around and smiled at him again, seeing just as he let himself down in the small wheelchair.

Jason looked down embarrassed and Ariana sensed his insecurity on the issue.
She said softly, “I wish you wouldn’t have to deal with such a hassle to come into your bedroom. I am sorry baby.”
Jason looked up at her, “Yeah, it’s not fun.”
He wheeled over to Ariana, who sat on the bed again. They were face to face and Ariana put her hands on his knees, “Jason, please tell me if I can help you make things easier around here. I know you don’t like this very much.”
He shook his head, “I don’t but there is nothing we can do with this door frame. We tried. Right now I am just exhausted.”
Ariana nodded, “I will get ready real quick and I will be right back.”

She kissed him quickly and walked out of the bedroom. Jason transferred onto the bed and then pulled himself over to the left side, the side next to the wall. He wanted to sleep on the wall side if Ariana would be in bed with him. That way there was no chance of him falling out of the bed. He adjusted his legs and then let his head fall onto the pillow. It felt good to lay flat again. He felt nervous about Ariana coming into the bed. 

She did walk in after a moment and with the small lamp on the bedside table the room was dimly lit. She smiled at Jason and felt nervous too. Wearing a tank top and shorts to sleep in, she slowly crawled into the bed not meeting Jason’s eyes. Jason had his head resting on his arm watching her, feeling his hands get sweaty. It was strange to see Ariana join him in his bed after all this time.

They both felt nervous and as Ariana looked at Jason again she put into words what they both felt, “This is so weird. I am….” She paused, took a breath and smiled, “I am…a little nervous Jason.”  
Jason was relieved to hear her say it and nodded, “Me too.”
With that he shifted and with his arms pulled himself to lay on his side as Ariana laid down next to him facing him.

He softly laid his arm over her and Ariana smiled, “Jason, I…I know we have to get used to this…but I think we need to tell each other when we feel weird about anything.”
“I feel weird about lots of things.” Jason smiled in the dimness of the light, his dark eyes shiny.

He stroked his hand over Ariana’s face. Her hair was held together by an elastic band and draped over her left shoulder falling to the front of her body. Strands of Jason’s dark hair fell into his forehead. A slight dark shadow of facial hair was showing on his face.

He still smiled at her, “I am nervous too but I am happy you are here and I know we have to make this work somehow.” He paused and swallowed, “Ariana, you are the first woman in my life since everything changed for me two years ago and it still feels so unreal to me. I really didn’t think I would be sharing this bed with a woman again one day. I thought those days were over for me and it really scares me now because the last time anyone was in this bed with me was a lot different you know. I was a different guy. My life was different. Having someone like you here next to me now in this time of my life had never even crossed my mind anymore when I came home on wheels back then. I am nervous about so many things and I am also worried that it could be too much for you eventually.” Ariana just looked at him and listened to his words as Jason continued, “…and I know you are different than any woman I have ever known but sometimes I just can’t believe my luck I guess to have met someone like you, someone who wants me exactly this way with everything that comes along with it, the disability, the issues and the problems. Women usually don’t want this, they don’t want a man like me and out of all the women I have come across, destiny somehow brought you into my life, a perfect woman who is attracted to an imperfect man.”

Ariana smiled and said softly, “You are perfect to me….I wouldn’t want it any other way, Jason. I love you so much and I am so very happy to have met you.”
Jason pulled her face closer to him and stroking her cheeks he replied, “I love you too, more than you can imagine.”

He pulled her to his face and pressed his lips onto hers, his hand on the back of her head, pulling her to him. They fell into a kiss full of longing and Ariana realized how she wanted Jason so much. She moved over some and pushed Jason’s head back on his pillow, kissing him hard and feeling his tongue in her mouth, exploring every corner of it. Jason laid on his back again and he brought his other arm out from between them and wrapped it around Ariana’s back as she moved herself over him some.

Their lips were locked and Ariana couldn’t help stroking her hands through Jason’s hair and pulling it somewhat in the back, forcing him to stretch his neck back some as her lips pressed onto his. His breathing came quickly now and Ariana let her lips unlock and let her tongue travel over to Jason’s ears and neck. She felt his chest rise up and down as he took quick breaths, letting Ariana flick her tongue over his neck, encircling his Adam’s apple and nibbling on his ear lobes. Jason whispered her name in between breaths. He put his hands to her tank top and quickly pulled it over her head, right away feeling the warmth of her breast on his upper chest. He pushed her off of him some to get a better look at her breasts and he stroked his hands over them, perfect size breasts fitting perfectly into his strong hands. Ariana was breathing quickly too and watched him admire her breasts and at the same time admiring his chest as his pectorals flexed with every move he made.

He held her breasts in his hands, softly kneading them and then pulling her to him so he could reach her breasts with his mouth and tongue. Softly he let his teeth touch her nipples, biting her just short of causing pain but triggering chills over Ariana’s arms and legs. His hands stroked her arms and when he felt the chill bumps he let off the biting and smiled at her and she smiled at him, pressing her lips back onto his and falling into another kiss.

Her hands travelled over his arms, feeling his biceps flexing as he grabbed her ass and pulling her body closer. So much he wanted to feel her on his lower body but there was nothing. He felt her with his hands but her body disappeared into nothing when it touched him. It felt like there was only air between Ariana’s body and the mattress, he was invisible in between. Momentarily he was reminded of the missing sensations and just for a moment frustration tried to surface but he pushed it away by kissing Ariana hard and demanding.

Ariana on the other hand felt her body on his and she felt the soft material under his sweat pants when she moved her leg over him. She pushed herself over Jason some more and almost laid on him now. His hands were on her ass and her hands ran through his hair as their lips stayed locked tight and their tongues went wild in each other’s mouths. Jason felt the arousal but as always it didn’t go all the way into the far corners of his body beyond his T-5 vertebrae. Even more so he pulled Ariana closer to him, his hands roughly holding her tight to his body like he wanted to melt into her and feel just a little what she was feeling. Ariana let her lips unlock from his as she felt his demanding touches she hushed, “Jason, I missed so much being with you like this.”

Jason was breathing quickly, “I missed you too. I wish I could go inside you…it pisses me off that it doesn’t work anymore.”
Ariana was surprised at his harsh words and he roughly grabbed her ass again with his hands, then whispering into her ear, “Let me taste you!”
Ariana felt her own arousal in every corner of her body and she moved off of Jason.
Jason hushed, “I am going to pull myself up to a sitting position.”

Ariana sat on her knees next to Jason as she watched how he first got on his elbows and then up on his hands and pulling his legs and body up and into a sitting position leaning against the headboard of the bed. Her pussy was throbbing with desire as she watched him move. When he sat securely leaning on the headboard, holding himself steady on his hands he looked over to her and demanded, “Come closer!”

Ariana moved closer and Jason used his one hand to pull down her shorts. Ariana helped and threw the shorts off the bed as Jason just admired her body.
She saw his chest rise up and down quickly as he scanned her breasts in full view, his eyes moving down her flat belly and ending at her pubic area, “I want to go inside you with my tongue.”

She slowly moved over onto his lap, then sitting down on him, feeling the softness of the incontinence brief through his sweats on her pussy. They looked at each other for a moment, the dim light casting shadows on their faces and Ariana said lowly, “I want you to be naked Jason. I want to see your legs and your cock.”

Jason was thrown off for a split second as she said it and he almost considered not taking this any further but he wanted to taste her sweetness and wanted to be as close as he could to her and he didn’t have the right to keep his battered body hidden from her. He kept reminding himself that Ariana was o.k. with him the way he was, she wanted him like this, he didn’t have to be ashamed of anything and she had seen him naked after all when they spent a night at the Venetian. All of this seemed like ages ago though and it felt like it really had only been in his dreams. Everything was still difficult for him and he was distracted in the moment of so much lust he had just felt a minute ago.

Ariana sensed it and put his face in between her hands, “It is o.k. for me Jason…I want you so much in whatever way I can have you.”
She let her fingers run over his chest, tracing is tattoo and giving him time to think. After a moment she added softly, “Please let me take off your sweats and your briefs!”
Jason pressed his lips together but then nodded slowly.

Ariana pushed the sheets off of Jason’s legs and moved over to the side. He held himself steady on his hands watching her run her fingers along the elastic waist band of his sweats and eventually pushing her fingers under it. Right away she felt the warmth inside the pants and she slid her hand under the brief elastic and felt his pubic hair. Jason’s lustful desire had faded somewhat and even though he admired her beautiful and sexy body he felt so nervous at her taking his sweats and briefs off. He was worried he had possibly already peed and as much as he tried to remind himself about Ariana loving him the way he was it was difficult for him to let down his guard in this moment.

Ariana stroked over his pubic hair and felt his limp cock inside the briefs, it was warm and soft and laid in its deep sleep, but even though soft it still filled out her hand. For a moment she pictured how it must have looked erect and hard when Jason was still o.k. She looked up at him and when she met his eyes he looked away.

Realizing his feelings, she said softly, “I love you so much Jason.”
Jason swallowed and with a scratchy low voice he replied, “I love you.”

Ariana then gently started taking his sweats off, pulling the elastic over his butt, and down over his legs and with exposing every inch of his naked legs she felt her arousal and the blood pumping in her body. She let her hands feel over the skin on his legs until the sweats were off. His feet and legs lay totally still, not moving, not twitching, not showing any gratitude to her exposing them. Her eyes travelled over his legs, her hands felt the soft hair on them from his shins up over his bony knees to his thighs and she ended at his incontinence briefs.

What she experienced as a total turn on, Jason experienced in a totally different way. He couldn’t even look at her as her eyes met his again, he felt the strongest urge to tell her to stop, cover him up and maybe even leave him alone. Just a few moments earlier he felt he had the power of kissing her in his favor, letting his hands explore her body, letting his tongue push into her mouth and wanting to push it into her pussy, hopefully giving her a memorable orgasm.

Now she was so far away, he couldn’t reach her with his hands because he was busy holding himself up and he felt exposed and vulnerable that he doubted very much he could get his moment of lust back.
Ariana though said in the sweetest soft voice, “I am going to pull your briefs off now.”

She looked at him but he looked away and could only nod weakly. While she pulled off his briefs gently and breathing very quickly he thought about how hopefully his last cathing had emptied his bladder all the way. Ariana pulled his briefs over his feet and then let her hands stroke over his legs again, she was in a moment of absolute desire and longing, letting her hands and fingers glide over his legs and whispering, “Oh, I love touching your legs Jason…”

She let her hands travel up to his sleeping cock and touched it softly. Jason had moved his eyes down watching her touch him. She leaned down to his manhood and he was surprised as she kissed it, not in a way of wanting to awaken it or in a way of longing but in a way of total acceptance. She smiled up at Jason, “Baby, you turn me on so much.”

He tried to relax and just enjoy the moment for what it was. As Ariana was still caressing his legs and feeling for the scars the accident had left on them Jason demanded lowly, “Ariana, come back up here and sit on me please.”

She looked up and moved her body over his lap, her naked pussy being tickled by his pubic hair and touching his soft cock. She sat in front of Jason and he pulled her close again, their naked chests touching and the warmth radiating between them. He pulled her in for another kiss and Ariana let him. His right hand stroked over her butt cheeks and travelled around her waist and hips to the front of her pubes. She pressed her pussy to him, stimulating it and feeling the blood rush into her labia. Jason’s tongue travelled from her mouth over to her ears now and down her neck where he latched on and took in the taste of her skin.

Ariana stretched her neck to him and let her hands caress over his shoulders as Jason suckled on her neck and his hands travelled over her back. Ariana moved slowly on his lap, rubbing her pussy against him and feeling the arousal increase. Jason moved his lips and tongue down her neck and to her shoulders. She heard and felt his breathing on her skin. She stroked her fingers through his hair and pushed his head against her body.

His lower body was still and motionless, just lying on the bed while his hands travelled over Ariana’s every body part. Jason muffled into Ariana’s skin, “Stand up in front of me or let me lie down again and move your pussy to my face!”

Ariana thought for a moment and decided to let Jason lay back down. As she watched him, he pushed himself off the headboard to slide his body down on the bed. His legs twisted oddly and he adjusted them quickly breathing heavy. When he laid down he nodded at Ariana and pulled her over himself again. Before Ariana let him taste her she wanted to kiss him again and pressed her lips back onto his. Once they unlocked their lips, Jason put his hands on Ariana’s ass and pulled her up, whispering, “Put it in front of my face.” Eventually Ariana sat on her bent knees at the perfect angle with her pussy right over Jason’s face. 

She held on to the headboard as Jason explored her female sweetness, smelling her and flicking his tongue around her inner thighs and up to her almost bare pussy with just a thin line of pubic hair in the middle. He licked her outer labia, letting his tongue glide back and forward on her lips. Her sweet scent surrounded his face, the smell of arousal and a girl excited. The heat surrounding her pussy made him warm but he didn’t want it any other way. She was close to his face, his tongue able to reach every corner. He licked around her clit and flicked it with his tongue. Ariana was breathing quickly and whispered, “It feels so good Jason, keep going!”

Jason couldn’t get enough of Ariana, he wanted to bury his face inside her, he wanted to taste her and experience her arousal with her. He felt her legs tremble and the slow rhythmic movement she had fallen into, pushing herself to his face and letting him get all of her. He felt his own arousal through the senses in his tongue and in his mouth, smelling Ariana, letting her heat surround him, her skin touching his face, his chest and his hands feeling and grabbing as much as he could of her, making up for the lack of sensation in one half of his body.

His tongue pushed into Ariana’s moist opening and he tasted her juices flowing of desire. Jason wanted to push his tongue into her over and over again. He felt his arms and hands tremble and he could barely breathe anymore, his head was spinning with the thoughts of Ariana being so close to him physically and psychologically. His tongue surrounded by soft tissue and moisture he swallowed Ariana’s lust and he heard her moan above him, “Oh Gosh Jason….”

Her excitement boosted his arousal even more, he wanted to lick and taste her all the way. He pulled her ass closer and her pussy right on his face. He was trying to breathe as good as he could but he felt like he wasn’t getting enough air and thoughts were racing through his head as he felt anger at not being able to penetrate Ariana the common way but making him even more crazy for her with his tongue and mouth. It was like the anger turned into a type of obsession racing through his head and he licked her and pushed his tongue into her moist pussy, his hands grabbing her ass hard and Ariana breathing quick breaths and moaning softly over him, “Jason…I am going to….come….”

Her breaths turned into quick gasps and her fingers turned white holding on to the head board of the bed as she felt a vibration radiating from the depths of her pussy and travelling to the outside into every part of her body. Ariana came hard and kept pushing herself toward Jason’s face, moaning and almost whining, shock waves racing through her whole body.

Jason held on to her hard, he didn’t want her to get away from his mouth as he felt the juices of her orgasm run out and on his face and he kept licking and swallowing and he felt her insides tighten around his tongue. His tongue stayed inside her as he felt soft vibrations travel into is mouth.

He was breathing in gasps and could barely focus anymore and suddenly felt overcome by a kind of exhaustion he seemed to remember from a long time ago after having had good sex and a satisfying orgasm. Ariana’s movements were slowing down on him, she was breathing softly now and he slowly let his tongue come out of her and fell into kissing her pussy gently, trying to process what had just happened to him. He had totally forgotten about his lower body, about his sleeping cock and he hadn’t thought of his lack of sensation but instead had been fully focused on Ariana’s arousal and it had sprung over into him, taking his breath away and making his head spin. He felt like his hands had somehow been glued to Ariana, he had felt her soft and warm skin with every nerve in his fingers and her ass on his chest had done its part too making him completely forget what he couldn’t feel but instead everything he could still feel and as he slowly licked and kissed her pussy he felt such a happiness like he hadn’t felt in a long time. Ariana had almost stopped moving and he heard her voice whispering, “Jason, baby…where are you?”

Jason let his face come out from the cave of Ariana’s sweetness and she looked down to him with a smile. He smiled up at her weakly, still thinking about the previous moments.
Ariana asked softly, “Can I lay down on you?”

Jason nodded but he still didn’t say anything. Ariana let go off the head board and she moved herself down and laid over Jason some. When she reached his face she smelled herself on him. Jason turned to look at her and Ariana smiled at him, leaning her head on her elbow next to him. She asked him softly, “Jason, are you o.k.?”
He nodded and said lowly, pulling her close, “I love you so much.”
Ariana smiled, “I love you so much too…this was awesome Jason. It felt sooo good.”

He nodded again and while scanning her face, added in a stutter, “I….I am glad it felt good….for you. It felt really…good for me…it felt…,” he paused and he took a breath, “…it felt almost like….like I somehow was able to come or like I had an orgasm or something.”
Ariana was surprised about his confession and very happy to hear him say this, “Jason, that…I mean that is…wonderful but how…what was it like?”

Jason softly let his hand travel over her back and shrugged his shoulders some, “I don’t know…it was like…I felt like I was suffocating…but in a good way and my head…it was spinning with all these pictures of…you and your body and your feelings…I felt your…pussy vibrate around my tongue.”
He stopped and Ariana just smiled at him still caressing his face with her hand, “That makes me so happy Jason.”

Jason continued softly, “I guess I have...I have heard that some of the guys say their orgasms are in their head after…you know after they became paralyzed. I couldn’t really imagine what that would be like…” His voice faded out and Ariana asked, “Do you think you experienced that a while ago?”
“Maybe yes….”

Ariana let her hands softly caress his face and moved closer to it and with a smile she let her lips touch to his, the faint taste of her sweetness still on him, but she didn’t care. They fell into a gentle kiss filled with only love replacing the lust which had been fulfilled for the night.

As they unlocked their lips, Ariana pulled the blanket up over them, she was feeling a slight chill and they laid under the blanket in a loving embrace. She felt Jason’s still lower body on her, her leg was laying over his legs. Jason smelled her hair and they just held each other.

After a while Ariana whispered, “You don’t think your dad heard any of this a while ago?”
Jason shook his head, “I don’t think so, he closes the door to his bedroom and it is on the other side of the trailer….but if he did hear anything, oh well…” He kissed Ariana’s hair still lost in the moments with her.

Ariana had her head on Jason’s chest and felt his heart beat and the soft movement of his breathing. She felt so happy to finally be there with him, she had missed him so much and had longed so much for a moment like this, where they could just enjoy each other and be close without having to worry about any health issues or other things. Jason was the man she wanted to spend her life with and finally have what she always had wanted. Her main goal now was to get away from Escorting and be everything for Jason in his life.

Her thoughts drifted off to Connor Ridgeway and she knew she would call him after some time would go by and she would talk to him about his business opening in Vegas or how he could help her maybe get a place back in Northern California. For a moment she had visions of Jason and her living in a cottage by the ocean, accessibly built for Jason so he could fit through all the doorways, a sturdy ramp going up to a large front porch, lots of space in all the rooms, no carpet, a large bathroom with an accessible tub and a large back porch with view of the ocean. A porch where they could sit in the mild summer nights of Northern California, a breeze blowing from the coast and she saw Jason in his wheelchair and her sitting on his lap as the sun went down over the Pacific.

She felt tears collect in her eyes as she thought about a future with Jason, the man of her dreams for so long who was now lying beside her and the joy she felt in her heart was overwhelming.

Jason’s breathing came steady and soft and when she looked up she saw he had his eyes closed, his lips slightly parted. She whispered, “Jason baby, are you asleep?”
Jason shifted sudden and slowly opened his eyes, saying lowly, “Ariana…I am sorry…” He looked at her and his hands travelled through her hair, “I am so tired now…”

He remembered though that he was still bare naked under the blanket and he knew that wasn’t a good idea because most certainly he would wet the bed during the night and he needed to pull his briefs back on.
Slowly he shifted and without having to say anything Ariana said, “I can pull your briefs back on you.”
Jason was too tired to worry about anything anymore and he nodded, “That would be good. I don’t want you to wake up in a puddle.”
He smiled and Ariana shifted and sat up, finding his briefs on the side and after pulling the blanket off, Jason let her pull his briefs on him and then she also helped him with his sweat pants.
When she was done, she climbed over Jason, “I will be right back baby.”
She pulled on her sleep clothes real quick and disappeared out of the room heading to the bathroom. In the bathroom she rinsed her face off, peed and then wet a wash cloth with hot water, then heading back to the bedroom where Jason lay unchanged but looking over at her as she came back in.
She climbed back onto the bed and said softly, “I brought a wash cloth for your face.” He smiled, impressed by her thoughtfulness and just as he was about to take the wash cloth out of her hand she said, “Can I do it?”

He nodded and let Ariana gently wipe over his face, cleaning off her smell and her lust off of his skin. She smiled and Jason opened his eyes smiling at her, “Thank you my love.”
Ariana was surprised by the pet name and she laid the wash cloth on the bedside table, then snuggling back next to Jason.
He wrapped his arm around her again and she looked up at him, “Jason?”
“Hhm?” Jason could barely hold his eyes open anymore.
“I don’t ever want to lose you and I don’t ever want to have to worry about you. I love you so much.”

Jason opened his eyes some more, wanting to reply to her and not falling asleep on her.

He said softly looking deep into her eyes, “Ariana, I told you before that I can’t promise blue skies all the time but with you by my side I think we can make it through whatever storm comes our way….” He paused and smiled, “…preferably storms coming in from the Pacific while we are at home and having wild sex and you giving me many more para head orgasms.”
Ariana had to laugh softly at his words and was surprised at Jason’s thoughts matching hers from a moment ago so closely.
She nodded and he pulled her closer, “Ariana, I love you more than anyone and I can’t imagine my life without you anymore. We will be together for a very long time. I will be your paraplegic dream guy forever if you let me.”

Ariana smiled at him, nodded and leaned down. Jason pulled her close and they fell into another kiss. Eventually their lips unlocked and Ariana fell asleep in Jason’s strong arms and Jason’s last vision before he drifted into a deep sleep was a picture of Ariana sitting on his lap with his wheelchair parked on a porch watching a sunset over the Pacific.  


  1. Please let there be a part 2..pretty please! I don't want jason and ariana's story to made the story so amazing and now you are ending it..that is so unfair! I am hating you right now!

    But seriously, what you did was amazing! I really love NSA. I just hope you continue with part 2 or make another story. I am just so sad that it has ended.

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