Sunday, January 26, 2014

Update - Cambridge Connections, Chapter Fifteen.

This chapter is extremely personal, and one of those ones that was really difficult to let go of and post. That having been said, don't be shy to let me know, as ever, exactly what you think - I think your comments and encouragement have helped me develop my writing over the course of posting this. It's also quite a long chapter, but I couldn't break this one up really.

I've included this warning in the text, but I'll put it here too:


Also, I included note about English educational system as most of the readers seem to be American:

“Upper Sixth” is the name for the top year in school, also known as “Year Thirteen”, and is the year you take your final school exams, called A-Levels (the better your results in these, the better your chances are of getting into good universities). “Lower Sixth” (aka “Year Twelve”) is the year below that. It’s not a major plot point, but might help with clarity.

Here's Chapter Fifteen.

Table of Contents has been updated as usual.


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