Tuesday, February 25, 2014

In/Exhale Continues - Flashback Time!

Wow, it's been so quiet on the blog lately!!

Last week, we saw the finale of Kai & Renee's Hamlet movie night, and got to meet Vicky's mom.

This week I'm doing something a little different. I know, since the beginning, a lot of you have been clamoring to see how Jon and Kai reconnected.

So this week, we'll step back from the "current events" into a flashback episode set four years ago, in 1996.

This episode is also a little different, since it encompasses the span of a week instead of a single day, but I decided this was the best way to handle it.

In this episode, we'll see how Jon and Vicky first got to know each other, as well as Jon and Kai's first reunion after twelve years apart. I hope it'll give you some interesting insight into the characters, especially Kai, and their relationships to each other.

June 15-21, 1996

Note: I haven't discussed this directly, but I'll take a quick moment to talk about the difference between "deaf" and "Deaf." The former refers to an inability to hear, whereas the latter refers to culture. Someone can be deaf but not Deaf, and Kai was raised culturally Deaf despite his ability to hear. To simplify, "Deaf" usually refers to people who use ASL as their primary language and is associated with its own cultural norms that may be very different from those of the surrounding hearing community.

I will have another flashback episode that picks up shortly after this one leaves off, on Kai's 18th birthday, but I'm not sure yet when I'll be sharing that one.

As always, I value your feedback! Let me know what you think of seeing teenage Kai :).

Next week is a really important day for Kai and Re, and though it's long enough to split into two episodes, I haven't decided if I'll divide them up into two week installments or post them all together yet. We'll see!

Oh, and the Table of Contents has been updated, as usual.

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