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No Strings Attached Chapter 11 - Part 1

Chapter 11 – Part 1
Friday came around and Jason felt better when he woke up that morning. His body had somewhat recovered itself and he felt energized and ready to get into the bathroom and shower.
Darryl was glad to see Jason feeling better again, “Do you think you can work tonight?”

Jason nodded as he wheeled into the kitchen, “Yeah, I think so. I will try to take a nap later before I go in.”

They had lunch together and then went outside a little bit. Some of the neighbors were outside and everyone was chatting. Jason was tossing a ball back and forth with their little 5-year old neighbor Maddie. She always found Jason very interesting in his “car”, which is what she called his wheelchair. The day went by and at around 4 o’clock Jason lay down for a nap on the couch so he would be o.k. through the night at work. He thought of Ariana all day but still didn’t bring it over himself to text her. 

He was off on Saturday and Sunday but he didn’t do much at all. He stayed home with his dad watching TV and playing Video games. He thought about how excited he had been when he first met Ariana and had been looking forward to spending his off days with her on dates or hanging out, finally foreseeing a change in his uneventful life, and now even though they had met and had connected he still spent his off days doing the same boring stuff than before. Why was she not trying to see him any chance she had? She seemed so into him when they had met at the café and when she had come to his work.  He had hoped his life would change for the better with a woman in it once again but so far it hadn’t changed much at all. If anything it gave his heart grief, and doubts tried to surface enhancing his insecurities even more once again. He had not too long ago finally came to place of somewhat accepting his fate and his disability and had told himself that things would be o.k. and would get better and then Ariana came into his life and seemingly turning his world upside down.

Ariana had been thinking about Jason just the same but she didn’t want to get too attached to him and didn’t call or text him anymore over the weekend. She started having doubts about her agenda on getting with him and couldn’t forget about the conversation with Cheryl and what she had said about Ariana being selfish. Maybe Cheryl was right but Ariana knew better that guys didn’t really care about anything as long as they could get laid and she figured it wouldn’t be any different with Jason. Ariana had met selfish guys after Trey that she didn’t think there were any guys out there who were sincerely interested in a girl for more than sex. She had built her wall up against them and wasn’t planning on tearing it down anytime soon. Jason seemed o.k. on Saturday night and even though he sounded a bit mad on the phone on Wednesday she felt he would get over it. He surely had other women in his life so Ariana didn’t want to worry about him too much. She had a busy weekend and also had jobs on Monday and Tuesday.

Darren called her on Wednesday, “Hey Ariana! How are you?”
“O.k. Darren, how is it going?”
“We are doing well! Hey, I have a job for you on Friday night, Gareth Rougal is in town and requested an escort and he wanted you. Do you remember him because I don’t? ”
“I do remember him Darren, he is here every 4 months or so…”
“Oh, o.k. I see…well, are you up for it? He wants to meet at the Venetian and take you to a dinner of the Vegas Chamber of Commerce.”
Ariana thought for a moment and Jason appeared in her mind, his smile, sitting in his wheelchair and she knew she couldn’t work on Friday, she wanted to see Jason very badly, “Darren, I am so sorry, I am actually going out on Friday night with a friend. I promised him.”
“Him? Who is the lucky guy, Ariana? He must be special if you are declining a job for him…I wasn’t aware that you are seeing someone.”
Ariana sighed, “Well, he is special and I really need to meet him on Friday, I have blown him off before already.”
“I see…well, I will call Mr. Rougal back and hopefully he will be happy with one of the other girls. I will tell him you are sick!”
“I would appreciate it so much, Darren.”
“No problem…so what is his name? The guy you are going to meet?”
“Oh….it’s Jason.”
“Is he worth it? I mean that would have been some good money for you on Friday, Ariana.”
“He is worth it, Darren…”
Ariana knew the high rate Gareth Rougal was going to pay for a night out with her and she almost reconsidered but Jason suddenly seemed so much more important, “It is o.k.! I like Jason and I need to see him.”
“O.k. I respect that.”
“Thanks Darren!”
“You are welcome! So you know Beth and I want to meet that Jason sometime, o.k.”
Ariana smiled, “Maybe sometime.”

They finished their conversation and Ariana clicked her phone off. She got herself some coffee and decided to text Jason, “Hey sweet boy! I hope you are not mad at me for not having time those last few days but I am looking forward to seeing you on Friday. Are you still up for it?”

 Jason was sitting at the table checking his email when his phone buzzed for a message. He pulled it over and saw it was from Ariana. He felt his heart beat quicken as he read the message.
He replied, “No, I am not mad, I am glad it is almost Friday. I am totally up for it on Friday.”
“Good, I can’t wait! I have been thinking about you and the things I want to do with you.J
Jason smiled to himself, “You got me worried now. I hope I can live up to your expectations.”
“Oh, you can, my sweet boy. Don’t worry! Don’t forget to wear your sexy braces.”
Jason shook his head slightly at her comment, he still didn’t understand, “What if I don’t want to wear them? I am not going to walk around or anything with those things on my legs.”
“You writing this gets me all hot Jason. I know you will do it for me, right? Pleeeaaaassseeee! I can beg all night long.”
Jason smiled as he typed, “I like that, beg me for it.”
“Oh, I see you are turning the tables on me, sweet boy. You have a naughty side to you, haven’t you?”
Jason felt happy texting back and forth with her and it made his hands tremble when he typed, “Maybe I have….you bring it out in me.”
“You are bringing out a very naughty side in me; you are in so much trouble Jason. J
Ariana was lounging on her couch and smiling about the texting with Jason.
His reply came, “What are you going to do to me?”
Ariana smiled, “You will see! You better behave and do as I tell you and wear your braces.”
“What time do you want to meet?”
“How about 5:30 pm?”
“Sounds good. I want to take you out to dinner. Do you like Italian?”
“Yes, I do!”
“Good! I can meet you at your apartment and we can take a taxi.”
“Does that mean I would have to give you my address?”
“Just in case you don’t remember, I already have your address, programmed in my work computer and in my phone J.”
Ariana thought for a moment and she remembered how she had given Jason her address already the night she had ordered a taxi to pick her up when she went out to his work place, “Oh dang, I forgot, so what is it then?”
Jason’s reply came quickly with her exact address on it and another smiley face.
She smiled, “O.K., one point for youJ. So I will see you on Friday at 5:30 pm then. I will be waiting.”
“I am really looking forward to seeing you Ariana.”
“Me too! Be good and I will see you then.”

They finished their texting and Ariana fell back onto the pillow and looked at the ceiling with a sigh of joy. She was excited to see him and texting with him had made her feel good.
Jason put his phone down and took a deep breath. Ariana was definitely getting into his head. At the same time he was worried because he really didn’t know how this date would go down. What did she expect of him? Did she know anything about his level of injury? He had not talked to her about the accident and his injuries and she had no idea how all of it affected his body and lots of things that were normal for a healthy guy were not so easy for him anymore. She had told him that night at his work though that he didn’t need to worry about certain things. He couldn’t help worrying.

He worked Thursday and slept for part of Friday but got up around 2 o’clock that afternoon, giving himself enough time to take care of all the things in the bathroom, cathing, bowl program, a shower and getting dressed.

He was lying on his bed as he pulled his blue jeans up over his legs. It was not always easy to get dressed but he had developed a good process and it was always best to do it lying in his bed. He glanced over to the braces in the corner of his room. He wasn’t too keen about wearing them but she wanted him in them and so he would fulfill that wish for her. How it made him sexier he really didn’t know. The braces didn’t make him feel very sexy at all but for some unexplainable reason Ariana felt that they were so he would wear them. Finishing with pulling his jeans up, he slipped into a thin white T-Shirt; he would wear the back stabilizer of the brace over it and then wear a nice button up shirt over that.

He called out for his dad, and shortly after Darryl appeared in the room, “What’s up?”
Jason held himself up on his hands, leaning somewhat on his headboard a bit wobbly, “Can you help me with the braces?”
Darryl looked a bit surprised, “The braces? Aren’t you going on a date tonight?”
Jason nodded, “Yeah, I am but I will just wear them tonight, maybe it will be better support for my back and stuff.”
He didn’t want to tell his dad that his date actually insisted on him wearing the braces. It seemed strange to him and it would probably seem very strange to his dad as well.
Darryl looked at Jason questioningly, “Are you sure about that? You never voluntarily go out with your braces. I didn’t think you were too crazy about those things?”
Jason sighed, getting a bit frustrated with having to explain his decision, “Dad, I just want to start wearing them. The doc said it was good for me and I want to get myself used to them more. I can actually stand and walk just a few steps in them so I probably should start wearing them more often.”
Darryl shrugged his shoulders, “O.k. son, if you say so….I am just surprised how you changed your mind about the braces.”

He brought the whole piece of the RGO brace to the bed. Jason slid himself down onto the mattress and his dad helped him roll over so he could lay the brace frame under Jason somewhat and he could slide his legs into the braces and lay in the mold of the back brace. When Jason first got the brace he had considered to get it without the back stabilizer but with his level of injury it would give him some extra support with the back part attached to the brace.

They finally had Jason lying on the RGO and his dad helped him adjust the brace accordingly, pulling his jeans down so they wouldn’t crumble up under the leg braces too much. At the same time Jason adjusted the back brace and started buckling the straps on his side encasing his lower back, pulling his T-Shirt down enough so it would also not wrinkle too much under the brace shell. His dad was busy buckling and strapping the leg braces on, asking Jason in between if it was all right, tight enough or not too tight. Jason was breathing  a bit heavy, it was always a hassle to get into the rigid brace but it kept his body aligned and not too wobbly, which was a good thing but he still had to get used to wearing it. He was able to stand upright in the brace using his crutches or a walker. His dad strapped the last buckle on the shin cuff of the leg brace and adjusted the foot molds on the braces. Jason was lying flat on his back waiting and then attempting to push himself up into a sitting position holding himself up on his hands again. His dad came up to the head end of the bed helping him sit up. He helped move his legs over the side of the bed.
Jason requested, “Dad, unlock them!”
His dad unlocked the braces behind Jason’s knees by pulling on the lock mechanism. Now Jason was able to bend his legs over the edge of the bed and scooted his butt over to the side with his dad standing by and watching him. It cost a lot of strength to move around without the braces and was even more difficult with the braces on.
Jason huffed, “Get the crutches.”
Darryl got the pair of black forearm crutches from the corner and came back to Jason, who was now sitting on his bed, his legs over the side, and his feet on the floor, “I need to put on my shoes.” Darryl got Jason’s sneakers and put them on his feet, the foot molds attached to the leg braces keeping his feet aligned in the sneakers.
Jason looked over to his closet, “Can you get me the dark blue button up shirt?”
Darryl went and found the requested shirt and Jason slipped it on, he kept it unbuttoned while Darryl tied Jason’s shoe laces and then handed him the crutches. Jason adjusted his arms into the crutches, sliding his arm through the upper arm cuff and placing his hands securely on the crutch handle, “Here goes nothing.”
He was breathing heavy and Darryl stood by, holding his arms out just in case Jason needed his assistance. He placed his feet on the floor and with all his strength he pushed himself upright with his hands holding the crutch handles tightly, making his knuckles turn white. The braces locked automatically as he straightened his legs and torso and kept him standing upright. He kept his eyes on his legs and feet, breathing somewhat quickly and concentrating on getting a good stance.

Darryl smiled at him encouragingly, “I haven’t seen you stand up in forever, son. I forgot you were taller than me…”
They laughed and Jason huffed, “I am going to try to make it over to the chair.”

With full concentration he slid one foot in front of the other. At Dr. Ramirez’s office Jason usually worked on the parallel bars, holding himself up on the sturdy bars, which didn’t budge. Now he had to control his movements by holding the crutches and it was a lot harder. He felt wobbly and insecure but took another step, his dad standing right next to him ready to jump in at any moment of a possible fall. Jason stayed focused with his eyes on his feet and legs as he slowly made one step after another, the leather and steel softly squeaking at his movements.
Darryl encouraged him, “You are doing good son…keep going! Almost there!”
All together Jason took 8 steps to his wheelchair. When he had reached the chair Darryl pushed it closer toward him and Jason lowered himself into the chair with a plop, still holding the crutches and his legs stretched out in front of him. When he sat he let out a sigh of relief and looked up at his dad, who stood smiling over him, “You did great, Jay. I know it wasn’t easy but you took some good steps. How did it feel?”
Unlocking the braces in the back of his knees Jason answered, “It does feel good to be upright but it is freaking hard to hold myself up and steady. I feel like my body weighs a ton.”
Darryl joked, “A ton? You are a skinny son of a gun, Jay!”

Jason smiled. He did feel proud of his accomplishment of walking to his wheelchair. He really wanted to start using his braces more often. It would be good for him for sure. He slid his arms out of his crutches and asked his dad to put them back in the corner. There was no way for him to really bring the crutches. If he had a car he would throw them or the walker in the car but he didn’t have a car and with that no way to bring any accessories along which of course defeated the purpose of getting in his braces for the night but he wore them just for looks to make Ariana happy. He felt a bit exhausted now. His back was held rigidly upright in the chair as he buttoned up his shirt. Tucking it in was not possible with the brace on so he let his shirt hang loosely over his waist.

His dad walked off to the living room, settling in the recliner but calling, “Do you need anything else?”
Jason was on his way to the bathroom to check himself in the mirror, catheterize once more and then get ready to head to the bus stop, “Nah, I am good, Thanks dad!”

He drained his bladder and then while washing his hands looked into the mirror. He combed through his hair once again and sprayed on some cologne. He looked at himself thinking how he actually felt pretty good about himself at the moment, he felt fresh and clean, had even accomplished a few steps and when looking at his legs thought that the braces were not really too bad considering they could really be his friends and help him stand up sometime and even walk just a few steps, a feeling he missed so much at times. If Ariana liked them on him, there was no loss in any of it. He did always feel more vulnerable with the braces on and he could see people usually looking at him curiously and he was embarrassed about it. Not too often would people get a glimpse of something like that and they usually stared shamelessly at his legs and the bulky braces on them. One last glance in the mirror and he then put his hands to his rims and rolled out to the living room, where his dad sat relaxed in the recliner, feet up.

He looked over at Jason, ”All done?”
Jason nodded, “Yeah, I think so.”
He wheeled up to where his dad was sitting and looked up at him, “Dad, I….” he paused, his dad looked at him expectantly and Jason continued, “I want to thank you for everything you do for me. I know it is not easy for you sometimes, you are not well and on top of it all you have to deal with me and my issues. There are all those times when I wish things would be different for us and I wish so much I wouldn’t be….” He sighed “I wouldn’t be like this and could help you more financially and with everything. I never wanted to be a burden like I am to you now. I was supposed to come here and help you, not the other way around.”

Darryl sat up, pushing the foot rest of the recliner down and leaning forward looking directly at Jason, “Jason, you are not a burden to me, don’t ever say that, son. I am thankful every day that the good lord left me you at least. I lost your mother way too soon, then Brandon was taken from us and the only one I have left is you, Jason. I am thankful for that every day. You are the reason I am alive and the reason I want to live, son. We need each other. I need you just like you need me and it is o.k.  There is a reason for us to be here. As long as I am able to help you, I will.”

Jason shook his head slightly, “Well, I know it is exhausting for you, dad.”
Darryl replied sternly, ”Jason,  if it gets too difficult for me, I will let you know and we will get you a personal assistant, maybe only for a couple hours a day…but right now, I am still strong enough to help you with things and it is not a problem for me. Jason….” he leaned over and put his hand on Jason’s knee, “I love you son and I am glad every day for having you in my life.”
Jason looked at his dad’s hand on his knee and looking up slowly at his dad he said softly, “I love you dad. I don’t know what I would do without you.”
Darryl smiled, “That is why the good lord left me here.” Jason looked at his dad and felt very glad to have him in his life still.
“Now you go off and enjoy your evening with that woman, what’s her name again?”
Darryl smiled, “Ariana….well, you have fun on your date then. You should go now.”
Jason nodded, “All right. I am trying to take the last bus home tonight, if there is anything else I will call you.”
Darryl got up and followed Jason to the door, “Be careful, Jay. Have fun!”
He left out the door and wheeled down the ramp, “Bye dad.” Darryl waved and watched Jason wheel down the narrow driveway through the trailer park.

Ariana stood in front of her mirror and brushed her hair. She was looking forward to the date and a fun night with Jason. Melody knocked on the door and Ariana called out for her to come in. Melody peeked into the bathroom, “Hey, I am going to be gone all weekend. I will stay with my friend Carly. Is that o.k. for you?”
Ariana spun around, “Of course it is o.k. for me. I am not scared by myself.”
She laughed and Melody joined in, “Well, just wanted to let you know, so you are not wondering where I am at. Do you have any fun plans for the weekend or are you working?”
Ariana smiled, “Well, tonight I am actually going on a date.”
“With whom?”
“The guy I told you about, Jason.”
“The one from the clinic?”
Ariana nodded and Melody asked, “Are you serious with him?”
“I think I really want to hang out with him more.”
Melody smiled, “So you like him?”
“I do.”
“Well, have fun then and be a good girl!”
“I will. Thanks Melody.”
“O.k. Come here!” The girls hugged Good Bye and Melody left.

 Ariana turned to the mirror again and finished her make-up. It was almost 5 o’clock. She had told Jason to be at her house at 5:30 o’clock.

Jason waited for the bus door to open and the ramp to come down for him to get off the bus. A moment later he was out on the sidewalk and according to his map app on his phone it was the closest bus stop to Ariana’s place. Jason had not really been in that area too much, he knew his way around just enough but it was a part of town he wasn’t really familiar with. It was 5:15 pm and according to his phone it should not be far from the bus stop, maybe a 10 minute walk so he should be o.k. on wheels. He checked his phone once more for the direction he had to head to and went on his way. It was still very warm but the sun had lowered itself a bit and was not burning as much as during midday. Jason looked up at the street signs and took a right turn into a road called Red Robin Lane; Hummingbird should be the next one to the left. He came up to the “Desert Bird Apartments” complex. The apartments were three story buildings, looked fairly new and had a nice landscaping around with lots of trees, keeping the sun away. Jason wheeled into Hummingbird Lane; two teenagers passed him on skate boards as he looked for 18220, Apartment B 2. He came up to 18224 and shortly after he found Ariana’s building. He realized the apartments on the first floor were A 1 and 2, second floor was B 1 and 2 and third floor was C 1 and 2. He looked for an elevator but there was none, “Shit!” He looked up at the building, pulled his cell phone out to call Ariana and let her know that he was there.
He tapped on her speed dial number and a moment later Ariana answered, “Hey Jason.”
“Hey Ariana, I am down here at your apartment building. I guess there is no elevator.”
“No, not in my building. I am sorry Jason. Are you right downstairs?”
“I will be down in 5 minutes.”
“O.k.” He clicked his phone off and wheeled over to the side by some mail boxes and in the shade.

Ariana felt bad that Jason couldn’t make it upstairs because there was no elevator. She knew some of the other buildings had elevators for accessibility for disabled tenants but she could have not known that one day she would see a guy in a wheelchair. She peeked out her living room window and saw Jason down by the mail boxes, just sitting and waiting. Her heart beat faster at the sight of him down there, perfect in his wheelchair. She watched him for just a moment and then got her purse, slipped into her sandals and walked out, locking the door behind herself. She hopped down the stairwell and when she jumped the last step Jason turned around toward the stairs and their eyes met. Ariana was happy to see him. He looked so good right there and when she walked up her heart skipped a beat seeing his braces. Jason smiled at her and it was the sexiest and shy smile.
He had not missed Ariana’s glance at his braces as he greeted her, “Hi Ariana!”
Ariana looked beautiful; she wore a flowing summer skirt, a tank top with a cardigan over it and sandals, a small purse over her shoulder.
Her red hair was in a single braid draped over her right shoulder and she smiled at him in awe, “Jason, Hey!”
Her eyes travelled back to his legs and her words came out in a slight stutter, “You are….you wore…them like I asked you.”
Jason nodded and replied lowly, “I promised I would.”
She glanced at him, then at his legs again and with a sigh of satisfaction she whispered, “Nice.”

Jason was surprised as she came closer and squatted down in front of him, her hands slowly running over the leg brace cuffs on Jason’s thighs. He saw her breathing getting shallow and quick. She let her hands travel up to Jason’s waist; he just watched her, waiting. When she reached the back brace under his shirt her hands stopped, she looked up at him surprised, her eyes were shiny and her hand slid under his shirt as she felt for the brace, “What is this?”
She said it in a soft voice and Jason answered lowly, “It’s the back brace that goes with them. It’s attached.”
Ariana shook her head slightly, “Oh my Gosh, Jason…you are killing me.”
He was amazed at her reaction to him wearing the brace but he couldn’t help feeling a bit flattered. Out of all things he would have never imagined a woman falling for this but Ariana’s expression was full of longing and she said softly, “I didn’t know there was more beside the leg braces….but how happy can this girl be?”
Lowly he explained, “It’s an RGO brace, Reciprocating Gait Orthosis, and those braces usually have the KAFOS with the back part attached.” Ariana looked at him with big and longing eyes.

He watched her bring her hands back out from under his shirt and she felt through it for the back brace and let her hands travel up to his chest when he actually felt her touch. She sat up a bit from her squatting position and moved her body up until her face was right in front of his. Jason softly put his hands on her waist and they looked at each other for a moment when Ariana whispered, “Jason, you are so damned hot. I am getting wet just looking at you….”

He lowered his eyes quickly, a little embarrassed but no doubt very happy to hear her confession, “Thanks! I am happy you feel that way.” They kept their eyes on each other and he added lowly, “Ariana, I am really happy to see you.”
He thought at the moment he said it he probably sounded needy and wished he would have kept his feelings inside but then again he just couldn’t ignore his emotions at this moment.  

Ariana smiled, her green eyes had taken on a turquoise shade. His eyes were dark, his pupils hardly visible inside the iris. Ariana moved closer and Jason pulled her in on her waist. He couldn’t move forward too much, the back brace preventing too much flexibility and he pulled her closer until their lips finally touched and they fell into a passionate kiss, Ariana sliding onto his lap during the kiss, wrapping her arms around his neck,  and Jason holding her tight. He had been longing to have her close and to kiss her, to feel as much as possible of her, her warmth, her smell, and her hair. On his legs her body was just a barely noticeable very distant pressure, almost like she was weightless. His hands held her waist close to him, he let them slide over the small of her back down to her ass, and it was soft in his grip. She felt so good on him, his hands wanted to touch her all over, his hands the best way to explore her body and everything about it. His kiss was hard and full of passion; they were locked together as their tongues flicked around in each other’s mouths. Jason imagined his tongue on her skin, on her body and on places he wanted to lick and taste so very badly.

Ariana felt a surge of lust for Jason, she could barely control herself. His kiss was determined and demanding, he held her head right up to his, not letting her get away or let the kiss end. His hands almost seemed like they had a life of their own, extensions of his senses, wanting to explore every inch on her body. He held her so tight, she could barely breathe. She felt his chest rise up and down quickly as she attempted to detach from his kiss and when at first he seemed to fight against it, he then let his lips unlock from hers.
Ariana sat up some, stroked through his hair as he rested his head onto her chest, mumbling, “Gosh Ariana, you feel so good for me.”
Ariana lifted his head up from her chest, making him look at her, his eyes were shiny and dark and she said softly, “It feels good to finally be together. Jason, you are so hot to me but we need to control ourselves. The neighbors may be watching.”
Jason smiled, “And?”
Ariana hit his chest jokingly and repeated, “We need to control ourselves…”
He grinned, “Hey, I can feel that up there. Controlling ourselves is overrated…”
Ariana laughed with him and hit him again softly, “Let’s go eat, sweet boy!”
Jason held her, “Ariana, you look great by the way.”
She smiled and gave him a quick kiss, then crawled off his lap, the braces squeaking under her weight and she looked at him once more, shaking her head again, “Don’t get me started on how good you look….”



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