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No Strings Attached Chapter 11 - Part 2

Chapter 11 – Part 2

They took a taxi to the Italian restaurant. It was crowded when they got there and they had to get signed in on the waiting list, wait time was to be 20 minutes. Ariana couldn’t help feeling just a bit proud to be with Jason.  While they were waiting in the foyer of the restaurant, she realized two women very obviously check him out. Jason had his eyes on his phone for a moment when Ariana suddenly got on his lap. He looked up at her surprised, “Hey!”
Ariana put her arms around his neck and glanced at the two women who looked away embarrassed. Jason had no clue what had brought on the sudden seating on his lap, “What is it?”
She whispered in his ear, “Just making a point here. I won’t have these women stare you down.”
Jason was surprised, “What are you talking about?”
“These chicks over there…” She looked in the direction of the two women.
Jason glanced around Ariana, “Those two women?”
“You are just imagining that.”
 Ariana moved her head back looking him straight in the eyes, “Ah no, I am not.” She paused then added, “You don’t even realize how women check you out. I am really surprised you don’t have a girlfriend. I bet just in here, there are at least 5 women that would take you home in a heartbeat.”
She looked around the foyer.  Jason looked around but couldn’t imagine who she was talking about and he felt she was maybe exaggerating.
 He said, “Well, I could say the same about you. Guys check you out a whole lot.” Ariana just smiled.

Their name got called in for a table. Ariana hopped off Jason’s lap and they followed the waitress. They were seated at a cozy table in a corner, one chair was removed so Jason could push his wheel chair right up to the table and Ariana sat down across from him. He took his gloves off while the hostess told them that the waitress would be with them in just a moment and she placed the menus in front of them, explained the specials for the day and left.
They sat there quiet for a moment, glancing at the menus until Jason looked at Ariana for a moment, then said lowly, “Ariana?”
She looked up at him with a smile, “Hhm?” 
“You know, I was really looking forward to seeing you tonight.”
Ariana nodded and replied softly, “You were mad the last time we talked, right?”
Jason lowered his eyes, “I survived….”
“Tell me the truth.”
“You don’t want to know…” He had no intention of telling Ariana how he got drunk and sick. At that moment the waitress came, introduced herself and took their beverage orders. Ariana ordered a cocktail, Jason a beer.

Ariana picked up the conversation again, “You didn’t tell me yet…”
“After we talked last time…you were mad…I felt it.”
Jason felt nervous, “Like I said, I survived. All that matters is right now, right here.”
Ariana looked at him with deep green eyes and Jason asked, “So what about the Saturday you came to my work place?”
Now Ariana was caught off guard, “I was kind of tipsy I guess and I wanted to see you. I am sorry I put your job on the line with my crazy stunt.”
“It is O.k.….I didn’t get in trouble or anything. I know I couldn’t focus on work too good anymore that night after you left.” He smiled at her.

Ariana looked down on her hands folded on the table. Jason thought for a moment, then reached over the table and took her hands in his; looking down on their hands, then up at Ariana for confirmation and Ariana directly meeting his eyes.
He said softly, “I was really psyched when you came to my work place…”
Ariana smiled, “I hope I didn’t act too weird.”
Jason smiled, “It’s all good.”

Ariana seemed nervous and changed the topic, “So how was your week?”
Jason told her about his week. The waitress brought the drinks and they ordered their food. Jason grabbed his beer and held it up toward Ariana. She tapped his glass with hers and said, “Cheers!”
Jason nodded, “To us!” They smiled and drank from their glasses.

After he sat his glass down, Jason asked lowly, “How was your week with work and all?”
Ariana looked at him curiously; she assumed he wanted to know more about her work.
“It has been somewhat busy. It seems that after the summer all the business people come out to Vegas for all their events. In the summer we have just all the regular tourists.”
Jason looked at her from under his bangs, asking carefully, “Do you like your job?”
Ariana answered softly, “It is all right. It makes good money; I am trying to save enough so I can get out of here again. I always check out cottages at home.”
“Home as in Northern Cali?”
“When do you want to move back there?”
Ariana thought for a moment, “Maybe in a year or so, I don’t know, it depends.”
“On what?” Jason’s eyes flickered alert and he couldn’t ignore the faint pain in his heart when she had told him her time line on moving back to Northern Cali. He obviously was not part of those plans.
Ariana’s voice trembled, “Money and stuff.”
“What stuff?”
She pulled her hands from Jason’s hands and leaned her head sideways, “Jason, I don’t know…I have plans but I don’t know how it will go. What is with the interrogation?”
He looked away and then back at her, “I am sorry. I don’t know…I just want to get to know you I guess.”
Her facial expression turned relaxed again, “Well, when are you moving back to Northern Cali?”
He looked at her seriously, “Probably never.”

He lowered his eyes waiting for her to say something but she didn’t say anything. Instead she drank a large sip from her cocktail.
She realized that Jason felt off with the Northern Cali topic and she felt bad for him momentarily, “One day I would like to buy a cottage and maybe open a bed and breakfast on the coast somewhere.” To make him feel at ease she added, “I don’t really have a plan yet, these are just dreams and they may never come true. I may never go back, who knows.”
Jason looked up at her again. He knew she was just trying to make him feel all right but it still sounded better than her plans of leaving him stranded in a year or so. He had to remind himself on the purpose of their relationship and not let Ariana get too close to his heart.

He needed to change the sensitive topic of their lost home, “So, your apartment, I will never get to see it then?”
“What do you mean?”
“It is on the second floor.”
Ariana sighed, “Yeah, well….I mean…maybe you can still make it up there….” She paused for a moment then continued, “How about your braces?”
Jason had been waiting for her to ask more questions pertaining to his disability. In a way he dreaded the questions but in another way he wanted to tell her, he wanted to let her know what was going on with him so she would realize what she was getting herself into.

Just then the food arrived and the waitress set the plates down in front of them and asked if they needed anything else.
Jason ordered another beer and looked over at Ariana, “You want another one?”
Ariana nodded at the waitress, “Yes please.”
The waitress nodded friendly, “I will have those drinks to you right away.” Jason and Ariana nodded a Thanks and the waitress took off.
Jason waited a moment and looked at Ariana’s plate, “Well, enjoy your dinner!”
Ariana smiled, “You too.”  

He remembered the question she had asked him right before the waitress got there and he thought about returning back to the topic of stairs, and then decided to leave it alone. His braces did help him stand and take a few steps but he doubted very much that he could ever take two flights of stairs in them. It was a very unrealistic thought, he could maybe try, but once up there he would probably collapse of exhaustion. He pondered the thoughts for a moment, then looked up at Ariana and realized her eyes had been on him.
She smiled at him, “How is your food?”
“It is good. How about yours?”

Ariana felt happy to be out with Jason. She could barely contain her excitement when she saw him with his braces on and realized there were not only the leg braces but also the attachment for the back. He was perfect to her. She wanted to know where his limits were and what he could do and couldn’t do. She did think about where they could go after dinner because she had not thought about Jason not being able to get into her apartment. Then again she would love to see him try to get up the stairs in his braces. They couldn’t go to his place, which was for sure, he lived out too far.  Maybe they could just go for a drink after dinner and go from there.
She looked up at Jason and picked up the conversation again, “So Jason, do you have any siblings?” Jason seemed surprised at the question when he looked up at her and then answered lowly, “I did have a brother, he was younger….he was killed five years ago.”
Ariana was stunned to hear about Jason’s brother and she could see in his face it was not an easy thing to remember.
She asked softly, “How did he…?”
Jason answered dry, “He was caught in a gun fight; wrong place at the wrong time, a bullet hit him in the chest.”
“Here in Vegas?”
“No, he lived in Crescent City still.”
Ariana wasn’t sure what to reply hearing about Jason’s brother getting killed and she tried to remember if she had heard about it on the news when she still lived in Arcata but she didn’t recall anything, “I am so sorry Jason.”
Jason nodded and looked at Ariana shyly, “Yeah, it was messed up. They were at a bar and some people started fighting and he was caught in it, someone pulled a gun.”
Ariana looked down on her plate, “I am sorry…how old was he?”
“He was 25 when it happened.”

She didn’t know what else to say about this and wished the topic would have not been such a sad outcome. Jason seemed to sense her nervousness and changed the subject with a smile, “How about you? You have any siblings? And please don’t tell me they got killed too….this is getting depressing.”
Ariana was surprised at his light hearted change of subject but told him about her sister Briana ending with, “…so we are not that close unfortunately. I guess I am almost like a single child.”
“Where are your parents?”
She paused for a moment and then looked at him smiling, “It is depressing again, you want to hear it?”
Jason put his silverware down and smiled weakly, “Only if you want to talk about it.”
Ariana shook her head, “Maybe not tonight. Some other time.”
“Fair enough.”

Jason had finished eating and leaned back in his chair, it had been awkward with the brace on, he could only lean forward so much until the back brace resisted. He thought about if maybe it wasn’t such a great idea to actually get into his braces for the whole night, he hadn’t wore them for such a long time before, usually only two hours or so to his doctor appointments. Ariana finished her food and glanced over at him and their eyes met.
She smiled at him, “I am full now.”
Jason nodded, “Me too.”

She took another sip from her cocktail and just smiled. Just then Jason felt his wheelchair roll backwards a bit and when he looked down he saw Ariana’s foot in between his legs, pushing his chair. He looked up at her and she smiled, “What?”
Jason looked down shyly, “I didn’t put my break on…”
Ariana said softly, leaning over, “I can tell, it is so easy to push. I could like totally push you backwards now with my foot, couldn’t I?”
Jason nodded with a smile, “You could if you want to embarrass me in front of all these people here.”

She moved her foot away and a moment later he saw her naked foot on his leg, her toes feeling along his braces.
She said lowly, “I won’t push you away; on the contrary I am going to rub my foot along your sexy braced legs.”
He watched her foot move up and down his leg and eventually came up to his crotch and she put her foot right in his crotch and her toes were wiggling in his crotch. He didn’t feel it but he saw it and watched for a moment, his breathing quicken as he saw her toes on the fly of his jeans. He was nervous now and looked around to make sure no one could see what Ariana was doing to him.
She realized and with a sip of her cocktail she said, “Are you nervous?”
Jason looked down and smiled shyly, “Maybe a little…I can’t say that I had a naked foot in my crotch before while sitting in a restaurant with people all around me…”
Ariana leaned back in her chair and smiled, “I am really surprised you don’t have a girlfriend, Jason.” While she was talking she kept rubbing her foot along his legs, feeling around the braces with her toes and back to his crotch.
When Jason looked up at her she leaned leisurely back in her chair and she licked her lips.
She added, “So why is that?”
Jason looked up at her questioningly and she repeated, “Why don’t you have a girlfriend?”
Jason watched her foot travel up his leg again and he felt his hands trembling. He tried to relax but was nervous someone could witness what was going on. He put his hand on her foot right before she reached his crotch again and held it down looking at her with serious eyes, “I don’t know. Not too many women want my kind of baggage I guess.”
Ariana looked at him with shiny eyes, “They don’t know what they’re missing but the better for me, because now I get to have fun with you.”
Jason didn’t say anything but rubbed her foot softly with his fingers; it felt warm and soft. He looked down again checking if there was some kind of life in his pants but he didn’t see anything. He felt excited though and he imagined just pulling Ariana over the table and kissing her right there in the restaurant.
Ariana smiled, “That feels good,” referring to Jason rubbing her foot, “I haven’t gotten a foot massage in a while.”

He smiled quietly. Eventually Ariana said, “Are you ready to get out of here?”
Jason nodded and finished his beer in one gulp. Ariana did the same with her cocktail and when the waitress came back, Jason asked for the check. It didn’t take long and the waitress brought the check. Jason put his money including the tip inside the leather holder. Ariana had slipped into her sandal again and watched as Jason pulled on his gloves, then she watched him back up from the table and he let her get in front of him with a smile. Ariana felt the two cocktails a little. While she was drinking them she realized they were strong and she could feel them in her body now. Jason wheeled behind her, keeping his eyes on her ass. She seemed to shake it a little bit more just for him. When it came to looking at a sexy ass like Ariana’s he didn’t mind at all being at the height he was in his chair.
They got outside and the night was warm and dry. Ariana walked over to an area with some bushes and trees and once Jason got there she planted herself without asking on Jason’s lap, situating her ass on Jason’s braces legs and threw her arms around him, moving in for a passionate kiss right away. He was caught by surprise but put his arms around her waist and went in for the kiss with her. Ariana pulled his hair in the back a little and he felt his breathing get shallow while his tongue explored every corner of her mouth, encircling her tongue in the process.
He pulled her tightly to himself and Ariana hushed between kissing, “Jason, you turn me on so much.”
He let his tongue and lips flick up and down on her neck, nibbled her ear lobe and whispered into her ear, “Tell me how much you want me!”
Ariana was breathing fast, throwing her head back and stretching her neck giving Jason full access to her neck, suckling her just short of it being painful as she answered between breaths, “I want you so much, Jason”
He whispered through his kisses, “What were you thinking putting your foot in my crotch in the restaurant?” He said it sternly but Ariana caught the slight tone of humor in his words.
She hushed, “I…” just at that moment he bit her neck softly and she let out a small cry of pain, then added, “...I just love the feel of your braces on your legs; it gets me so horny…”
“Yeah, what else?”
Ariana continued in a whisper, “I want to rub my pussy on your legs…”

Jason bit her a little harder on her neck, then moved her head facing him again and he pressed his lips once more onto hers, kissing her hard. Ariana held on to him tightly and Jason could feel her excitement and arousal. He felt excited and he wanted to hold on to her but he also felt that there was no sign of arousal in his crotch and even though he tried to ignore the fact he also felt the disappointment trying to creep up inside him. He didn’t feel her on his legs, he only saw her on his legs and even though he glanced at her smooth, nicely shaped legs more than once during the kissing and trying to take in her hands on his neck and face, her hands in his hair, everything below his breast bone was still and silent. Just like Ariana could read his mind she slid her hands down his chest and between her body and down to his crotch where she put her hand right on his jeans and felt for some sign of life. There was none. Jason was distracted in his kissing and licking and let his kiss fade out until their lips unlocked and he looked down and buried his face on Ariana’s shoulder saying almost in a whisper, “Ariana, I don’t think I can…”
She stopped him and pressed her fingers on his lips, “Pssstttt, don’t!”

He stopped in his breath and she stroked through his hair and made him look at her, then pressed her lips on his and kissed him softly. After the kiss she said, “Let’s get a drink somewhere!”
He looked at her and his eyes had a sadness to them.
Ariana whispered in his ear, “Don’t worry about a thing…I don’t care. I am into you the way you are and you almost made me come just now from being yourself, just like this.”
He was relieved to hear about her satisfaction but he was disappointed about his own lack of arousal being in the presence of such a hot woman, a woman he had never imagined being with in his life before. Ariana sat up on his lap and stroked some strands of hair out of Jason’s face.
She smiled at him, “You are the hottest guy I have ever been with.” He looked down, slightly embarrassed by her proclamation.
Ariana said softly, “I know this club we could check out, it is not far from here.”
Jason didn’t know how he felt about going somewhere else with her. He would have rather spent some alone time with Ariana somewhere. Her apartment was out of the question, his place was out in the desert and he realized there were not a lot of options for them.
He nodded, “Yeah, o.k.” Ariana slid from his lap. She realized Jason had become somewhat unfocused and she wanted him to feel good again.

She didn’t care if he could get an erection or not. She really didn’t know how his paraplegia affected him and even though she knew the basics of the disability she didn’t know exactly how his sexuality was impaired or not. She felt very aroused by being with him and while she sat on his lap, feeling the braces on her naked thighs, feeling the back brace with her hands she felt her pussy getting wet and she almost climaxed when he bit her in the neck but then stopped short of it. The tingling between her thighs remained and even though she wanted to go for a drink to cool off a little she wanted to come with Jason that night before they would part ways. When they took off toward the bar Jason turned to her, “I have to catch the 12:00 o’clock bus tonight, it is the last one that goes out to Junction 8.”
Ariana smiled at him, “O.k. We will get you in the carriage on time, Cinderella.” Jason smiled and Ariana laughed a little.
She asked him softly, “Can I hold on to your wheelchair handle since I can’t hold your hand?”
He smiled up at her, “Sure.”

They kept pace with each other and walked two blocks to a bar called “Night Train”. Jason had never been in it, Ariana knew the place well. She walked over to the ramp on the right side up to the entrance and walked behind Jason as he wheeled up. She loved watching him spin his wheels swiftly. She realized some girls by the entrance checking him out and she threw a mean look at them. Inside the bar they had their ID’s checked and went on in. It was somewhat crowded and Ariana pointed over to the area where six pool tables were lined up and Jason pulled on her skirt a little trying to get her attention.
Ariana leaned down to him, “What is it?”
The music was loud but not too loud to be able to hear each other talk, “Let’s get something to drink.” 
Jason got another beer and Ariana ordered another cocktail. They made their way over to the pool tables. Since there was no chair Ariana climbed back up on Jason’s lap which was fine with him. She hugged and kissed him.
She pulled her phone out and smiled at Jason, “Here, look into the camera. I want to take a picture of us.”
With her head leaned in next to his she held the phone out in front of them and pushed the camera button. She was taking a couple of pictures and when they looked at them Jason had to admit that Ariana and he looked perfect together. He felt good being with her and he realized some of the guys at the pool tables glancing over curiously. Just for that he pulled her closer and kissed her neck. They had a view of the stage which had a band playing classic rock tunes, people were drinking, playing pool and darts or dancing on the small dance floor.

Jason had not been out to a bar in a couple of months and he felt insecure realizing people looking at him and his legs and then probably wondering what Ariana did with him. This was also the first time he was really out and about with his braces on and it was odd and he knew people probably stared out of curiosity but it still made him feel insecure. He saw all the guys and some girls playing pool, standing around on their two legs, leaning over the pool tables, taking their shots and laughing and drinking. He used to play pool quite a bit but hadn’t tried it ever again since the accident. Sitting down he was just high enough to maybe hold the pool stick on the table but his aim would not be that great having the table about chest height.
He did watch them play with envy though, Ariana was swaying on his lap to the music and when he looked at her and their eyes met they smiled at each other and she leaned down and kissed him. Their kissing became hard and full of passion once again until their lips finally unlocked and Ariana leaned down to Jason’s ear, “You are such a great kisser.”
Jason smiled at her, “One has to work with what one got.”
They laughed and Ariana looked down on his legs under her thighs and stroked with her fingers over the brace parts that were reachable between her thighs. Jason watched her; she seemed focused and fixed on the feel of his braces. She reached her hand over to his shirt and let her hand slide under it, rubbing over his back brace.  She looked at him with dark green eyes and he kept his eyes on her with a serious expression.
He was distracted when some guys were cheering after a good shot.
Ariana looked over as well and Jason said lowly, “I used to be pretty good.”
Ariana looked at him with surprise, “Really?”
“Yes, I won a few bucks in some tournaments.”
 Ariana smiled, “Cool, you should play?”
Jason shrugged his shoulders, “Probably not such a great idea…I haven’t played since….since I have been in this thing and it would be weird to play from this angle.”
Ariana smiled still, “You should still give it a try. Maybe you would still be able to do it? What about your braces?”
Jason kept looking at the guys playing, ”What about the braces?”
He turned away from the pool table and pulled Ariana closer, and she said softly, “Well, I thought you can maybe stand with your braces on or something…”
Jason shook his head slightly, ”Unfortunately it is not that easy. I can only stand for like a few minutes or so and I need my crutches or walker. Anyways, I am not here to play pool, I am here to be with you.” He pulled her in for a quick kiss.
After a little while Ariana got off Jason’s lap, “I will be right back, going to the ladies room.”

Jason shifted and decided he would go to the bathroom too, “I have to go as well.”
They headed to the back hallway with the bathrooms and Jason was hoping there would be a stall for handicapped people.
Right by the door he turned to Ariana, “Ariana, could you do me one favor?”
“Yes, sure.”
“If you could just get my backpack from the back of my wheelchair and hand it to me”
“Of course.”
She handed Jason his back pack, “Thanks!”
“You’re welcome!”  
Jason wheeled inside the bathroom and was glad to find a large handicapped stall. He washed his hands before wheeling into the stall; he was going to catheterize, draining his bladder, which was probably almost overdue.

Ariana went to the bathroom and was done before Jason. She went back to the bar and had an idea, buying a game of pool for Jason. He would not have an excuse then and would have to give it try. Eventually Jason came back to the pool tables and Ariana squatted in front of him, “Everything o.k.?”
Jason nodded and wondered if she knew what he may have done in the bathroom. She didn’t ask and he didn’t say anything about it.
She smiled, “I have a surprise for you.”
He leaned his head sideways, “You do?”
Ariana nodded and pulled out the ticket for the game of pool and let it dangle in front of Jason.
When Jason realized what is was he looked down unsure, “I don’t know Ariana.”
Ariana put her hands on his knees, begging, “I want to see you play. I think you should give it a try.” 
Jason was concerned, “I am not able to move too much, I don’t know.”
Ariana rubbed over his legs, “Oh come on, I am here to support you.”
She persuaded him and he said lowly, glancing over at the tables, “O.k. I guess I can give it a shot. You promise you will be my cheer leader?”
He smiled at Ariana and she laughed, “Heck, I am already your number one fan, I am your cheerleader all right! Give me the freaking pompoms.”

She kissed him and they turned towards the table. Jason wheeled along the tables checking out the games that were going on. The pool sticks were on a wall over on the side and he wheeled over to the wall, Ariana right behind him.
He looked at the pool sticks, “I have my own cue sticks at home.”
Ariana smiled in surprise, “Wow, I wasn’t aware you are a professional pool player.”
“I’m not.”

He pulled one of the cue sticks down and looked at its handle and the tip of it, making sure it was good. He turned around again toward the tables and when some of the guys realized he held a cue stick they smiled at him in confirmation.
The game on the last table had just finished when they came up to it and Jason wasn't sure if he should say something but Ariana smiled at the guys, “Are you guys playing another round?”
One of the guys smiled at her big, “Yeah…”
Ariana turned to Jason, “Maybe my boyfriend here can play a round with you guys?”
Jason felt embarrassed but one of the guys answered right away, “Yeah, sure.”

Jason was surprised how Ariana had called him her boyfriend. It made him feel good.
He looked up at the guys, “If you don’t mind?”
The same guy replied, “No, not at all! Do you play a lot?”
Jason shook his head shyly, “I haven’t played in about two years…I used to play before….” Jason didn’t finish the sentence, he felt somewhat odd to tell the reason why he had not played anymore, because it probably seemed obvious.
The guy nodded knowingly, “Got you!”
Jason added letting them know not to expect too much from him, “I am not sure if I can do it too good anymore from this angle and stuff.”
The guy smiled, “Well, I guess we will see. You won’t know until you try it.”
He reached his hand over toward Jason, “I’m Ben. You and I can have a go at a game of 8 ball.” With the introduction Jason felt more relaxed about playing with some random guys he didn’t know and him being in the wheelchair and all.
He shook Ben’s hand, “I‘m Jason. This is Ariana.”
He looked at Ariana and she smiled at all of them, her hand on Jason’s wheelchair handle. The other guys followed Ben’s lead and introduced themselves as Chad and Mark. Jason took the chalk square from the corner of the table and chalked his cue stick tip. The game was about to start as Chad lined up the balls in the triangle on the table.
Jason looked at Ariana, “Are you o.k.?”
Ariana smiled, “Yeah totally.”
She kissed him quickly, “Good luck! I believe in you.”
With that Mark pulled a bar stool over and pushed it toward Ariana, “Here, you can sit while your boyfriend plays.”

Jason had been touched by her words of believing in him. No one had ever said anything like it to him. He glanced at her with his heart beating fast. She smiled at him and gave him thumbs up. Ben started the game with a strong shot and all the balls spread out on the table. Jason watched the striped balls, locating where they had found their positions. It was odd to look at the table from chest height, he would have a much better aim standing up and looking at the alignment of the balls but he just had to make it work from the sitting position. Ben stood by leaning on his cue stick looking at the table and thinking about his shot.
Jason wheeled around to the other side and set his aim on the white ball shooting for two striped balls. He announced his shot and which ball would go in what pocket and adjusted his cue stick on his hand on the edge of the table. It was somewhat difficult to lean forward with the back brace but he had to lean in at least a little bit. He aimed, checked once more and then shot and the appointed balls actually made it into the appointed pockets.
Jason was surprised at himself and Ariana clapped her hands with a squeal of delight, “Yeah baby!”

Jason smiled shyly and Ben nodded reassuringly. Jason scanned the table again as good as possible from his low position and thought about his next shot. He found his position with the chair and announced his shot and what was going to happen.
He made it again and Ariana laughed, “O.K., where are my pompoms?”
She pulled out her phone again and snapped some pictures of Jason in action at the pool table, some good shots with the full view of him and his wheelchair and also his braces. He looked so hot to her like that. He didn’t realize she took the pictures because he was focused on the pool game. He felt good and he realized how much he had missed playing pool, it had been forever since he had held a cue stick in his hand and touched the green felt of the pool table. He almost felt a high playing and looking over at Ariana every so often; his heart was filled with joy at this moment. What else could he wish for? Everything was great! His next shot didn’t make it and it was Ben’s turn who made two shots as well, setting the white ball up for Jason’s third shot on the red striped ball which went in the appointed pocket.  They played for about half an hour, Jason kept wheeling himself around the table setting up his shots. Ben walked around and made his shots. They were enjoying the game, laughing and joking in between and Chad and Mark also nodded in support of Jason making good shots. The game was won by Ben who made the 8 ball in the appointed pocket but it had been close and Jason was amazed at himself how he had still managed to make some decent shots.
Ben came around the table and they shook hands, “Good game, man!”
Jason nodded, “Thanks, congratulations!” 
Chad and Mark came over, “You did well from that position.”
Jason nodded, “Yeah, I am actually surprised at myself. I seriously didn’t think I could do it.”
Ariana jumped on his lap and kissed him quickly, “I am proud of you”
Jason could tell the guys were envying him for Ariana; they checked her out secretly and probably wondered why she was with him.

Ben leaned on the table, “You said you been in the chair for two years?”
Jason nodded and Ben asked, “If you don’t mind me asking, how did it happen?”
Jason took a breath for a moment and glanced at Ariana quickly. She didn’t know about his accident yet and he had planned to tell her sometime when he felt right about it and when the moment was right. The guys watched him expectantly and Ariana’s expression turned somewhat anticipating. He almost didn’t want to tell them and Ben added, “Sorry man, I understand if you don’t want to talk about it.”
Jason shook his head and taking Ariana’s hand in his he started, “No, it’s cool! It was a motorcycle accident. A guy didn’t see me in his blind spot and pushed me off the road at 60 miles per hour. I was thrown off my bike and woke up in the ICU four weeks later, paraplegic, T-5 complete, no sensation from about right here down.”
He showed with his hand where his paraplegia started and he felt Ariana’s hand tremble in his and he squeezed her hand slightly. He looked at her from the side, she didn’t look at him. He could sense she was uncomfortable with his revelation to the guys.
Ben replied, “That’s messed up, man…I am sorry!”
Chad cut in, “Yeah, sorry, man…hey if you want to shoot pool with us sometime, it would be cool.”
He successfully had changed the subject to a lighter note. Ariana was quietly sitting on Jason’s lap. Jason felt good about the offer and Ben added, “Yeah, definitely…Let me give you my number. What is your number?”
Jason told him his cell phone number and Ben texted him a short message and Jason pulled out his phone from under his thigh and saw the text, “Got it. Thanks man!”
Chad asked, “You want to play another round?”
Jason shook his head, “Nah, thanks man…I think we will get out of here now.”

He looked at Ariana and she met his eyes and nodded. They eventually said their Good Bye’s and with Ariana on his lap Jason wheeled over to the side, “Are you all right?”
Ariana nodded, “Yeah, I am all right. You did well back there with the game and stuff.”
“Thanks! It was fun, I didn’t’ think I could still do it. It was a little weird with the brace on.”

He looked at Ariana with deep dark eyes. Ariana lowered her eyes as she felt Jason had a somewhat different expression on him, almost intimidating her a little bit.
Ariana glanced at her phone, “It is almost 11:00.”
Jason looked down, “Yeah, let’s get out of here!”
Ariana nodded and got up from his lap. She downed her cocktail, Jason gulped down his beer and they left the bar, Jason wheeling out behind Ariana. Outside the bar Jason rolled down the ramp, Ariana was waiting for him on the bottom.
She looked at him, “Where to?”
“Over there!”
Jason wheeled with full force over the parking lot to a small park close by with a playground on it. It was dark and only a few park lanterns shed some low light on the park. There was no one around and Jason found a spot off to the side away from the path.
He put on his break and took Ariana’s hand pulling her down, “Come sit on my lap again and kiss me!”
This time Ariana sat on his lap with her legs spread over to the sides next to his back rest and he pulled her close.

Jason moved in for the kiss right away, his hand on her head felt strong and controlling. He kissed her hard and let his other hand glide over her back to her ass, grabbed it, squeezed it, then moved to her belly and up to her breasts. She was breathing quickly and was feeling for the braces on his legs. Jason held her close to him and moved his hand all around, cupping her breasts with his hands, and feeling along her waistline and down to her hips. She was moving on him slightly, rubbing her legs on his. Her hand travelled to his shirt and once their lips unlocked she unbuttoned his shirt, he was watching her closely. With his dress shirt unbuttoned the white T-Shirt showed and Ariana leaned back to admire the back brace fitting snuggly over the T-Shirt and around his back, the buckles on it fastened, the steel enforcement on either side attached to his leg braces. Her breathing became shallow and she let her trembling hands feel around his brace as he watched her expression in the dimness of the lantern.

He said lowly, “I realized you seemed a bit nervous when I told the guys back there about my accident.”
Ariana was caught off guard a bit, “No, I wasn’t.”
She kept her eyes down, looking at his brace as Jason said lowly but seriously, “You don’t want to know? You haven’t asked me anything about my deal?”
Ariana replied cool, “Can we leave it at that?”
Jason was surprised at her blunt return question, he felt slightly offended for some reason, “You really don’t care then?”
Ariana looked at him and her eyes were dark in the absence of the light, “I care about you but I don’t want to know right now, o.k. Let it go Jason! You want to do this or not?”
Jason took his hands off her body and replied tense, “Do what Ariana? What do you want to do? You don’t even know what I can do but you don’t care about that I guess.”
Ariana climbed off him and said in a cold tone, “You are not cool with it. You can’t really do it. The proposition….you can’t do it?”
Jason felt his heart beat faster as he said, “Your proposition…yeah, I get it but for us to do this you need to know about me and what is going on with me.”
Ariana said coldly, “No, I don’t need to know, why do you make a big deal about your disability. I want to have fun, mess around, kiss, touch, maybe fuck if it works…I want to come on you. Can you accept that or not?”
Jason was torn because he could feel that it was not as easy for him as he thought it would be.

Ariana walked away and with her back turned to him she said coolly, “Jason, can you do this or not? If you want we can stop this right now without going any further.”
Jason sat in his chair and let his head hang, “I don’t get it….”
Ariana turned around and leaned on a tree, “I put it to you before Jason, you….like this, paraplegic and all, turn me on a whole lot and I thought we could have fun and just let things go whichever way without drama. What else do you want me to say?”
Jason looked up seriously, “So you think this is drama because I want you to know more about me and my disability?”
She nodded, “Yes, a little bit.”

Jason didn’t know what to say and as much as his head was telling him not to let this go any further his longing for her and his body wanted her close to him. Maybe he was the one who worried too much about his disability. Apparently for Ariana it wasn’t an issue that needed to be discussed any further and maybe she was right.
She walked over to him again and squatted down on her knees in front of Jason, “I want to have fun, and I don’t want drama and stuff.  Can you do this or not?”

She let her hands glide over his braces and felt the buckles and straps and the metal with her fingers as Jason watched her. Her breathing got faster as she let her hands glide all over his braced legs. He reminded himself not to mess this up but he couldn’t help feeling some kind of frustration at her indifference of his disability.

Ariana felt somewhat disappointed but at the same time she wanted a piece of Jason and she was hoping he would just deal with it. Why was he being complicated? Any guy would just go for plain sex with her, no questions asked, no strings attached. Jason was being complicated. She would show him how much fun they could have and she let her hands travel up and down his legs and up to his back brace. Jason leaned back and watched her touch him, he didn’t actually feel her hands on his legs and his braces but he could see clearly how she was aroused just touching him. Her breathing came quickly as she moved up to his face and pushed herself on him and kissed him hard.
In his ear she whispered, “Jason, sweet boy, you can make me come, can’t you?”
Jason felt his heart beat in his neck, his breathing restricted as she pushed her hand softly on his throat and slid up on him.
She whispered again, “I want to come on your braced legs, make me come on you Jason!”

Jason put his hands back on her body and stroked her back and let his hand come around to her breasts, touching and squeezing. He pulled her in for a kiss again and even though he felt a distant pain and uncertainty he would make the best out of the situation. Ariana moved around and sat with her legs spread hanging over the sides of the wheels in front of Jason, her opening right on Jason’s thighs. She put her hands on his back brace, feeling the buckles and the rigid shell encasing Jason’s back and belly. His hand travelled over her thighs and found its way to her pussy.
He was surprised to find no panties and he felt the heat escape from her opening, the faint sweet scent of a girl excited.
Ariana was moaning, “Oh Gosh, Jason, you are so hot. I want you, always….”
Jason arrived at his destination and felt the smoothness of her shaved pussy. Ariana threw her head back and her hair almost touched his knees.
She moaned softly, “Tell me that you will always wear your braces for me. Tell me Jason!”

Jason watched in amazement her arousal at his situation and started with a shaky voice, while feeling around her labia and feeling the warm moisture flowing over his hand and fingers, “I will always wear my leg braces for you….”
He felt his voice weak, focused on her pussy and his fingers rubbing around her clit and drawing little circles around it and down her swollen lips all the way back almost reaching her opening in the back.
Ariana pushed herself up to his hand, moaning, “Jason, you are so hot and you feel so good for me. Keep going!”
He focused again letting his hands and fingers play with the skin around her hot opening, the sweet smell of arousal reaching his nose, making him breathe quicker and wanting to kiss her so badly. Her head was still thrown back though and he couldn’t reach her face. Ariana held on to his neck while he worked her pussy, eventually letting two fingers, then three glide on in, feeling the hot moisture on his fingers.
He felt an arousal himself and Ariana pushed her pelvis up to his hand, “Oh Gosh, yeah, Jason…you got it.”
He felt his hands tremble at her words and he closed his eyes, wanting and longing for her face close to him, for her lips on his. He tried to feel for any sign of life coming from his cock under Ariana’s ass but he couldn’t reach his hand down there.
Ariana moaned again, “Tell me again Jason…what will you do for me?” Jason was excited, his eyes were closed as he felt her pussy insides, pushing his fourth finger into the moist cave, enclosing his fingers.
Almost whispering he said, “I will…” he had to catch his breath, “I will always wear my leg braces for you, all the time…”
Ariana moaned louder, “Yes Jason, yes…always…!”
With his other hand he rubbed around her hip bones and her clit and all the sudden he felt the grip of Ariana around the back of his neck get tighter and she threw her head back once more, “Yes, Jason…”

He worked her pussy and her clit and he felt his heart racing in his chest, longing for her kiss so badly still as Ariana’s whole body tensed up against his hands, having a shock wave go through her as she came trembling and moaning softly. He felt the walls of her pussy around his fingers pulsate as she reached her climax. All the sudden he felt like he was enclosed too tight inside his back brace and leg braces and in his mind he saw himself somehow jump up and get out of the braces. It is like he wanted to explode, like he didn’t get enough air, his breathing was quick, his heart racing, his fingers soaking wet inside Ariana, some moisture running out on to his hand.
He hushed with a trembling voice through his teeth, “Ariana, please kiss me….I need your face down here. Please!”
Ariana’s chest was rising up and down quickly as she took in the aftershock of her orgasm but she leaned down and pressed her lips onto Jason’s. He pulled his fingers out of her soaked pussy and after wiping the initial moisture on his jeans he then put his hands on her back and pulled her tightly to him, kissing her hard and passionately. He felt his crotch with his hand to see if there was any life in his jeans but there was nothing. Even though he was painfully reminded of his lack of sensation he tried to focus back on Ariana. She seemed to enjoy every bit of the moment and was glued to him with her whole body. He just had to forget about his own pleasure and at least make her happy.
They kissed hard and eventually their kissing became softer and less intense and ended in an embrace, Jason holding Ariana close to him and Ariana stroking softly through his hair and whispering into his ear, “That was so wonderful, Jason…thank you!”
Jason’s thoughts still ran around not having any feeling below his T-5 vertebrae, not being able to get an erection. He still felt tense and like something had started but never finished. With Ariana coming right there on his lap with his fingers inside he had been excited and he had felt an oncoming arousal but it basically stopped where his paraplegia started and he was left frustrated and angry but tried to hide his feelings from Ariana, “You’re welcome, I’m glad I could help.”

Ariana sat up and looked at Jason with a serious expression and asked lowly, “Did you….did you feel anything? I mean did you enjoy it?”
She stroked her hand over his cheeks and Jason lowered his eyes, “If you are talking about getting a hard on….no, nothing, nada, nix...”
He could hear the tension in his own voice but he couldn’t help his frustration of an unfulfilled orgasm trying to surface. He didn’t want to make her feel bad and added quickly, “Being with you was all that mattered though. Feeling you close to me was great.”
Ariana leaned her head sideways a little, “I am sorry Jason…maybe one day we can get it somehow! Don’t they have meds for it?”
He nodded, “They do…”

She kissed him and then said softly while stroking his cheeks, “I really like you a whole lot Jason! I had fun tonight and I am so glad we got to hang out.” She smiled at him, ”I will be thinking about this awesome finish until I see you again. You are a very hot guy.”
Jason smiled, “Thanks!” He shifted a little, still feeling somewhat restrained in his braces and not being able to move a whole lot. He couldn’t help letting out a yawn and held his hand in front of his mouth, then mumbling a “Sorry” to Ariana.
She smiled, “Typical man. Tired after awesome sex”.
She stroked her hand over his face and he just looked at her with dark eyes and then said lowly, “So, it was….it was good for you, like you expected it to be?”
Ariana smiled, “Better than that. You did great and you are exactly what I expected, pure hotness in a wheelchair and braces.”
Jason smiled with his eyes down and Ariana pulled her phone out, “It is almost 11:45…”
Jason looked up, “Yeah, this Cinderella has to get home…”

He had somehow hoped to spend the night with Ariana but then again there was no way he could get up to her apartment and he hated that she lived on the second floor. Like she could read his mind Ariana said softly, stroking some strands of his hair out of his forehead, “I wish we could spend the night together.”
Jason nodded, “I know, I just thought the same thing…”
He pulled her close to himself and kissed her again, then said, “I have to practice walking in my braces and maybe one day I will climb those stairs to your place.”
Ariana smiled, “That would be great, I think you can do it…you played pool tonight, you are going to climb stairs next, and I am going to make you…”
They laughed and kissed and when Jason let go he said lowly, “Ariana, tonight was the best night I have had since my accident…I am happy we got to hang out.”
Ariana smiled and she could hear the longing in his voice and she wanted to block it somehow, “I am happy too. We will meet again soon.”
She thought for a moment, “I have to work quite a lot in the next week, there is a lot of stuff going on but we will text and talk on the phone, sweet boy.”
Jason didn’t say anything and Ariana changed the subject, “I think we need to get you to your bus stop.”
Jason said lowly, “Yeah…”
He didn’t like it one bit. Ariana kissed him again and then climbed off his lap and he felt an emptiness creep up inside. Ariana took his hand and kissed all the fingers that had been inside her not too long ago, “Your fingers were awesome….” She sucked on his pointing finger getting the faint taste of her pussy and smiled at Jason who watched her quietly.
He then said with a smile, “I won’t wash my hand until I see you again.”
Ariana laughed and he joined in. She squealed, “No way Jason…”

She slipped into her sandals and took her purse from the ground. Jason waited and eventually they were on the way to Jason’s bus stop, Ariana almost skipping happily next to him. They talked about the pool game and their dinner and Jason felt his heart ache at the soon parting but he didn’t show it.

Ariana had enjoyed every moment with Jason; he was exactly what she wanted. She did think about Jason not getting an erection but she didn’t want to discuss it any further with him. She felt it may be a painful topic for him and she didn’t know how to make it better for him. She had plans for their future meetings and maybe see where she could go with him. There were things she had in mind for him but they needed more time and tonight he had to get on the bus. The fantasy of him getting up the stairs to her place was good but she didn’t think it would ever really happen. She wanted to see him walking in his braces sometime and see how he did it. If all else would fail she would just visit him out in Junction 8 where he lived with his dad. It would be odd with his dad there but it would be an option for their future get-togethers. During the course of the evening she had realized that she really cared for Jason. He had made her laugh a couple of times and just watching him she felt so content with him there. Walking by his side, Jason spinning the rims on his wheelchair next to her she felt like it was the natural place for her to be.
Just as they came toward the bus stop they could already hear the bus coming down the road and Jason sped up a bit, “Shit…”
Ariana kept pace with him. Just when they reached the bus stop sign, the bus came in plain sight. Ariana said, “Oh no, we have to make this quick.”
She didn’t like the idea at all but leaning down, her hands on Jason’s thighs she looked at him with a smile. The bus came up right behind them; Jason glanced over her shoulder. Ariana planted a soft kiss on Jason’s cheek and said quickly, “Jason, I had such a great time. We have to do this again soon.”

He couldn’t focus too good as the bus opened the automatic center door and the ramp for him came down, “This sucks….”
He hated that they didn’t have more time. He looked back at Ariana and took her hands in his, “I had a great time too, Ariana….I can’t wait to see you again.”
They kissed again quickly and Jason tried to keep his emotions on the very sudden Good Bye in check, he didn’t like it one bit. He wheeled up on the ramp and Ariana looked on, “I hate this…”
She laughed when she said, “I wanted to kiss you longer.”
In the bus Jason quickly spun himself around and looked at Ariana standing right outside the door watching as the ramp came up, “Until we meet again.”
Jason smiled and waved a small wave, “Yeah, I will call or text you...Be safe! I wish I could have wheeled with you to your apartment.”

The door closed on them and Jason backed up to the handicapped area in the middle of the bus, holding on to the railing as he put on his break. He kept his eyes on Ariana, she waved at him and he felt his heart ache at seeing her disappear outside as the bus took off. He looked down for a moment with a sigh and then leaned his head back on the window, looking up and whispering to himself, “Shit!”
There were some teenagers in the back of the bus, they were busily chatting and laughing as Jason was lost in thoughts about the encounter with Ariana and trying to remember her warm body on his and doubts overcame him about his performance which was basically zero, only working with his hands and fingers on Ariana. He wasn’t able to perform on another level and he wondered if Ariana even had the slightest clue about his limited sensation when it came to sexual interaction before she agreed to meet him again or had decided to use him for sexual fun, because really there was not much he could show off. He knew it would be an issue but had somehow hoped deep inside that maybe being with a woman would awaken some senses that had been buried for so long. Apparently it didn’t matter how long and it didn’t matter if he was with a beautiful and sexy woman, his manhood was lost in the universe of paraplegia forever. He started feeling the frustration bubble up and the anger he was trying to control every day since the diagnosis of never walking again and having a different life altogether. How could he live like this for the rest of his life? He was in the prime of his life at the time of the accident and now there was nothing left of him, not even a quarter of his body still functioning.

Ariana was just as sad to have to say Good Bye to Jason so quickly and really to see him leave. The ideal scenario would have been to take him to her place where they could have drank, cuddled and had meaningless sex all night long. Then again it was probably better like this so he wouldn’t get too attached to her. She swung her purse over her shoulder and started walking towards her place thinking about the night with Jason and seeing his sexy smile in her mind. She couldn’t let herself get too involved with him either; she didn’t want to get in too deep with him. As she thought about these things, she remembered the conversation she had had with Cheryl a few nights ago and how Cheryl called her a “selfish bitch” and couldn’t understand why Ariana didn’t want to get into a relationship with anyone. She just couldn’t, she was afraid to get hurt and having her heart torn apart once again, she couldn’t bear it again. She had given everything for Trey, she wanted to be his forever and she had had all those plans for them and how they would be together forever and he had hurt her so badly and making her feel worthless and guilty. She always knew deep inside that Trey was not good for her but he had had a way with her and how she would always go to him and falling into his arms again; arms which ended up taking her breath away not in a good way and hands which ended up hurting her. She shook her head slightly thinking about the past and focused again on the evening with Jason. Maybe it was wrong for her to use him that way and somehow let him be her payback to all men, dealing with her pain in using Jason, just because one man had hurt her. It wasn’t Jason’s fault and maybe she needed to reconsider this whole proposition. All the sudden it seemed so wrong again and she started feeling badly for putting Jason in this situation. He was not the guy she should be treating this way, being a selfish bitch just like Cheryl had said, only because it turned her on to see him in a wheelchair, him never walking again and getting even more turned on by his inability to maybe be fully sexual again. She was so wrong and she hated herself for it and felt so miserable all the sudden that tears came up in her eyes, wanting to escape carrying the thoughts she harbored about Jason out of her head. She wiped over her face quickly, not allowing weakness. She gained her posture again and confidently walked home, trying to fight all the tumultuous emotions she had inside her but couldn’t allow to surface.
Jason did feel exhausted after the evening, he had not been in a situation like he was with Ariana in a long time and it had cost him tremendous strength and endurance to keep up with Ariana’s arousal. He sat in the bus and felt fatigue overcome him. He also felt very restrained in the bracing and wanted to just get home and out of the braces and his chair and get into his bed. He had to laugh about himself even considering spending the night with Ariana. Most likely he wouldn’t even have been able to make it because of exhaustion and stress.


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