Thursday, February 20, 2014

No Strings Attached Chapter 15

....and finally they meet again and it is going to get hot....Jason and Ariana finally met up again and are getting ready for a wonderful night, where emotions run high, feelings are being questioned again but being close feels so natural and so good....

Jason just sat there, looking around in the foyer, bustling with noises and people. He was trying to spot Ariana and felt a little awkward and like he didn’t belong there. He had no business in the casino; he definitely didn’t have money to gamble away.
After a few minutes he heard Ariana’s voice from behind him, “Jason?”
He spun his chair around and was awe struck. Standing there in front of him she was just beautiful. Her heels didn’t help the issue of him having to look up to her.  
She smiled at him, “Hey! I am glad you made it.”
Jason nodded and said a bit unsure, “Yeah, I am here.”
Her words came out hesitantly, “I know…it was a surprise for you. I hope you are o.k. with this. I want to be your escort for tonight.”
“My escort?”
She lowered her eyes, “Yes and I hope I am to your liking.”
Jason shook his head with a smile, “Very much!”

She wore black high heel sandals on her naked feet, toe nails painted a dark red, a short grey leather skirt with some flowers stitched on it and a dark green glittery tank top with a short black leather jacket over it. Her long red hair looked like velvet hanging down over her breasts. Long black earrings shimmered through her hair and a small black rose clip kept her hair out of her face on one side. Her face looked perfect, her green eyes like glowing emeralds. Jason was speechless, she was absolutely stunning.

She squatted down in front of him and smiled, “Good. I will show you a great time tonight.”
Jason looked at her, “Ariana, I don’t know what to say. I didn’t bring dress clothes or anything. I didn’t know.”
Ariana placed her hands on his braced thighs and he saw her rub her fingers softly over his braces, her voice in a hush, “You are exactly how I want you to be. To me you are the hottest guy in this place.”

Jason looked down shyly. She moved her body up a bit and came up to his face, he was lost in her green eyes as she put her hand on the side of his face and stroked softly over his cheek, “I am so happy you are here with me, Jason.”

Jason felt his heart beat quicken at the closeness of Ariana. He put his hands on her waist as she softly touched her lips to his. He couldn’t lean over too much; the back brace preventing him from it when Ariana moved up and ended up on his lap. He held her there, pulled her close to him. People were all around them and probably watching but Ariana didn’t seem to care at all what anyone was thinking. She kissed Jason harder and he held her tightly, taking in the kiss and realizing how much he had missed her.
How was he going to tell her he couldn’t see her anymore if this night already started so magical? All the pain and anger he had been dealing with pertaining to their special bond seemed to be draining out of him with every second the kiss lasted. Once again he wanted to feel her so badly and he kept telling himself that he should just go with the moment now and not worry about his emotions too much.

Eventually they unlocked their lips and Ariana with her hands around Jason’s neck looked at him and said, “Come on! Let me show you our room.”
Jason was even more surprised now, “Our room?”
Ariana smiled, “Yes, we are staying here tonight.”
Jason shook his head a little, “Ariana, I don’t know….”
He really didn’t know what else to say.

Ariana put her finger on his lips, “Listen up, sweet boy, this is on me…you don’t have to worry about anything. I wanted to see you, I wanted to spend the night with you, I needed an accessible room, my place doesn’t have elevators, your place is out in the boonies and I wanted us to have a good night together. We’ll go eat dinner, enjoy the strip a little tonight, maybe gamble a bit or have a drink and just have a good time.  I just wanted it to be you and me, Jason.”

Jason stroked a strand of her long hair out of her face and tugged it behind her ear, “Ariana, how can I make this up to you?”
She said softly, “Don’t worry…you don’t have to make anything up to me. I am just happy you are here with me. That’s all that matters, Jason. Now, let’s go check out the room!”

Ariana planted another quick kiss on his cheek and then climbed off of his lap, Jason put his hands on his rims and they headed for the elevator. She had booked a room on the fourth floor with view onto the water down below. When they reached the room, Jason saw the universal blue handicapped sign on the door. Ariana looked happy and content as she swiped the key card and the door opened automatically and was wide enough for Jason to wheel through without having to dodge the door frame or worrying about a door slamming shut on him.

Inside the room to the right he saw the bathroom. The tub was equipped with a shower chair, the bathroom door was wide and the bathroom was large with two sinks, one higher and one lower built into the wall with an open space under it to wheel a chair up to it. The toilet had a seat height adjuster with railings to hold on to.

He wheeled into the room and realized the King size bed fairly low. A sliding board for transfers was leaning against the wall. The clothes racks were low enough for him to reach, the microwave was lowered on a small table, and the small refrigerator also close to the floor. The room was easily large enough for at least two wheelchairs to maneuver around in without any problems. Ariana sat on the bed as Jason slowly wheeled around the room admiring all the amenities and then he wheeled up to her holding his hands out for her to put hers into them and looking at her with serious dark eyes.  

He said lowly, “Ariana, I don’t know what to say. This is just….” He paused and then continued, “This means a lot to me.”
She smiled at him, “The bed adjusts in height and you also have a remote to let your bed up and down on the head part. There is a brochure describing all the things in this room if you want to have a look.”
He looked down and shook his head, “Ariana, I don’t know what to say….I mean…”

He was without words and all the sudden he felt such a strong longing to have more with her than just a fling. This was more than a fling, it had to be. Why did she do this for him?

Ariana had her hands placed in his and she couldn’t help her heart beating fast looking at him in his chair and his braces and she wanted him so much, “I just wanted to do something nice for you. I know you haven’t had a vacation or anything, so look at it as a mini vacation. I know it’s not the Pacific Ocean but we have the Venetian channels down below we can look at. Maybe we can take a ride in one of those Gondolas later on. I have never had a chance to do that, but I have always wanted to.”

She laughed and Jason just looked at her, still amazed. He couldn’t believe it still and felt so much for her inside. He had not expected anything like it. When she had told him to bring some overnight stuff he had expected to maybe stay at one of her friend’s places with a 1st floor apartment or something like that. For nothing he would have thought she had booked an accessible room in one of the nicest casinos in the city.

Ariana took off her little black leather jacket and sat up, “Do you want me to get your back pack off your chair? What else you got there?” She had spotted the crutches and got up to walk around to the back of his chair and said lowly, “Crutches?”
Jason nodded, “Yeah, if you want to take them off as well; that would be good.”

He felt her wriggle his back pack off the back rest of his chair and then heard the Velcro straps get undone as she took the crutches off and came back around to the front of him. Jason looked at her as she held the crutches in her hands and she asked softly, “What are you going to do with those?”
“Maybe get up and stand for a bit.”
Ariana sighed, “Oh Gosh, that sounds…..” She stopped and smiled, “….sooo hot!” She leaned the crutches on the edge of the bed, then took off her heels and hopped on the bed looking at Jason, “Do you want to lie on the bed with me a little?”

Jason wheeled around to the other side and realized the bed was just the right height for him to transfer onto. It wouldn’t be a problem at all. He grabbed the sliding board and looked at it, “I haven’t used one of those in a while, but it is definitely a great thing that they put one in here. They taught us to transfer with a sliding board in rehab. I don’t need one anymore now.”

Ariana laid sideways holding her head up on her hand looking over at Jason, “I would love seeing you transfer into bed.”
Jason looked up from under his bangs with a serious expression, “It is not that special.”
Ariana’s eyes were on him, “I just want to see it.” 
Jason put the board down, “I will be right back.”

He grabbed his back pack off the bed, set it on his lap and wheeled over to the bathroom. He wanted to cath before he would get into the bed with Ariana. Who knows what would happen and he didn’t want to take a chance on maybe a full bladder that would want to empty at the very wrong time. Ariana replied softly, “O.K. I won’t go anywhere.”

In the bathroom he realized his hands were trembling due to nervousness. He pulled his gloves off, washed his hands and fiddled with the wrapping of the catheter. Just the thought of lying in bed with Ariana made him feel somewhat uneasy because he didn’t know if she expected some kind of sexual contact. He found the condoms in his back pack and thought about how he probably didn’t even need them. He had not had an erection in a long time. The feelings of arousal were there in his head and he had longed so much to be close to a woman but he doubted very much that any kind of penetration was possible for him anymore and with that his longing of achieving orgasm had been unfulfilled and lingering for a long time. On some days he was content with the knowledge of maybe never being able to have an orgasm or ejaculation but on other days he was frustrated and depressed about it. He had to tell Ariana if she expected him to somehow perform any kind of sexual act aside from using his fingers and hands on her, maybe his mouth.

With trembling fingers he unwrapped a new catheter and with his jeans fly unzipped, pulling his penis out of his boxers, he inserted the catheter gently into his urethra, letting his urine drain into the toilet. It took a moment and then he was done, zipped up his fly and washed his hands again. He looked into the slanted mirror, another nice amenity, took a deep breath, and thought about how to approach the situation outside with Ariana. She wanted this night to be special and he was worried he couldn’t live up to her expectation. He checked himself in the mirror again as he felt his chest tighten and had to cough for a moment. As he caught his breath he wondered if everything was o.k. with him or if the cough was brought on by his nervousness.  With another deep breath he wheeled back outside to her. She lay on the bed looking through the hotel brochure when he came around again to his side of the bed.
She looked up at him smiling and she patted the bed next to her, “Come up here, sweet boy.”
Jason didn’t grab the board but said, “I can transfer without it.”
Ariana sat up a bit, “Do you want me to do anything?”
Jason smiled, “Maybe if you could just disappear for a moment until I am on the bed.”
She realized his nervousness, “If you want I can leave the room for a moment.”
He was surprised she actually took his comment serious and smiled shaking his head, “No, I just…” he sighed, “…it is always a bit weird to transfer with people watching…”
Ariana said softly, “Especially a woman?”
Jason nodded, “Exactly.”
She added, “I am o.k. with whatever you need to do….”
She slid over to his side and said softly, “Jason, look at me…”

He looked up and felt his heart beat in his neck.
“Please don’t worry about me or what I am thinking…Jason, you are very hot to me, no matter what you do or what happens. I am so, so happy you are here and I don’t want you to feel weird about anything. You are the sweetest and hottest guy and I want to get to know everything about you, including everything you deal with being para….paraplegic. I don’t want you to worry about anything.” She paused and added, “I care a lot about you.”
Jason looked down, very surprised at her words but also flattered, "O.K. here goes nothing.”

She slid back over to her side and Jason pulled his chair up to the bed and adjusted his position to get a transfer that was somewhat graceful and not too clumsy. The bed was the perfect height and he realized after a moment that it would probably not be too much of a problem. He put his hands onto his rims and pulled all his strength together pushing up and over onto the bed. He was stiff in his back brace and fell onto to the bed, his legs dangling over the side still. He sat up and pulled his legs up on to the bed. Ariana watched him quietly and she felt her loins ache for him. He turned her on so much. Finally Jason was all the way on the bed, his legs in the braces; he held himself up on his hands and slid his butt up to be able to lean on the head board. The leather cuffs and the metal of his braces made soft squeaking sounds as he pulled himself up to the head board.
He was breathing heavy and he finally rested with his head and upper body on the head board.
Ariana sat up and pulled the pillow from under him, “Here, let me move that up.” She stuffed the pillow behind Jason’s back.
He finished adjusting his legs and then looked at her, “Done! Thanks for the pillow.”
Ariana put her hand on his chest, “You are welcome. It does take some strength, doesn’t it?”
Jason shrugged his shoulders, “It’s o.k. no way around it…”
He smiled shyly at her. Ariana moved her hand down to his thigh moving her fingers along his brace cuff, tracing along the cuff, then jumping over to the second cuff and Jason just watched her silently.
She glanced up from her task and said softly, “Thanks for wearing your braces for me.”
Jason smiled, “You are welcome.”

Ariana moved her hands along his thighs and the braces around them, pushed her fingers under the cuffs a little and tugged here and there. She felt her racing heart beat looking at the braces over his jeans around his thighs right by his crotch. She let her fingers travel along the metal hinges on the side which connected the leg brace with the back brace and slid her hand under Jason’s shirt feeling the rigid brace encasing his back up to his sternum. Jason had his head leaned back on the pillow on the head board and watched Ariana silently. Letting her hands feel his braces he could see her face flush a soft pink and her breathing become shallow, her eyes shiny as she looked up at him, whispering, “Gosh Jason, you turn me on so much.”

He pulled her up to his face, she wriggled up and he pulled her in for a kiss. His kiss was demanding and Ariana replied with passion, letting her tongue flick into his mouth and encircling his tongue. Jason held her tightly against his body and let his hands glide through her long hair and down her back. When their kiss subsided he whispered into Ariana’s ear, “You are so sexy, Ariana. I am such a lucky guy to be here with you.”

Her tongue tickled his ear lobe and she whispered back, “I am so happy you are here, you are turning me on so much Jason; I can barely hold myself back.”
His lips right by her ear he hushed, “Ariana, you know I probably can’t get an…”
She stopped him with her finger pressing on his lips, “Psssttt! Don’t say anything!”

She kissed him again and he replied the kiss. Slowly she slid her body over his, her legs rubbing along his braced legs as she moved her hips in a slow rhythmic motion onto his body. She pulled his T-Shirt over his head and stared at the back brace, the hard plastic shell strapped around his torso, and she felt her heart beat racing as she stroked her shaky hands around the edges of the brace. Jason felt her fingers on the top edge of his brace, he didn’t feel her hands or fingers on his hips and he didn’t feel her weight on his legs as she slid her whole body over and sat on him. His breathing came fast now, he glanced at his crotch but there was no sign of life as expected and it made him angry just a bit. She was anything a guy could ask for, sexy and hot, and there he was with not even a hint of a hard on. It frustrated him and he had to fight the oncoming anger trying to take over his longing for her. She was into him for sure, braces and all and he couldn’t make her stop just because he couldn’t get hard. She deserved her fun and he wanted to let her have it. That was the least he could do for her.

Ariana stood up over Jason; her legs spread in front of him as she unzipped her skirt in the back and then let it drop down over her smooth and nicely tanned legs. Jason was amazed, he hadn’t seen anything like it in a long time, she was bare naked under her skirt and his heart was racing. Now would have definitely been the time to get an erection but there was nothing and only Ariana sitting back down on him and telling him to take her shirt off took his mind of his frustration. He pulled her shirt over her head and a black lacey bra became visible, holding her nicely shaped and perfect size breasts in check. Jason let his hand glide over her covered breasts, letting his hand caress them and feeling the warmth coming from them.  
Ariana put her hands on Jason’s back brace and over to the side straps holding it tightly on his body, “Can I unstrap these?”

He was surprised but the idea was favorable to him, he was somewhat ready to be freed from the confinement of the brace.
“Yeah that would be great.”
She started to unstrap the first Velcro band on the side and when Jason wanted to help her she moved his hand, “I want to do all of them.”

She was fully focused on loosening the straps and even though Jason couldn’t actually feel a big difference he did feel some pressure subside on his ribs, very faint and only slightly noticeable to him. He let his hands glide over her hair, her shoulders and arms and just watched her angelic face as she was fully concentrating, her lips slightly parted, her breath shallow and her hips constantly moving on him. He let his hands slip to her back and quickly unhooked her bra, then pulled it over her arms and exposing her round and pale breasts, nipples hard and erect. He saw the tan line where she apparently usually wore her bikini top.

He really didn’t know where this would lead but he kept telling himself not to worry about it and just going with the moment, being close to Ariana, seeing and feeling her next to him and her enjoying him the way he was. She had the back brace all the way undone and Jason showed her how she could detach the back brace from the leg braces by a small click on the metal bars on the side. He held himself up on his arms as she softly pulled the back brace away from his upper body, leaving only the leg braces. His white thin muscle shirt was wrinkled from the brace over it and she pulled it over his head, Jason just a bit wobbly holding himself up on his hands. He would have to slide down a little now with the rigidness of the back brace gone which did help him sit upright somewhat. Now his back and trunk were just hanging loose as he liked to call it.
Ariana let her hands travel over his chest and admired the tattoos on his arms and chest. His chest was nicely developed, the biceps and triceps of his arms visible and flexing with every touch on her body. Further down a small belly hung over his blue jeans waistline, an unavoidable issue with the losing of muscle in his abdomen and sitting most of the time in a 90 degree angle. He tried to keep somewhat of a toned front side but there was only so much he could do. She let her face come down and started kissing his chest, let her tongue slither around his nipples, feeling the soft hair around them and letting her kisses travel down to his belly. Jason saw his own chest move up and down quickly. He enjoyed so much watching her come down on him that way and he tried to take every moment in to its fullest. He had not gotten this kind of attention from a woman in a very long time. He watched her every move because down below he could not feel her anymore and it was the sad truth he had to face once again, that there was no sensation below his T-5 vertebrae but just watching her made his heart race.  She moved over his lap and stroked her hands over his leg braces, fully focused and obviously very aroused as she whispered, “Oh Jason…I can barely look at your legs.”

He was still amazed at her strong attraction to the braces and even though he still wondered he kept reminding himself not to think about it too much. She wanted him like this and so be it.
Fully naked she sat there and looked up at him, “Can I unstrap these as well?” 
He nodded and let his hand slide over her hair, replying in a hushed voice, “Yes please!”

She smiled up at him and after looking at the brace cuffs she saw the buckles and quickly started unbuckling them. He watched her and couldn’t really grasp the fact that this was going on, a beautiful woman, bare naked by his legs and freeing him from the leg braces which held his legs aligned, kept spasms away and braces he hated so much until not too long ago. Now this girl wanted him in them, was totally turned on by them and obviously was turned on a whole lot by him just being paraplegic. Ariana stopped in between the unbuckling, he heard her breathe quickly and moan softly as she stopped with her hands on the braces, just looking at them and obviously trying to keep her arousal in check.

Softly he asked to enhance her mood, “Ariana, are you all right?”
She nodded with her head down, hair hanging over her face, her belly moving quickly with every breath she took and she said softly, “Jason, I am so turned on by you right now, I am soaking wet, I want you so bad, I can barely keep from coming right here.”
He was silently amazed, “Well, just hurry up and take them off then.”
She nodded, “Yes!”

Ariana untied his shoe laces and slipped his shoes off. Then she quickly unbuckled the rest of the brace cuffs and Jason helped as much as possible as he reached down to move his legs out of the braces. She helped him and then she let her hand stroke over his jeans up and down his now freed legs. When Ariana moved her hands to his jeans fly he held her hand and their eyes met.
He started lowly, “Ariana, I can’t….”
She didn’t let him finish but saw the frustrated expression on his face and said, “Don’t worry about it, Jason. Please!”

He couldn’t help feeling angry at his body cheating him out of a good time. All the sudden when Ariana unzipped his jeans he felt very insecure and it was difficult for him not to stop her going any further. Nervously he watched her wriggle his jeans over his butt and down, exposing his skinny and bony legs. He hadn’t even thought about the fact of maybe getting naked in front of Ariana, now it came as a surprise and he didn’t know if he could even keep going. Ariana took his socks off quickly and all he had on now were his boxers. Quietly Ariana let her hands travel over Jason’s legs and saw the scars on both of his legs and felt them with her fingers.
Jason felt anything but hot now, more insecure than ever and his mind was racing if he could keep going. His cock was still in its deep sleep and he pulled Ariana up while she let her hands feel over his legs.
He pulled her close and said softly without looking at her, “Ariana, I am sorry. I don’t know if I can keep going. I am feeling….I don’t know.”
Ariana stroked over his cheeks and said softly, “Jason, you are perfect to me. Please let us enjoy each other’s bodies.”
He sighed, “I will slide down on the bed.”
Ariana nodded, “Of course, however you are comfortable.”
Jason pushed himself down with his hands pushing his legs down with the force and adjusting them on the bed.

Ariana had realized how nervous Jason had become at her exposing his legs, skinny and scarred. She saw that he was not getting an erection but she didn’t care. Taking the braces off his body had turned her on so much and she truly enjoyed it. She was feeling so good about Jason. He was hot and he was sexy to her.

When her hands travelled over his back she felt scars on it as well, scars along his spine and kissing his neck she got a glimpse at the small scar stemming from the tracheotomy while he was in the hospital. His scarred body was such a huge turn on for her. It was not the erection she needed or wanted, just feeling and seeing Jason turned her on so much. His reaction to her caressing him and her arousal was all she wanted but she knew he longed for more and she sensed his disappointment concerning the missing erection.
She let her hands come up to his boxers and when she put her fingers inside the elastic waistband to pull them down Jason stopped her, “No Ariana! I can’t.”
Ariana nodded and said softly, “Yes you can! I don’t care about an erection or not, I want you naked.”

Jason didn’t fight her, kept his eyes down but let her take his boxers off. He was now fully at her mercy but they were equal, both naked and she laid next to him and her body felt good against his, at least of what he could feel of it. He held her, and he tried to relax but his mind was racing around not having an erection, his imperfect body and how this should keep going. He smelled her hair and watched her hands travel around his chest and belly.

He mumbled softly into her hair, “Ariana, I am….I don’t know…I am so sorry that I can’t get it up. It frustrates me.”
Ariana whispered back, “I know it is difficult for you but I enjoy you so much Jason without an erection. I don’t care, I really don’t. If you don’t want me to come on you I won’t but you turn me on so much and I can come just by being with you. I was almost there a moment ago when I unstrapped your braces.”

Jason cut her off, “Then you took my jeans off and saw that there was nothing special there…..”
He sounded discouraged and Ariana replied warmly, “I love seeing your still legs, like they are sleeping and I see the battle they have fought and I feel the scars on your back and I feel so much yearning for you knowing what you have been through. I don’t feel sorry or pity for you Jason, to me you are stronger than any other man. You having to keep going despite the fate you experienced is a huge turn on for me and I would love to go along with you if you let me. It could be like this always….”

Her voice trailed off and Jason thought about what her initial idea on their relationship was and wondered if that was still the case. He didn’t want to ask and he didn’t know how to respond to her very honest words so he just pulled her up to him and started kissing her hard and full of force, trying to get his mind and his worries off the issue. Ariana responded with her hips moving and her legs wrapping around his and her breathing heavy, her skin covered with chills. Their hands travelled over each other’s bodies and Jason let her feel his longing by kissing her passionately and hard, suckling on her neck and ears, cupping her breasts with his hands and letting his hands travel all over her body. She felt so good to him, feeling her warm skin with his hands and letting his fingers circle around her nipples and down to her waist around to her ass. It felt so good in his hand and it turned him on a lot but his arousal stayed in a state of unfulfilled longing making him even wilder with his hands and his mouth and he was breathing hard, pulling Ariana roughly to his body, his hands on her ass and feeling the heat escape from her lower regions. He travelled to her front and felt the softness of her pussy lips as his fingers reached her pubic area. He teased her just enough as she was breathing heavy into his skin.

He whispered into her ear, while letting his fingers travel around her labia, “I want you so much too but I maybe can never be inside you Ariana.” She moaned at his words and he kept on, “Only my fingers or my hand can feel you from the inside, my cock may never be inside you, my legs will never move, I will never walk Ariana…are you o.k. with that?”
Ariana moaned again and hushed, “Oh Gosh Jason, yes…I am o.k. with you never walking, I am o.k. with your cock never being inside me, I still want you so much, you are the hottest guy I have ever been with. I still want to suck your cock and I want you to put your fingers inside me.”

He pulled her even closer and let two fingers slide into her moist pussy making Ariana moan into his skin. He hushed into her ear, “I want to taste you Ariana.”
Ariana was already so aroused, she could barely hold back anymore and hushed into Jason’s ear, “Oh Gosh Jason, next time you can taste me…I want you to taste my pussy and lick it out…right now you are about to make me come…I can’t hold back anymore.”
She grabbed his shoulders and was holding on, watching his strong arm muscles flex with every movement and she moaned lowly.

As Jason kissed her neck, bit it softly, let his fingers play around inside Ariana’s pussy, applying just enough pressure on her clit he felt her push herself against his hand again and again, moaning louder, “Jason…ah….make me come, yes….”

With that her whole body tensed up, she took quick gasping breaths and dug her fingers into his shoulders as she came hard with his fingers inside her, having the orgasm explode from her pussy into all the far ends of her body, then collapsing under the relaxation of her every muscle as the orgasm subsided into a sweet warm feeling. She was breathing quickly still and Jason checked his cock as he brought his hand out from between their bodies and there was nothing, not even a trace of an erection.
He was happy for having brought Ariana to climax again but he also couldn’t fight the pain he felt inside for not being able to experience actual sex with penetration anymore. He wanted Ariana so much, he wanted to feel her close to him, he wanted to be inside her but he was almost certain now that his ability to have an erection was gone forever with his paraplegia. He had hoped that maybe it would somehow still work but that little bit of hope shattered slowly piece by piece with every sexual encounter he had with Ariana. When he was still a healthy young man he had never had any problems getting hard at the sight of a naked hot girl in his bed or when having some kind of passionate interaction with one. All this was over now. Ariana was lying in his arms and he held her kissing her hair, while he felt her hot breath on his chest.

She was curled up close to him, partly still on his legs and he asked softly, “Ariana, you o.k.?”
She nodded and looked up at him with glossy eyes, “Yes, I am totally o.k. Thank you so much, my sweet boy Jason. It felt so good, you feel so good for me.”

He kissed her mouth and they held each other close.
Jason whispered with a smile, “…and I didn’t get a taste of your sweetness…”
Ariana smiled at him, “I am sorry, Jason…you had me totally horny already, and I almost came when I took your braces off. Sorry, I couldn’t hold it in anymore….next time I let you taste my pussy.” Jason smiled, “Sounds like a deal.” They kissed again. They laid there for a while, in a close embrace and silent.
Ariana thought about the moments with Jason and how things had just somehow happened between them without her even pushing herself onto him or forcing him to somehow do anything against his will. Yes, she had given him the proposition but when they were together it seemed to come so natural for them to be sexual. She wanted to see and feel him close and he went for her in every way possible. He was so hot to her and she couldn’t get enough of him in his wheelchair or in his braces. The act of unstrapping the braces for him had felt so sensual to her and so right. She could barely keep her arousal in check seeing him like that and him letting her unstrap and unbuckle his braces. She had never thought that something like that could trigger these kind of sexual emotions for her. She always knew she had something for hot guys in wheelchairs or such but had never really lost any sleep over it. Then again she had not had too many encounters with guys like him. Jason had changed everything about that and she couldn’t stop thinking about him, watching him, looking at him and loving the way he was. Yes, she loved the way he was, paraplegic, and exactly the man she had always dreamt about.


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