Wednesday, February 19, 2014

No Strings Attached Chapter 16

In this chapter Jason and Ariana spent the rest of their night at the Venetian. It is a chapter about being together, enjoying each others company, having some more serious talks and longing to have much more of each other....Enjoy!

About an hour later they were both dressed again and Ariana was sitting on the edge of the bed watching Jason transfer back into his chair, which was a lot easier for him without the braces. When she had told him not to worry about strapping his braces back on he seemed relieved.

Jason plopped back into his wheel chair and looked over at Ariana shyly. Ariana slid over to his side of the bed and let her legs dangle over the edge, “Are you tired?”
Jason shook his head, “No, I am o.k. It’s still early…”

He checked his watch, almost 9 o’clock and even though the truth was that he was a bit tired from the episode with Ariana he wouldn’t want to tell her, because he knew she still had plans for the night.

Ariana looked at him with her deep green eyes, “Jason…”
Her face seemed soft and once again he realized her beauty as she said, “Jason, I am so happy we are together tonight. It means so much to me.”
“I am very happy too. I never imagined I would find myself with someone like you at my side with the way…..” he paused, took a breath and continued, “…with the way things are with me now.”

He wanted to say so much more, how he wanted it to be like this for a long time, not just occasionally, how he couldn’t stop thinking about her when she wasn’t with him, how he missed her so much and how he longed to have a serious relationship with her, not just a fling. He didn’t say those things though because he was worried she would feel pressured and he really didn’t want to lose her. Even if not all the time he had her sometimes and his intention of maybe telling Ariana that he couldn’t do this any longer was slowly fading away because deep inside he wanted so much to keep what they had.
Ariana squatted in front of Jason and they looked at each other until Ariana smiled and said softly, “I like you just the way you are Jason, never forget that.”
Jason nodded and pulled Ariana up to him, held her close to him and kissed her.

They gathered their things and were out the door at 9:30 o’clock heading out into the casino.  Ariana couldn’t help glancing at Jason, wheeling beside her, his hands in the fingerless gloves, biceps and triceps flexing every time he pushed his rims.  Ariana could see women checking him out; she saw their glances or saw them turn around after he had wheeled by them. He didn’t realize but she knew there were others who were attracted to him like she was, but he was hers for now and it made her heart skip a beat.

They found a small bistro with a nice little table for two by the window and a view to the outside. Jason and Ariana ordered their drinks and decided on a Pizza for two with a side salad. While they waited for their Pizza Ariana asked Jason, “So when was the last time you were down here on the strip?”
“Probably about two years ago, before my accident.”
“That long?”
Jason nodded, “Yeah…I used to work down here doing maintenance work at the MGM!”
“Really, that was your job?”
“Yeah! I did that for about 2 years while my dad was sick and stuff.”
Ariana looked at him curiously, “What was going on with your dad?”
“He had prostate cancer and had to go through Chemo therapy. Supposedly it went into remission but I don’t believe it all the way, I don’t think he would tell me if it came back.”
“So you think it may be back?”

Jason nodded and stayed silent.
Ariana asked softly, “What are you going to do if it came back?”
Jason shook his head, “I don’t know…I can’t leave him, that’s for sure.”
“Is your dad the reason you are staying here?”
“Yeah…he is the only one left of my family.” 
Ariana took a sip from her drink and asked him then, “Were you close with your brother?”
Jason looked up a bit surprised. The question stirred painful emotions in him. He took a breath and after a moment answered lowly, “Yes, we were very close. I miss him every day.”
Ariana said softly, “You guys looked very happy together from what I saw on your Facebook page. I can’t say that about me and my sister. We are basically strangers.”
Jason looked at her curiously, and Ariana added, “She lives on the East Coast and we were always very different. We also lived in two different foster families for a while.”
Jason was surprised now, “So where were your parents?”
Ariana leaned her head a bit, “Well, my sister and I were from different men, men who were not in my mother’s life and she had drug and alcohol problems for a long time. We were placed in foster care when they found out my mom would leave us for days and nights at a time to be with her guys and she would be doing drugs or getting wasted all the time. My sister and I ate a lot of Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches…”
Ariana laughed a little and Jason shook his head in disbelief, “I am sorry!”

She told Jason about the time in her foster family and how it was an o.k. experience but never the same as having her own family with mom and dad. Jason listened carefully and realized that Ariana had not had it that easy in her childhood.
She finished her story and said, “I am sorry I am talking about all this bad stuff…we want to have fun, right?”
Jason took her hand in his, “Yeah, but I also want to hear about your life and get to know you.”

Ariana smiled and looked at her hand in Jason’s. His hand was strong and warm and she felt a surge of comfort go through her.
Skillfully she changed the topic though; she didn’t want to talk about herself anymore, “So tell me a little bit more about yourself Jason.”
Jason shrugged his shoulders and Ariana watched his thumb rubbing over the top of her hand softly, “Well, I think you know most of the stuff already, my life is not that interesting, especially not since about two years. I lived in Crescent City until my dad got sick down here, I came down, worked as a maintenance guy at the MGM, then my brother got killed, my dad went through treatment, I had planned to stay here just a little bit longer to make sure he would be o.k., then go back to Crescent City but then I had the accident. The rest of the story is right here in front of you…”

He looked down onto their hands, then back up with a shy glance, waiting for Ariana’s response.
She was quiet for a moment, then she leaned over a little, “How was it for you?”
Jason looked at her questioningly, “What?”
“You becoming paraplegic…”
Jason’s eyes flickered and he said lowly, “How do you think it was?”
Ariana heard the tension in his voice and said softly, “I mean, was it devastating for you?”
He looked at her with dark eyes and she felt his hand loosen the grip on her hand, “What do you think?”
Ariana looked down, she sensed Jason didn’t like her questioning very much and then he said tensely, “Ariana, I am 31 years old, I should be at the prime of my life, I should have a good paying job, I should have a place of my own, a car, maybe a girlfriend or a wife, maybe even a kid, I should live in Northern Cali…what do you think? Was it devastating to have my life change from one moment to the next, when things will never be the same for a guy like me….yeah, it was fucking devastating.”

He pulled his hand from hers and his expression was dark and serious now.
Ariana took his hand back again, “I am sorry I asked an ignorant question.”
Jason looked at her with dark eyes, “You are the best thing that’s happened to me since the accident and apparently we are under this proposition you gave me. What do you want me to say? How relieved I am to get some kind of pity sex or whatever it is we are doing…I am really not sure what we are actually doing.” His voice trembled and he added, “…because obviously my stallion days are over big time and so I don’t really know what I am doing here.”

He took a deep breath and with shiny eyes he said, “You know what my plan was for tonight?”
He didn’t wait for her reply but kept on, “I wanted to tell you that I can’t see you anymore because I can’t do it…the whole proposition thing…I can’t do it. The “no strings attached sex” with the paraplegic guy, I really don’t get it…I tried but I don’t get it…You almost lured me in again, Ariana but really I can’t be that guy. You paying for all of this “fun” we are supposed to have, what for? What am I getting out of it? Nothing, I will feel like shit because after tonight you will be busy again for days and maybe, just maybe you can fit me into your schedule somewhere in between your dates and escort services.  A little bit I was hoping maybe the proposition will become invalid but I don’t think you will make it invalid because you can’t commit to anything beyond the “no strings attached sex” with me, I am not sure why that is.” He stopped and then said bitterly, “No, actually I do get it…I am not really the guy a woman would want to have the “strings attached” relationship, I have nothing to offer you. Obviously you are self-sufficient and don’t need a man in your life for financial support or anything else, even sex….”

He was breathing quicker now, Ariana was speechless at Jason’s sudden outburst and she wanted to stop him but he went on, “I didn’t think I could do it after what happened a while ago….yeah, it felt good, it felt so damn good and my plans of telling you that I am out of the arrangement almost busted but just as it felt so good, it makes me feel like shit at the same time. I really shouldn’t be here…”
He put his trembling hands to his rims and felt his whole body shake as he pushed his chair away from the table.
Ariana shifted quickly in her chair, shocked at Jason’s revelation, “Jason, no, please don’t leave….”
Jason stopped in his track and let his head hang, Ariana could see his chest rising up and down quickly. She leaned forward and put her hand on his hand holding his rim, “Please stay! Please don’t leave!”
Jason looked up at her, pressing his lips together and then taking a deep breath, “Why?”
Ariana pushed her hand a bit harder onto his hand and Jason looked at their hands when Ariana said lowly, “I know….Jason, I mean I know it was all a stupid idea….the proposition but I didn’t want to give you false hopes but at the same time I am so attracted to you. This is difficult for me too, Jason…My job…I told you before, guys don’t really stick around when they hear about my job or they ask me to quit and I think you would do that too…guys can’t really live with the idea of their girlfriend having sex with other men…tell me and look me in the eyes that you would be o.k. with it?”

Jason didn’t have to think long because he knew he would not be o.k. with it. He looked up at her, his eyes dark and shiny, “You are right! I would not be o.k. with it. I think about it all the time and it makes me feel like shit.”
Ariana couldn’t help her vision get a bit blurry and sadness creep up inside her, “See! That is why I can’t commit to an actual relationship at the moment until my life changes, hopefully soon. Until then I was hoping so much we could have fun together as friends and possibly as lovers. You are super-hot Jason, I know you could have other girls and I understand if you want out, we made a deal that either one of us can leave at any given time without any problems but I wish so much you would reconsider. If you want we can just be friends, no sex. Maybe that would be easier for you. I don’t want to lose you as a friend in my life. I would like to keep you in my life and I wish so much you would want me to be part of your life too.”

Jason stayed quiet for a moment, Ariana’s hand warm and soft on his hand, still clutching the rim of his wheelchair. He slowly wheeled forward again, and she leaned over a bit, their faces close, “Ariana, I don’t know what to do and how to deal with this, with us, it is hard for me, really freaking hard to be with you but at the same time not really being able to be with you when you are the best thing that has happened to me in two years.”
Jason put his arms around her and pulled her close to him and looked her deep into the eyes as Ariana took a deep breath, “Please Jason, let’s try this and give it some more time. It will work itself out but please don’t leave. I really want to be with you.”
He pulled her over to him and kept his eyes on her, “Why are you doing this to me? Why did you come into my life?”

With that he grabbed her, forcefully pulled her up onto his lap and kissed her hard. Ariana was caught off guard with Jason’s forceful approach but she also enjoyed it very much. They held each other for another moment until the waitress came with their Pizza and Ariana slid off of Jason’s lap  embarrassed.
The waitress just smiled at them and set the Pizza down, “Is there anything else I can get you right now?”
Jason answered, “No, I think we’re good.” 

They started eating and not saying too much. The conversation still lingered over them and they kept glancing at each other and Ariana was relieved that she had talked Jason into staying. She didn’t want to lose him, no matter what. Even if he just wanted to stay friends, it would be o.k. with her. She felt so drawn to him and his situation and she wanted to be able to call him if she felt like getting together, even if it would be non-sexual.

After their dinner they found themselves outside the restaurant mingling with the crowds again. Jason had never been inside the Venetian and they strolled through the casino and checking out the way it was all made to look like Venice in Italy, the ceiling over them looking like a sky, some of it blue and bright and some of it dark and filled with stars and the moon. Every casino along the strip was definitely a work of art in its own ways, artificial art but still nice to look at and just for a little while to make one feel like in a different world.

After they had strolled around a bit Ariana asked, “Do you want to get on the Gondolas?”
Jason was a bit nervous about that and looked at Ariana, “Do you think they are accessible?”
“We can check it out and see.”

He nodded and they headed down to the Gondola entrance. When Jason saw the Gondolas he realized they did have actual seats he could sit in, not just a little bench in a boat. He couldn’t have done that, his trunk was not that strong and often he felt wobbly. The only problem was getting into the boat and he checked out the situation. He saw a ramp for wheelchairs going down to the boats. He could make it to the boat but the transfer into the seat would be somewhat difficult, since the boat was lower than the floor.  He wanted to avoid being lifted into the seat, it would be embarrassing and he didn’t want Ariana to see him like that.

As he still analyzed the situation he said to Ariana, “Ariana, I am not sure if I can make into one of those boats. I can get down there and all but getting into the actual boat looks almost impossible.”
Ariana looked down to the Gondolas and said without concern, “They will lift you into the seat. I am sure they do that all the time.”
Jason looked at her weary, “What if I don’t want that?”
Ariana squatted down in front of him and said softly, “Why?”
Jason shook his head and looked down onto Ariana’s hands on his thighs, “It’s embarrassing for me.”
“Jason, I am o.k. with it, you don’t have to be embarrassed.”
“I don’t know.”
“Please, I have never been on the Gondolas and I was so looking forward to it tonight…with you!”
Her eyes were pleading with him and he couldn’t resist her and finally gave in, “O.k. I guess just this once.”

Jason let his chair roll down the ramp slowly while Ariana went down the stairs and waited for him on the bottom. Two of the Gondoliers stood and waited for Jason to wheel up to the boat and he put on the break.
As they stepped up to him, one of them asked, “Is it o.k. if we assist you to get in sir?”
Jason nodded but felt nervous and embarrassed. He glanced up and saw people in the line waiting to get on and watching him down below.
It was a difficult situation for him and Ariana put her hand on his, “It’s o.k. Jason.”

The two men dressed like traditional Gondoliers walked right up to Jason and one on each side of Jason they lifted him up, Jason had his arms around their necks and they lifted him out of his chair and into the waiting Gondola, where they let him down softly into the seat. Jason had his eyes down the whole time and felt very nervous. Ariana had grabbed his back pack and stepped in right after the three men. Jason thanked them as he leaned back into the seat, trying to find his balance and adjusting his legs into a parallel position. One of the men stepped out of the Gondola and told Jason he would push his chair over to the side, parking it until his return. Jason explained to him where the break was and he saw the man push his chair over to the side. Ariana had her hand on his thigh and looked at him as Jason adjusted his seating, he felt a bit wobbly, especially since the boat also rocked in a slow motion.

Ariana asked lowly, “Are you sitting o.k.?”
He nodded without a word and the Gondolier asked him friendly, “Are you o.k. sir?”
Jason answered, “Yes, thank you.”

The Gondolier then introduced himself as Alfredo and went over the rules of the Gondola ride quickly. Then he pushed the boat off the shore line and they went on its way along the artificial channel through the artificial Venice. Jason had found his balance and sat securely in the seat and Ariana leaned into him and with her head on his shoulder, they were holding hands on Jason’s thighs.
She said softly, “Is this o.k. for you?”
He nodded, “Yes, I’m good. Except for losing all my dignity a while ago and having a bunch of people witness it, you included.”
She sat up a bit and looked at him, “Jason, look at me.”
He looked at her and Ariana said softly, “It was no big deal, Jason. I am just happy we are here now and I want to enjoy this with you. It is a beautiful night here in Venice and the water is not that stinky.”
She smiled and he smiled back at her, “That is what they always say…supposed to be pretty stinky in Venice.”
“Yeah, that is what I heard….”

They sat and watched the artificial buildings go by, saw people looking down from the various bridges and Alfredo actually sang a song for them in a nice baritone voice. Jason and Ariana smiled at each other. Alfredo was as Italian as the casino was the real Venice, not at all real. He was Mexican but did a good job portraying an Italian Gondolier. Jason thought about how nice this was and while he sat there, not in a wheelchair but in a nicely padded seat he felt sad thinking about how nice it would have been if he could have just stepped into the boat and maybe helped Ariana in. Instead she had to get herself into the swaying boat and watched him getting lifted into the boat and he felt bad. Every once in a while everything hit him again and it gave him a bad feeling about his life and everything the way it was now.  Ariana’s head rested on his shoulder and as he leaned down a bit he smelled her hair and he took in the moment because even though she had talked him into staying he still wasn’t sure how this was going to go down. Maybe just this one night and then he would not ever see her again. It was too painful, he didn’t just want to be on call when she found time for him, he needed more than a fling, he needed a partner, not just temporary, but for longer, maybe forever and it took a woman who was willing to take him the way he was now.  For just a moment his thoughts drifted to the girl from the gas station, Britt. She was nice and attractive and she had actually made him feel really good so far.

Ariana brought him back to reality, “Have you ever been anywhere else besides Cali and here?”
Jason thought for a split moment, he hadn’t been anywhere else in his life, “No, just Cali up and down the coast and then here. I haven’t been out of Vegas either, it’s pretty sad if you think about it. I haven’t even been to the Grand Canyon or Hoover Dam….You?”
“I have been to the Grand Canyon and I have been to Hoover Dam, I have been to LA, Frisco, and San Diego. I have been to Oregon too. Other than that no, I am just as sad a case as you.”
She pushed herself closer to him and when she looked up at him he said, “I don’t really see my situation change anytime soon….”
He said it in defeat and she moved her face up to him and said softly, “Well, we are in Venice right  now….we could do Paris or Luxor sometime…we have the whole world right here in front of us.”
Jason smiled, “Yeah right!”

Ariana moved up and kissed him. They sat together, listening to Alfredo singing softly, watching the lit up water channel go by under the bridges with people looking down on them, the bustling noises of a Vegas Friday night hovering in the background. The trip with the Gondola had lasted about one hour when they reached the shore line again. Jason was dreading his exit; the men would have to help him again. They reached the shore and Ariana shifted to prepare for her exit out of the Gondola. Jason stayed put and just waited. He watched Ariana step out of the Gondola with Alfredo’s hand guiding her safely up to the shore wall from the shaking boat.

Alfredo looked at Jason, “One moment sir, I will get the other man.”
He called something in Spanish to a Gondolier in front of them, who was just helping his guests step into the boat. Jason saw Ariana get his wheel chair and brought it over to the side by the boat. Alfredo and his colleague were getting ready to lift Jason up, Jason kept his eyes down; people were standing on the wall behind a small gate, waiting to enter the boat he was just being carried out of. He hated it, people watching him curiously, he kept his eyes down as the two men sat him down in his wheelchair, and Jason pulled himself up a bit with his arms and adjusted his seating. Ariana grabbed the back pack from Alfredo and then handed him and the other man a generous tip, thanking them for their help and Alfredo for a smooth and nice ride in the Gondola. Jason looked at the men and thanked them as well.
Alfredo nodded and replied, “Have a wonderful evening. Thanks for coming out.”

Jason saw some of the people curiously watching every move he made in his chair and he wanted to get away from there as quick as possible, putting his hands to his rims and giving the wheels some strong pushes to get up the slanted ramp to the boats. This time Ariana walked behind him up the ramp, watching Jason in admiration still, his strong arms pushing the rims with his muscles flexing with every push. At the top he spun his chair around and turned toward Ariana waiting for her to catch up.
Ariana smiled, “Are you in a hurry or something?”
Jason wheeled backwards a bit, “Sorry, I just needed to get away from all those people watching my humiliation….”
Ariana moved over to him and softly sat on his lap, “I know you hated it, but I enjoyed this little trip to Venice with you very much. Thanks for doing this for me.”
Jason nodded, Ariana put her hand around his neck and Jason put his arms around her waist, “It was very nice and I did enjoy it too.” 
He pulled her close and they kissed long and hard.
Without giving Ariana a chance to get up, Jason put his hands to his rims and said with a smile, “Hold on!”

He gave his wheels an initial hard push and the chair rolled itself over the smooth imitation marble floor.  Ariana smiled and laid her head on Jason 's shoulders. She held on to his neck and loved sitting on his lap like this and him wheeling around with her, it made her feel special and it was something not many girls could say for themselves. Jason seemed to be in a better mood now and wheeled the chair swiftly and with ease over the floor, sometimes faster, sometimes slower when it got crowded, dodging people who looked curiously at him with this beautiful girl on his lap.
Jason smiled with another push, letting the chair roll itself for a small distance, “Gosh, I love this freaking floor….I could do wheelies in here…”
Ariana looked at him, “You know how to do wheelies?”
Jason nodded, “Heck yeah!”
He smiled and Ariana said, “I want to see you do a wheelie. Let me get off.”
He let her climb off of his lap and she added, “I don’t know Jason. I don’t want you to get hurt though.”
At that he actually laughed, “That’s is funny Ariana.”
Ariana realized the choice of words and she looked down embarrassed, “Well, like you could break your arm or something.”
Jason stretched his hands out to her, pulling her close once more, and said lowly, “That would suck but it won’t happen. I promise. Trust me!”
He pulled her down for a kiss, “Be ready, I have to wait until these people are out of my way, then I will go.”

Ariana saw the group of people walk through and as soon as they had passed Jason pushed his chair with force and quickly rolled off a short distance and suddenly the chair lifted off its two small caster wheels and Jason actually spun around on the two rear wheels as Ariana squealed in excitement watching him.

Jason laughed and controlled his chair again, spinning around quickly. The flooring definitely made maneuvering his chair very easy and he enjoyed the ease and smooth wheeling over the floor and felt like playing around, managing another wheelie and spinning again. He kept full control of his wheelchair; it had been part of him for two years after all and he had had to jump small steps on a few occasions, he had practiced wheelies right outside the house on the drive way with their little neighbor kids on his lap, the kids always getting a kick out of it. He sometimes wheeled as fast as possible, using the pushing as exercise strengthening his upper body, learning full control over the wheelchair. He had watched Videos on YouTube where wheelers would show tricks and have fun with their chairs, even in skate park pools or on ramps. He had always toyed with the idea of maybe getting into some kind of wheelchair Basketball or any sport but not being mobile with a car and tight finances had prevented him to pursue the endeavors any further.

Before the accident he had always been an active guy but now all he could manage is work out at home with some weights, rubber bands, pull up bars in the playground or shoot some hoops with the neighbor kids on the Basketball court close to the trailer park where he lived. Being active in a wheelchair was not an easy task but Jason didn’t want to become an overweight paraplegic barely able to push himself around so one thing he tried to do from the start, right in rehab was working out his upper body to his best abilities, making life a bit easier in the chair. Dr. Ramirez had always praised him for his exercising and it also made it possible for him to actually walk some in his braces when holding on to the parallel bars or at home with the crutches or the walker. It wasn’t easy but it was possible, even if just for a few steps.

Now he was relishing the smooth floor with his chair, Ariana standing off to the side watching him with a quickly beating heart. He sped up and down the hallway, did some more wheelies with ease and some more spinning around. Ariana was nervous but soon realized that Jason actually knew what he was doing and seemed lost in the moments, commanding his chair to do the crazy little tricks. They laughed together and Ariana squealed loud a few times when it seemed that any moment he would crash, but Jason quickly taking control of his chair again. The fun lasted for about 20 minutes when all the sudden a security guard approached them as they were taking a break, kissing in a corner, Jason breathing hard from all his tricks and Ariana feeling so good to be with him.

They heard the clearing of a throat behind them and looked up in surprise finding a security guard towering over them, “Excuse me!”
Ariana shifted and pulled her skirt down, it had rode up high on her thighs and Jason peeked around Ariana’s head at the security guard.
Ariana replied, “Yes.
The security guard with a name tag “Terence” under the Venetian logo said sternly, “We have to ask you to refrain from the maneuvers with the wheelchair in the hallway. For your and other guests safety we ask you to stop what you were doing.”
Jason smiled a bit, “Sorry! I couldn’t resist, your floor is just so smooth…makes things really easy for me and I just got tempted. I won’t do it anymore.”
Terence nodded, “Thank You, sir.”
Ariana added, “Yes, we are very sorry but it was so much fun though.”
At that Terence smiled, “We saw that pretty clear on our cameras.”
Jason looked up and spotted the cameras on the ceiling.
Terence added, “It looked like a lot of fun and I have to give it to you, sir…you got some cool moves going on.”
He laughed and Jason looked down with a smile a bit embarrassed, “Thanks!”
Terence smiled, “Well, sorry I have to stop you but we tried to let you have as much fun as we could until our supervisor came in…so, thanks for not doing it anymore! I hope you enjoy the Venetian to its full capacity.”
With that he handed Ariana a couple of coupons and then saluted them quickly, “Thanks for staying with us and enjoy the rest of your time here.”
Jason and Ariana nodded with smiles, “Thanks!”
Terence walked away.
Jason sighed with a smile, “Damn!”
Ariana smiled at him, “It was lots of fun while it lasted.”

They went back to kissing and Jason couldn’t help feeling so much joy in his heart with Ariana on his lap. Ariana felt the same way as they kissed again, she almost couldn’t ignore the fact anymore that she wanted to be with Jason all the time, not just sometimes and even though her heart wanted so much more, her head came in again and her conscience was trying to tell her that it was not a good idea for her and Jason to start a serious relationship. It just wouldn’t work at this time in her life. She pushed the negative thoughts out of her head and focused on the hard and passionate kissing Jason showered her with. He definitely was good kisser.

The coupons Terence had handed them included a free cocktail with the purchase of any alcoholic drink at the bar, some coupons for the actual casino at the Venetian and a 50 % off coupon for a future overnight stay at the Venetian, then a coupon for one free entrée with purchase of another entrée at the Pizzeria Margarita, one of the many restaurants at the Venetian.

Ariana had climbed off Jason’s lap and as they were strolling she said, “I think we should use the cocktail coupon now and then go gamble a little.”
Jason nodded, “O.k., let’s do it.”
They went to the bar and shortly after Ariana had a huge cocktail in front of her and Jason a large glass of Sprite and Crown Royal. There was live music at the bar, a Blues duo doing a good job playing and getting the crowd on their side.  Jason and Ariana couldn’t stop touching and smiling, kissing and laughing as they drank and watched the music and the people. They had forgotten everything around them and only had eyes for each other. Ariana felt the cocktail, it was strong and Jason also felt o.k. with his drink. They kept touching each other some way or another and ended up getting another drink each, the same they had before.

It was after midnight when they left the bar for the casino and Ariana felt her step uncoordinated and her vision a bit off, the cocktail was doing its job. Jason also had a buzz going on with his two strong drinks and he was hoping very much he wouldn’t have to deal with any spasm during the course of the night. As much as he didn’t want to drink he just couldn’t help it sometimes and on this night it would have just been wrong to not have a drink or two with Ariana in his presence, the perfect night at the Venetian.

Ariana lost her step for a moment and Jason looked up worried, “Ariana, are you all right?”
She laughed at him, “Yes, I am perfectly fine, just feeling tipsy.”
Jason replied, “I see that…”
Ariana laughed and said, “Don’t worry about me, Jason…I am a big girl.” He smiled but he still worried about her. 

In the casino they strolled through the crowds and along the nicely carpeted pathways leading through the casino’s different areas, slot machines, card tables, closed off VIP areas, high roller areas and bars all through the casino.
Ariana looked over at Jason wheeling next to her, “What do you want to play?”
“What kind of coupons do we have?”
Ariana stopped and checked out the coupons Terence had given her, “We have to go to the cashier.”

They each ended up with a type of credit card with money loaded on it, worth the amount on the coupons they had gotten. Their first stop was a Poker table. Jason wanted to try his luck at it. He wheeled up to it and Ariana moved a chair out of the way so he could wheel up to the table. The dealer greeted them and Jason handed the credit card to him and asked for the amount he wanted to play. He got the chips and placed his bets while the dealer dealt him into the game. There were three other guys at the table and it looked like they had been at it for a while. Ariana sat down next to Jason on the chair she had pushed out for him. The game went on for a while and Jason stayed in for over 30 minutes until he ran out of money.

They strolled through the casino and found fun looking slot machines. During the time at the slots a waitress brought Jason another Crown and Sprite and Ariana another cocktail, which was not as large as the one in the bar but still tasted yummy. They kept pulling the slot machine arms or pushed the buttons to spin and played for a while, winning and losing, laughing and drinking. Just as they were down to $ 10 Jason pushed the button again and to his surprise he had a good hit and it calculated in the speeding digital numbers on the machine an amount of $ 260.

Jason called out excited, “Hell yeah! Ariana, look!”
Ariana looked over and she jumped up and called out loudly, “Oh wow, cool!”
People around were watching them and even though it wasn’t a jackpot they were excited about the amount and Jason hit his thighs, “Shit, I have never won anything.”
Ariana jumped over and hugged and kissed Jason excitedly. He laughed and finished his drink in one gulp, number three on Crown and Sprite. Ariana pushed her slot machine button and it stopped and calculated a win of $ 90 and she screamed in excitement, “Oh my Gosh…look at it baby!”
Jason couldn’t help hearing the “baby” and it made him feel good.
Ariana said, “Let’s cash out baby.”

Jason agreed and they took their credit cards from the slot machines and made their way happily to the cashier where they collected $ 350. Ariana was about to give the money to Jason and even though he could have used it and he would have loved the money he said lowly, “You keep it!”
Ariana shook her head, “Jason, I want you to have it.”
Jason pushed her hand over, “No, keep it…please. You paid for all of this in the first place.”
Ariana sat on his lap and held his face, “Jason, baby, I want you to have it.”
Jason shook his head, this time a bit irritated, “No Ariana, keep it and don’t fight me on this. I don’t want that money. Please!”

Ariana realized he was serious about her keeping the money and she wouldn’t have a chance, he wouldn’t take the money. She sat on his lap and they looked at each other and Ariana stroked his face softly, “You are my lucky charm, Jason.”
Jason shook his head, “I don’t think so…if anything YOU are my lucky charm.”

They kissed, Ariana felt the rush in her head, the alcohol of her three cocktails working and Jason felt wobbly in his chair, feeling the alcohol in his blood.
Ariana whispered into Jason’s ear, “Are you ready to go back to our room?”
As much fun as it had been, Jason did feel somewhat beat and exhausted now that he slowed down a bit and he nodded, “Yeah, let’s go!”
Just as Ariana wanted to get off of his lap, he said lowly, “Stay on. I can wheel us both.”
“You sure?”
He nodded.

They made their way toward the lobby of the Venetian, Jason wheeling slow and smooth through the hallways of the shopping mall, the area with the bars and restaurants and toward the elevators. Each and every one of the big casinos in Las Vegas was their own small city with everything the heart desired and all in walking distance, a world of fun and glamour, of artificial life but filled with dreams and excitement. There were still people strolling around, having fun, making the most of their nights and their stays. Ariana had laid her head on Jason’s shoulder and she saw the curious looks of some people and she knew from some of the women it was envy of what she had and the man she was with. She knew women were checking Jason out all the time, probably women like her who would give anything to be with a paraplegic guy, and she was so happy he was hers and she was the one who would lay next to him this night. Jason didn’t seem to notice the curious looks of the female population too much, he was focused on pushing his rims, giving power to his wheels and making his way through the hallways. He felt Ariana’s head on his shoulder and it made him feel good but at the same time the anticipation of being in the hotel room again with Ariana made him nervous. He thought about how this night couldn’t be any more special and fun except the fact that they may get to the room and Ariana expected some more sexual interaction and he would not be able to fulfill her needs. He now wished he would have gotten that prescription from Dr. Ramirez a while back when he had asked Jason about his sex life and Jason had told him that he did not have a sex life and didn’t need any kind of medication to please a woman because there was no woman and there most likely wouldn’t be a woman. If he would have known that the encounter with Ariana at the clinic a couple of weeks ago would lead to this he could have gotten a prescription right then when Dr. Ramirez had offered it. Now he didn’t have any way to let Ariana get what she expected and he was nervous about being in the room with her.

They wheeled into the elevator and inside Jason looked at Ariana from the side, stroking her hair out of her face, “Hey you, are you still awake?”
Ariana mumbled in contentment, “Yes, I am just resting on your strong shoulder. You smell so good, Jason.” Just a little he wished she would have said something else. Jason let his fingers glide through her long hair until the elevator door opened and they wheeled out to their room with the “handicapped” sign on the door. Ariana pulled out the key card and let it slide through the door lock, the green light lit up and the door opened automatically, Jason wheeling them into the room.
Ariana lifted her head from Jason’s shoulder and said softly, “Wow, I am really feeling the drinks now.”
Jason was a bit worried, “Are you all right?”
He felt a bit drunk himself and he also felt his body react in way of his arms weakening and feeling quite wobbly in his chair, only Ariana’s weight keeping him planted in the chair. He wheeled up to the bed and Ariana climbed off of him onto the bed.
She fell onto the bed and looking at Jason with a smile she said, “We should try the bath tub.”


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