Tuesday, February 18, 2014

No Strings Attached Chapter 17

Here is the next chapter with Jason and Ariana enjoying the accessible bath tub in the hotel room and of course not just to wash their bodies...:-) I hope you like this chapter, let me know and thanks for reading....

Jason was nervous about Ariana’s idea because he didn’t know if he would be able to get in the tub in his condition with the alcohol running through his veins and feeling somewhat wobbly, “I will be right back.”

He wheeled into the bathroom. It was time for him to catheterize, he was relieved he hadn’t peed on himself during the evening. As soon as the tubing was inserted into his urethra the yellow liquid started flowing into the toilet. 

He glanced at the tub while he drained his bladder. The tub was fully wheelchair accessible. It had a wide door on it, which could be opened for him to transfer from his chair right onto one of the seats inside the tub. The tub was large enough for at least three people to fit in it and it had whirlpool spouts. The seats were opposite each other. The tub had handles he could hold on to all around on the sides, the rubber coated seats were slip proof; he would not have to worry about sliding off the seat. Jason had not seen an accessible tub like that since rehab. This type of tub would have been amazing to have at home but he knew that would always have to stay a dream for him.

Once done with his catherization he had made the decision to give the tub a try. Even though he was still nervous he wanted to try to enjoy this feature with Ariana and he wheeled out into the room.

Ariana sat in bed, was covered under the sheets and had a bottle of water in her hand, smiling at Jason, ”I felt kind of warm and needed some water and air.”

Jason saw all her clothes strewn on the floor next to bed. He looked from her clothes to her and smiled shyly. 
Unsure he started, “I checked out the tub, it….it actually looks like it could be good for me….accessible and all…I could get it ready for us, let the water in and get in...if you still want to…”
His words faded, because he wasn’t sure anymore if Ariana had been serious with her comment about trying out the bath tub.
She smiled at him dreamily, “Great! I would love that. Do you want me to get it ready?”
“Actually if you don’t mind I could get it ready and then call you.”
Ariana smiled a sexy smile, “O.k., I will be ready when you call.”

Jason nodded insecurely and wheeled back to the bathroom. He definitely felt the alcohol in his blood and his body reacting slightly unsteady. In the bathroom he leaned the door shut but didn’t close it all the way. He was going to take his clothes off and get into the tub, then close the door to it which sealed the tub and then let the water in.

He pulled his shirt over his head and draped it on a chair nearby. He felt unsteady leaning over a little to grab his leg and lift his right foot onto his left knee to get his shoes off.  Careful to not fall out of his chair he managed to get his shoe laces untied and then repeated the same with the left foot on his right knee. His shoes and socks were off, he threw them over to the side.
As he unzipped and unbuttoned his jeans he felt dizzy momentarily and stopped in the process, holding on to the tub and was trying to breathe in a regular pattern. The idea of getting into the tub started to seem not so good with the second.

Eventually he gained his momentum again and started to wriggle his jeans over his butt by moving himself from side to side and letting his butt come off the seat and working his jeans down over his legs. He looked at his skinny legs and was worried again about Ariana seeing him naked soon but he tried to remind himself of her words earlier in the hotel room and what she had told him. She had confirmed on a few occasions already that she was o.k. with him and his disability; she didn’t care about his skinny legs with the scars all over. It was still hard to believe for him though. He pulled his pants over his naked feet and then carefully set his feet back on the foot rests.

Ariana called from outside, “Jason, are you o.k. in there?”
He tried to sound careless, “Yes, I am almost done.  

Hoping Ariana wouldn’t decide to come into the bathroom while he was still undressing he started to pull his boxers over his butt and pulled them down as well. Bare naked he sat in his wheelchair now and looked down at his manhood, sighing. His cock was limp and soft, laying in its deep sleep. He just knew there was not going to be any action with his cock.

He pushed the thoughts away quickly and checked his positioning and angle to the tub and realized the tub door was perfect height for him to slide right onto the tub seat. There was a sliding board the same material and color as the tub attached right next to the small door. He pulled all his strength together and could feel the weakness which the alcohol in his blood had left him with but he managed the transfer, though somewhat ungracefully.  Pushing his chair away from the tub he closed the tub door, the tub was now sealed and he turned on the faucet, felt the temperature with his hands and started letting the water in. On his legs he didn’t feel the water touch his skin.

The tub filled up with water and he heard Ariana outside, “Babe, can I come in?”
Jason had planned to be covered in the water up to his chest but it would take too long and he didn’t want Ariana to have to wait any longer, “Yes, you can come in.”

Ariana came in and had two bottles of water with her. She glanced quickly into the tub, set the bottles down on the side of the tub, then turned around to the light switch and was able to dim the light romantically low. Investigating some of the bottles standing around she found a bubble bath.

She showed it to Jason, “You want to pour some of that into the water?”
“Maybe not.”

He was holding on to the handle in the tub and even though the seat was padded and slip proof he felt insecure in the tub. He hadn’t been submerged in water since rehab and even though he had really been looking forward to the accessible tub he did feel strange in the water. There was a differently molded seat on the other side of the tub and Jason thought about moving himself over to that seat. It looked deeper and actually had soft Velcro straps on the sides to buckle in if necessary. As strange as it seemed he felt he may be more comfortable in that seat and maybe making use of the seat belt.

Ariana stood outside the tub and saw him glance over to the seat and said softly, “You want to move over there?”

He nodded but was nervous at how he would get over to the seat; it was right across from where he was sitting. Ariana thought about how she could help him get over there but there was not really a way for her to help unless she would get into the water with him. She dropped the sheet she had wrapped around herself off her body and stepped over the edge of the tub into it.

Jason glimpsed up at her completely naked body join him in the water, he was really nervous now being in the tub with her. His breathing came a bit quicker and he still thought about his move to the seat on the opposite side. Ariana was kneeling in the tub now and the water was right at her belly. Jason could hardly stand looking at her naked and very sexy body.

Ariana put her hand on his arm, “Babe, get down into the water and we slide you over there."
Jason couldn’t believe his own nervousness about being submerged in the water; he had not thought for a moment that it would cause him distress. He had never ever been one to miss a swim at the lake or especially jump into the cold Pacific when surfing on many occasions and now he felt like a little child in the deep end of the pool for the first time. All he needed now would be floaties, he felt bad as he slowly and very tensely let himself into the water, fighting his insecurity and hating it.

Ariana sensed his distress and said with a soft voice, “You are doing o.k. baby. It is all good.”
Jason couldn’t look at her, he felt ashamed and stupid as he gripped his hand tightly on the handle bar in the tub, his knuckles turning white and almost slipped with his butt a little. He now was submerged all the way to his chest just about where his sensation was lost in paralysis.

Ariana reached with her hands to him and grabbed around his chest, “Let go of the handle Jason. We will slide you over now. Put your hands into the tub and help push yourself over now.”

He couldn’t even say a word, he felt so tense and Ariana saw his chest rise up and down quickly. He couldn’t believe how he felt in the water, absolutely helpless and like he had never been in water before.

Ariana tried to ease his tension and softly but somewhat firmly took his hand off the handle, “Jason, it’s o.k. You are o.k.. You won’t slide into the tub. Let go of the handle.”

He didn’t look at Ariana as she put her hands on his waist under water and helped him push himself over to the molded seat. Jason’s breathing came quickly and he pressed his lips together with the situation causing him so much distress that he felt very embarrassed in front of Ariana and how he was so insecure in the tub.

Ariana said softly, “You got your arms and hands Jason, you can do it.”
He finally gave himself one last push, fell into the molded seat and with his head down he was breathing fast and a curse came over his lips, “What the fuck is wrong with me?”

Ariana turned the water off which was now up to their chests and felt wonderful warm. Jason was still trying to collect himself and wiped over his face quickly, trying to hide his embarrassment about the situation. Ariana had seen his shiny eyes but she didn’t say anything. Instead she now floated her body over to him and without even asking she strapped the soft cushioned belts over his waist and lower chest in the tub. She felt his legs touch her legs and Jason shook his head looking up at her embarrassed, “I am so sorry Ariana…I don’t know why…”
He didn’t even know how to finish his sentence.
She pressed her finger on his lips, “Don’t worry baby.”
Ariana continued, “This is a great tub and it feels wonderful. Do you feel the water on your arms and chest?”

He nodded but was still processing the previous moments. Ariana moved up close to him, her breasts floating right under the surface of the water and Jason was still holding on to the two handles underwater next to the seat. The seat felt good, he was securely in there and really couldn’t slide out, the handles on the side even more so helping him feel better being in the water. Ariana felt his hands under water holding tightly on to the handles and with her hand she loosened the grip of his fingers,  “Jason, you won’t go under. You can let go with your hands and touch me.”

She now slid her body over his legs and sat right in front of him on his thighs. Jason looked at her and she saw the sadness in his eyes. She stroked his face, it was sweaty and wet, his hair damp as she let her hands glide through it and he let his head fall back onto the soft pillow behind his head. They had thought of everything in this tub and he tried to relax. He let the handle bars under water go and even though he felt a bit like a child in a high chair buckled up he did feel secure enough now in the seat. He wanted to relax and enjoy this with Ariana, being close to her and he placed his hands around her small waist and felt the warmth of her weightless body under water. Her skin felt smooth and soft and the water was warm around them. Jason only felt the water on his arms and right around the upper part of his chest.

He pulled Ariana close to him and they looked at each other for a moment when Jason said lowly, “Ariana, I don’t know what was going on with me a little bit ago…” He paused and looked down, then added, “I used to swim and all….I loved water. I even jumped into the ocean and we used to go surfing….It’s weird now with not feeling anything below my chest.”

He stopped and Ariana let her fingers run through his hair and she smiled, “It’s this dry city, we dry out here babe…we are water people and we should be by the water.”
Jason looked up at her, “I do miss the ocean.”
Ariana nodded, “Me too.”

They kissed long and hard, Jason had pulled Ariana closer to him and he let his hands travel up and down her back, it was soft and warm, he felt the curve of her spine all the way down to her butt. Ariana held on to him and let her hands travel over his shoulders and arms. She felt his legs on her butt, they felt skinny and bony and she thought about how Jason couldn’t even feel her sitting on his thighs or her hands on his waist.

The kiss was full of passion and Ariana felt very excited in the tub with Jason. She could feel Jason kiss her forcefully and he then let his tongue come out of her mouth and travelled over to her ear, nibbling on her ear lobe and down her neck. His hands ran through her long hair, which was partly wet now and he pulled her hair and head slightly back, exposing her neck fully for his mouth and tongue to explore. She felt his breath quicken and her own arousal creep up quickly, “Oh Jason baby…you feel so good for me.”

Jason cupped her breasts with his hands and let his tongue travel over to them, licking around her nipples and biting them softly. Ariana had her head thrown back and her hair was floating on the water surface. She couldn’t help her breathing speed up as Jason let his mouth and tongue work its magic. He kissed and licked her breasts and Ariana let herself come out of the water somewhat when he reached the surface of the water on her body. Jason definitely felt excited and he wished so much the arousal would travel all the way down to his cock and cause an awakening but it didn’t happen. His feelings of arousal and excitement disappeared into nothing at his T-5 vertebrae and he fought the feelings of anger and disappointment once again.

Ariana on the other hand was feeling the arousal spread through her whole body and feeling Jason’s lifeless legs under her ass and thinking about his paraplegia added to the turn on she was already feeling from his skillful mouth and tongue action on her wet skin. Jason sensed her arousal and he wished so much he could feel it all the way with her. He grabbed her ass forcefully and pulled her onto him even closer.
In between his kissing and licking he whispered, “Ariana, let me taste your pussy!”

Ariana was excited and slowly got on her feet in the tub and Jason looked up at her body evolving out of the water. She was so beautiful and sexy in front of him. Her skin glistened wet and tanned, the water running down in shiny lines on her skin, her hair draped wet over her back and breasts as she stood up. He let his hands glide down her body with her coming out of the water and she stood there naked in front of him, her shaved pussy right above his view; her pussy lips swollen and dark red with the blood flowing through them.

She set her one foot up on the seat next to Jason to get into a secure stance and let her pussy come close to Jason’s face. His hands stroked her thighs and then his fingers softly explored around her smooth and soft labia and circling around her clit. Water was dripping off of Ariana as Jason caught some of the drops from her pussy with his mouth and then let his mouth meet her most intimate area, kissing around it and eventually letting his tongue flick over her skin. Ariana let her hand glide through his dark hair while he let his mouth explore every corner of her pussy. She was breathing quickly now, her heart beating into her neck as her arousal enhanced very quickly. He let his fingers assist his mouth and tongue with the exploration as he slowly let two fingers glide into her and Ariana pushing herself to him. He was so turned on by her but a very quick glance down to his manhood revealed no kind of erection.

While he let his mouth do the work on Ariana’s pussy, his fingers sliding in and out of her, expanding her wet opening with three fingers, Ariana was moaning above him, “Gosh, Jason….it feels so good.”

Jason let his hands travel over her smooth legs for a moment, then coming back to her pussy and pushing his fingers more demanding as she moaned excitedly louder and pushed herself to him even more. Jason felt a very intense sensation in his hands touching her and feeling her, he felt somewhat light headed as his mouth tasted her pussy, his tongue repeatedly pushing into her opening as he held on to her ass tightly because he wanted her so much, he literally wanted to eat her out and kept switching between his fingers and his tongue inside her.

He moaned into her skin and said with a low scratchy voice, “Ariana, I want you so bad…you taste so good. I wish so much I could be inside you. ”

Ariana smiled to herself with her eyes closed as Jason worked her pussy skillfully using his tongue and mouth. She put her hands on the wall behind them to hold on to something while he licked and suckled on her making her arousal come close to her climax. Jason kept drifting off in thoughts to his own limp cock and he had to bring himself back to focus on Ariana as she moaned and then whispered, “Jason, let me sit on you again.”

Jason had planned to make her climax orally but he let her come down on his lap again and Ariana leaned into him, “I got a little cold up there but you feel so good for me.”

He took her face into his hands and kissed her hard. Ariana faintly tasted her own pussy in Jason’s mouth as they kissed. She also felt the absence of an erection on Jason’s side and let her hands slide all over his arms down to his waist and back up.
Jason whispered in her ear, “Do you want me to use my fingers again?”

Ariana nodded shyly and Jason let his hand travel down to her thighs and worked around her pussy again under water, which gave everything a new twist. Ariana kissed his chest, his neck and his shoulders as she felt her arousal come on strong again. They held each other, the heat of the water enclosing them and making their bodies feel light and soft. Ariana eventually leaned back, her head hanging back with her hair floating on the water as Jason kept working his fingers in and out of her opening and he looked at her perfect shaped body in front of him, stretched neck and arched back, the soft hills of her breast, her hair long and wet behind her. With just enough pressure on her clit and inside her pussy she moaned a bit louder as Jason felt her tense up and eventually she let out a soft scream going over into a moaning as she came right then and there in front of Jason, digging her fingers into his shoulders as she was holding on.

Her body felt hot and Jason held her at her waist as she sat on his lap and had her head hanging back breathing quickly and letting her orgasm subside slowly. Jason was securely strapped in and with that he didn’t slide off the seat and could hold on to Ariana. Ariana slowly moved her head back up and looked at Jason with small eyes, almost closed still and she smiled. He smiled at her and even though he was happy to see her in this very fulfilled state deep down inside he didn’t know what to do about his own sexuality and he also didn’t know how long he could keep this going with Ariana. It hurt him deep inside and even though for the moment he tried his best to ignore the pain, it was there, deep inside him and telling him that all of it would probably end in a hurt and a broken heart. Jason pulled her close to him and felt her soft and warm body under water on his chest, her breast touching his chest softly and Ariana laid her head on his shoulder, softly kissing his neck as he let his fingers glide through her wet long hair.

Ariana felt his skin under her legs, his pubic hair on her own shaved skin around her pussy and she pushed herself a bit closer to him. She knew he hadn’t been able to get an erection and her mind was working on what she could say to him. She looked at him, his face was wet and his eyes were dark when she said softly, “Jason, what can I do to….”
She didn’t finish her question, thought for a moment, tracing the tattoo on his chest and then added shyly, “You didn’t feel any kind of arousal?”
Jason looked down and he shook his head softly, “Not in a physical way….Ariana…” He looked up and continued, “Ariana, you are so beautiful and sexy and you turn me on so much….I hoped somehow there would be a miracle and I could feel the arousal not only in my head and in here….” he touched his fisted hand to his heart, “…but there will never be an actual erection….I gave up on that. I haven’t had one since the accident….”

He said it lowly and his hands softly caressed her shoulders and then he added, “There are meds for it and it could make a penetration possible…I just have to get a prescription from my doc…”
Ariana asked softly, “You still wouldn’t feel it though?”
He shook his head, “It would be for you…so I can go inside you.”
Ariana added, “You don’t have to do that unless you want to. I enjoy being with you like this….so much. I am so happy here with you. You are so super sexy….”

Jason liked to hear it but he couldn’t believe it all the way, he didn’t feel that way at all, on the contrary he was just reminded once again how broke his body was. He kissed her and they held each other. Ariana let her tongue flick over his neck, his shoulders, and his muscular arms. She moved over to his chest and kissed over his pectorals the water stopping just short for her to go under and kiss down to his belly and waist.

She smiled at him, “I need a snorkel now to kiss you down any further.”
Jason laughed a little, “You mean you forgot your snorkel when you knew we had this really cool bath tub in here?”

She laughed and nodded at his little joke. They kissed some more and Jason let his hands run through her long hair, down her spine and to the small of her back. She felt so soft and warm in the water. Ariana looked over to the two bottles she had brought in for them, the water that was cold about 30 minutes ago and now the bottles were sweating and the water in them probably warmed up by now. She grabbed the one bottle and handed it to Jason. He took it from her and she took the other bottle for herself.

She lifted her bottle to Jason and he tapped it with his when Ariana said, “To our fun night here at the Venetian and hopefully many more fun nights together! I think we should do this at each and every casino here in Vegas.”
Jason smiled, “O.k. I can drink to that!”

They drank from their water and Ariana was surprised that it was not actually that warm yet. It felt good and refreshing still going down her throat. Jason had laid his head back, he did feel tired now and the alcohol was bringing him down slowly but at least so far he didn’t feel any spasms, the warm water may have helped with that, relaxing his muscles and nerves.
Ariana moved over to the knobs for the whirl pool program and looked at Jason before she turned the knob to the 10 minute mark. Right away the tub changed into a whirl pool tub, the water moving around in it, splashing a little and pushing out forcefully from the spouts. Jason didn’t know if there was a spout behind his back and he felt with his hand for the nearest spouts and found two on either side of his seat but none directly on his back, which was o.k.

With no sensation he could get hurt when applying to much pressure to his body below his injury site. He could literally burn to death without even feeling it. He could break bones without feeling it or hurt himself in any other way. More than once he had found bruises on his body from falling out of his chair when he didn’t even feel any pain at the moment but then saw that he had actually bruised really badly. This was also the reason he had to feel the temperature of the water with his hands before getting in because he had no sensation of heat or cold below his injury site. He could get his whole body pierced or tattooed below his T-5 without any kind of anesthesia if he wanted to. Ariana floated around in the tub enjoying the spouts of water and telling Jason how good it felt.

Jason laughed and said, “Yeah, I am actually getting a good hand massage right now.”
He did have his hands by the water spouts on the side of his seat and it did feel good and he distantly remembered how good a hot tub used to feel on his back or legs back in the days when he was still healthy. He watched Ariana enjoy the massaging water with her eyes closed, her head leaning back. She was so beautiful and he wished so much she could be his forever and they could be together like a normal couple. He thought about how she could get another job or go to college or something but quit her job with the escort service. Maybe he could pick up some more hours at his job to support them. She was right, he couldn’t really handle it and he had pushed her work life aside this whole time but now it came to him as he was watching her beautiful body in the water, her eyes closed  and lost in comfort. She had this kind of life all the time, men inviting her to their hotel rooms, or their apartments, men with money, men with erections and men who had it all together.  He really couldn’t expect her to give it all up for him. He watched her silently and his heart was heavy, he needed to put a stop to it. He had to make this their first and last night together. Ariana moved a bit and Jason took a drink of his bottle pushing the thoughts aside. Ariana opened her eyes and looked over at Jason, he smiled at her silently.

She moved over to him, gliding through the water lightly and came up to his face, “Hey sexy!” Jason pulled her up to him with one hand. She slid onto his lap and wrapped her arms around his neck and they kissed again. They stayed in the tub for another 20 minutes and at that time it was almost 3:00 o’clock and Jason really felt tired then. Ariana stood up and took one of the towels while the water was already draining out. Jason unbuckled the belts, and wished he would have put bubble bath into the water and cover his disappointment of a cock and his skinny and scarred legs.
Ariana dried up. Jason was going to slide back to the door of the tub and get up on the small seat by the door and then dry off. The water was almost gone and Jason had slid over to the small seat and as Ariana was about to watch his next move to get up on the lower seat he looked at her and Ariana didn’t realize right away that he was embarrassed to pull himself up on the seat with her watching. Jason also didn’t want to say anything to her, he didn’t want to be weird and so with Ariana standing by, a towel wrapped around her she watched every move Jason made to pull himself up on the seat as graceful as possible, his arm and chest muscles working hard when he pulled himself up, dragging his legs behind him scooting up onto the seat. Water was running down his body and Ariana handed him the towel.
Jason nodded a “Thanks” to her.

He glanced at her from the corner of his eye, still a bit embarrassed at his moving around. He dried off and Ariana leaned over to him and to his surprise kissed him and whispered, “I know you didn’t want me to watch but I wanted to see how strong you are and it turns me on so much. You are so hot!”
She made a hissing sound like putting out a fire when she touched his shoulder with her pointing finger and smiled.
She pulled his wheelchair over, “Do you want it now?”

Jason nodded. Ariana stepped out of the tub and turned to the sink, brushing her teeth and washing her makeup off. Some of it was already smeared on her eyes. In the mirror she saw Jason dry himself off, holding on with one hand on the handle.
He moved somewhat slowly and she turned around to him, “Baby, are you o.k.?”
Jason nodded, “Yeah, I am just really beat right now. You wore me out.”

He smiled at her weakly and Ariana saw the exhaustion in his face. She finished herself up and at that time Jason was dry and pulled his chair close to the tub. The transfer cost him a tremendous amount of strength this time and he could feel his body reacting to everything that had just happened. He left the towel draped over his legs as he wheeled up to the low and accessible sink for his chair to roll under. He brushed his teeth and let his hands glide through his hair while Ariana watched him, secretly admiring his strong upper body and everything about him.

She smiled and sighed, “You ready to lie down?”
He nodded, “I just have to take care of some stuff real quick.”

She realized he was trying to get her to leave him alone for a moment and with that gave Jason some privacy. After he had cathed once more he wheeled out to her. As he came out Ariana rushed into the bathroom once more and when she came back out he was already in the bed under the sheets.
She let her towel drop and crawled into the bed next to Jason, “I see how it is, you got in the bed real quick so I couldn’t watch you transfer.”
She smiled and he looked over to her quietly.
Ariana cuddled close to Jason and he wrapped his arms around her.
Softly he asked her, “What time do we have to check out of this place?”
“I paid for late check-out, 1 pm.”
He could barely hold his eyes open and Ariana stroked a strand of hair out of his forehead, “You are pretty beat.”
Jason said lowly, “Very. You aren’t?”
“I am tired too. Jason….?” Her eyes were on him scanning his face and feeling so much for him.
Jason replied with a low, “Hhm?”
“I had such a great night with you, I hope we can keep this going. You are really special to me.”

Jason had so many thoughts in his head and he wanted to tell her so many things but all he could manage was another, “Hhm”, and then felt he needed to add, “I had a great time too, Ariana.”
Ariana knew he was just very exhausted and they softly kissed Good Night and fell asleep in each other’s arms very quickly.


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